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. . . Approximately 55% of movies released are Rated R . . . Mexico City has more taxicabs than any other city in the world . . . It is illegal to mistreat rats in Denver, Colorado . . .

Working it out

the courier staff

A behind-the-scenes look at the construction of Homecoming

emily partida When Homecoming comes around, most people only think of the music and dancing. If any thought at all is given to the things leading up to Homecoming, it is usually only focused on getting ready or about the restaurant beforehand. However, Student Senate puts in a tremendous amount of work into putting Homecoming together. They have spent the past month and a half planning an event for the entire school. Student Senators planned Homecoming up at their annual retreat. This year, the retreat was August 5th and 6th at Windy Peak. Mrs. Tennessen, Senate advisor, said that 90 percent of the planning is done during the retreat. “Senate is putting so much time and effort into making Homecoming awesome!” Tennessen said. “The assembly and dance are going to be amazing. I am so proud of these kids!” The Senate students put about 16 hours into pre-decoration for Homecoming. Pre-decoration is the process of getting everything ready to put up the night before the actual dance. They then spend between five and seven hours

decorating the commons on the Friday afternoon before the dance. More goes into Homecoming, however, than just decorating. Senate is also responsible for financial planning and budgeting, making the decision on whether or not to have food at the dance, choosing a photographer and DJ, and selling tickets. Andy Cole, a junior senator, said, “We put a lot of time and effort into planning a dance for the school to enjoy.” Even though the Homecoming dance is the main event, Senate also puts in a lot of work to make the entire week of Homecoming special. They put on the Friday assembly and spirit week as well. Senators arrive at the school at six in the morning on the Friday of the assembly to make sure everything is in order. Before the actual assembly, however, there is much work to be done. Senate has to design the assembly, plan the sports parade and make posters for it, plan the games, contact the Poms and Cheer teams for their routine, design Mr. De’s costume and grand entrance, and, on top of everything else, get it all approved by the ad-





ministration. Along with the assembly, Senate is in charge of spirit week. It is their job to come up with a variety of spirit days for the Columbine population to vote on and for administration to approve. Spirit days are either decided up at Windy Peak on the retreat or at the beginning of school. This year’s spirit days are “I Was There” Day, PJ/Snuggie Day, Salad Dressing Day, Superhero Day, and Spirit Day. ”I’m very excited that I’ll be able to fulfill my life’s dream to come to school dressed like a salad,” said Junior Mary Harris. In all the Homecoming preparation, there will be something missing this year that has around for the past two years: the Homecoming bonfire. “I can’t believe the school would do that. I was so looking forward to it. It’s a major social event that they cut out. Unbelievable,” said Bradley Crowler, sophomore. In fact, Senate had the bonfire planned out to almost the last detail. However, According to Junior Representative Jenni Robinson, there would be a $600 fine issued to anyone who lit a fire due to the recent fire in Boulder.


When braniacs attack More students are pushing themselves to take harder classes

trevor ogborn Brain drain has not been a problem in past years. But with AP and Honors enrollment numbers on a rise , and IB right around the corner, the population at Columbine is certainly not dumbing down. Advanced Placement courses have drawn large numbers this school year. “Over 200 students requested AP World History [alone],” Counselor Mr. Lentini said. AP programs across all departments have seen a combined enrollment of 296 applicants. “These were all significant increases over previous years’ requests,” Lentini said.


