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The company Braincache delivers powerful and innovative online solutions, by blending complex technical skill with stunning high impact design. We pride ourselves on our experience and reputation in Cyprus over the past 5 years. Our success comes from building long-term partnerships with our clients, helping them move to and stay at the forefront of business in Cyprus and internationally. Braincache works with you every step to create an online presence that delivers. Ultimately a great website must enable a clear return on your investment. Braincache can help you exceed your business expectations and meet your customers’ needs. Our powerful and fresh design solutions will communicate your brand clearly, build your database, engage visitors and convert visits into business.

Web Consulting & Research Informed Design At Braincache we believe that great websites are developed through intelligent, informed design. Whether it’s a new website, online shop or a re-design of an existing website, web consulting and research can improve every aspect of your project.

Knowing Your Business is Our Business We aim to find out as much as we can about your business in Cyprus. •Listen Tell us what you want and need. Help us understand your business; your brand, objectives, ethos, focus and priorities. •Research We review all the elements & externalities that affect your business. Identify trends / target market / current audience / partners / USP /marketing / competitors / revenue streams / future growth. •Analyse By looking at data gathered through research such as traffic details & statistics, search engine optimisation (SEO), backlinks, time spent on site and social media presence, we can identify areas of strength & weakness.

The Right Design, Every Time Every business is different, and therefore, so is every web design and development project. By fully understanding what our clients want to achieve, and clearly communicating how we develop online solutions, Braincache delivers bespoke web design solutions, customised to meet your business unique requirements.

Web Consulting & Research

Concept & Web Design Inspired Web Design in Cyprus Braincache delivers bespoke web design concepts for websites and online shops in Cyprus. Our fresh, unique web designs seamlessly integrate traditional off-line business with contemporary online web solutions.

Form and Function Great web design is essential to your website’s success. First impressions count, it only takes a few seconds for visitors to decide whether they will stay or leave. Braincache combine creativity and technology to develop websites that are engaging and easy to use, featuring: •High end, dynamic graphics •Strong company branding •Intuitive, user-friendly navigation •Clear, search engine optimised (SEO) content •Latest web standards •Complete Solutions Innovative web design involves more than just creating strong graphics – our process involves site planning, interface design (GUI), conceptualisation, prototyping, copywriting, typography, and logo design - to deliver a total web design solution.

Good Design is Good Business We believe in creating aesthetically pleasing, accessible and user-friendly web design solutions that meet the needs of your business and customers in Cyprus and around the world. Whether you are looking to build a new web site from scratch or re-design an existing site, Braincache will deliver a web design that communicates your brand, engages your visitors and converts visits into business.

Concept & Web design

Web Application Development What Do You Want Your Website to Do? Once the initial web development phases have been completed (Consulting & Research + Concept & Design), the application can be manipulated and functionality added to fit the needs and objectives of your business, whether this is to provide regular content updates, marketing and brand promotion, develop an online shop, or fully integrate your business processes. At Braincache, our skill lies in the way we bring the right solution together in a custom-built package for each client, delivering a web application that exactly matches your business’ specific requirements.

Content Management System (CMS) Take control of your website - CMS (back-end application) allows you to add or update content and modify information on your website (front-end application), through an easy to use interface, with minimum knowledge. Make your website work harder by adding: •News sections, blogs, articles •Gallery, photo section •Customer enquiry, feed-back & contact forms •Help, support, FAQ

CMS + Online Shop Enable e-commerce by adding a user friendly online shop facility for customers, backed-up by a safe, secure and totally flexible online shop platform. •Secure shopping cart & checkout •Payment gateway integrated with mainstream payment systems (Paypal, Google Checkout) •Product catalogue featuring filtering, advanced search, full pricing & product information •Customer Relations Management (CRM) – order history, customer information, pricing rules •Advanced product management

Web Application Development

CMS + e-Shop + Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP enables your online business to be fully integrated with any, or all, of your off-line business processes. •Unify ordering, stock control, production management, logistics •Connect with 3rd party applications such as Point of Sale (POS), Stock Management and/or Accounting Applications

Custom Web-Based Applications You think it, we build it! We solve unique business requirements with innovative software solutions. Braincache develop fully customised web applications with flexible and scalable functionality to meet even the most demanding business needs.

