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Using the Barnet College Computer Network


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16 – 17


Remember! ATTENDANCE = ACHIEVEMENT! Have a good year!


Dear Student,

Welcome to our Young ESOL full-time course at Barnet and Southgate College. The teachers on your course will do their best to help you succeed in your studies. However success actually depends on your commitment to your work. Attendance and punctuality are very important. If attendance levels drop below 90% you will be withdrawn and not allowed to take your exams or you might be transferred to an adult part-time class. Progression and re-enrolment at the college in future will then be a problem for you. Please remember we are here to support you in your studies and look forward to working with you this year.

Yours sincerely, Stella McManus [Head of School]

Joanna Bahri [Curriculum Manager]


YESOL Wood Street Course Leader: Deborah Koder 0208 275 3920 Welcome to Barnet and Southgate College! Our Wood Street centre in High Barnet is a large and exciting place to study. You will meet students from all over the world and learn with about many different cultures. Wood Street has courses on many subjects and has excellent facilities for students.

Enjoy your course at Wood Street! ESOL Course Term Dates 10 September 2012 – 5 July 2013 Term 1: 10 September – 21 December [Half Term: 29 October – 2 November] Term 2: 7 January – 28 March [Half Term: 18 February – 22 February] Work Experience for two weeks in March for E2 and E3 classes Term 3: 15 April – 5 July 2012 [Half Term: 27 May – 31 May]

If you change your address or telephone number, please tell your tutor.

If you have passed any exams in the UK please remember to show the certificates to your tutors.


Edexcel English BTEC Awards Functional Skills Mathematics Functional Skills ICT

There are three English examinations:  Speaking & Listening  Reading  Writing

Your teachers will decide which exams you are ready to take. You must attend at least 90% of your classes to be entered for exams from Entry 1 to Level 2.

You will also take Functional Skills exams in ICT and Mathematics. Depending on your ability this will be from Entry 1 to Level 2.

 REMEMBER! Students who do not attend classes regularly or who are often late for class will lose their place on the course.  If you have any special needs, please let your teacher know at the beginning of the course.


YOUNG ESOL COURSE Our Young ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses are available from beginner to upper intermediate level (national standards Entry 1, 2, and 3, Level 1 and Level 2), The course will help you to:  Combine your English with vocational studies to prepare you for mainstream college courses, training and work.  Improve your speaking and listening, reading and writing, grammar and punctuation  Improve your study skills  Improve your numeracy skills in English by measuring, using data and money, shape and space  Improve your computing skills through word processing, spread sheets, databases and using the internet

You will have regular one-to-one tutorials with your personal tutor to help you prepare for your progression onto an academic or vocational course or into employment. You can use the College facilities on all sites. You will go on educational trips and take part in extra-curricular activities with your classmates and teachers. We encourage you to take part in work experience through volunteering. Entry 2 and Entry 3 students will do two weeks’ full-time work experience in the second term.


There are three Young ESOL classes:

1) Students who are at a higher beginner level (Entry Level 1/2) Your course tutor is Margaret Bryant.

2) Students who are at a pre-intermediate level (Entry Level 2/3) Your course tutor is Ozlem Olcay

3) Students who are at an intermediate / Higher Intermediate level (Entry Level 3 / Level 1 / Level 2) Your course tutor is Deborah Koder


What do I need to bring? For your course you must be prepared for learning.

Things you will need include:     

a folder A4 paper pens, pencils, highlighters and a rubber headphones an English dictionary

You must organise your work.

File your work in a ring binder and use dividers to organise it.

Your folder of work will be used to check your progress.

You must concentrate in your lesson. Please switch your mobile phone off before you go into your classroom. Do not eat or drink [except for water] in the classroom.

Tutorials and Individual Learning Plans [ILP] Your tutor will speak to you alone – one to one - every term. This is to talk about your learning and any problems you may have. You and the teacher will make a list of things you can do outside the classroom to help you learn. This is called an Individual Learning Plan, or ILP. If you need some advice or have any problems, please ask for help! Your tutor will help you or direct you to specialist services.


What if I am late?

It is very important to attend all your classes on time, but if you are late, please enter the room quietly and apologise to the teacher. The College has an e-registration system so you must swipe your card for all lessons. All lateness and absence is recorded by the eregistration system and will appear on your ILP.

What if I cannot come to college?

You must phone your tutor and leave a mesage if you can’t come to college or you will lose your place. Say your name and the date and reason that you are absent. It is important to tell your teacher in advance if you have an urgent appointment or cannot attend your lesson. All appointments for doctors and dentists must be made for times when you are not at college. Ask your tutor for her phone number and write it below. My tutor’s direct number is  …………………………………………………..…………………... If you do not attend every class, you will lose your place. If you do not, come to class on time and complete all homework, you may also lose your place. ** But if you need help – please ask your tutor!


About Wood Street Barnet and Southgate College, Wood Street, is easy to reach by underground or bus but there is NO car-park for students.

First Aid: In an emergency, ask at Reception and a first- aider will be called. Fire Exits: Make sure you know where all fire exits are in the building. These are signposted around the building. If you hear the fire alarm, go with your teacher to the nearest fire exit. Wait with the other students from your class and make sure your teacher can see you.