Honors class enrollment numbers are on a rise as well. Mrs. Martin, who teaches Honors Biology, said that there was a gain of about 130 students to Honors tenth-grade science between this year and last. This is a 533 percent increase, an enormous jump for the Honors science program. “The tenth-grade growth can be explained by the removal of the Honors tests that had been previously required by some of the departments,” Lentini said. There has never been a test to enroll in either of the AP English courses, nor is see

HONORS & AP on page 3

news editor: heidi roberts senior executive director of freelance reporting and editing: lauren elder staff writers: daniel bernal-rubiano analisa holden trevor ogborn emily partida stephanie reichlin jennifer robinson adviser: mr. friesen

policy The Courier is the official student newspaper of Columbine High School.



editor-in-chief: abbey borchers

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on the cover

Students in Ms. Young’s AP Calculus class work on their daily notes and homework. Students in this class had plenty of summer homework to prepare them for the course. photo by trevor ogborn

Sophomore Jordan Visser works with fellow student senators painting a Homecoming decoration, part of transforming the commons for Saturday. photo by analisa holden

september 2010


the buzz



Solar panels being installed at several Jeffco schools, including Columbine

heidi roberts Fall brings a cornucopia of change, with falling leaves and cold winds. Come November, however, the Jefferson County School District is still counting on lots of sunshine. This fall the school district will install solar panels on the roof of Columbine. The move is part of a greener district policy toward energy. This new addition will not be just for Columbine, but for “many schools within the school district,� said Principal DeAngelis. According to the Jeffco School District, one 100-kilowatt solar panel system will be installed at 30 schools in the district. “� stated some of the main reasons to switch to solar power as being: it is a renewable resource, it creates no pollution, energy generated from the sun has no cost, solar cells are relatively low-maintenance and can last a lifetime, and it is very versatile. Solar panels will bring not only a wide variety of benefits to the Earth, but to Columbine and to other schools in the district directly. DeAngelis said that the solar panels could be a great asset to our school in that they could be used “to help conserve energy, and in the long run, cut costs with utility bills.� DeAngelis also said that when utility bills are less, that would mean more money for the schools to spend on

different needs. According to a release by the Jefferson County School District, “The panels will generate about half the electricity for an average elementary school, saving an estimated $1 million in energy costs over the next 20 years.� And while such installments do not run cheap, the solar program will have no initial cost as a result of state, federal, and Xcel Energy renewable energy incentives. Another aspect which made this stride towards ecofriendly schools possible was the partnership between the district and CEI Roofing Colorado. According to the release of solar panel information by the Jefferson County School District, CEI Roofing Colorado “will own and maintain the solar panels and sell the electricity the panels produce to the district at a price below its current utility rate.� While the solar panels have not yet been installed at Columbine, they will be implemented sometime in the near future. DeAngelis explained that when they do become a part of Columbine, they will be installed on the roof above his office in the north wing. While Columbine does not have existing solar panels yet, there are schools in this area that already have these beneficial collectors. “If you go to Ken Caryl, they’ve installed them there,� DeAngelis said. Outside the realm of schools, Jefferson County as a

News in Brief IB In October, a team of IB representatives will be visiting Columbine to evaluate whether or not the site will be suitable for implementing the IB program beginning next year.

Emily’s Parade Emily’s Parade will take place on Sunday, September 26--the first year the parade will happen on a Sunday. Motorcyclists will meet at Columbine High School and ride together to Platte Canyon High School. Emily’s Parade is an opportunity for all members of the community to join together to support a common cause.

Challenge Day On September 28, Columbine will be participating in its first-ever Challenge Day experience. Challenge day will be held in the gymnasium from periods one through seven, and its participants will include students and parents who received invitation to attend. According to the Challenge Day mission statement, the purpose of Challenge Day is to “provide youth and their com-

september 2010

munities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth, and full expression.� When talking about Challenge Day, Mr. DeAngelis stated, “As principal, I want to make sure all 1600 students at CHS feel welcome.�

PSAT/SAT Workshop Juniors and Seniors have the chance to sign up for an PSAT and SAT preparatory course offered by RMASS educational seminars. The course involves two classes after school from 6:30 pm-9:00 pm on September 27th and 28th in SS-10. The cost is $89, scholarships are available for students who qualify.

