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. . . The average person spends two years of his or her life on the phone . . . A pregnant goldfish is called a twit . . . Pearls melt in vinegar . . .

CU Succeed credit crisis

the courier staff

New Colorado Department of Education decision eliminates college credit opportunities

lauren elder A large number of students across the state are enrolled in classes and educational programs that allow them to obtain college credit while fulfilling high school requirements. One such program offered at Columbine, the CU Succeed Program, run by the University of Colorado at Denver, has offered a variety of courses available to high school juniors and seniors. Starting next school year, however, the CU Succeed program and credit options will no longer be offered at Columbine. According to CU Denver's website, the courses "have the same content as on-campus courses, require the same quantity and quality of work, and are evaluated by the same high standards. They are not high school courses for which students receive college credit." Because the classes are actual college courses taught by CU certified high school instructors and require CU tuition, they are defined as "extended studies programs." The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has recently decided that programs defined as "extended study" does not count toward fulfilling high school requirements. For example, juniors and seniors who must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes cannot count their CU Succeed class as their fifth course because the student is paying CU to take the class. This means that he or she is considered to be a four-fifths high school student. According to Colorado legislative aid Linda Fedak, "Extended study programs must be established when a school or district enters into

a contract or agreement with an institution of higher learning." In order for the Columbine to continue to offer CU credit options, the school would have had to pay approximately $11,000 in order to renew a contract with CU outside of state education funding. Many students have already enrolled in CU courses for the next school year, but were not informed during registration that they may not receive college credit for them. Counselor Mr. Lentini said, "We [the counselors] had not yet heard how to address the issue. Students were told about CU Succeed course offerings because no final decision had been made at that point." Despite college credit no longer being an option through the CU program at Columbine, the same class curriculum will still be offered. This means students who signed up for the classes will be able to take them for high school credit as long as the enrollment is significant enough for the course to be offered. There is also still potential for students to receive higher institution credit in their accelerated courses through other means. "Most courses are also considered AP," said Lentini. "Students still have the opportunity to earn credit if they choose to take the exam that is offered in the subject area." All students who are currently enrolled in CU Succeed courses for the current year who have registered and paid their fees will still be able to receive college credit if they meet the academic requirements.

March 24th Red Robin Fundraiser for class of 2012: 5:00-10:00 p.m. Relay for Life fundraiser at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill: 5:45-7:00 p.m. Spring play rehearsal: 6:30-9:00 p.m.

March 25th Spring play rehearsal: 3:00-5:30 p.m.

March 26th Spring play rehearsal: 3:00-5:30 p.m. Cosmo volleyball tournament sponsored by senate: 5:00-10:30 p.m.


March 29th

editors-in-chief: abbey borchers lauren elder

Classes with Former CU Credit Opportunities: Interactive Media Image Manipulation (Adobe Photoshop) Algebra III (College Algebra)

staff writers: chufan (jerry) deng justine renfro grace padilla emily partida heidi roberts adviser: mr. friesen


AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC Inferential Probability and Statistics AP Statistics AP Chemistry Honors Chemistry AP Biology AP Foreign Languages

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Spring break begins Spring play rehearsal: 6:30-9:00 p.m.

April 14th Graduation Speaker Tryouts in LA-7: 2:00 p.m. Need something posted? Drop us an e-mail at

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on the cover Columbine moves into the 21st century with a revamp of the school website. Visit it at http://columbine-web.

march 24, 2010


the buzz

Working around the bottom line Jeffco district eyes budget cuts which could negatively affect Columbine

abbey borchers

ulty to students. Several ways to save money have been proposed and are currently being considered by the district. In high schools, proposals for cutting spending are to eliminate one secretary per school and one counselor for every two schools, which would save approximately $1,827,000. Also, reducing the ratio of teachers to students to 41.5 teachers to 1,000 students could save an estimated $2,141,800. At the middle school level, reducing the num-

Jefferson County Public Schools is facing large-scale budget cuts which could drastically impact the way schools within the district–including Columbine–are run. The district is required to formulate a new budget that will cut $18 to $20 million in spending each year for the next three years, totaling approximately $54 to $60 million. The two-year goal is a budget reduction of $36 million. Jefferson County is just one of many school districts throughout Colorado that must make drastic reductions in spending. This is due to the mill/bond levy that was not passed two years ago, which would have increased funding for schools, as well as the poor state of the economy. "Jeffco’s general fund will be reduced Students work diligently in math teacher Mr. Tadlock's class. Many classes will undergo from approximately $647 million to approxichanges next year due to large budget cuts. photos by grace padilla mately $622 million," said Cindy Stevenson, Superintendent of Jefferson County Public ber of staff districtwide is a Schools. Making the necessary cutbacks in order to meet the proposition for saving mongoals for spending reduction will impact everyone from fac- ey. Eliminating 37 teachers

would save $2,704,700, while reducing the number of counselors and librarians could potentially save $402,800. At the elementary school level, class sizes for the 2010-11 and 201112 school years could be increased by one student per class, creating an esti-

mating savings of $4,231,600. Reducing the hours worked by clinic aides would save about $288,500. Other elementary school budget cuts could include the reduction of librarians and secretaries in schools that can function with fewer staff. These budget cuts could very likely have negative impacts on classes at Columbine. Spanish teacher Mrs. Domroese worries that the budget cuts could hurt students' learning. "I assume that my class sizes will go up making one-on-one with students even more difficult," Domroese said. "It is difficult as a teacher to think that budget will restrict what materials will be available to students and that furlough days might replace work days spent on trying to build programs and teaching strategies that benefit students." Stevenson admits that there will likely be "larger class sizes, fewer class choices for students, less money for textbooks, and less money for technology" once the cutbacks take effect. School-sponsored clubs and activities could also take a hit. "More groups [will] perhaps have to do fundraising activities to support their activity," Assistant Principal and activities coordinator Ms. Doolan said. The Frank DeAngelis Columbine High School Academic Foundation will make every effort to help offset costs and accommodate the smaller budget. "We will be working closely with Mr. DeAngelis and the teachers as to what the current needs are and will be using our funds to help offset those [costs]," said Mary Tedford, founding member of the foundation. The foundation is currently raising money to meet its goal of 25 thousand dollars by 2010. "The foundation will direct its funds to the classrooms to help offset some of the items that are being cut by the district," Tedford said. "Everything will look different next year," Stevenson said.

Top 5 Alternative Ways to Reduce Spending

5 Reduce the school day by an hour or two. Or three. 4 End dependence on copy machines by eliminating the copying of worksheets or tests. This would save a bundle on copier fees.

3 Do not turn on lights during the day. As well as saving money on electricity, this measure would eliminate that lovely fluorescent light that makes us all look oh-so-attractive.

