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Note Worthy Avery Dennison Adds Conform Chrome Black to Growing Line of Chrome Accent Films Avery Dennison announced the addition of Conform Black Chrome to its growing Conform Chrome Accent Film offering. The new film joins Conform Chrome Silver, Gold and Blue and features a mirror-like finish that creates a high-end look for vehicle wraps. “Avery Dennison Conform Chrome films allow us to enhance color change wraps with unique accents in black, chrome, silver and gold,” said Joe Alexander, co-founder of Incognito Wraps, Las Vegas, NV. “Our clients want their cars to be customized and sophisticated. With Avery Dennison Conform Chrome films, and especially the Conform Black Chrome, we can create an exclusive look for each car while the install is quicker and easier than with other

products on the market.” “Avery Dennison Conform Chrome colors allow installers to create premium accents on all types of vehicles,” said Beth Zanko, product manager for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. “Customization is very popular with high end car owners and the Conform Chrome accent films provide a true, quality chrome look.” Av e r y D e n n i s o n C o n f o r m C h r o m e Wrapping Films are ideal for unique features such as side-view mirrors, striping and door handles. 1 Conform Chrome wrapping films should be installed as accents in conjunction with Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films for color change wraps or digitally produced car wraps. Available in 51 colors including carbon fiber,

gloss and matte finishes and brushed metallic colors, Supreme Wrapping Films can be mixed and matched to create full or partial wraps with a finish similar to paint for cars, trucks or motorcycles. Avery Dennison Conform Chrome films are constructed with appearance and ease of installation in mind. Easy Apply RS Technology allows installers to easily reposition and slide the film into place, reducing air bubbles and minimizing the installation time. In addition, due to its construction, no overlaminate is required before installation.

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Bonderite L-MR makes mobile plant construction “greener” Bonderite L-MR cutting fluids, the environmental impact and costs are being reduced.

Advantages in occupational health and safety

Active support and advisory services from Henkel If problems do arise, Henkel employees can be quickly called upon to sort the situation out, again to the delight of Lars Wahlberg. “We sit together and take a thorough look

at the problem. It usually turns out not to be the machine or the product alone that is responsible but rather a synchronization or coordination problem.” If the results produced with Bonderite L-MR 71-2 continue to be positive, this Bonderite L-MR is set for service not only in other metal machining units in the plant but also in other factories of the manufacturer. The big yellow machines from Sweden will then be a little greener, thanks to the ensuing improved environmental compatibility of the manufacturing process that creates them.

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Bactericide-free Bonderite L-MR 71-2 offers customers a number of benefits: control of the cutting fluid is easier as no bactericide has to be added, with only the emulsifier concentration needing to be maintained. This saves time and therefore money. Bonderite L-MR 71-2 also actually remains stable for longer and does not need to be replaced or expensively disposed of. Here again, cost advantages accrue. Bonderite LMR 71-2 has been in use in the Swedish customer’s plant for more than a year now, and has neither needed to be replaced nor “treated” with bactericide. “It can stay in the circuit for three years,” says Thomas Andersson with assuring conviction. “Even after long downtimes, such as during company holidays, the Bonderite L-MR system continues to function well without the need for circulation pumping, extra oxygen input or similarly expensive tricks of the trade. Bonderite L-MR, the long life cutting fluid,” enthuses Lars Wahlberg, listing with some relish the benefits that the product brings.

The use of Bonderite L-MR 71-2 is also beneficial to occupational health. Contact with bactericides, such as formaldehyde releasing agents, represent a health hazard for employees. Skin irritations and also increased sensitization can result. Moreover, the more frequent emulsion changes that result are not only very costly but also burdensome on the environment. Until now, the Swedish customer has been using Bonderite L-MR 71-2 primarily in machines used to cut and grind cast iron components. Dozens of such machining units are interconnected via a central supply and filtering system. Around 40,000 liters of the emulsion is pumped through the system into the machines and then back again to the conditioning equipment, where the fluid is cleaned of swarf, chips, oil and other contaminants. Trials are also being carried out with Bonderite L-MR 71-2 on individual machines that are not connected to a central system and on which different metals are machined, including aluminum.

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