Fall Play This year’s fall play has been decided and cast, This years production will be Dracula. Rehearsals began September 13th, and performances will be held in November on Thursday the 4th, Friday the 5th, and Saturday the 6th. compiled by heidi roberts and lauren elder


whole is dedicated to helping the Earth by also implementing solar panels on particular county buildings. This was part of a $2.2 million solar project dedicated to reduce the consumption of energy in the county. Installations will take place at locations such as the Laramie Building and Jeffco Fairgrounds.

HONORS & AP continued from page 2

there a required placement test for AP World History, which could be an indication as to why they were so popular. AP English teachers Mr. Webb and Mr. Friesen made efforts to add to enrollment by contacting potential students by letter and inviting them to join the courses. With so many ways for students to hop on the AP and Honors train, there were a plethora of motives to get on board. “The typical reason [for students choosing to enroll] is the weighted grades,� Mr. Welsh, who teaches AP World History, said. Martin agreed: “Weighted grades are appealing to kids.� Many students, however, sign up for challenging classes for other reasons. Junior Cole Golightly took AP Statistics and AP Calculus “to learn to take college classes.� Junior Tyler Stringer said she signed up for AP World History because “Welsh is a great teacher, and I love history. AP is rad!� Teachers hope for additional students to enroll in advanced classes. Welsh and Martin both enjoy having more students in these challenging courses. “It’s great for me because I have more kids I can challenge. I can also hold Honors over their head,� said Martin. The difficulty of Honors and AP coursework seems to refine the population of the class to those who truly care. “Any AP teacher only wants students in [his or her] class that want to be there,� said Welsh.

Some students committed to challenging courses, however, can find themselves barely keeping their heads above the sea of work. Despite the open doors and the impressive numbers of students choosing to be involved, many have realized that they are barely treading choppy waters. Lentini reported that as many as 30 percent of students dropped out over the summer in some departments. “As the summer ends, [students] worry that they did not complete the ‘summer assignments’ for the courses that had them,� Lentini said. He went on to explain that many “worries� arose when the idea of school became real again. For many, summer assignments can be a deterrent from taking a class. “I took a look at the summer reading and realized I wouldn’t be able to handle the work. I have so many activities; I wouldn’t have time,� said Aaron Wright, 11. As a result, Wright, who did not make the early cut for the class, does not regret being cut. Next year, however, Wright said he plans on taking AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Workload isn’t the only factor, though. Brian Bower, 11, dropped AP Calculus this year. “I only dropped because it was the same period as my counseling class,� said Bower. Bower also dropped AP Language and Composition, but later decided to re-enroll the day after he initially dropped. “I just hesitated on the homework load, but I decided the class was the right choice for me,� Bower said.


rebel yell

your views opinion voice

. . . The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island . . . The animal responsible for the most human deaths worldwide is the mosquito . . .

Myths at ground zero The truth about the Islamic center and why it must be built

Over the past few months, many questions and controversies have arisen about the lauren elder Islamic cultural and religious center planned to be built in Lower Manhattan near the former World Trade Center. The “ground zero mosque,” as it is being called, has become a divisive issue, with many saying its proximity to the events of 9/11 make it inappropriate. After engaging in several debates over the ethics of the Islamic center, I realized that no one really knew much about it. Beliefs concerning the actual distance of the mosque from ground zero ranged from directly across the street to 15 blocks away. I was told that the mosque was receiving building funds from extremist groups who planned for it to be a madrassa, and the Imam who is sponsoring the project is an anti-American radical. I even heard rumors that the center would open on the ten year anniversary of 9/11, despite the fact the mosque will not start construction for at least another year.

staff editorial Assemblies need a makeover If there’s anything to be learned from September 8th’s BMX/Non-smoking Assembly, it’s that assemblies need a serious makeover. This was the message communicated quite clearly as hundreds of students fled the school after fourth period in an effort to avoid going to the assembly, all while teachers made every attempt to stop them. There are several reasons for the mass exodus which occurs at every assembly these days. At the Homecoming, Winter, and Prom Assemblies, the focus is whatever seasonal dance is happening that weekend, which isn’t, believe it or not, the most important thing on every student’s mind. This alienates many students who are over the initial excitement of dances and crave hearing about something else. At the BMX Assembly, the intended audience was smokers who might also happen to be interested in action sports. This alienates an even larger part of the student population, many of whom are tired of hearing the same warnings about smoking over and over or are simply offended by the assumption that because they