2 Sell all desks and replace them with pillows or bean bag chairs. This would be cheaper as well as more comfortable.

1 Eliminate CSAP testing. Those big, heavy test booklets must cost a fortune to reproduce and distribute.

march 24, 2010



the buzz

Symphonic sound of success Columbine Instrumental Program’s Spring Concert showcases orchestras, jazz band, and symphonic winds

heidi roberts Taking the stage last Tuesday in the auditorium, students involved in the Columbine Instrumental Music Program displayed their talents playing the songs which they have been working on since nearly the beginning of the semester in one of the few concerts that takes place each year. On Tuesday, March 16, the Columbine Instrumental Music Program hit the stage for the Spring Concert, displaying a variety of pieces which exemplified the hard work which each musical ensemble and individual musician. The concert featured the musical talents of both band and orchestra, and while the sounds of the different pieces of music varied, they were all united under the understanding that each piece had been work on intensively. Kicking off the night of performances was the Jazz Band, with the pieces “Shoot the Sherbet to

me Herbert” by Les Taylor, “Children of Sanchez” by Chuck Mangione, arranged by Victor Lopez, and “Shazam” by Larry Barton. Like all of their performances, the Jazz Band performed with contagious energy, and their upbeat tunes had nearly every person seated for the performance tapping their feet. Next up on the stage was the Symphonic Band, playing “Swords of Stavanger” by Robert Sheldon, “Portrait of Australia” arranged by Roy Phillippe, and “Shackelford Banks” by Jay Bocook. The Symphonic Band also performed with great energy, and each one of their pieces was exciting and held on to the audience’s attention. Then, the Concert Orchestra hit the stage, with “March (From Suite No.1) by Gustav Holst and arranged by Deborah Baker Monday, “Themes from The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehar and arranged by Robert D. McCashin, and “Symphony No.3- ‘Eroica’” by Ludwig van Beethoven and arranged by

Andrew Dabczynski. The Concert Orchestra played all of their melodic pieces wonderfully and provided a harmony of light sound to delight the ears of the audience. The next performance on stage was by the Chamber Orchestra, with the pieces “Variable Stars” by Almon C. Bock II, “’Summer’ From the Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi and arranged by Brendan McBrien (which featured soloists Casey Roark on violin and Elise Davis on cello), and “Lion City” by Soon Hee Newbold. The Chamber Orchestra performed all of their music with lovely melodies, producing a sound that was not only polished, but wonderful to listen to. Last to perform and wrap up the concert was the Symphonic Winds, playing “Marche Des Parachutistes Belges” by Pierre Leemans, “Alligator Alley” by Michael Daugherty, and “Into the Joy of Spring” (which featured three parts: Winter’s Fury, Spring’s

Awakening, and A Celebration of Joy) by James Swearingen. The Symphonic Winds showed a great amount of energy in their pieces, and provided a sound that was engaging for all audience members. “The best part of our band concerts is being able to finally see what the other classes are performing and hopefully doing better!” Sophomore Trevor Ogborn said.

On the other hand, Sophomore Kim Goddard said, “The best part of our band concerts is the different kinds of music the different groups play.” The Instrumental Music Program has many exciting activities awaiting them in the future, such as a trip to New York City in the spring of 2011.

Members of Jazz ensemble prepare to play at the music program’s Spring concert. The concert showcased Jazz and Symphonic Bands, Concert and Chamber Orchestras, and Symphonic Winds. photo by heidi roberts

News in Brief Weighted Grades

Meal Price Increase

Starting next school year, grades for honors world language classes will be weighted. The weighting applies to freshman and sophomores.

Starting 2010-2011 school year, food prices in Jeffco schools will increase. Students who eat in the cafeteria will have to pay slightly more for a meal. A regular priced breakfast will cost $1.50 and lunch will cost $2.50. Those who are on reduced priced meals will pay $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch.

Graduation Plans

PROM SPECIAL Full Set of Acrylics for $25.00. Regular price $37.00

A new Jeffco policy requires students in 7th, 8th and 9th grade to complete a graduation plan. The goals of the plan are to help students identify of a career goal, identify a post high school educational goal, and understand the Jeffco Schools graduation requirements and the Higher Educational Admissions Requirements (HEAR) for four-year institutions of higher education in Colorado.

Website Revamp The Columbine High School website got a makeover! The new site now includes daily RNN broadcasts, letters from Mr. DeAngelis, photo galleries, and several other new features. Stories written by The Courier staff will be updated weekly along with sports and activities schedules.

Coffee Jam On Wednesday March 24th, Unity in Action club will be hosting its annual Coffee Jam in the commons. There will be an open mic where students are allowed to read poetry and play music. Food and Coffee are provided. Entry fee is 5 dollars per person with all proceeds going to Children of Peace International, an organization dedicated to helping orphanages, hospitals, and clinics in Vietnam.

Spring Break Spring Break begins Monday, March 29. School resumes Tuesday, March 6. compiled by lauren elder


march 24, 2010


the buzz

In a state of well-being Colorado rated 4th happiest state in United States

heidi roberts What is happiness? On the surface, this question seems simple enough. Once posed, however, the answer can be quite elusive. The questions in life with the most complex and sometimes completely inexplicable answers are the ones which linger in the minds of most people. Trying to answer this question, one might set about classifying and analyz-

Yet even as indefinable as such a question may seem, there are still those who wish to define it. A prime example of working for such a definition is the ranking of the happiest states in the United States of America, a ranking on which the state of Colorado


i n g dayt o - d ay realities: relations h i p s , educational demands, economic hardships, and m u c h more. It seems like the more one tries to understand something like happiness, the farther one gets from the core of the issue.

march 24, 2010

tolerance. Live Science elaborated on these factors, stating that wealthier states could provide more infrastructure which would allow more residents of the state to have their needs met, and that more tolerant states would allow residents more

freedom to express themselves. Yet just because Colorado was rated as having a high level of well-being, does not mean all of its residents are happy. "I can't breathe here. Is that happy?" said Sophomore Kim Goddard.

N B 2

scored number four. In November 2009, the University of Cambridge in England conducted a study which determined and ranked the happiest states in America. According to “The Huffington Post,” the Cambridge researchers analyzed data

TOP TWENTY HAPPIEST STATES 1. Utah: 69.2 2. Hawaii: 68.2 3. Wyoming: 68 4. Colorado: 67.3 5. Minnesota: 67.3 6. Maryland: 67.1 7. Washington: 67.1 8. Massachusetts: 67 9. California: 67 10. Arizona: 66.8 11. Idaho: 66.8

which was collected from over 350,000 people who were interviewed in 2008. They based the gathering of their data on things such as physical and emotional health, overall evaluation of their lives, job satisfaction, and healthy behaviors. Later, it was taken into account by the researchers the relationship which e x isted be-

12. Montana: 66.7 13. New Hampshire: 66.7 14. Vermont: 66.6 15. Virginia: 66.5 16. Nebraska: 66.4 17. New Mexico: 66.3 18. Oregon: 66.3 19. Connecticut: 66.3 20. Alaska : 66.2

tween levels of happiness and other factors in life, such as personality factors, educational levels, and economic indicators. According to “USA Today,” the city of Boulder, Colorado, was ranked as the happiest city in the United States, based off of a ranking system consisting of factors such as life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors, and basic access. “USA Today” also stated that large cities with populations of one million people or more seem to report more optimism about the future and higher states of wellbeing than small or average-sized cities. As stated by the website Live Science, the states which have the highest levels of well-being are located in mountain states and west coast states, then eastern seaboard states, then midwest and southern states. Such information could be an indication as to why Colorado scored so high in the ranking of happy states. Live Science also did an analysis of the study and provided reasoning as to why certain states were happier than others, and what the happiness of the states is based on. The analysis stated that the two main factors which created happy states were wealth and


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your views opinion voice

. . . American car horns beep in the tone of F

. . . Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes . . .

Crime and punishment New math policy is unfair to all parties involved

The newly-instigated attendance policy in the math department has been the cause abbey borchers of much controversy among students, parents, and teachers. The policy, committed to memory by most students at this point, states that students who ditch class, resulting in an unexcused absence, must attend a mandatory one hour detention after school. Students who rack up three unexcused tardies, considered the equivalent of one unexcused absence, must also serve a one hour detention. Those who manage to avoid any unexcused absences or tardies are rewarded with an extra three percent added to their final grade, but there is one stipulation–students must not have any excused absences or tardies either. Perfect attendance, in this case, truly means perfect attendance. The punishments instated by the attendance policy are meant to discourage students from ditching or coming to class late, and the rewards are meant to encourage consistent and punctual attendance. However, the negative side effects of the policy

are not worth the marginally increased attendance. Many students who struggle in math have few reservations about what they will do to maintain their grade, myself included. Math is not my strongest subject–often my final grade is on the borderline of where I want it to be. This means that the extra three percent that has been dangled in front of me will not easily be let out of my reach. If that means I have to come to school for sixth period when I should be at home getting over a cold, that’s what I’ll do. If that means I have to delay my family in leaving on our annual trip to Arizona this Spring Break, that’s what I’ll do. It’s unfortunate, but I think a lot of students would do the same. The problem with this is that not only are students being encouraged to come to class, they are being encouraged to come to class

when they absolutely should not. When students should be at home recovering from an injury or illness, when students should be with their families in a time of tragedy or hardship, when students should be enjoying their vacations, they will be in their math classes, trying desperately to hold on to that pretty little three percent that could mean the difference in their grade. In implementing this attendance policy, the math department has clearly defined their priorities for students: math comes first, while family, health, and other important parts of life come second. I concede that good attendance is essential to the learning process, and it should absolutely be enforced. I understand that this is what the math department is trying to do, and so far, it appears to be working. Several times since the policy took effect I have heard students commenting on how

I would just like to ask that the math department cut us all a break and see that it is unreasonable to punish us for excusable circumstances.

they have to get to class on time, or can’t afford another tardy, or have decided not to ditch anymore because they don’t want detention. It is an effective policy, but it is also one that needs a serious adjustment. I strongly encourage the math department to consider the removal of the stipulation that an excused absence or tardy counts against a student’s otherwise perfect attendance. It is unfair to everyone involved, from other students who do not want to get sick to teachers who do not want to deal with classrooms full of sick students, from parents who want to leave a little early to beat the traffic on their way out of town to students who are so preoccupied with other school activities that they barely have time to spend with their families anyway, from students who need to go to the doctor to parents who don’t have time to take their kids at more inconvenient hours of the day. I understand the math policy, and I can even see its positive effects. I would just like to ask that the math department cut us all a break and see that it is unreasonable to punish us for excusable circumstances we cannot control.

Take a break and take it all in For all its triumphs of connectivity, technology severs people from their world

heidi roberts

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” Joni Mitchell had the exactly right idea with that one. Day after day, the more we acquire, the more we take it for

granted. For a while, I had to live without technological entertainment. I had no phone, no TV privileges, and no computer except for homework. There were no late night textfests, no four hours of sitting mindlessly watching Cake Boss on TLC, and no Facebooking for what seemed like ten minutes, but was actually three hours. And, for the first week, I was miserable. Regrettably, I became a champ at whining that week. But, with not being able to sit in front of the TV, I had more time to do other things. I read two books in one weekend, and I loved it. I developed a new love for tea. And I even started enjoying walking to school. I was so bored for a while, I had to think of ways to pass the hours without using technology. And as much as I hated it for a time, I came to really enjoy it. And biggest of all, I came to notice things so much clearer. I also learned how to appreciate things again. Taking things for granted is so typical in this day and age. New technology appears nearly from mid-air right in front of our faces daily, and it forces itself into our lives using


temptation and rationality. It has come to a point that the only way people can wish to be associated at all with society is to possess a certain amount of technology which has come to be relied upon for communication, and even further, our survival. With that being said, some technology is essential for survival, such as machines used in hospitals. But such tech-

Even on the cloudiest, dreariest day, there is some form of nature sprouting somewhere, spreading positivity and adding a splash of color into our world. nology is not what I am speaking of. It is the technology we use for our entertainment. The technology we seem to rely upon for our happiness in today’s society. In American History class, we are currently learning about the dawning of the society which revolves around mass advertising. It is a time of great change for America, seeing as it was the time that entertainment started shaping

up to what it is today. This time in history was regarded by many writers of the era to be shallow and selfish. And sometimes I think that they had the exactly right idea. Yet, saying I resent technology would be an absolute lie and would make me an unfathomable hypocrite. But we are all hypocrites. As much as we talk about how horrid it is that technology controls our souls, we will still be texting or Facebooking later in the day. My purpose and my point to all my ranting is not that technology is disgraceful, or that it should be done away with. I just think that there are so many other things which can bring a person happiness, and a lot of those things don’t depend on the functionality of a technological device. Take a walk once in a while. Look at everything around you, and especially in a state as beautiful as Colorado, you may be surprised at how much there is to see and appreciate. Beauty surrounds us. Even on the cloudiest, dreariest day, there is some form of nature sprouting somewhere, spreading positivity and adding a splash of color into our world. In such a fast world, it is difficult to slow down and smell the flowers. But once you do, you will notice so many things which are so commonly ignored. And it is those things that make our world pretty.

march 24, 2010


rebel yell


staff editorial

Crisis in Haiti highlights growing problem

According to Stop the Traffik, an organization dedicated to stopping human justine renfro trafficking, there is one person sold into human trafficking every minute. One person every minute is the same as five jumbo jets filled with people per day. This would be equivalent to 500,000 to 600,000 people a year. Also according to Stop the Traffik, the business of selling people into human trafficking makes twice as much income as the Coca Cola Company. Hearing that makes my heart fall to the ground. I sit here in freedom taking my life for granted while there are many people who are victims of human trafficking. There are children and adults who would give anything to have just one day in any of our so-called “difficult lives.” With the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Haiti, human trafficking is even more of a growing problem there. Human trafficking results in slavery used in sweat shops, sexual exploitation, sacrificial worship, and many other travesties. It is a growing problem, especially right now in Haiti. The earthquake has left people homeless and/ or lost from their families, causing them to be wider targets for human trafficking. It is very upsetting to think about how this happens. I do not understand how anyone in this world could be the cause of continuously selling people and children as young as age two into slavery. So many times as Americans we sit here and take our lives for granted. Having to do homework, having to go to a sports practice, or even having to just wake up in the morning are some of the things we often complain about on a daily basis. We spend so much time complaining about the relatively minor things that we have to face. What we don’t tend to realize is that there are many people in the world who do not have the opportunities and freedoms that we have and often take for granted. People all around the world wish that they could complain about the things we complain about. Human trafficking leads to abuse a lot of times. The thought of a two-year-old child being the victim of exploitation kills

my heart, and I would think that it would hurt everyone inside. What often happens in less fortunate countries such as Haiti is that families are either forced into selling or choose to sell their children into human trafficking. The devastating state of Haiti, has made families unaware of the people around them and therefore more vulnerable to human traffickers. Often times, families all around the world are persuaded to sell their children to human traffickers who have said that they are only keeping their children temporarily. Sometimes families sell their children simply to have enough money for things such as food and things necessary for living. We keep sitting here not caring about the people across the world who need our help desperately. If we think about it, last year there were approximately 1,700 kids at Columbine. If each student gave just one dollar, then we would end up having $1,700 which would, given that some victims of human trafficking are sold for as little as 20 dollars, save about 85 lives from slavery. That may not seem like a lot, but it would if it was your life that was about to be taken by human trafficking. The Haiti earthquake’s negative influence on many people may not be overcome within a single day. The whole idea of human trafficking and the stopping of sexual exploitation, sweat shops or the selling of two-year-old children can also not be done in a day. Yet, with the help of people who are more fortunate, lives can be changed and people can live another day without having to be abused because of human trafficking. I encourage you to live like you know you are fortunate and know how you should spend your time and money. It may seem like you are just a small person in the world, but with even just twenty dollars you can change the world of someone. Instead of going out to buy a 20 dollar pair of shoes every time, you can make a difference. I am not saying that I do not spend my money on myself sometimes, because I do, but once in a while it is good to give some to a good cause. Giving to someone in this way will not only make the person happy but it will make you happy as well.