Barnet and Southgate College Centres  Wood Street Centre, High Street, Barnet, EN4 5AZ  Grahame Park Centre, Colindale, NW9 5RA  Southgate Centre, High Street, Southgate, N14 6BS  Edmonton Green Centre, 23 St. George’s Chambers, N9 0TS

We have Learning Centres where you can borrow books, use computers and find resources to help you study. Maps to all centres are in all classrooms and at Reception. Sports Facilities are at Grahame Park and Southgate. 9

Your college ID card will allow you to use facilities at any centre

Using the computer to improve your English

There are computers in the Learning Centre and many classrooms. We have special software for learning English and a list of many websites that will also help you to learn. To use a computer you must have a User ID (your student number) and a password. Your IT teacher will give you a password. You will also have 500 print credits. When you have finished your credits you will have to pay for more. Keep your password safe and remember it. You will be reminded to change your password every 6 weeks.

You can also use the Barnet and Southgate College website to practise your English at home. Go to:

You will need to enter your User ID (this is your student number) and password. Then you can use the practice materials on the ESOL website.

There are many websites to help you with your English including:


Barnet and Southgate College e-Learning

The College IT Network gives you new opportunities to learn online, any time, any place. You can use the college network for learning only.  Be responsible and professional.  Respect the privacy of everyone else using the college system  Do not post any information that might upset others online. Remember to stay safe


Moodle - Your course page Moodle is an area on the college network where you can find important information about your course and extra practice for reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. You will find out more about Moodle during the first weeks of your course. Finding your course on Moodle

Open the Barnet and Southgate College Moodle site or via the MLE. Moodle will appear with a Login box on the top left that looks like this:

Enter your Username and your password then click on Login and you will then be logged on to the Barnet and Southgate College Moodle network.

After logging on, you will be directed to a new page listing the courses you are enrolled on: Click the course you wish to enter.


Mahara is a student’s personal learning space to show all the hard work that you do in college. To access Mahara click the Mahara icon on you Moodle course page: You will then see your Mahara homepage, showing you the different sections of your personal account:

On Mahara you can write about yourself, list your skills/your goals, write blogs and upload any of your work, your e-portfolio. You can give your work to your teachers on Mahara. Upload the necessary file and place it in a ‘View’ – a page that can be shared with teachers/lecturers etc.


How to see your e-ILP

On Moodle you will find your Individual Learning Plan.

Click on the ‘My ILP’ link and you will be taken to your ILP page.

From here, you can: 

Enter your courses, qualifications and goals on ‘My Information’

Set targets for yourself on ‘My Targets’

Discuss progress with your tutor during a one-to-one tutorial on Progress Reviews

Keep a record of your progress on Celebrations and Concerns

Summarise your achievements in Progression

Using the e-ILP gives you a new way to track your progress at Barnet and Southgate College.

At the start of the year your I.T. teacher will show you how to use Moodle, Mahara and your e-ILP.


Be Prepared to Learn! Studying at a college is very different from school. For a start, every student here has chosen to remain in education and classes are smaller so your tutors have more time for you. We respect your maturity and give you more freedom than you had at school. However, we also have disciplinary procedures to make sure that your behaviour does not disturb others. You will see your tutor regularly and she will monitor your progress and behaviour in all your classes and around college. Your tutor can write you a reference for courses or jobs you apply for in the future so do remember your attendance and behaviour are a very important part of your learning, not just your final exam results.

Home / College Agreement We want to build good home / college relationships with our students, their families and carers.. Your parents and carers will be invited to meet the tutors at an Open Afternoon in November and we look forward to working together. We aim to give you the best possible opportunities for your future.

Student Services can help you with any personal or welfare (money) problems. You will meet the Student Services team during Induction week.

Trips and Activities During the year we will go on educational visits and arrange extra-curricular activities. These are an essential part of your course and will help you in your exams. All students must attend. If you are under 18 you will have to complete a short form and have this signed by your parent / guardian / adult carer in order for you to attend lessons off site. This is a very important College document and your tutor will give you one before each trip. Please ALWAYS bring it back, signed, as soon as possible.



Student Code of Conduct I agree to:

- respect other people in my class and College. This includes their views, religion and culture

- arrive on time

- come to class every day - tell my tutor if I cannot come to class - make appointments at times when I do not have classes.

In English please

- use English in the classroom - remember the more I use English the faster I will learn it

- listen to the teachers and listen to other students in class.


do my best.


always wear my ID card and show it to tutors, security or other college staff when they ask. 17

- look after books and college property and keep my classroom clean. - put rubbish in the bin.

- do my homework and classwork

 ?

- help others if they need help

- ask my tutor for advice and help when I need it


-not smoke anywhere in college not spit anywhere.

- switch off my phone in the classroom


Students must NOT stay in classrooms during breaks. Students must NOT use the teachers’ computers in classrooms.


Appendix 

Personal Tutor

Absence & Punctuality

Fire Procedures

First Aid

Additional Support

College Charter

Student representative

Barnet and Southgate College Policies

External assessments/tests

Student appeals

Disciplinary procedures

Computer access

 Level functions (separate document to be handed out by tutor)


Young ESOL Student Handbook 2012-13 WS  

Student Handbook

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