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Digital Media Arts. Digtal Media Project: Prototype Chryso Savva 2832071

Introduction In this essay I will talk about the idea, the progress and the work that I have done for this semester. Also the research I have been through. Moreover I will discuss about the places and reasons I chose the specifics sites to take these images. My inspiration came out from the emotions that I had, when I visited the sites. I also include examples of professional work that I inspired to progress my idea.

Main Body The first idea I had for my main project was to create a series of images from different places in London. When the semester starts I have not idea what to do for my project, I wanted to do photography. The most inspiring places for me are big parks in the middle of the city and the enormous buildings. My first action was to take my camera and go out to take snapshots to describe the feelings I have for the city. What I realized is that London makes me feel that I’m part of it and this engaged me, even more with the project. As we all know, London has a river (Thames). That cuts the city into two pieces. The question that hand in my mind is the relationship between the river and the life round it. So as starting point I tried to explore these river sites. The images that I took, enthused me and through of them I express my feelings for that site. I remembered it; I was excited for the beauty of that place that I had miscellaneous feelings. I kept photographing sites in other areas of London such as West area and in center. From the center London I have not inspired as the other parts might because is very busy and I’m looking for relaxing area My progress during this semester was gradually good I could say. I have been inspired from different places and have discovered another type of photography that I could think for my main project; such as cityscape. I took many pictures of river in a combination with buildings and parks. The first exploration was East area that I have not visited before and the truth is that, has amazing sites to see and discover. The results from my first practice were good. I think my progress was good this semester but I can say I could have take more images. The second visit was Regents Park after a big research to find a good park to visit and take some pictures as a result to drift from the fake beauty of web and to not be happy of my visiting to the park. The actual scenery of the park did not reach my expectations and thus the pictures taken were not as good as they could have been. I have not succeeded my aims as a consequence to not be happy for my pictures. I was less satisfied, that I have to show an improvement to my images. The last time that I visited a place to get ideas and pictures, I was impressed of landscape. The area has incredible view of the river, the way that houses were built at the riverside inspired me but unfortunately the images were not so good to show for my portfolio. At least I decided which is my favourite type of photography. I believe that the results from my first exploration, was successful because I got a lot of ideas and inspiration. After a big research I chose Richmond’s Park. The park is gorgeous and fortunately I took nice pictures. While, the semester finish I believe, that I have done I minor increase in contrast from the beginning of the semester. I could do more work and prepare better for my main project. However, the work I have made for this semester has an improvement but not what I was expected. I enthused a lot for the places but I could do much better if I visit more areas in London. My first pictures were good; I had positive comments about the way I took them and how combined the river with industry and the nature together. Also they asked me why I make them black and white and the reason I prefer this way to show my images. Was a good question because I’m still searching to answer why I prefer black and white; the answer is, because the effect gives emphasis to image, diverse from the other photos.

Places as Lower Valley has depressed colors and through black and white makes it interested. I heard as well good comment for the pictures from park; the way of images has been taken. The people who saw my work they mentioned that I have made a major improvement. My second choice was Regent’s Park. Only three images from the album were nice and the rest of them were not reached my expectation that I wanted. Moreover, the whole semester, I have been interested about Charlie Waite, is a landscape photographer. In Charlie’s photographs, I found similarities with my interests. I considered every image that took my attention. Some of his pictures are very interesting; more specific I took some of his ideas and combine it with my ideas. Another professional photographer that I bear my ideas is Art Wolfe. He is an amazing photographer with incredible albums. For the main project I have decide to create a series of pictures, which will include photographs from Cyprus and London. I will show places from Cyprus, which I like most and express the similarities that I found similar in London. In more details for example, in my city I like the lake that is behind my house. The lake is used to take a big part of my city and nowadays is the half part. In London I like the lakes in parks, are kind different with my city but it is remember me. The castle that is near to the beach is one of my favourite and I found it in Tower in London that is near to the river. Cyprus has drought and I do not like it but in the contrast London has a lot o f green area. It is exactly the opposite and could be a good antithesis between these two images. Each image will complete the other. The project will contain six images from each part. I got my inspiration while I was looking at Charlie’s gallery. Some of his pictures remembered me particular photographs. The image bellow is one of the examples that gave me to imagine how I could relate my city with London.

Another image was an example that I adore was this image. The half picture has strong colours and the other part has light. While I am looking at the picture generates me different emotions. Emotions as relaxation, memories from young age, and desire to relive it again. Seeing on the half image I felt the similar feelings, as relaxation. As I mentioned before I have adoration of green.

Similar is the below image, which in my city has olive trees in the middle.

This image is similar with my picture that I took in Hackney Wick. When I saw the trees in the park I remembered Charlie’s photograph and I tried to do the same.

Near to Olympic village. Is very strange photo. The reason I took this picture, because I like the conjunction of river with tree and flowers makes you imagine that is from a village somewhere out the city. The building behind the river is modern but looks old because the colours look altered from the atmosphere; and you realize that the pictures is taken from a city. I like the tint of river, which relate with the flower and tree. I took it as portrait to give emphasis to water pipes and building.

Three Mills. The image shows the combination of nature and industry with the gasholders so close to the riverside.

Opposite the gasholders. The picture shows how nature mixed with industry and housing. I chose to change the effects to make it black and white because I wanted to give emphasis to river.

Bromley by Bow. Is similar with the second image. In this image I show the perfect ration between, river, nature and housing; and this makes you wonder if it is part of London. The view is quiet and relaxing. In a contrast with other photo, the similarities are few. I have edited to black and white to make more obvious the feeling of relaxation.

Upper Lee Valley. I like the tree branches how tangles each other and make this wonderful path to allow you walk through. I took this idea from Charlie Waite photo.

The same place with previous image. The picture has similar view with last one. The viewpoint is better, and you could see the trees how it looks in the forest.

In this image I tried to add my self in the place to see how I look.

Very nice photo. The image shows autumn. The colours are bright. The picture has similarities with Art Wolfe’s photo in colours and idea. I use this way to take the picture to give emphasis to tree, that is standing the middle of side and show the leaves Art Wolfe pictures is below.

The last image from Regent Park. The tree in the middle separates the park in a two paths. The picture symmetry is perfect and shows the main part of image well.

the next three images are from Richmond Park

I change the colours because the original image was too bright and has too much green in.

The wood in the middle. I like the church that is hiding behind the trees.

Is very nature photo. It is different from the rest photos that is the reason I like it because is natural picture.

Canary Wharf. I took this image from my building. Is one of my favourite picture. The combination of river as I mentioned before makes the photo perfect. I use this effect to show the image because make t different and special.

In conclusion, I mentioned each part that I have done for the project. The research I did to come with my idea. The professional work I have seen help me a lot to develop my idea.

Bibliography Wells, L. (2011) Land Matters: Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity. I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd: New York. Charlie Waite Art Wolfe

Portfolio Assessment  
Portfolio Assessment  

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