There are children and adults who would give anything to have just one day in any of our so-called “difficult lives.”

march 24, 2010

Anyone who plays a sport knows that a significant level of commitment is required to participate on a team at Columbine. All athletes have missed a class period or two to go to a game, or blown off a homework assignment to go to practice, or been late to school having overslept the morning after a late game. These are the sacrifices that regularly athletes make. And in our opinion, they are absolutely inappropriate. It’s a well-known fact that sports are heavily-emphasized at Columbine–so much that they seem to have become more important than academics. Considering that Columbine is a school, not an Olympic training facility, this is ridiculous. Examples of such reversals of priorities are not hard to come by. Coaches often miss multiple days of school to take their teams to tournaments or playoff games in other cities or even other states. Teachers have been known to disrupt their own or others’ classes to talk to an athlete. It is not unusual for students to be excused from their seventh hour class early to go to a game. Many

“Yeah, I think sports at Columbine are more important than academics at Columbine. If you are an important part of a team, a teacher might bump one of your grades up.” - Adam Hokit, 9

“No, sports keep students involved ad more aware of their academics. I think sports and academics are equally shared and are well balanced throughout the school.” - Allison Harcarik, 10

times, teachers cannot give help to their students after school because they have to get to practice on time. Athletes are harshly chastised when they miss practice to make up a test or get extra instruction in a class. All of these occurrences are so common that most of us do not think twice about them. This, if nothing else, should be an indicator of how grave the problem is. Allowing athletics to take priority over academics is only hurting our student athletes. The reality is that most athletes who pass through Columbine will not become professional athletes, or even collegiate athletes. But all of them will need the knowledge a good education can provide, and as a school, this is something that should be a greater focus at Columbine. The term “student athlete” is worded as such for a reason. Those who participate in sports should always be considered students first, then athletes. Their needs as students should always be placed before their needs as athletes. It is highly disappointing that this even needs to be pointed out–it should be a given. Columbine is a school, first and foremost, and we believe that it should stay that way.



Do you think sports take precedence over academics at Columbine?

“No, because sports are lame.” - Chris Mills, 11

“No, because for you to be able to play any sports you have to have at least a ‘C’ in your classes, so they are more important but evened out.” - Victoria Martinez, 12



rebel yell

Hallway troubles A look into hallway behaviors

While making-out and soul-staring in the halls is despicable, perhaps an even bigger problem in the halls is vulgar language. Every single time I walk through the halls, I hear at least two F-bombs, along with some other disgusting words. There are friends calling other friends terrible names, as well as kids who seem like they are just yelling things out at random. I realize that most kids use inappropriate language these days, myself being one of them. However, there is absolutely no need to scream these words in the halls. Though there are many problems within the halls, the number one problem is people blocking the hallways. I know I absolutely hate it when I’m walking to class in our already too-crowded halls, and I run into a wall of boys and girls that refuse to move. These sort of people just may be the biggest nuisance in our school, and it definitely makes my list of top five pet peeves. Come on, people, can’t you just move? If you really need to talk to your friends that badly, move off to the side of the hall or text them, don’t stand in the middle of the hall in a huge group! If you attempt to push your way through these people, they either give you a dirty look or yell something extremely sarcastic and rude at you. These groups of kids need to learn that the world does not revolve around them, which actually may surprise them. There are other kids in the hall, in case they didn’t notice. Honestly, I’m surprised they even make it to school! Judging by their behavior in the halls, I would assume that they would either sit in the middle of an intersection or just stop in the middle of the street altogether. The animalistic making-out, the gruesome language, and the traffic-blockers will probably always be present within the halls of Columbine. The people that engage in this behavior obviously do not care about other people’s comfort or feelings, as they force their annoyances upon us, the people who are merely trying to get to class. So, unless these rude people experience an epiphany and change their ways, we will always be stuck with their ignorance and foolishness. It is time to improve the behavior within our halls, so please, if you are one of the people who engages in these activities, stop acting as if you were raised by cavemen.

We’ve all seen them–the couple in the hall attempting to suck out each other’s souls through the mouth and the couple staring into the deep abyss of night emily partida within the other’s eyes. We’ve all heard the blaring profanities that burst our eardrums as we walk to class. All of this is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful to our school. Honestly, who wants to see a couple slobbering all over each other’s faces like a couple of animals? Personally, if I walk by a couple that’s all over each other on my way to class, it triggers my vomit gland. What a couple does on their own time is their own business–no one at school wants a preview of what happens later. Perhaps even more disturbing than the licking of each other’s faces is when I walk by a couple and they act as if they are seeing right into the other’s soul. While the public making-out is just nasty, the public staring is just plain embarrassing. I feel like I’m intruding on some sort of private moment; in reality, those couple are intruding on my comfort zone. How is this soul-staring really meaningful? I could understand if they did it once in a while if they were alone. But in the middle of a crowded hallway, staring every single day–there’s no meaning to that. At that point, they are just trying to keep up their image as a couple and put on a show for others. Another revolting trend with couples in the hall is walking together. I’m not talking about walking side-by-side or holding hands–I’m talking about when a guy is behind a girl and the girl is walking on his feet. This doesn’t even look slightly comfortable. They can’t even walk normally; they have to waddle! Besides, there is absolutely no point to walking like that. It creates a nuisance for the other hallway commuters, slows the couple down, and just looks gross. I’d bet that any couple who does that would be just as happy walking next to each other and holding hands. This sort of hallway behavior is simply an open invitation for judgment and ridicule. There is no reason for it except to embarrass yourself and the people around you. These couples need to start spending more time together outside of school so they can act like civilized human beings at Columbine High School.





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At that point, they are just trying to keep up their image as a couple and put on a show for others.


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letter to the editor To Whom It May Concern: The CHS Poms are writing this letter to put a stop to all of the negativity coming from the staff and students at Columbine High School. As a team, we have come together to let our thoughts be heard. A lot of controversy is occurring over our most recent assembly and the Poms team has become involved in the mix for no reason at all. Staff members and students have compared the Man Poms and their routine to be something like us, when really these two teams are not comparable. The Man Poms are a group of senior boys whose goal is to make us laugh, whether or not they did is beside the point. The goal of the Poms team is to encourage school spirit and provide entertainment at various games and assemblies and also to compete. We put much of our time and effort into our routines to make them clean, together, and entertaining to watch. Dance is not as easy as it may look and we are tired of our efforts to represent and support our fellow students being underestimated and looked down upon. We feel that our faults, which are very little, are recognized and discussed, rather than our successes. Our team is a group of twelve girls that are intelligent, hard-working, respectable and driven. We would like everyone to know that in spite of how much time we spend doing various activities, none of us have been benched or gotten into any sort of trouble this year. We have done many community service events, including Emily’s Parade and the Breast Cancer walk, as well as volunteering at a charity golf tournament. Every team at our school, in one way or another, is supported by the Poms. We do this not only because that is our duty, but because we feel that it is necessary for the success of CHS sports. What we give, however, is not returned to us; we are constantly shoved aside by other teams and organizations when it comes to our practice space and our performance time. Contrary to popular rumor, we work long and hard all year round to give our school a good reputation. Yes, we do make mistakes occasionally, but the majority of what we do is careful and well-thought out. For being under the microscope as much as we are, it is puzzling that only our mistakes, fair or unfair, are discussed. The Man Poms and real Poms have nothing to do with each other. The two are completely separate from one another, with the exception of the name. The fact that the Man Poms controversy has turned into what the Poms do wrong is absolutely absurd. Had someone written about any other team in our school in the manner that the Poms are written about, it would be unacceptable and would not be tolerated. This letter is not intended to attack anyone, we have just had enough. It is hurtful that we are treated unfairly and are disrespected after all the hard work and success we have had this year. Thank you for taking into consideration all that we have said. With Love, The CHS Poms Team

