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. . . Paparazzi means “Buzzing Mosquitoes” in Italian . . . On average, women speak 7,000 words a day; men manage just over 2,000 . . . Jellyfish are 95% water . . .

Foundation for success

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Frank DeAngelis Columbine High School Academic Foundation focuses on funding academics

extra-curricular activities within the school. "This is not a booster club,” Tedford said. “We are not supporting one particular group of the school. If determination is the true heart of success, then support is the back- We are a 501(c)(3) [meaning non-profit organization] entity whose goal bone. To a student, determination leads to academic success, but without is to support academic future of the entire school, every student, every the structure or support of the community, that success may be harder teacher. We are not connected to Jeffco school district at all." Although Tedford claims the Foundation is not a booster club, it does to achieve. Luckily, the backbone has arrived in the form of The Frank embody many of the principles on which boostDeAngelis Columbine High School Academic er clubs function. "It works similarly to other Foundation. booster clubs in that it is entirely independent," The Frank DeAngelis Columbine High said Mr. Webb, an English teacher at ColumSchool Academic Foundation has recently been bine, who is also involved with the foundation. created in order to focus on funding and sup"The money that is donated will go 100 perporting the academic programs at Columbine. cent to the school," said Webb. "We decided to form The Frank DeAngelis The Foundation was launched at parent-teachColumbine High School Academic Foundation, er conferences on October 6 and 7, and since a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated then has generated a lot of interest among the to raising money to offset the escalating costs Columbine community. With that interest has of education because if we don't do something come a lot of progress for the organization and, now, our school will start to drop behind some by extension, the school. "We want to raise of the others schools in the district and state," $25,000 by December 31 to pay for all 70 Airsaid Mary Tedford, a member of the Foundaliners, and we are at $9,000 in just 3 weeks, tion’s board. which is great!" Tedford said. Tedford stated that the main goal of the orCurrently, the Foundation has purchased 35 ganization is to raise money to help the school AirLiners for half of the 70 classrooms, which maintain a high quality of education. The money are wireless slates that connect to the teacher's raised will be used for resources, such as new computer and projector which can be very eftechnology and textbooks. fective at engaging students in a lesson. "I "With the School District Bond/Mill Levy balMrs. Steiner shows her Airliner, purchased with funds from the Frank DeAnthink they're really cool," Sophomore Mikayla lot issue 3A/3B that was on the ballot last Nogelis Columbine High School Academic Foundation. photo by grace padilla. Greenwell said. Essential to the success vember, Columbine was supposed to receive of the Foundation are the donations of those 2 million dollars in technology and 5 million in building upgrades. When it didn't pass, a few teachers, parents and ad- who wish to be involved. Tedford highly encourages any who wish to be ministrators got together and started talking about what can we do to involved with the organization to go to the website,, to learn about the organization or donate. Those interested in suppoting the orkeep CHS up-to-date in technology," said Tedford. The organization has been referred to as a booster club, although it is ganization can mail checks to the CHS Academic Foundation or bring actually quite different from other booster clubs which support and fund checks to the main office.

heidi roberts

compiled by lauren elder


November 5th-7th - 7:00 p.m. - Fall Play: “The Miracle Worker” November 7th - 9:00 a.m. - Powderpuff football game against Chatfield at Columbine

every class welcome. November 14th - 10:00 a.m. - Holiday Craft Fair, hosted at CHS. Vendors and crafters needed.

November 9th-12th - 3:00 p.m. - Musical Auditions

November 20th - 6:00 p.m. - Student Volleyball Tournament w/ prizes for winners. Must pick up registration form to enter.

November 9th - 6:30 p.m. - Bowling Night at AMF Bellview Lanes. 10 dollars per person,

November 23rd-27th - Thanksgiving Break. No school.

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on the cover The Tree of Peace sits under a blanket of snow as a result of last week’s snow storm. photo by grace padilla

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november 5, 2009


the buzz

New curriculum, new changes Columbine in process of adopting International Baccaulaureate curriculum

abbey borchers A drastic change may be occurring at Columbine come the 2011-12 school year, one that could dramatically alter the face of the school. Columbine is currently in the process of applying to have the International Baccalaureate (IB) program implemented at the school. IB is a separate curriculum specifically for students who would enroll in the program. According to the IB mission statement, the program is designed to "develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect." It is designed around international cooperation and relations through "challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment." Should the IB program be implemented at Columbine, the school could undergo some changes, including some to the student population. "It is the hope that we could add 150-300 additional students to Columbine's population," said Columbine's Instructional Coach and IB applicant coordinator Mrs. DiManna. This could be beneficial to the school. DiManna said, "Having the additional students would allow additional teachers in the school and we could increase other programs."

Physically, Columbine will not undergo any major changes. However, DiManna said, "As part of the application process there will be a visiting team that will come to Columbine during the Spring 2011 to ensure that we do have the appropriate facilities." The decision was made to apply to have the IB program at Columbine because of Jefferson County's desire to expand the IB program in the district. Currently, the only IB school in Jefferson County is Lakewood High School. Alameda and Standley Lake High School are now in the second year of the application process. In an effort to make the IB program available to more students, the district would like to add an IB school in southern Jefferson County. Dakota Ridge High School has also applied for the IB program, and could become an IB school as well. "In talking to Dakota,” DiManna said, “we hope that we can work together to enhance both school's programs, but we will be competing to get the same students." The IB program is completely separate curriculum from the regular one. It is focused more on cultural and international study and is much more rigorous. Columbine counselor and member of the IB committee Ms. Sudano said, "The IB programme is unique in that it approaches education from a different angle. There is a greater emphasis on global perspectives and learning to appreciate different cultures

and their contribution to the world. An IB diploma is highly respected by higher education institutions." In order to become an IB student, applicants must complete a thorough and rigorous application process. Acceptance is dependent upon teacher recommendations, parentstudent meetings, a pre-assessment, and an interview. Anyone can apply for the program. "At Columbine we encourage all students to challenge themselves and therefore we will promote the IB Diploma Programme to all," DiManna said. However, only the select few pass the application process will be accepted into the program.