No one, not even the news networks, seem to be able to get the story straight. The truth is that the “ground zero mosque” is not really on ground zero, but 1/10 of a mile north, about 2 blocks away. While it is close, labeling it as “the ground zero mosque” allows the opponents of the project ensure that when the public thinks of the cultural center, they also think of 9/11. According to the sponsors, who have titled the project Park51, the space will include “a mosque, intended to be run separately from Park51 but open to and accessible to all members, visitors and our New York community.” So it’s true that the center will also serve as a place for Muslims to worship. The primary focus of the project, however, is to be a community center, equipped with a gym, restaurant/culinary school, library, art studio, childcare services, and a memorial to

the events of 9/11. This appears not to be a place where religious extremism is cultivated, but a place where members of the community (even non-Muslims) can interact in productive ways. It seems no more harmful than an afterschool program. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the religious leader heading the project, has been accused of being an anti-American jihadist and extremist. The truth is that Imam Rauf actually has a history of aiding the U.S. government. Under the Bush administration, he lead cultural awareness training for the FBI. He has also traveled abroad for the State Department to speak about tolerance between Islam and America. This is a man who makes an effort to promote peace; the accusations that he is a radical appear to be just slander. This Islamic center is meant to symbolize

The people who will build and visit the Islamic center are Americans who are equally endowed with the freedom to practice their own religion.

are teenagers, they smoke. The solution to this is to appeal to a wider range of students. The Rachel’s Challenge Assembly was an excellent example of this. Everyone could relate to its message of kindness. The program was geared toward all students and did not make assumptions about them–in fact, it discouraged just that. The assembly created a sense of community among all students; it didn’t feature just athletes, dance-goers or smokers, but included everyone in its message. The quickly decreasing attendance at assemblies can also be attributed to their predictability. Especially at the Homecoming, Winter, and Prom Assemblies, students know exactly what to expect. Sports teams parade in, MC’s make their entrance, the poms and cheers perform, we play the same games as we did last time, Mr. De makes a speech, and everyone leaves. The first time you see it, it’s exciting. By the fifth time you’ve seen it, it’s not as fun anymore. The solution: switch it up. Represent other members of the student population, have students make speeches, design an assembly around an engaging issue, screen an inspiring movie, call for social action, bring in intriguing guest speakers. Make students want to come to assemblies and they will come. Force students to come to assemblies and they will leave.

“They could give more prizes and do more activities to get the students involved.” -Grace Reader ,9

“If all the MC’s and senators wore zip off pants . . . shout out to Mr. Welsh!” –Natalie Sherman, 11

tolerance, and promote peace and understanding from the Muslim community. So while the attacks on September 11, 2001, will remain an awful event in the American conscience for generations, what we also must remember is that these attacks were perpetrated by a small group of extremists, not the entire Islamic religion. The people who will build and visit the Islamic center are Americans who are equally endowed with the freedom to practice their own religion. If this means wanting to build a cultural center in an old Burlington Coat Factory that happens to be in Lower Manhattan, then they have every right to do so. The American people need to get past their Islamaphobia. Intolerance only breeds more violence. And in the end, regardless if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or any other major world religion, forgiveness is a central principle. This is the purpose of allowing this cultural center to be built; Americans will show the world that we can move forward, and that our tolerance will always separate us from the extremists who wish to do our country harm.



What improvements could be made to assemblies to increase attendance?