march 24, 2010


rebel yell




: Should abortion be legal? E

es, a woman has a right to ssentially abortion is the killing of choose. While abortion is not an innocent child often times to ensomething one should take lightly, considering it’s the sure the convenience of an irresponsible mother, so absolutely termination of an existing pregnancy, legally a women has not. In the United States, rights and freedoms are granted to Lauren Grace the constitutional right to privacy that includes making de- individuals, but only if someone else’s rights are not being Elder Padilla cisions about her reproductive health without government infringed upon. In the case of abortion, you are granting the interference. This legal standard was freedom of choice to the mother, howupheld after the 1973 case Row v Wade ever giving no voice to the person whose which established that until an embryo could live outside its mother’s life is in the balance. body, it was technically not yet a person. Each year approximately 46 million babies worldwide are denied A whole variety of factors go in to making the decision to have an the right to live due to abortion . Of these, only two percent are due 1) Partial birth abortions should nevabortion. Oftentimes a woman is not equipped to raise a child she did to rape/incest or fatal risk to the mother or child. Ninety-eight percent er be allowed not expect; she could be too young, emotionally distressed, or have fiare simply because the birth of the child would pose some sort of in2) Abortion should be allowed in the nancial problems. A woman could have been raped, or she could have convenience. case of incest/rape or if the life of pressure from others not to have the child. In certain cases the baby Of course, a woman should be granted freedom with her body, but mother or child is in danger. could pose a danger to the mother’s life, or the child could potentially not if that means the ending of an innocent life. It is true that there are 3) Abortion is a decision that one have a genetic disease. Regardless of circumstances, abortion is a promany situations where having a child would be extremely inconvenient should not take lightly cedure that is not done without consideration. and difficult, but it was the mother’s actions that brought on the pregAnother issue to consider is that the law cannot prevent abortions nancy and, therefore, she must take responsibility for her actions rather from happening. The World Health Organization reports that 68,000 then take the easy way out. The woman should exercise her rights to woman a year on average will die from unsafe abortions performed her freedom of choice before she becomes pregnant. in unsanitary conditions by unqualified people. These are mostly perI am by no means suggesting that every pregnant woman is in a 1) Where life begins formed in countries who have outlawed abortion. Making the procesituation where she can properly raise a child. However, adoption is a 2) If abortion is solely the mother’s dure illegal does not stop it from happening; it only makes it unsafe for great alternative that will allow the child to be given opportunities in decision those desperate to get out of the situation. life to thrive. 3) If abortion for reasons other than rape, incest, or health complicaWhat one may personally feel about this issue is irrelevant in terms Abortion is a disgusting and morally repulsive practice, and the United tions should be allowed of policy. Abortion is a personal decision that every woman should States should be ashamed that it is so commonly practiced here. It is be aloud to make should she find herself in a situation involving an interesting to me how several liberal individuals seem very concerned unplanned pregnancy. It is her choice alone because she is the only with morals when it comes to torturing terrorists or holding them in person who can understand her own situation. If a woman does not believe in abortion, Guantanamo Bay, but when it comes to ending the life of an unborn child, morality does not then she should not have one; if a woman decides that it is the right choice for her, then she seem to be such a big deal. should legally be able to proceed.




t also seems ironic to me that conservatives can so adamantly defend the death penalty, which can also be construed as a violation of the right to life, and yet call all women who choose to have an abortion irresponsible and immoral. Just like the death penalty, Abortion is not a black and white issue; there are a number of factors that contribute to a women’s decision to have one.



he child growing inside the mother has a heartbeat within the first 18 days, so abortion is stopping a beating human heart. That is outright murder, no matter how you look at it. I find the irony to be that liberals bash the death penalty, reserved for the most heinous criminals, and call it an infringement on human rights; however, they are not as deeply concerned about the rights of unborn children. It seems to me that their priorities are out of line.

he law does not recognize a fetus as a human being until it is able to survive outside its mother’s body. This means that the mother’s medical rights are the ones that matter. Abortion is a private issue that should be considered between a patient and their doctor. You wouldn’t want the government interfering in your health care decisions in any other situation. This one should also follow that same expectation.






Agreed upon

march 24, 2010


es, i strongly believe the government should stay out of health care issues. However, this is not a typical health care issue. It is an issue of life or death, of America being okay with the termination of a child’s life with the only excuse being a woman’s convenience.



rebel yell

East meets West Comparing life in the United States with life in China: Traffic

My hometown is Beijing, which is a big city chufan (jerry) deng as well as the capital of China. In China, we cannot drive until 18. However, it is easy for us teenagers to go somewhere by ourselves due to the fact that there are lots of transportation choices. Living in Colorado, I feel it is hard to go somewhere without being given a ride. The modern metropolis of Beijing has total area reaching 16,808 square kilometers, which includes 735 square kilometers of city area that has become a shinning star and attracts the eyes of the world. In Beijing, the system of the public bus is developed and advanced. In order to decrease the pressure of traffic jams by millions of private cars, government decreased the price of public buses 3 cents. As a result, a lot of people in Beijing take public buses even though some of them have cars at home. There are many buses with many stations, and we can see what each route and destination each bus takes based on the signs at each station. Each bus comes

frequently, so people do not have to check bus schedules online before they go; they just go to the bus stop and wait for the bus. The subway is also popular in Beijing. The cost is only 50 cents, and you can go to any station by changing subway lines. Compared with the bus, the subway is much faster and it is easy to change a line. But in the subway, it is always crowded. Additionally, there are a lot of taxis in Beijing. The fare to take a taxi is about 2 dollars at the beginning, and the price goes up depending on the distance. Not many people take the taxis often, but they are good to have in case of an emergency or in order to get somewhere quickly. In Littleton and most of Colorado there are no taxis, no subway, and fewer public buses, so it is kind of hard to go somewhere for students who cannot drive like me. But there is a big traffic problem in Beijing. That is TRAFFIC JAMS. With lots of people living in Beijing (about 20 million people), you can imagine how many cars are on the road, and there are also many buses and taxis. As a result, traffic jams cannot be avoided,

东方 碰撞 西方

and they happen every day, especially in the afternoon in the week days when people go home from school and work. I hate that. It always takes a long time to get back home. It helps to have many different options for transportation, however. In Colorado, if you have a car, it is much easier to go somewhere. Here, if you walk for 30 minutes to go somewhere, you just need 3 minutes to drive there. In Beijing, if you drive 30 minutes, you only need 3 minutes to walk there. Overall, public transportation and city layout in China is more efficient than in Colorado.

Please, help!