IB emphasizes global connections and international relations. IB schools can be found in: Middle Africa South America Australia New Zealand Western Europe Western Asia Caribbean South-Central Asia North America Southern Europe Southern Africa

South-eastern Asia Eastern Europe Eastern Asia Central America Northern Europe Northern Africa Eastern Africa Melanesia Western Africa Micronesia

News in Brief District Budget Cuts

Rebel Strong

The district has reported that $35-$40 million budget cuts may take effect over the next two years. As a way to cut down cost, several major changes are being proposed that all involve the usage of school buildings in the Columbine area. One of the changes purposes moving Columbine Hills Preschool into the main elementary school in order to eliminate the maintaining of temps. Discussion of closing Ken Caryl Middle School is also underway. This would mean that students who would normally attend there would move to Deer Creek Middle School. Another option is the moving of Blue Heron Elementary School to the Columbine area and Governor’s Ranch to Dakota Ridge articulation area.

Rebel Senate will be selling new shirts to all classes with the message “Rebel Strong.” The shirts will be blue and yellow in color, and have the saying, “You’re a Columbine Rebel for life and no one can ever take that away from you.” Shirts will be available for all classes to purchase. The cost is five dollars and all orders must be turned in to Mrs. Tennessen’s mailbox before November 20, 2009. When asked the purpose of the shirts, Junior Senator Olivia Leyshock commented, “They’re meant to support Rebel pride and school unity since they are available to all current classes and even CHS alumni.”

Mr. Columbine Pageant

Winter Formal

Snow Days

Columbine will not be having a Sadie Hawkins or Sweethearts dance this year, but will instead have a Winter Formal on January 23, 2010. Unlike the Sadie's and Sweehearts, the winter formal is not based on having a date and will be formal/semi-formal instead of casual. "We lost money on Sadie's last year, and this dance will cater to a wider variety of people who don't feel like they need a date," said Junior Senator Molly Rogers. There will still be a powderpuff team as well as a man pom squad, despite the absence of the Sadie's dance.

Littleton was hit hard by snow last week, giving Jefferson County schools two consecutive snow days on Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29. While students were enjoying the unexpected break, district officials were making decisions about if and when the two days would have to be made up. The final decision was that students will have to return to school after Memorial Day rather than going straight into summer break for two more days of school. June 1 and June 2 were scheduled as teacher work days, but will now be student contact days.

The second annual Mr. Columbine pageant will be held at 7:00 p.m. on November 12 in the auditorium. Auditions have been held, and there will be eight senior guys competing: Stephen Kuhn, Connor Doherty, Taylor Yexley, Jeremy Swanson, Cody Thomasson, Zach Visser, Jake Doherty, and Jeff Thomas. There will be four events in the competition: rose ceremony, talent, karaoke, and questionnaire. Tickets are predicted to be six dollars or less per person. Contact Rebel Senate for more information.

complied by lauren elder

november 5, 2009



the buzz

Striking out on your own The cost of total independence high lfor teenagers who choose emancipation

grace padilla

What high school student hasn't dreamed of freedom, the kind of freedom that comes with moving out and living on his or her own? Everyone's dream might look a little different, but who wouldn't love coming and going as he or she pleases, following whatever whim strikes, answering to no one? Junior Brittany Hallczuk has actually experienced that dream, and she found out it comes at a high cost. Hallczuk moved from Littleton, Colorado, to Enterprise, Alabama, at age sixteen to make it on her own. What was Hallczuk's reason for wanting to spread her wings? "I am just a type of person that likes to be independent," Hallczuk said, "and at the time my family and I were not getting along." She said that some of the challenges she didn't see coming were paying rent, trying to get to school and paying for utilities. Brittany made money working long hours waitressing at Waffle House. Even so, she had to give up luxuries like cable, Internet, high-priced clothes and the homecoming dress she wanted. Columbine counselor Ms. Wilson agrees that the financial burden of independence would be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome. "It is hard for a person with a college education to start out on their own and to support themselves financially,” Mrs. Wilson said. “I can imagine that it would be incredibly difficult for a young person age 16 to actually support themselves financially. Also, it is an awful lot of independence to give to a person who is so young and still has so much to learn about themselves and the world." The financial stresses of life were not the only obstacle Hallczuk faced in becoming independent. She also had to become emancipated in order to be freed from her parents legal control. Becoming emancipated grants minors the rights to

sign legally binding contracts, own property and keep one's own earnings. "[Getting emancipated] was very hard to get done,” Hallczuk said. “You have to prove why you should be and they do backgrounds. You have to have a job, and good grades and you need a lawyer. This is a very hard process!" Statistically, teenagers who choose to become emancipated have the odds stacked against them, as Hallezuk discovered. A c -

cording to the Every Child Foundation, within 2 to 4 years of being emancipated, 25% of the youth will have been homeless for at least one night. Also, teens who undergo this process are at higher risk for unwanted pregnancies and mental issues. Studies have found that 44 to 77% of emancipated youth have finished high school, as compared to 93% of nonfoster care youth. "Lots of kids get mad at their parents and come and ask me what the process is to be emancipated,” Mrs. Wilson said. “After I tell them that they would need to be able to prove to the judge/court system that they could support themselves financially, most kids drop the idea as a possibility. They know that they don't make enough money to support themselves. No student I have ever worked with has been emancipated or has even tried to be emancipated.” Wilson continued, “Underneath it all, I think kids know

