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Social Media  Campaign  Strategy     March  2014-­‐March  2015   Overview   Always  keep  MISSION  in  mind:     •

Through maximizing  student  success,  York  Technical  College  seeks  to  contribute   to  the  economic  growth  and  development  of  York,  Lancaster,  and  Chester   counties  and  of  the  State.  Keeping  that  in  mind  all  of  our  social  media  efforts   need  to  be  focused  toward  this  mission.    

Always keep  AUDIENCE  in  mind:     Our  target  audience  consists  of     • • •

Students &  Alumni   Faculty  &  Staff   Community  and  business  

Always keep  marketing  GOALS  in  mind:     • • •

Goal 1:  To  contribute  to  the  enrollment  and  retention  goals  of  York  Tech     Goal  2:  To  increase  York  Tech’s  social  media  following     Goal  3:  To  increase  awareness  of  York  Tech’s  news,  programs  and  updates    

Facebook: From  4102  likes  –  to  4576  likes  (11.5%  increase)     Most  of  our  Facebook  likes  were  organic  likes,  came  from  our  page  and   increased  when  our  audience  wanted  urgent  information  (ex:  weather   delays/closings)   Twitter:  From  430  followers  –  to  561  followers  (  30%  increase)     Largest  increase  came  from  when  our  audience  wanted  urgent  information  (ex:   weather  delays/closings)   Instagram:  From  15  followers  –  48  followers  (220%  increase)     Largest  increase  came  from  contest  promotion  (giveaways)   Google  Plus:  0   Pinterest:  0  followers  to  6  followers    

  Current  social  media  standing   From  November  2013  –  February  2014  (4  months)    

• • •    

SWOT     Strengths:   Engaging  content   Contests   Constantly  updating  news  and  events     No  links  to  social  media  on  website           Weaknesses:     Posts  inconsistent     Use  outlets  evenly     Lack  of  integration     Social  media  relationships  are  short  term  (likes  for  incentives)       Targeting  a  wide  range  of  demographics       Opportunity     Our  followers  communicate  with  us     They  go  to  social  media  for  questions     Engage  Potential  community  members     Engage  more  potential  students     Interact  industry  leaders     Ongoing  upcoming  events  and  news     Take  advantage  of  real  life  post     Marketing  York  Tech  as  “cool”       Threats   Competition  (other  schools)     Perception  of  community  college   Technological  advancement     Limited  views  of  content     Changes  in  the  economy     Times  that  people  view  social  media     Demographics  (vary  from  social  media  outlets)-­‐  hard  to  target     Bored  or  overwhelmed  to  our  message  (numb  to  our  posts)                  

Overall Strategy     To  accomplish  our  social  media  goals  we  want  to  focus  on  engaging  our  audiences   through  interactive  content       Objectives   Objective  1:  To  contribute  to  the  enrollment  goal  by  getting  100  students  to  enroll  by   spring  enrollment  cut  off  2015       Objective  2:  To  increase  our  social  media  following  in  each  channel:   • By  23%  on  Facebook  (Increase  by  1,422  likes)     • 70%  on  Twitter  (increase  by  393  followers)     • %416  on  Instagram  (200  followers)     (**  numbers  are  based  on  increases  that  took  place  within  4  months  time..  because  this   campaign  strategy  is  taking  place  over  a  12  month  period,  our  objectives  should  be  able   to  at  least  meet  the  increases  that  were  accomplished  from  Nov-­‐Feb)     Objective  3:  To  get  at  least  40%  of  our  annual  social  media  posts  liked,  retweeted,   shared,  reposted  or  pinned       Tactics       Tactics  for  objective  1:     • •

Use “How  did  you  hear”  surveys  at  ALL  events  to  track  weather  or  not   people  are  attending  events  based  on  social  media   Screen  Shot  Giveaways:  People  who  take  a  screen  shot  of  a  certain  post   we  put  up,  or  take  a  photo  showing  that  post  will  get  entered  into  a   drawing  or  win  a  prize  if  they  show  it  at  an  event  they  attend  

Tactics  for  objective  2:     • • • • •

1,000 likes  campaign  –  have  students  come  to  computer  session  to  follow   our  social  media  outlets  to  enter  for  a  chance  to  win  X   Post  signs  in  classrooms  on  chalk  boards  telling  people  to  follow  us  on   social  media   Poster  around  campus  about  following  us  on  social  media     Sidewalk  chalk/spray  paint  marketing     Follow  York  Tech  on  social  media  posters  for  high  school  

• •

Marketing giveaways  with  our  social  media  tags  on  them     Buttons  on  website  for  each  outlet    

Tactics for  Objective  3;   • • • • •

Use giveaways  to  encourage  repost/share  incentives   Use  York  Tech  pride  to  encourage  reposts/shares   Encourage  people  to  share/retweet  with  people  they  know  who  may   benefit  from  our  post     Use  social  media  guidelines  to  further  engage  our  audience     Incoming  Freshman:  Scavenger  Hunt  –  Student  Services  (tutoring,  career   services,  PROMISE,  counseling  services)    

Measurement • Key  Performance  Indicators     o Likes,  shares,  reposts,  retweets,  repins,  followers     • “how  did  you  hear”  survey  results     • Daily  post  requirements  listed  on  social  media  guidelines       Implementation   • Timeline  (TBD)     • Financial  considerations  (approval  of  incentives  and  giveaways)       Conclusion   • Summary   • Next  steps   To  be  added  March  1,  2015            

Social Media Campaign Strategy  
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