Kidz Bop recreating Beatles music a complete disgrace

In my opinion, music is possibly the most beautiful art to be created. Depending on the style of music, and a person’s heidi roberts musical preference, music can convey a wide range of emotions. For me, music makes me happy or thoughtful, excited or happy, it makes me everything, and while I am not a fan of all types of music, I like a lot of it. But never before have I listened to a song and felt as full of rage as I did when I discovered the most disgraceful interpretations of music I have ever heard in my life: Beatles Kidz Bop. Kidz Bop in general is quite an interesting way of interpreting music. It takes children of young ages and thrusts them into the popular music created today by artists who are, for the most part, adults. Not only would it be difficult for young children to identify with such artists, but even if they are talented, it would be difficult for someone who has not yet hit puberty to hit some of the notes sounded from the vocal chords of famous musicians. Needless to say, Kidz Bop is a joke. Yet as harmful to a person’s ears as it may be, no one can blame the actual young singers, for even while they are singing, they are not the one picking the songs, or deciding how to sing them. While I do not know this for a fact, I am pretty sure that the children’s direction for Kidz Bop comes from parents and producers and other adults who are telling them what to do. And to those adults, shame on you. So really, Beatles Kidz Bop is the result of, in my

opinion, mindless adults trying to recreate popular music. And I must admit, that never really bothered me, in fact as mean as this may be, I was actually quite amused at the attempts. But as soon as Kidz Bop decided it was upon them to recreate the classics, that is absolutely where I draw the line. In fact, not even draw the line. CARVE it. Whether you like them or not, it cannot be ignored that the Beatles are a legendary band. Their music is known across the universe-- and they were one of the hugest groups to ever rock the Earth. The sounds of the Beatles are classic, and even now, their albums continue to be remastered and restored, because even after more than 40 years, people are still listening to them. The originals, in my opinion, reflect musical genius, and it is the kind of music that, even when years pass, is still there. Which leads me to ask, what in the world were the Kidz Bop people thinking? How on Earth did they hope to recreate songs which have been listened to for over 40 years when they can’t even effectively recreate music which has been around for a year? Honestly! I guess the invention of things such as Beatles Rock Band can have an impact on the urge which hits many people to recreate the music of the Beatles. But to me, the difference between the two is completely immense. For one, Beatles Rock Band uses original songs, while Beatles Kidz Bop just butchers the songs. And I’m sorry, but if I wanted to hear butchered Beatles songs, I would just sing them myself.

So really, Beatles Kidz Bop is the result of, in my opinion, mindless adults trying to recreate popular music.


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march 24, 2010


adical ebel

top ten kizzle & tizzle rebel yell

Top Ten Ways to make your classmates feel uncomfortable in the hallways . . .


Stare deeply into your significant other’s eyes - “It’s like I can see into your soul!”


Air out your shoes - “What in the world smells like a dying animal?”


Block the hallway - “If I wanted to take ten minutes to get to class, I would crawl.”


Unnecessary touching/arm brushing - “Would you like an elbow to the face, sir?”


Have loud, strange conversations - “This one time . . .”

5 4 3

Smash into other people’s bags and backpacks - “It’s okay, I’ll just buy another pair of designer sunglasses.”


Reject your friends’ waves and greetings - “I wasn’t waving . . . I was just . . . uhhh . . . fixing my hair.”

Push the people in front of you - “Mosh Pit!” Make out - “I’ve been without you for a full 53 minutes!”

Kizzle & Tizzle

What is your favorite Shakespeare quote?

How would you want to get asked to prom?

T: “Me thinks thou art a ratcatcher.” I use that one all the time with my mother-in-law.

K: I have a theory. The guys here always have these elaborate plots for asking a girl to prom because they are afraid she’ll say, “NO!” if it isn’t a big plan. So, she gets a note that says go to the top of Rebel Hill, then arrives there to find a shovel that says, “I dig you!” and a note that says DIG HERE. She digs there, and there is a map directing her to the “Vicki S.” store, She arrives and the salesgirl says, “Someone left this for you.” It’s a bath fizzy ball with a note inside. So she goes home fills the bathtub, drops in the fizzy ball, and waits for it to dissolve. There is a note with a bunch of quarters that says, “You smell clean! Dirty Dance with me! Meet me at the car wash!” She drives to the car wash and a butcher paper banner is hanging there and it says, “Drive through.” She puts in quarters and drives in. As she pulls out, four out-of-shape jiggly boys in Speedos dry her car with towels. As they finish the windshield, she sees a hunk on a horse. He sits shirtless upon the horse with a sign that says, “Look at them, now look at me, look at them, now back at me.” And she does look back at the Speedo boys and she has mouth vomit, but when she looks back at him, he is now a Merman holding a ruby red trident, and he sings to her like a Siren, “I have two tickets to that thing you love! Come swim with me.!” And she cries tears of joy as she screams, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And they spend five hundred dollars each on a clothes, shoes, a limo with the perfect group, dinner, and breakfast at Waffle King. And they lived happily never together, but she said Yes.

Who did you take to your high school prom? K: I never went to prom. I know, right? T: My smokin’ hot wife. Well, she wasn’t my smokin’ hot wife back then (that would be weird; she was just my smokin’ hot girlfriend.)

What would be your dream spring break? K: Sleep. Coffee. Beach. Read. Eat. Sleep. T: Kizzle and I hangin’ out in Salina, Kansas, at a Jonas Brothers concert.

What do you think of Columbine’s new website? T: It’s awesome and Friesen is a webmaster. Most people don’t know this, but he was once a hacker for the CIA and is also the guy who rescued Neo from the matrix. Don’t believe me . . . Call him Morpheus and watch him throw a roundhouse your way.

and the number one most uncomfortable Hallway moment is . . .


Awkward teacher moments - “ Must avoid eye contact! I was supposed to take a test last period!”


REBEL YELL: Spring Break is finally here! REBEL HELL: Daylight savings time = even less sleep than usual.


Mysteries of the Universe: Why does CSAP take


6 days of testing when ACT takes only one?

Quote of the Month: Grace: “What just happened?” Heidi: “There was a lot of flailing.” Columbine Salutes: Rob Blagojevich for proving


On this day: National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day


that one can in fact stoop lower than a political scandal by appearing on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

march 24, 2010


in motion

your teams health energy

. . . Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise . . . In an average lifetime, a person will walk an equivalent of five times around the equator . . .

Sports unity

Special-needs students get chance to compete

justine renfro Grab your basketball, lace up your shoes, and be ready for a thrill of hope within just a single sport. The Unified Basketball program was started at Columbine in 2006, and the program continues to succeed. The program was started by a teacher at Chatfield. The teacher, Clark Stukey, brought it to different high schools throughout Colorado, including Columbine. It started originally as a community service project but then increased to an outreach program throughout many high schools. It is a sponsor-free program in which the parents pay for the funding. The idea of the outreach came from a young man who often played basketball with his neighbor who had special needs. Getting

out to play basketball, ended up helping his neighbor in many ways. The program, now active in 16 different high schools in Colorado, has affected the students involved in it immensely. "I think it [the Unified Basketball Program] has been great for them it's just another way they can be a part of the school," said head coach of the program, Mr. Ortiz. "Anytime they can be apart of the student body, it's an awesome thing," Ortiz said. Mr. Ortiz is dedicated to the Unified Basketball Program as the head coach. When asked what his favorite part about coaching was, he said, “Watching the kids and seeing how excited they are about getting the chance to play.” According to the website Kid's Exercise, sports help special needs kids because "movement offers numerous benefits, not

erything they do," said Loendorf. "The kids only physical but emotional, as well." "Most kids,” the site states, “even those actually teach us a lot," "My favorite with considerable repart is definitely probstrictions, can particiably just hanging out pate in some type of with them; they are physical activity." fun to connect with," When asked how said Richards. he thought the basketThe season for ball program helped the Unified Basketball the kids involved, SeProgram is now at an nior partner Tyler Loenend. The last game was dorf said, "It teaches the weekend of March them more discipline 5. This year's season and responsibility, and is over, but next year it they can run around will continue and more and have fun with their partners are needed friends." for the coming year. Senior partner KevAny students in Richards said, "I think who would be interestit's really cool for them Senior Katherine Moore takes a shot in the Unified Basketball ed in participating in to hang out together." game against Arapahoe. photo courtesy of Patti Kurz the Unified Basketball "I think my favorite Program as a partner part [of being a partner] is watching the kids having a blast with ev- should contact Mr. Ortiz.