that they need their parents for a variety of reasons. Students who live in abusive or neglectful situations are, of course, in a completely different situation and in those cases, social services is involved." In 2004, bachelor's degree-holders earned an average $51,206 a year, compared with $27,915 a year for those with a high school diploma only, according to the U.S. Census numbers. Without a high school degree, earnings dropped sharply, to an average $18,734. At the other end of the spectrum, advanced degrees brought an average salary of $74,602. Another study showed that 51% of youth are unemployed within 2 to 4 years of emancipation. When Wilson was asked what she thought the overall impact moving out would be for a student both emotionally and academically, she said, "I could see it going either way–good or bad. If a student is emancipated and has been u s e d to supporting themselves, then it might just be like it has always been and they might excel. They might see the independence they've earned through emancipation as a motivating force to succeed and do well. If the freedom from emancipation is new to a student, and they are having to deal with the stress of financial burdens, independence, etc, then it could end up being a very negative situation.” Moving out can take a considerable toll on teenagers emotionally. “Even though many teenagers resent their parents for enforcing rules and regulations,” Wilson said, “it would be very hard to live in a world, at the age of 16, without any parental supervision or instruction. It could leave a young person feeling very isolated, lonely, and desperate." Ultimately Hallezuk would not recommend her choice to other students her age. "As bad as [life] might be, it's hard being by yourself and suffering is so not fun," she said. "Wait 'til you're actually ready."

Giving a home to the homeless Joshua Station helps homeless families get back on their feet

casey roark

When some people find themselves in situations that they never expected, it is hard to see a way out. In the case of the homeless families of Denver, there is a place that can bring refuge to these people—Joshua Station. The station is housing for homeless people in a revamped Motel 6. But the station is also a “faith-based community helping people make the transformation from homelessness to healthy stable housing,” according to Jacob McMahan, an employee of Joshua Station. The residents all have children, because the goal of the administration is to give homeless parents and their young children a place to recover and counsel them on returning to the workforce. When a family is accepted to the Josh-


ua Station program they to take classes, see the family councilor and attended a mandatory community dinner every Thursday. The majority of the classes offered are focused on parenting and careers so that when their stay is over, they have a solid foundation to start on.Many of the parents living at Joshua Station hope to continue their education and attend the Metropolitain College of Denver or another nearby community college. The maximum time that a family can stay at Joshua Station is two years, but the majority of residents finish their program requirements and find housing and jobs before then. Recently, many new families have moved in and now there are a total of 26 families living at the renovated center. Unfortunately, the center is always in a desperate need for funds and for volunteers

because they are a non-profit organization, which means that all of their funding based comes from donations. Even with this, they have a staff that they need to pay so many extra things are sacrificed because there is very little money. But even more important than money to this organization is the volunteering of caring people throughout the Denver community. Currently, Joshua Station is looking for volunteers on Tuesday nights for Kids’ Club and on Thursday nights for the community dinner. There are many additional opportunities to help that one can volunteer for by visiting their website, On Tuesday nights, the staff offers childcare in the form of Kids’ Club. “Kids’ Club specifically is a time to connect with kids aged 4-10 years old,” McMahan explains. Most nights, the kids can

choose from free choice art, hiking, sidewalk chalk, going to the playground, or something else that they choose. Occasionally, when there are enough children at Kid’s Club and enough volunteers, there will be another special activity like kickball. According to McMahan, “Being consistent and present in the kids’ lives provides a sense of stability and love.” This past summer, the children had a special visitor during Kid’s Club. Denver native and Denver Broncos tackle Tyler Polumbus visited and volunteered with the kids; it was a real treat for all of them—including the volunteers. Volunteering at Joshua Station is going to be a proposed NHS opportunity soon so that Columbine students will be offered an easier and more fun way to obtain volunteering hours.

november 5, 2009

The Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill “$3 OFF-an-Entre´e” offer. Also known as “the-school-cafeteriawill-be-a-ghosttown-offer.”

If you’re a student or staff member at Columbine High School, it’s your lucky day. Bring this coupon to Garbanzo and $3.00 a healthy and delicious Garbanzo entre´e order. So, stop by and enjoy this great offer. Chances are, the rest the school will already be there.

$3.00 OFF ´ ANY ENTREE 8246 West Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123 PHONE: 303.932.8888 FAX: 303.932.8901

Valid only at Garbanzo Mediterranean® Grill. Limit one coupon per person per visit per day. Must present coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Void if modified, copied, reproduced, transferred, purchased, traded or sold. Applicable taxes paid by bearer. Cash redemption value 1/20 of one cent. Offer may expire without notice due to error, fraud or other unforeseen circumstances. Offer expires Januaryr, 31, 2010. ©2008 Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. All rights reserved.

rebel yell

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. . . Anthropophagy is another term for eating human flesh . . . Morphine was named for Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams . . .

You’ll die if you use this product Graphic advertisements provide needed shock for teenagers

A dirty jail cell, a hospital surgery room with a young girl lying on the table being operated on, and casey roark a disgusting public bathroom are all backgrounds for the advertisements. On top of these unappealing settings, intense words are used. “No one ever thinks they will lose their virginity here. Meth can change that,” reads the advertisement with the dirty bathroom. Federal is the place in Denver to see giant billboards. These in-your-face advertisements are for a variety of items, from beer to stopping global warming. They stand our above the buildings and are bright in color and the text is large. The billboards are right next to the street and lower to the ground than the ones on bigger thoroughfares such as Wadsworth. But one massive sign stands out above all the rest: the anti-methamphetamines campaign. If one has seen these ads, whether on television or on the massive billboards, they are hard to forget. They all have an extremely graphic nature, bent on scaring their audience.