“Food!” – Anna Olson, 10

“I like it the way it is. I have fun when I go to assemblies.” –Alec Manzanares, 12

september 2010


rebel yell

His and hers

THE O-SHOCK REPORT Welcome back Rebels! This is my first column in the newspaper; I’ll use this space each month to tell you about all the wondrous things that Senate will be working on this year! My main goal for this year is to make it what you want it to be. If you have anything that you would like to tell me or anything you would like to happen this year, email me at It is Homecoming Week, and I hope you are all participating in the spirit days! (I’ll hunt you down if you aren’t). We really wanted your input for the days, so we had you vote at lunches; hopefully, you got a chance to vote. We will also be having our first jersey auction. Ladies, break out your pocketbooks to bid on your favorite varsity football player’s jersey! If you are the winning bidder, you get to wear the jersey that they aren’t wearing to the Homecoming football game! Along with all those super fantastic Homecoming events we are selling our Senior Girls Shirts and our Senior Hoodies, so hit up a senior senator for an order form or check it out on Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, we will be having Man Poms this year. Let me repeat that: WE WILL BE HAVING MAN POMS THIS YEAR. We will only be having it at the PowderPuff game but, hey, it’s better than nothing! Keep listening to my videos on RNN every week to find out when tryouts for PowderPuff and meetings for Man Poms are. As for everything else, just stay posted to the newspaper or RNN for all the latest Senate happity happenings! I wish you all the greatest school year ever and, like I said, if there is anything I can do better or anything that you would like to see happen at Columbine, shoot me an email and I will do my best (within reason) to make it happen! Now every week I will be giving a shout out to someone, and this week its going out to Mr. Thomas, the only teacher I know to affectionately call himself “Daddy” and stick his belly out like a pregnant woman. What a creep. Keep it classy Columbine. Olivia Leyshock

Double standards for expected behavior of guys and girls

We’ve all seen them—the girls on TV with the scandalously short skirts and questionable moral standards, of whom dejenni robinson rogatory terms are often muttered. But what about the guys who participate in the same Friday night activities? Why are they praised for their behavior, when girls who do the exact same thing are treated in the opposite manner? I don’t know how this complete double standard came about, but it is totally unfair and certainly needs to be stopped. Although said weekend activities may not exactly be honorable, that does not give other people the right to use such vulgar language when talking about any human being; this is especially true when the girl was not breaking any laws or harming anyone else whatsoever. Meanwhile, guys are being praised for the exact same behavior. They are greeted with high fives and honorary nicknames like “player,” “ladies man,” “pimp,” and others. Which leads me to the point: what gives? If gender equality is so prevalent in America, then why is there this double standard? The double standard is such a part of American culture today that there is even a new movie coming

out about it. The movie “Easy A” tells the story of a high school girl who pretends to have a few crazy nights with nerds in order to improve their reputations at the cost of her own. While the guys are being rewarded for their actions (or more so, faked actions), she is being called dirty names behind her back everywhere she goes. “American Pie” also exemplifies the glory that comes with certain activities when guys carry them out, as does “John Tucker Must Die,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and more. Stars are also often the focus of unfair judgements based on certain aspects of their private lives. While Gaspard Ulliel and Taylor Lautner are constantly under the watch of starryeyed fans, other stars like Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Paris Hilton are held to vastly different standards (whether that is solely because of the double standard or has other contributing factors as well, I will leave up to you to decide). Double standards are unhealthy and unfair, not to mention they add unnecessary drama to our daily lives. Yet nobody seems to be doing anything to stop this madness! It would be easy to just ignore the itch to gossip about what so-and-so did last weekend, so why don’t we?

If gender equality is so prevalent in America, then why is there this double standard?

How’s your REBEL YELL? Want to comment on an important issue? Send your opinion to The Courier.

Letter Guidelines: Please limit your submission to 200 words. Letters may be edited for space and inaccuracies, and The Courier reserves the right not to publish any letter. Please submit to the Publications Room, Mr. Eric Friesen’s mailbox in the main office, or e-mail to

Obama drama

Did students actually listen to the president’s Back to School speech?