Web Application Development

Website Management Online Evolution A website is like a living thing - continually growing, changing and adapting. Once delivered, your website will need care and attention in order to flourish and thrive. Without regular website management and maintenance, your site will become static and out-dated, detracting from the dynamic nature of your business.

Continually Adding Value Not all businesses have the time, skills or resources to keep a complex website up to date. Braincache can help with ongoing development and support, keeping your site fresh, current and optimised, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Website Management Braincache aims to become an extension of your organisation, working closely alongside your business to facilitate all aspects of web management. Our annual website management fee includes the following services: •Product management - ensuring optimised, relevant content, images & navigation •Project Manager - dedicated single point of contact for all requirements •Ongoing quality assurance •Website statistics and analysis •Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) •Content, file management & optimisation •Banner creation & management •Zone management & product updates

Website Management

Website Maintenance Website maintenance is offered exclusively to Braincache clients whose websites have been developed in-house. Regular website maintenance ensures continual improvement of the applications every time an update or upgrade is available. Services covered by the annual website maintenance fee include: •Verification of performance •Bug tracking, analysis & fixes •Core engine updates & upgrades •Software development, add-ons to website functionality •Adjustments to visuals & functionality of modules •Nurture & Grow Braincache’s website management and maintenance services help your website grow and evolve with your ever changing business needs, maximising your return on investment.

Website Management

Copywriting Creating Compelling, Optimised Content Braincache do not develop websites that simply look pretty. We create websites that deliver your company’s objectives by clearly communicating with your customers. Fluent, powerful content is integral to great website design and development - it completes the package by grabbing attention and inspiring action.

Right Message, Right Audience Transform Ordinary Text - professional copywriting transforms ordinary text into an informative, persuasive business tool. Engage website visitors with customercentred copy that is relevant, clear, compelling and concise. Communicate Advantages - get your message across instantly and effectively. Clearly convey strengths, benefits, solutions, unique selling points (USP), trust and security. Encourage Action - by stimulating thought and feelings through content the reader can relate to and has an impact. Creative copy promotes action and desire, converting visits into sales.

Be Word Perfect Effective copywriting structures your website, ensuring the copy is pressing the right buttons, your content is optimised to give the search engines precisely what they are looking for, while simultaneously giving your customers a clear, compelling sales message.

Re-Work & Revise If you decide to write your own content, or if it’s already been written, Braincache’s copywriting services can make sure it’s strategically sound and polish it up to make it web-ready.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Braincache provides Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services that increase the number of visitors coming from major search engines.

More Visitors = More Business Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of creating and maintaining a website which is highly visible to search engines, and engaging for visitors. Today, over 80% of people online use search engines to find products or services. A top ranking search engine result will seriously improve your business performance.

Designed to Be Seen Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starts with intelligent web design. The better this is applied, the higher your search engine ranking. Braincache will research and analyse your site’s performance, ensuring the right solutions are implemented to optimise your website’s ranking. On-site optimisation - all areas that can be optimised on your website: •Design - structure, coding and linking •Content - relevant keywords, authoritative copywriting, regular updates & fresh content Off-site optimisation - all external influences on your website: •Backlinks – links to your site from other websites (especially highly ranked sites – PR4+) •Social bookmarks – links created from articles, blogs, forums, social networks •Online advertising – paid adverts, banners, viral marketing

Stay ahead of the competition Search engines continuously change the algorithms they use for ranking websites, meaning your website must be regularly analysed and updated to keep it at the top of the search rankings. At Braincache, we know how to maximise your website’s profile using organic methods, resulting in increased levels of online business. Search Engine Optimisation

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