The meth ads’ “Just once” slogan introduces the idea that it only takes one use of methamphetamines to get hooked on them. However, the pictures say much more than the words. These advertisements scare me, and I will never use methamphetamines. But the ads still got their message across. Before seeing the ads, I had no plan to use meth, and after seeing the campaign, my opinion is unchanged. Graphic advertisements do work, just because my opinion about drugs in general will always stay the same does not mean that it did not scare me further into the land of not using. These ads work as preventative measures but they will also work to change or insure the opinions of young people. Consider a situation that more teenagers can relate to: texting. In England, an advertisement aired on their public television stations that was deemed too graphic in parts to show in the

United States. The advertisement features a young teenage girl driving with her friends. She chooses to text while driving. As a viewer, one knows something bad is going to happen, but really what comes is much worse than expected. The car crashes into another car and more cars keep piling up, adding to the bloodbath-like situation. The car whips in the air, thrashing the driver and her passengers against the side of the car. By the end of the commercial we learn, along with the original texting driver, that her friends had all been mortally injured in the scuffle. In an instant, everything she had was lost, and all because of texting. This portrayal of teenagers texting and driving is extremely accurate and it show what can and has happened to teenagers who text while driving. These ads work because they are scary it is as simple as that. We learn from scary movies not to walk the streets alone at night and these commer-

Graphic ads are getting through to teenagers and are allowing us to avoid excuses and see how life could really be with mistakes

East meets West

Comparing life in the United States with life in China: Schools

I am an exchange student from China for chufan (jerry) deng one school year. Before, I studied in Beijing Huiwen Middle School, which is a good public school. There are many difference between Huiwen and Columbine, Chinese schools and American schools. The biggest difference between schools in China and the United States is in China students needn’t move to other classrooms when a period ends. Teachers move, so we have permanent classrooms and the same classmates in each semester. In America, we have to move classrooms between the periods and we just have five minutes to do so, and I felt a bit hurried at first. I even have no time


to go to the bathroom. To break up the academics, we usually participate in some sports and play math games between classes. These are all competitive, and we like to do that. We don’t have lockers, but we have our own desks. We can put our books and supplies in the drawers of the desks. Another difference is that in America we have different classes and can choose the subjects that we like. In China, we are not so lucky as Americans. All subjects are compulsory. All of us have the same schedule of classes: English, math, and Chinese are daily, and physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, politics, and P.E. are twice or three times a week. We also have music, art, and computer classes once a week.

There are 45 minutes per period and 10 minutes for us to have a rest. School starts at 7:30 and ends at 5:00 p.m. We have too much homework to do after school. When we finish our work, it can be as late as 11:00. As a result, we have no time for activities and sports from Monday to Friday. Some wonder why Chinese students study all the time and do not play. The basic reason is there is a very big exam, the College Entrance Examination, which seniors must take to enter college. It is similar to the SAT in America, but we just have one chance to do it in a year. Both students and parents want good results so that students can get into good colleges. Due to the large population in China, the competition between students very keen. If you want to

cials have the same purpose. The ad is sure graphic and for the majority of teenagers this message is necessary. We cannot surround our young children with images of violence and death for their entire adolescence because if we do, there will end up being many severely mentally-ill people in the world in the future. But for teenagers who are currently putting themselves and others at risk so that they can text, it is a necessary message to get across. In our generation, teenagers are very visual and have a “It’s not going to happen to me” viewpoint of life. Graphic advertisements get across intense and essential points to teenagers. By putting them in the car and in the situation of a person doing meth, that “It’s not going to happen to me” suddenly becomes “It is me” and it is a huge wake up call. Graphic ads are getting through to teenagers and are allowing us to avoid excuses and see how life could really be with those mistakes. Whenever I drive on Federal now, I definitely think twice about all of my actions and wonder what is the best for me. Perhaps every teenager should take a drive down Federal every once in a while.

东方 碰撞 西方

have a good grade in the exam, which allows entry into a good university and success in the future, you have to study hard all the time. If you don’t spend much time studying but others do, they will beat you. Just doing Huiwen Middle School in Beijing, China. photo by chufan deng homework is not enough. We must do a lot of extra work in our free any decorations. We must wear the time. We always say that one point school’s uniform every day. I think can stop you entering the college it kills our individuality. In America, to which you want to go. It is cru- we can show our character. Many students here have boyfriends or el. Besides studying, some rules girlfriends, but in China we are not and policies are also different. In China, we can’t dress up or wear see SCHOOLING on page 10 >>>

november 5, 2009


rebel yell




Should the government provide a public health care option?



Agreed upon



ou are wrong about the 40% increase for health care providers. There is no reason for the government to raise taxes on a private company to such an extreme. The government is not in business to make money. They are only trying to provide basic coverage for Americans who don’t have insurance.