As President Obama was lecturing on the importance of doing well in school last stephanie reichlin Tuesday during his annual Back to School speech, I looked around my classroom and saw only a few people actually watching the speech and listening to it. Some people were doing their homework, others were discussing lunch plans with friends. Every once in a while a student or two would look up and pay attention for a second – until the president said something they disagreed with, and then they went right back to what they were previously doing. From the time students begin their schooling, the concept of what they are do-

september 2010

ing now will impact their future is pounded into their heads almost every day. Reinforcement of this issue, even by an authoritative figure such as President Obama, is unnecessary because the students have already gone through the “do good in school” talk at least once a year by their teachers, and if select students are choosing to ignore the fact that what happens know affects the future, then they will have to deal with the consequences and learn on their own. As an example, if a student did not like

Obama, that student would be less likely to listen to him and even less likely to even consider taking his advice on how to succeed. If another student really liked Obama, that student would be more willing to listen to the speech and absorb most of the information from the speech. A rough estimate of the percentage of students who like Obama to the number of students who do not like him would be around 50-50. Therefore, technically only about 50 percent of the student population actually obtained the

If select students are choosing to ignore future, then they will have to deal with the consequences and learn on their own.

information that the president was trying to get across in the first place. The unwillingness to listen to an opposing side of an argument may have caused the short attentionspan of the students while listening to this speech. Ideally, the president should have everyone’s respect and full attention in any matter; obviously, its not that way. No matter what an individual may think, he does run this country and the public did vote for him to obtain office, so the least the students can do is listen. This speech’s attempt to appeal to every student and to drive them forward was an overall failure. The student’s lack of interest, the repetitiveness, and the unwillingness of some to even listen caused this speech to be unsuccessful.


in motion

your teams health energy

. . . Four million calls are made by solicitors every day in the U.S. . . . There is one slot machine for every eight people in Las Vegas . . .

X-country goes x-country Runners return from Utah with some of the fastest times this season

Friday, September 10 saw the varsity cross country team giving their all at the Murray Invitational in Salt Lake City, Utah. They returned the afternoon of Saturday, September 11 with high spirits and some of the fastest times of the season. Junior Kaylie Haynes had the fastest time on the girls team, completing her race with a time of 19:25. Senior Woody Kincaid, the top runner on the boys team, had a time of 15:16 and placed fourth overall. Kincaid’s motivation for success stemmed from a favorite quote. “Steve Prefontaine once said, ‘To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.’ He is who we aspire to be,” Kincaid said. Fourteen runners made the trip to Utah on Thursday, September 9. The runners selected to go on the trip were determined by their race times at the Dakota Ridge scrimmage a few weeks before and had since

jenni robinson

been training hard in preparation for the big meet. Excitement had been building all week as the varsity runners prepared to leave Littleton on Thursday afternoon. “We [were] really looking forward to seeing how our varsity team measures up to those in Utah,” said Ms. Reyes, head coach of the cross country program. Coaches Reyes and Visser made the trip with the team. Junior A.J. Armstrong said the race gave them “a chance to run a very challenging course and race against some great runners in a different environment.” The team’s next meet is the Rock Canyon Invite on Saturday, September 25. Haynes has a positive outlook for the cross country team this season. “The team this year is awesome and I know we’re going to do really well,” Haynes said.




Q: W A: Q: H A: Q: W A: Q: W A: Q: W A:



I grew up playing soccer. Soccer has been part of my identity. I felt like I needed to give back to the sport that gave so much to me.

OW DO YOU MOTIVATE YOUR PLAYERS? I try to reward and praise commitment, hard work, and bigtime performances. I try to motivate each player and motivate them based on where they are.

HAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT COACHING AND WHY? I think I enjoy watching young people grow on the field and off the field.

HAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE THIS SEASON? Getting everything to come together on any given game day. We have to try to get 17 guys on the same page and peak at the right time and have a successful season.


IN OTHER FALL SPORTS . . . Boys soccer


Cross country

The boys varsity soccer team has a record of 3-2. League action begins tomorrow, Tuesday, September 21, against Arvada West High School at Lakewood Memorial Field at 4:00 p.m.