BOYS swimming

The girls varsity lacrosse team will be playing at Ralston Valley on Thursday, March 25. They will play again versus Golden on Thursday, April 8 and at Dakota Ridge on Saturday, April 10.

The boys varsity swim team will be competing against Arvada West on Friday, March 26. They will also be participation in the Jeffco League Relays on Tuesday, April 6, and then facing off against Englewood on Friday, April 9.

GIRLS soccer The girls varsity soccer team will play at Wheat Ridge on Thursday, March 25 against Green Mountain on Wednesday, April 7.

Baseball The boys varsity baseball team will play in a Varsity Tournament on Wednesday, March 31 through Saturday, April 3. They will also be playing at Fort Collins on Thursday, April 8.

Track & Field The coed varsity track team will be participating in the Mullen Invite on Saturday, April 10. They will also be competing in the Littleton Championships on Friday, April 2.

GIRLS Tennis The girls varsity tennis team will be facing off against Dakota Ridge on Thursday, March 25, then against Standley Lake on Tuesday, April 6, and against Chatfield on Thursday, April 8. The JV girls will also be participating in the Heritage Invitational on Saturday, April 10.

BOYS LACROSSE The boys varsity lacrosse team will be playing at Douglas County on Friday, March 26. They will be playing again on Wednesday, April 7 against Evergreen.

girls golf The girls varsity golf team wil play in a tournament on Wednesday, April 7. compiled by heidi roberts


march 24, 2010


in motion

She said

How long have you been playing golf? How long have you played for Columbine? I began playing when I was nine years old at the Foothills junior camp. I played at CHS my freshman, junior, and now senior year.

alesha estrada

What is the best part of playing golf? The hardest part? Best part is being outside all the time and playing on beautiful courses. The hardest is the mental part of the game. One has to stay calm and move on after a bad shot. How do you balance golf with school, friends, and other activities? Having a schedule helps during golf season. I know my priorities, but there is always time to do things I want to do.

athlete profile

He said

How do you prepare before a tournament? The night before I look over my course notes and notes from lessons, then the morning of I listen to my country music and stay relaxed. Coach Capra always keeps me laughing.

How long have you been swimming? How long have you been swimming for Columbine? I’ve been swimming since I was eight. I’ve swam for Columbine every year that I have been in high school.

Any plans for college yet? I am trying to get a spot on the Northern Arizona University golf team. I got accepted to NAU and University of Arizona, so my decision is one of these.

What is the best part of swimming? The hardest part? The best part is how good you feel after practice or a meet. The hardest part is waking up every day at 4:30 a.m.

What advice do you have for the freshmen players this year? To the freshmen: golf is a game for life. When you are playing, have fun, make friends with other players, and enjoy the game.

How do you balance swimming with school, friends, and other activities? I try to get all my homework done as early as possible so I can have time to sleep and hang out after practice.

Favorite motivational quote: “Stick to the fight when you are hardest hit, it’s when things seem worst that you must not quit!” Favorite pre-game meal: Night before: Mexican feast with an Arnold Palmer Morning of: Honey Nut Cheerios or a breakfast burrito Favorite pump-up song: “It Happens” by Sugarland

How do you prepare before a swim meet? I usually eat a lot of carbs and drink as much water as possible. Any plans for college yet? I am trying to go to college in Canada, but if that doesn’t work, out I will go to CU.

bryan wilson What advice do you have for the freshmen swimmers? Go to practice and put the time in to get better. You won’t get faster staying in bed. Favorite motivational quote: “Asoy.” Favorite pre-game meal: Power Bar and Gatorade. Favorite pump-up song: Something fast with a good beat.

compiled by abbey borchers

How’s your bracket looking? march 24, 2010


culture shock

your style scene idea of fun

. . . On average there are 178 sesame seeds on a Big Mac bun . . . The word “nerd” was first coined by Dr. Seuss in “If I Ran the Zoo” . . .

I’ll remember “Remember Me” New movie with Robert Pattinson proves a heart wrenching tale

heidi roberts When I entered the movie theater to go and view the new movie “Remember Me,” I came expecting to see the recurring heartwarming aspects of a stereotypical romantic drama. The movie I saw was nothing like that. In fact, it was a clear opposite; it was a heart wrenching tale about love, loss and forgiveness. While there were a few heartwarming parts here and there, most of the film was based on bitter reality. Nevertheless, such a take on a romantic movie was incredibly refreshing to me, and it made the entire story as a whole seem very real. It didn't sugarcoat things, and it didn't base the entire film on a romance. To me, it seemed the balance was just right, and it made for a very impressive

movie. The film had a unique way of intertwining all of the characters together in subtle ways, and it was a very effective way of keeping the entire movie interesting. I was not bored for even a second, but at the same time, I did not find it difficult to understand what was currently happening in the plot. There were many different twists in the direction of the plot, but none seemed unrealistic or overdramatic. There were also many shocking moments in the film, and it was in those moments that emotions were pulled. While I am slightly ashamed to admit that I was getting just as emotional as everyone else in the theater, I will say it was hard not to. Although they are heart wrenching, I believe that such moments in the movie is

what really gave it meaning and reality. I must confess, when I entered the theater, my hopes were not exactly high in favor of Robert Pattinson's acting abilities, seeing as I was quite unimpressed with his portrayal of famous vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series. While I tried to stay objective, I couldn't help but think about the previously conceived notions about his acting derived from “Twilight.” As the movie began, however, I completely forgot about his portrayal of Edward Cullen, and I was immediately pleasantly surprised at how convincing Pattinson was in the role of the troubled young writer, Tyler. The more I watched, the more I was convinced that Pattinson was Tyler, and that the rumors were not true–he can act. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with “Remember Me.” It was a movie that was very well made, and it carried a lot of meaning. The only thing I would change if I could would be the rating. Considering much of the content in the movie, I think PG-13 is a little too light. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything; I was very glad I went to

see it. While it may be regarded as incredibly sad, it truly is a movie with meaning. I give “Remember Me” an A.

Prom 2010 Classes of 2010 and 2011, You are cordially invited to Columbine High School’s annual Prom When: April 17th from 8:00 to 11:30 p.m. Where: At Invesco Field at Mile High


Dress Collections Join us for a look at the hottest dresses and accessories of the season.


Our exclusive prom-package giveaway will ensure you have one enchanted evening. And with the help of NM fashion experts, you’ll make an entrance that’s truly grand. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (DC) 18 YEARS OR OLDER. Winners under 18 years must have parent or guardian accept prize package. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Sweepstakes Dates: _________. See store for official rules, prize package descriptions and odds disclosure.