here is clearly something wrong bsolutely not! with health care in the United One bad aspect of government taking States. control of health care is that they are going to tax the inAnyone who is sick, injured, unemployed or does not have surance providers up to 40%, meaning the insurance prolauren elder grace padilla a high enough level of income to afford the massive pre- viders wont be able to provide insurance to many of their miums that are often the policy of private health care com- employees. When insurance providers cannot provide panies knows that reform is needed. insurance for their employees because of the high taxes, A recent study in the “American Journal of Medicine” found people will be forced into the government’s plan, Therefore, that 62 percent of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 were linked to medithe fact that there is the option to remain with your current plan cal expenses. Of those who filed for bankruptcy, nearly 80 percent becomes irrelevant. had health insurance. According to another published article, about The government is also going to pay doctors far less for 1.5 million families lose their homes to foreclosure every year due to Medicare patients. They’re going to pay just the cost of the prounaffordable medical costs. cedure, meaning that prices for non medicare patients are going My grandmother recently had a brain tumor removed. If she had to have to be raised. As a result, there will be fewer specialists not been covered by government-run Medicare, which helps cover because the pay off will not be as rewarding as it is now. Having costs, the only way my grandparents could have afforded the massive fewer specialists will result in an increased amount of time a per1) Health care needs to be reformed expense would have been to file for bankruptcy themselves. son must wait to be seen by a specialist. in some fashion. While the U.S. government doesn’t have the right to control the Mainly every one’s taxes are going to have to go up. The 2) The money for a public option pricing of private corporations, they do have the means to establish idea is that Medicare benefits will be cut by billions, but they would involve some form of tax ina public option that would operate much like Medicare, as well as most likely won’t, meaning we will all get higher taxes, and if they creases. implementing several reforms that would benefit both insured and do cut Medicare benefits, senior citizens are out of luck. 3) The government and the media uninsured Americans. The thing is, when there is free health care, supply and deneed to provide a clear and unbiFor Americans who have insurance, legislature would protect mand gets turned upside down because the supply is unlimited ased explanation of what a public coverage by ending discrimination due to preexisting conditions, and the demand goes sky high. The waits to see a specialist are going option would involve and where it would make sure companies honor their contracts and prevent them to be ridiculous and services will be rationed. As the quantity of the money to pay for it would come from dropping coverage when people are sick and need it most. health care rises, the quality will, without a doubt, drop signififrom. For Americans who do not have health insurance, a public option cantly. Of course, this is worst-case scenario, but all are potential 4) There will be no “death panels” or would be available that, according to the White House website, “must problems. Furthermore, the health industry makes up 1/6 of The benefits for illegal immigrants. operate like any private insurance company–it must be self-sufficient United State’s economy. Now its going to be government run? and rely on the premiums it collects.” The government would provide That is a step towards socialism, no matter how you look at it. tax breaks to employers who supply private coverage to employees and also creates a It is a common thought that people who oppose government run health care are national pool system for high-risk patients. under the impression that coverage will be given to illegal immigrants and high risk Contrary to popular propaganda, there are no such things as “death panels.” This idea patients will be killed off. However, that is not the case. It is insane to believe that the is ludicrous and is meant to make the American public afraid of health care reform. Anyone government would be quite this idiotic while dealing with something as important as who has such little faith in the American government to go so far as believe it would make health care. Even so, imagining that government run health care would run smoothly the decision to kill off high risks patients, does not have a reasonable grip on reality. and cater to the majorities’ needs it pretty unrealistic. The issue of health care reform has been ignored for 30 years now; it’s time to provide Health care certainly needs improvement, even so, it’s a bad idea to overhaul America with coverage that it has a right to. health care under government control.


rue, they are not a business out to make money. However, they do need money to put this plan in to effect, so there certainly is a reason for them to heavily increase taxes. The simple truth is the money has to be coming from somewhere, and we all know the government does not have any sort of excess funds.


es, the money does have to come from somewhere, and there may be tax increases as a result, but nothing to the magnitude of 40%. People making over a million dollars are primarily the ones who will see any significant increase. The plan is to provide the funding through the dues that people pay and by cutting down excess and unnecessary costs in Medicare and other government-sponsored programs. I think there certainly needs to be a clearer explanation of where the funding will come from and how much. That’s where most of the debate comes from: people don’t know what is actually involved with the bill. eople making over a million dollars would most likely already have health care, and what, to you, defines “significant”? Also, what constitutes as unnecessary costs in Medicare? Which government-sponsored programs will be cut? I fully agree that it is unclear exactly where the money is coming from. It grace is inevitable that the extra money is going to have to come from people through higher taxes, which is going to be counterproductive, considering the state of our economy. The bottom line is, our current health care policies need to be reconsidered. This is just not a decision our government should be making.


november 5, 2009



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staff editorial Exploiting Families for Show The Learning Channel (TLC) is notorious for its reality shows that document the lives of unusual families, such as the Gosselins on Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the Duggars’ 18 Kids and Counting. These shows were, at one time, meant to be wholesome and family-friendly human-interest programs, but they have become an outright exploitation of families and their children. These families have become means to an end for the network–an easy way to up ratings–making TLC responsible for much of this exploitation. But when it comes down to it, it is really the parents of these families who are to blame. When Jon and Kate Gosselin and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar signed their families over to TLC, they signed over the wellbeing of their children as well. By allowing a camera crew to be a constant presence in their lives, the Gosselin and Duggar children will never be able to have a normal childhood. Even after the shows have ended, they will expect a cameraman to be

around every corner and will act accordingly. The lives of these children will be changed forever. Even worse, by volunteering their children for these reality shows, the Duggars and Gosselins have turned them simply into dollar signs. It is clear that Jim Bob and Michelle do love every one of their 18 children, and that Jon and Kate feel the same way about their twins and sextuplets, but in reality their children will always be the reason for their fortunes, and there is something very wrong about that. The Duggars and Gosselins will never be fully functional families after their shows have ended, the paparazzi have stopped stalking, and people have stopped caring. So much of the time, when all the world falls away, all we have left is our families. The Duggars and the Gosselins will never know that. They have exploited their families to the point that those real relationships and connections with their children may never really exist. It is sad the Duggar and Gosselin kids will grow up like this and that their relationships with their parents will suffer greatly because of it. This is undoubtedly something that Jim Bob and Michelle and Jon and Kate should have considered before signing away their families to TLC.

“Yes, because it encourages people to put their kids through experiences they shouldn’t have to face, and it invades their privacy.” –Stephanie Menzor, 9

“No, they have not exploited them because it was their choice to be exploited and if they didn’t want to be exploited then they wouldn’t be on the shows.” –Chris Chavez, 10



Do you think TLC has exploited families and their children? Why or why not?