The varsity football team is ranked 7th in the 5A state polls. They will play Poudre High School in the Homecoming game on Friday, September 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Jeffco Stadium. They will begin league action on Friday, October 1 against Chatfield at 7:00 p.m. at Jeffco Stadium.

Senior Woody Kincaid won the 5A pre-state run at Morse Park. He placed first out of 237 runners. The cross country team will compete in the Rock Canyon Invite on Saturday, September 25 and will host the Dave Sanders meet on Friday, October 1 at Clement Park at 3:30 p.m.

Boys tennis

Boys golf

The boys varsity tennis team has a record of 3-3. They will compete in the regional tournament on October 5 and 6 at Pinehurst.

Sophomore Billy Ramsey and Seniors Tony Macaluso, Alex Horvat, Nate Cole, Brandon Shaffer, and Josh Wright are competing in the regional championships today at Raccoon Creek.

Volleyball The varsity girls volleyball team has an overall record of 4-4. They will begin league action on Tuesday, September 28 at Ralston Valley High School at 7:00 p.m.

Softball The girls varsity softball team has an overall record of 2-10 and will play their next game on Tuesday, September 21 at Arvada West High School at 4:30 p.m.


Gymnastics The gymnastics team will host a meet on Thursday, September 23 at 6:00 p.m.

compiled by abbey borchers

I just hope that we grow as a team and a program. It’s not just about wins and losses, but can we build character and bring more integrity to the program.

athlete profile How long have you been playing football? How long have you played for Columbine? I’ve been playing since I was six years old, and this is my third year at CHS–I transferred from Ponderosa. What is the best part of playing football? gary The hardest part? The best part of football is the excitement and pure adrenaline that comes from it. The hardest part is Coach Tonelli’s washboard abs.

Any plans for college yet? I’ve been getting a lot of calls from smaller schools, but it’s too early to know which way I’m going to go.

What advice do you have for the Freshmen players this year? Have fun, be passionate, be selfless. miller Too many people forget this is a wonderful game and worry too much about trying to be the next biggest recruit. Just enjoy the game and respect it. If you’re not having fun, make it fun.

How do you balance football with school, friends, and other activities? It’s hard to have a social life when you’re in sports, but I just focus on the task at hand so I don’t overload my less-than-stellar brain. How do you prepare before a game? I’m very loose before games–I listen to the same songs. do the same stretches, and then I get myself angry by thinking about things that drive me banana sandwich.

Favorite motivational quote: Be nice until it’s time to not be nice. Favorite pre-game meal: I’m like a human Dumpster–I’ll eat anything. Favorite pump-up song: “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” - Say Anything

compiled by abbey borchers

september 2010

culture shock

your style scene idea of fun

. . . In Iceland, tipping is considered rude . . . One out of every 230 cars made last year were stolen . . . A violin is made of about 70 pieces of wood . . .

Dress to impress Look snazzy with these Homecoming trends

Unsure about what to wear to Homecoming this year ? Don’t fret, because our Homecoming fashion experts are here to help! Find a fabulous outfit for an amazing night out with our tips for finding the most current and trendy dresses. When asked about her idea of Homecoming fashion, Junior Marissa Hammers said, “Homecoming is all about dressing up and looking your best! I think it’s important to look good but also feel good. You’re going to have to wear whatever it is for about 6 hours so it better be comfortable!”



IN THEATERS Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Waiting for “Superman” ON DVD Robin Hood

Kaylie Haynes, 11

You can never go wrong with a bright colored silky dress. An almost endless array of colors are available at the mall, and you can re-wear it many times for different occasions. Senior Molly Rogers explained, “It’s all about bright colors.”

