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LC UTP’s Executive Board 2012-2013

Application Booklet

Message from EB 2011-2012 Dear applicant, Being EB is the most amazing, complete and challenging experience that AIESEC has to offer, so here’s the opportunity to become relevant, to gain experience, but most of all, to achieve EXCELLENCE. This is your time to shine! This is to demonstrate what you’re made and to face this challenge, which we’re sure you can conquer.

LC UTP needs brave and innovative leaders that can take us up to the next step. We wish you the very best during the selection process. After all, we have no doubt that YOU’VE ALSO GOT THE MAGIC TO LEAD. Love,

(Kiwi, Caro, Moni, Henry, Victor, Cristal and Ingrid)

Application Master-guide Here you will find: • The application booklet you’re reading right now. • Job Description for each one of the positions. • Application Form for each one of the positions.

Application Package Each applicant must send an application package (format: .zip), that will contain the following documents (all in PDF format): • Application Questionnaire • Endorsement Letter: 1 for LCVP applications, 2 for LCP applicants. • Competency Assessment (Self vs 360) and the link of

your application video.

Application Video Here you will present yourself as a candidate to the plenary, and explain: •

Your motivation to be part of the EB 2012-2013 (and for the particular position you’re applying to).

What you would like to achieve by the end of your term as EB?

The video must be upload in YouTube, and must not be longer than 5 minutes. The link of your video must be included in the same PDF file of your Competency Assesment results.

Make sure.. • Your application package is in “.zip” format. No

“.rar” files will be accepted. • Your Competency Assesment is “Self vs 360” (you need to ask 5 persons that have worked with you to fill your CAT). • Your video is uploaded in YouTube, and the link is included in the same PDF file with your CAT results.

Make sure.. • You send your application package on time! No late applications will be accepted, even by minutes. (computer dysfunctions are no excuse!) • Your application package has no more than 3 PDF files if you’re an LCVP applicant, and 4 if you’re an LCP applicant.

EB 2012-2013 Structure LCP

LCVP Incoming Exchanges (ICX)

LCVP Talent Management (TM)

LCVP Business Development (BD)

LCVP Communications (COMM)

LCVP Outgoing Exchanges

LCVP Development & Learning (D&L)

LCVP Finance, Legal & Administration (FLA)

Application Process 1.

Please read the documents in detail.


Ask and compile all the information needed to complete the Application Questionnaire.


Ask 5 persons to complete your 360 Competency Assesment with time.


Make sure you get the endorsement letter(s) with time.


The deadline for submitting your application is Monday, December 5th at 11:59 pm (GMT – 5:00). It must be sent to with copy to .

Submitting your Application Name of your Application Package:

Example: Christian

If you’re applying for more than one position, two separate Application Packages must be submitted. You can use the same application video.

EB 2012-2013 Elections Timeline What?




Release of applications

Thru email directing to the EB 2012-2013 Elections Wiki in

Local Committee President 2011-2012

November 15th, 2011

Deadline for applying

Sending the application package to christian.kwiers@aies with copy to victor.velasquez@aies

All applicants

December 5th, 2011 at 11:59 pm (GMT -5:00)


Receipt confirmation after it’s verified that all documents are aligned with the requirements defined.

LCP together with Elections Committee.

December 6th, 2011

EB 2012-2013 Elections Timeline What?




Presentation of applications to the Local Plenary

All uploaded in the Elections Wiki

Elections Committee

December 7th, 2011

Question & Answers Session

Presential event where all applicants will answer questions from the the plenary and special guets.

All applicants

December 13th, 2011

Question & Answers Forum

Forum in where everyone can make questions to the candidates.

All applicants

Questions can be posted from Dec 14 until Dec 15. Applicants can answer until December 16th.


All EB members will be selected by direct vote.

All applicants, special guests and LC members (compulsory for Full status members)

December 17th, 2011

Post Elections Timeline What?




Individual Transition

Current EB will make transition to the new EB in individual meetings.

LCVP with LCVPe, and LCP with LCVPe

December 19th 2011 January 6th 2012

EB-2-EB Transition

Group transition

EB 2011 and EB 2012

January 7th – 8th 2012.


AIESEC in CAS’s Regional Planning conference.

All new EBs, MC and LC members.

January 14th – 16th, 2012

Start of EB 2012 – 2013 Term

Super ready!


February 1st, 2012

For any doubt on the selection process, please contact: Christian Kwiers LCP 2011-2012

Good luck in the selection process! You’re now on your way to be part of of LC UTP’s next generation of..


LC UTP EB 12/13 Application Booklet  

This is the application booklet for the Elections of the Executive Board 12-13 of AIESEC UTP (CAS-Panama)

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