Jon and Kate=HATE


dren and a reality-television show. Some say Kate cheated first. They are both incredibly wrong, and their actions are completely ludicrous. The eight children presented in this show are going to look back upon 2009 in ten years and see how incredibly absurd their parents acted. Jon and Kate’s children are the only reason that they are famous. They are making a mockery of themselves. The show is mediocre. Kate is constantly putting Jon down, and they contradict each other all the time. I don’t think it is at all amusing to watch people take care of eight children and fight with each other. When I watched an episode one time, I made fun of it and mocked everything that they said because they sounded so foolish. I couldn’t fath-

om how people could care about this show because in reality they are the people I hate most. They promote this nonsense. John and Kate’s feud is the new Jennifer and Angelina. Pick a team. T-shirts are going to be made in the near future. This could be a good thing because then we can point out the people who support this preposterous rubbish. It’s a shame that viewers have to follow around vexatious people who are raising a large number of children; there has to be something else more interesting to watch on TV. The worst of the documentaries on TLC is “Jon and Kate,” but there are so many that are just as terrible. I would take a bad remake of an 80’s soap opera over ridiculous documentaries on TLC about little people and their big

I don’t think it is at all amusing to watch people take care of eight children and fight with each other.

world or the Octomom, who only got a show because she wanted to be like Kate Gosselin (despite the Octomom bashing Kate saying, “Kate is a judgmental attention whore” in an interview with “Radar Online.” Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black). I cannot see how these shows are even remotely entertaining. Let’s start being original and come up with something not “John and Kate”-related to put in magazines. I’d like to see people put something worth watching on television without making us want to gouge eyes out with a toothbrush.

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“It’s terrible those shows are around, even though it was the family’s decision to join it. The show is the best way to pay for that many kids.” –Tyler Green, 12

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Their private lives are becoming public

“It feels like I failed,” Kate Gosselin confesses in tori shoun a June issue of “People” magazine. I agree, she may have failed at her marriage. But she definitely did not fail at irritating everyone in America who has cable, internet access or reads magazines. She has, however, completely failed at being a good mother. Kate Gosselin is not the only one driving America insane. Jon is just as guilty, if not worse. There are so many issues that they have with each other, and I wish that they would keep it out of the tabloids. Jon and Kate Gosselin have been on countless magazine covers talking about Kate being caught hitting her daughter and Jon being caught with another woman. Enough is enough. I can not stand Kate Gosselin, but I’m not going to persecute her for punishing her child, although she should not be doing such disciplining in public; Jon cheated on his spouse when he has eight chil-

“Yes! No child should have to live under the constant watch of cameras. It’s no way to grow up!” –Molly Rogers, 11

allowed to have those relationships at the school. We do eye exercises and broadcast gymnastics to protect our eyes and exercise our bodies. It’s a good way for us to have a rest. We have winter break from January to February and summer break from July to September. We don’t have Spring Break and Thanksgiving week, but we have some small holidays during each semester, such as National Day and Dragon Boat Festival and so on. I like it here more because we have a long summer break. We needn’t go to school on June, July and most days of August.

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november 5, 2009


adical ebel

top ten kizzle & tizzle rebel yell

Top Ten ways to get on TLC . . . 10 9

What do you think about the smokers’ pit being gone? T: It could be worse. They could have closed the pendulum too (that one is for the English teachers). K: I heard the pit is being replaced with a “texters pit.” The texting pit is a silent area where you can only communicate with the people nearby by texting instead of talking. It is hoped that the pit will reduce actual human interaction in favor of electronic interaction.

Have way more children than necessary. “There goes another one!” Build an experimental aircraft that purposely fails. “Wonder where Falcon went. . .”


Wear extremely ugly clothes and have your friends videotape you. “Biker boots, slip dress, sombrero, and jeans two sizes too small– Do I look okay for the Cheesecake Factory?”

7 6 5 4 3 2

Challenge the Cake Boss to a Cake-off. “Is your frosting doubledeluxe whipped? I didn’t think so.” Try to look ten years younger. “I could totally pass for six!” Say no to the dress. “No! It’s all wrong! I said I wanted it in turquoise!” Get into a fight with your dad while working on motorcycles. “Throw another trash can–I dare you!” Open a tattoo shop and hire incompetent people. “FIRE HER!” Enter your bratty younger sibling into a pageant. “My six year old sister better rock that stage in Vegas!”

and the number one best way to get your very own reality show is . . .


Kizzle & Tizzle

Go on your friend’s tattoo show and get a Class of 2010 back piece while they argue with their co-workers. “Seniors rule!” “No, juniors!” “No! Seniors!”

Rebel Yell: Thanksgiving break is only 15 days away!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? K: This year we are having a “Clement Park Thanksgiving.” The family will rise early and head to the park where we will “harvest” our meal. We begin by using bread crumbs to lure the largest of the geese, or Littleton Turkeys as we call them. Once we choose our creature, the wife and kids circle it like the scene from The Lottery. Delish!

What is something that you learned today that surprised you? T: That Mr. Andres cried when he read the end of “Little Women.”

Did you enjoy the chocolate fountains at Homecoming? T: I would have enjoyed them more if Mrs. Tennessen hadn’t yelled at me for drinking out of them with a straw. K: It was like chocolate rain!

If President Obama wanted to start going to school for six days a week for eight hours a day, what would you do? T: Celebrate. It would mean that I had another opportunity to impact young America. After all, we teachers don’t make a salary… We make a difference! K: Sell Avon.

What’s with all the new defibralators around the school? T: They put those in for Leyba, Pruett and Webb. The school board figured it was only a matter of time before one of their hearts gave out because those three guys give their hearts to the kids every day.