Nick Bernhardt, 12

Guys also may ponder about what to wear to the dance. Typically dress pants, button up shirt, and tie are accepted attire. However, Junior Sevan Strait offered a unique alternative to the usual suit. “Kilt is the way to go!” Strait said.

september 2010

Zac Brown Band / You Get What You Give Amberlin / Dark is the Way, Light is a Place Billy Currington / Enjoy Yourself


Selena Gomez & The Scene / A Year Without Rain

Maroon 5 / Hand All Over

Shontelle / No Gravity

NEW RELEASES 9/20 - 9/24

story and photos by jenni robinson

Bethany Gardner, 10

Another popular look is a dress with a cinched waist. These dresses are flattering for all body types. The high-waisted look elongates the legs and helps make you look taller, while drawing attention to the waist.

Kaylie Haynes, 11

One-shoulder dresses are a classy and sophisticated alternative to strapless dresses. They come in many lengths and colors, not to mention they won’t fall down while you are out there rockin’ the dance floor!



adical ebel

top ten kizzle & tizzle rebel yell

Top Ten ways to incur the wrath of PETA 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Don’t stop for roadkill. “It was already dead, I swear!”

Kizzle & Tizzle

What is the cure for the Bieber Fever? K: Miley Virus. T: Like most horrible illnesses, the best medicine is penicillin.

If you could have any super power what would it be and why? T: Well, since Mr. Thomas likes to call me MIGETRON, I suppose it would be the power to battle mean people.

Knit a sweater for your dog. “Cashmere or wool?” Forget to celebrate your pet’s birthday. “I know there’s something I should be doing right now.” Have a well-balanced diet. “Mmm . . . animal flesh.” Kill the spider spinning its web in your shower. “It invaded my personal space!”

Eat a double bacon cheeseburger. “Bacon is the key to happiness!” Be unaware of what PETA stands for. “I always thought it stood for People Eating Tasty Animals!”

K: Bridesmaids and Bermudas! All the girls wear old bridesmaid’s dresses from their mothers’ closets and the guys wear the most obnoxious Bermuda shorts they can find – with black knee socks and loafers. T: The theme would be GYMNASIUM!!! We take everyone to the gym, throw out a couple balls and jump-ropes, and use all the money we saved to buy back the lunchroom’s nacho cheese dispenser.

What is your favorite pizza topping? K: Dolphin and unicorn with extra goat cheese. Side of ranch.

If you could see any concert in the world, what would it be? T: Journey opening for OREO Speedwagon who is opening for Pat Benetar who is opening for Van Halen.

Spend under three hours a day with your pet. “You’re not a very good conversationalist, Mr. Fluffykins” Swat a fly. “You know, they puke every time they land!”

If you could pick the Homecoming theme what would it be?

What is your biggest pet peeve? T: Freshman making out in the hallway. Seriously, how would students react if teachers went around making out with each other? How would your lunch sit after watching that train wreck?

What is your favorite Silly Band shape? K: Speaking of Silly Bandz, that reminds me of my magic trick. Well, sometimes kids “accidently” shoot their bands. I have this magic trick I am working on. I take the errant silly band, stuff it into my fist, say some magic words, let a little of the band out of my fist and snip it with scissors, then some more, then some more. Next, I put all the pieces in my fist again and say more fancy, pagan, magic. When I open my hand – wha laa! The Silly Band is whole again. Well, that’s what I’m working towards anyway.

and the number one thing you can do to incur the wrath of PETA:


Wear a meat dress to Homecoming a la Lady Gaga. “She’s just so fabulous!”

REBEL YELL: Back to school? Homecoming? Eh.



Parents who think it’s O.K. to cause mayhem and destruction while dropping off students.

Quote of the Month: “Lock it in!” - Mr. Anderson to 5th period Economics class

Columbine Salutes: T-Swift for her moving musical commentary about overcoming the tragic events of the 2009 VMAs. Mysteries of the Universe: Why is Rebel time on



the big clock different than in the classroom?

On this day: National Blueberry Popsicle Day




september 2010

38.1 September 2010 Columbine Courier  

Volume 38, Issue 1. September 2010. Columbine Courier

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