Theme: Fireflies (inspired by the Owl City song) Colors: Black, dark purple, and ice blue Attire: Formal, semi-formal Tickets: Tickets will be sold at the financial office following Spring Break Cost: 40 dollars for singles, and 75 dollars for couples

NM Denver


march 24, 2010


culture shock

Designer culture

Students weigh in on pros and cons of buying designer brands

emily partida In the past few years, designer labels have become extremely popular among the general population of both men and women. Designers such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dooney and Burke, Juicy Couture, Gucci, Cole Haan and Kate Spade have cashed in on a newfound desire to own designer clothes and accessories. Reality television shows follow families around that have mansions, beautiful cars, and extremely nice and expensive things; in short, these people are living the life that the collective American population now strives for: the New American Dream. All around the world, there are people who live this sort of life-

style. Much of the time, the case is that these people are some sort of celebrity or somehow famous. Americans in particular idolize these people, and some even become obsessed with obtaining their goal of becoming rich and living a life of luxury. In order to do this, some people will go to extremes to buy designer purses, shoes, sunglasses, even keychains, sometimes spending thousands of dollars. The cost of designer items can be exorbitant. A small keychain from Coach is, on average, about $38.00. A passport cover from Dooney and Bourke is $50.00. A bag from Juicy Couture runs from $98.00 to $500.00. When asked about paying so much for designer things, English teacher Mr. Pruett said, �They’re really, really cool but really, really

expensive. The question is, however, are they expensive because they’re cool or are they cool because they’re expensive?� When someone buys a designer item, he or she often pays for the label, not the quality. “All those people who are determined to wear only designer clothing are just trying to impress other people with their fashion sense, rather than their personality. Why spend so much money impressing people who will turn on you the second you aren’t cool?� Freshman Rhiannin Bunney said. “People use designer brands to try to fit in and gain approval from peers. If someone admires only what is draping over the exterior of your body, you shouldn’t have to go through all that trouble just to impress them,� Freshman

Cute Clothes on the Cheap 1MBUPĂ•T$MPTFUĂœ8$SPTT%SJWF # 5+.BYYĂœ8#FMMFWJFX%S #MVFçZĂœXXXCMVFçZDPN .BSTIBMMĂ•TĂœ8.JOFSBM"WF )BVUF-PPLĂœXXXIBVUFMPPLDPN Nicholas Kruse said. While many students within Columbine are opposed to buying designer things, many students do, in fact, own a few designer items. When asked why she would buy such expensive brands. Jenni Robinson, a sophomore, said, “They’re really cute and I usu-

Ye olde spring play

Shakespeare’s comedy “Much Ado About Nothing� hits Columbine stage

emily partida The bard is back. This year's spring play will be Shakespeare’s comedy “Much Ado About Nothing.� The 73 students who tried out went through a pretty vigorous audition. They were required to memorize a 14-20 line Shakespeare piece and, seeing as Shakespeare can be extremely difficult to understand in these modern times, the students also has to submit a translation of what they were saying. Lauren Marsh, 10, commented on her audition: “It’s really nerve-wracking and its hard to get ready. You stress about it for quite a while but if you release your negative energy it’s fun and easy.� Initial auditions were closed, with just the student, Ms. Schwartz, and the student director. However, callbacks were open, so each student could see what the others were doing. Forty-five students made callbacks, and from those, 28 were selected to be in the actual play. At the callbacks, auditioners were required to read both a cold script and perform an improv skit. The play is set in Messina, Italy, a large city on the island

march 24, 2010

of Sicily. Leonato, the main character, is a respectable nobleman who lives with his niece, Beatrice, and his older brother, Antonio. At the beginning of the play, Leonato is preparing to welcome home a few friends from war: Don Pedro, Claudio, Benedick, and Don John. Arriving at Leonato's home, Claudio quickly falls in love with Hero, and Benedick and Beatrice continue their war of witty insults at each other; they are in love, and everyone but them knows it. Hero and Claudio pledge their love and decide to be married. While anxiously awaiting their wedding date, the lovers decide to play a game- to get Beatrice and Benedick to stop arguing and realize they are in love. They succeed, and Beatrice and Benedick come to terms with their love. However happy all four couples are, Don John decides to disrupt everyone's happiness. He plots and plans and frames a few people, and in the end, something amazing happens. The production will be performed on May 6, May 7, and May 8, all at 7:00 p.m. The 28 student-actors will, by that time, have been practicing relentlessly for weeks. Be sure to check out Columbine’s rendition of “Much Ado About Nothing� and support the hardworking students of the school.

ally get a lot of compliments when I wear them. They’re also expensive, which makes them sort of unique because not everyone has them.� “Everyone wants to have nice things,� Senior Nikki Bell said. “It just depends on if you find nice things for $300 at Coach, or for $5 at Savers.�

CAST DON PEDRO Stephen Mirabito DON JOHN Stephen Kuhn CLAUDIO Henry Domonic Morton BENEDICK Will Jones LEONATO Ian Weber ANTONIO Travis Tucker BERNADETTE Lucy Harris CASSANDRA Jillian Sheehan BORACHIO Kurt Tocci FRIAR FRANCIS Kyle Mangels DOGBERRY Gina Holden VERGES Donald Ford COUNTY CLERK Julia Jenks HERO Darla Pruit BEATRICE Cristina Williams MARGARET Katie Anderson URSULA Janelle Urban DEPUTIES Cody Thomasson, Patrick Tidwell, Lauren Marsh SOLDIERS Ryan Potter, Zach Lubline, Kyle Harris LADIES IN WAITING Alex Miller, Molly Geoghegan, Christine Madsen, Rachel Whaling



culture shock

Poms performance Poms squad rocks the auditorium during their spring rally

justine renfro The Poms team hit the stage, rocked the auditorium, and pleased the crowd on Friday evening, showing Columbine the spirit of their dance. When asked how she would define the Poms Spring Rally performance, Sophomore Kinsey Gonzales said, “[It] shows the school what we are here for, to show the school what Poms is about.” As Freshman Pom Emily Ryan said, “[We get to] showcase what we love to do.” During the hour-long performance, the Poms put on many dances to a variety of different songs. Some of their performances involved all of the Poms, while the others involved only some. The Poms also made a tribute to the Unified Basketball Program by including two additional girls to one of their dances. Offering a mix between calm and slow dance music to up-tempo beat music, the audience applauded the performances as a success. Coach of the Poms Alice Bowman was pleased at the effort. “It was a way to wrap up all that we have done throughout the year,” Bowman said. Coach Bowman also said that “watching the girls grow from when they first start on the team until it ends” is her favorite part about being the coach. When asked what her favorite part about dancing was, Senior Laura Bowman said, “It just comes naturally and it’s the perfect way to just express myself and be who I am.”

Sophomore Sophia Shetterly agreed. “I get to express myself and have a lot of fun”, she said. The Poms demonstrated their burning passion for dance and showed the school a little bit of what they do. “[The performance] shows all the hard work we put into the year,” said Shetterly.



Hot Tub Time Machine

Black Rock - Joe Bonamassa

How to Train Your Dragon

Sting the Tail Scorpions


Volume Two - She & Him

The Blind Side The Men Who Stare at Goats Fantastic Mr. Fox Brothers Mad Men: Season 3


Still Standing Monica My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber Now 33: That’s What I Call Music


NEW RELEASES 3/23 - 3/27



The Poms’ Spring Showcase featured a number of solo and group performances, highlighting the talents and hard work of its members. photos by justine renfro
















march 24, 2010

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37.5 March 2010 Courier  

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