If you were going to be in the Talent Show, what would be your talent? K: I would spit my flo’ fo’ sho’ Kids would walk miles to hear my styles I’d hit ‘em up with a rhythm they never been given Like wind chimes syncopation A multi syllabic sublime sensation And Def Poets fill the aisles With tears in their eyes they point To the skies to give thanks For what they heard Thats right–THIS next to that word Ain’t never been done. I made you my son.

Rebel Hell: PLAN Test for sophomores at 8 a.m. on

a Saturday

Quote of the Month: “I went online last night,

and all my crops were ready to harvest, and I was so excited!” Student, explaining their experience with “Farmville”

Mysteries of the Universe: Is there nicotine produced by Facebook because we are ADDICTED! Columbine Salutes: Lady Gaga for being the best Halloween costume inspiration in years

On this Day: It has been declared National Donut





september 29, 2009

in motion

your teams health energy

. . . The steam rising from a cup of coffee contains the same amount of antioxidants as three oranges . . . Women blink nearly twice as often as men . . .

She said

How long have you been playing softball? How long have you played for Columbine? Eight years all together, 3 years for Columbine.

What is the best part of playing softball? The hardest part? best is hanging dana kuglin The out with my friends. The hardest is having practice every day with school. How do you balance softball with school, friends, and other activities? I make time for all the important things in my life by dividing all my time equally between things I love.

athlete profile

How do you prepare before a game? Listen to music. Any plans for college yet? None. What advice do you have for the freshmen players this year? Play hard and have fun... It goes by quickly Favorite motivational quote: “Seek and destroy.” Favorite pre-game meal: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Favorite pump-up song: Anything country.

He said

How long have you been playing soccer? How long have you played for Columbine? I’ve been playing since I was little, but I think everyone played soccer when they were a kid. I’ve played for Columbine for two years.

How do you prepare before a game? Take a nap, drink a 5 Hour Energy and go play the game. Any plans for college yet? CSU, without a doubt. What advice do you have for the freshmen players this year? Stay classy.

What is the best part of playing soccer? The hardest part? The best part is being in shape. The hardest is getting in shape.

Favorite motivational quote: “I have a dream.”

How do you balance cody oliver soccer with school, Favorite pre-game meal: friends, and other Hot and ready Little Caesars and milk steak. activities? Between soccer, pushing carts at Sunflower Market and all my classes, I just get homework done as Favorite pump-up song: “Gimme Shelter,” by the Rolling Stones. soon as I can so I can sleep.

Sports Briefs CROSS COUNTRY: Junior Woody Kincaid and Senior Tyler Hudson qualified as individuals for the 5A Cross Country Championship meet. Kincaid qualified with a time of 16:41 at the regional meet, and Hudson qualified with a time of 17:30. The varsity girls cross country team also will send Seniors Nikki Funkhauser and Haley Swanson, Junior Bri Stevens, Sophomores Kaylie Haynes and Jenna Hofmann and freshmen Gaby Agustin and Bethany Gardner to state. State will take place on Saturday, November 7 in Fort Collins.


Despite losing to No. 3 Pomona 35-7 on Saturday, the varsity football team still qualified for playoffs. The first round begins on Friday, November 6 at 4:00 p.m., when Columbine will play #23-ranked George Washington. Senior Danny Spond earned the Denver Post Athlete of the Week honors, the John Lynch Star Athlete of the Month honors for September, and was nominated for the John Lynch Star Athlete of the Year award given in May.


compiled by grace padilla

GYMNASTICS: Seniors Kristin Tekip, Christy O’Malley, Lydia Butler, and Abby Gournic, Junior Elise Davis and sophomores Nicole Manley and Hanna Maddera qualified for Gymnastics 5A regional at Green Mountain High School on Saturday, October 31. The team placed 8th in Region A. GOLF:

Senior Alex Macaluso qualified for the state 5A golf championships held at Saddlerock golf course in September.


Boys’ tennis competed in a 5A regional meet in Grand Junction in October. Sophomore Cameron Whiteside and Freshman Calvin Buechler placed fourth and competed on the #4 doubles team.

VOLLEYBALL: The volleyball team competed in 5A districts at Chaparral on Saturday, October 31. Columbine defeated Hinkley in pool play, but lost to Ralston Valley in the semifinals. SOCCER: Boys’ soccer competed in the first round of 5A playoffs against Arapahoe at Littleton Public School Stadium on Saturday, October 31. The team lost 4-0.

november 5, 2009

culture shock

your style scene idea of fun

. . . Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars annually in the United States . . . Almost 55% of all movies are rated R . . .

Mediterranean in Littleton Garbanzo brings a taste of the Mediterranean to our community

Restaurant Review

abbey borchers

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill presents an interesting dining experience, one which I would recommend to the brave eater. If you’re up for trying something a little different, Garbanzo is the place to go. Recently opened next to Columbine lunch-time favorite, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Garbanzo provides a Qdobalike experience as you walk in and order your food at a glass-encased counter, where you select your dish and then have it tailor-made to your specifications. Being that I was a first-timer, and not fluent in any languages of the Mediterranean,

I found this highly confusing. However, with a little faith in the recommendations of a few Garbanzo employees, I ended up with a dish that was altogether satisfactory: a chicken shwarma bowl with a wheat pita, rice, hummus, and Mediterranean mild garlic sauce. At first glance, this meal didn’t look all that appetizing, with an unappealing array of colors and textures that, truth be told, I would generally not expect to see on a plate of edible food. I was also baffled by the entire concept of consuming the meal; I was simply handed a large pita and an arrangement of unfamiliar food in a bowl, and had no idea what to do with them. I sat down with my sister at a booth and, after a few moments of intense discussion as to how to eat our food, it was determined that one must tear off a piece of the pita, scoop some of the chicken, rice, and hummus onto that piece, and eat it. (If this is entirely incorrect, someone please inform me so that a correction can be printed; however, to the best of my knowledge, this is how it is done.) Once the proper way to eat my meal had been es-

Garbanzo Glossary




november 5, 2009



IN THEATERS: The Box Disney’s A Christmas Carol The Fourth Kind The Men Who Stare At Goats Precious ON CD: Bon Jovi - The Circle Michelle Branch Everything Comes and Goes Dashboard Confessional - Alter the

Ending Flyleaf - Memento Mori Wyclef Jean - From The Hut To The Projects To The Mansion Omar Rodriguez Lopex - Xenophanes R. Kelly - Untitled Mr. Gnome - Heave Yer Skeleton Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane Three 6 Mafia - Laws Of Power

NEW RELEASES 11/6 - 11/10

<VgWVcod7ZVc™HbVaa!gdjcY^h]aZ\jbZi]Vi^h Ògb^ciZmijgZVcYg^X]^cegdiZ^ch#>iXVcWZ ZViZcXdaY!Xdd`ZYdg\gdjcYid[dgb[VaV[Zadg hegZVYha^`Z]jbbjh# ;VaV[Za™6Xg^henWVaad[\gdjcY\VgWVcodWZVch! [gZh]]ZgWhVcYhe^XZh# H]lVgbV™BVg^cViZYhiZV`dgX]^X`Zcl^i]djg dg^\^cVaBZY^iZggVcZVche^XZh# =jbbjh™HegZVYbVYZd[\gdjcY\VgWVcod WZVch!iV]^c^VcYhe^XZh# E^iV™GdjcYl]^iZdgl]ZViÓdjgÓViWgZVY i]ViÉhdeZcZYid[dgbVedX`Zi[dgÒaa^c\# AV[[V™I]^cY^h`d[WV`ZYjcaZVkZcZYWgZVY bVYZ[gdbl]^iZÓdjg# IV]^c^™Hbddi]hegZVYd[hZhVbZhZZYh!aZbdc _j^XZ!VcYhe^XZh# 8djhXdjh™HiZVbZYhZbda^cV!hZgkZYl^i] kZ\ZiVWaZhVcY$dgbZVi#

tablished, I actually enjoyed my chicken shwarma bowl. It turned out to be something very different than what I would normally eat, but it was something that I was surprised to find I liked. The flavors varied with each bite, the pita was warm and fresh, and I was left feeling, if not completely full, at least well-satisfied. Garbanzo will probably not replace fast-food staples such as Qdoba or Subway in the Columbine student’s diet, but it is a tasty alternative perfect for the brave eater.



culture shock

Helen Keller in the school “The Miracle Worker” comes to Columbine’s auditorium November 5-7

justine renfro

Buy your tickets, find a seat, sit down, relax and come enjoy this year’s play, “The Miracle Worker.” With approximately 150 hours of rehearsing, dedicated cast members set the stage for a play with a powerful significance. In honor of Helen Keller and the 200th anniversary of the Braille alphabet, “The Miracle Worker” is the play chosen for Columbine this year by Mrs. Schwartz. The play is meant to paint a picture of Helen Keller’s life and open the doors to new viewers as well. As head of the drama department, Mrs. Schwartz has the privilege of choosing the plays that are performed at Columbine, and she chose this one for a significant reason. “I think that Helen Keller is an American heroine and accomplished many amazing things in her lifetime,” Schwartz said. When choosing the play, Schwartz considered the cast as a factor as well. “It [The Miracle Worker] has strong female leads and we have a very strong pool of senior girls in the drama department this year,” Schwartz said. Some of the females who play the lead roles are: Jackie Sheehan as Helen Keller, Molly Geoghegan as Annie Sullivan, and Sam Perkins as Kate Keller. The show will not only be on the stage but available in braille as well. A signer will also be at one of the showings to open the show up to an even broader audience. “One of the playwright’s request was that the show be made available to all types of audiences,” Schwartz said. The students who play the parts of Helen Keller’s family have had to learn sign language as part of their rehearsing. “It [sign language] is Senior Ashley Raatz (left), Junior Travis Tucker (center), and Senior Jackie Sheehan

an important piece of the show,” said Schwartz. Senior Jackie Sheehan said that learning the alphabet in sign language was not hard. “I was in sign language club in eighth grade so I already knew it,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan said her role in the play is challenging because “it is tough to not be able to rely on your eyes at all.” Another challenge for Sheehan in the play was the situation of her broken finger that she





COST: $6.00 IN ADVANCE, $7.00 AT THE DOOR Senior Jackie Sheehan, playing the role of Helen Keller, rehearses the scene in which she must attack Junior Alex Miller with scissors. Occasionally, Keller would lash out violently due to her frustration. photo by justine renfro.

When asked what her favorite part about performing is, Sheehan said, “just being able to imagine and play that different character that’s not like yourself.” Senior Molly Geoghegan said her favorite part about performing is “the feel of the spotlight on my face.” Sheehan said she enjoys playing the part of Helen Keller. “It is such a fun and challenging role to play,” Sheehan said. “I have so much more respect for Helen Keller.”

got playing powder puff football. “It has definitely been a lot more difficult, especially since I have to sign,” Sheehan said. The Miracle Worker is coming together with many dedicated actors and their hard work. “I was a little worried, but like all miracles it has come together nicely,” Geoghegan said. “I think it is a great play it definitely sheds some light on everyone’s view of Helen Keller,” Sheehan said.




Juniors Samantha Perkins (left) and Travis Tucker

Senior Jackie Sheehan and Junior Samantha Perkins

Seniors Haley Beutler (left) Jackie Sheehan


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