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Adam Stowell, a shift manager at the Cardinal Glass factory in Winlock, holds a pair of work pants that would have fit him before he lost more than a hundred pounds following the installation of a wellness program at the factory. In addition to the steps he has taken at work, he has drastically changed his day-to-day habits. "I basically just eat half as much as I used to," Stowell said. Top: As part of an overall wellness program, Cardinal Glass factory workers take part in a group stretching exercise before each shift.

Workplace Changes Help Save Lives Fruit Instead of Donuts: Cardinal Glass Employee Loses 118 Pounds in Six Months; By Bianca Fortis

The Chronicle

EVALINE — In 2009 David Davies, a safety and training coordinator at Cardinal Glass, was riding bikes with his grandchildren in Port Angeles when he suffered a heart attack. Davies said it was a wake-up call for his fellow employees. “They thought, ‘Jeez, if that can happen to David, that can happen to anyone,’” he said. After other employees suffered heart attacks, Cardinal Glass started to make changes in the workplace. Vending machine snacks were replaced with healthier foods, fruit is provided to employees instead of donuts and employees in the Cold End Cutter Lab are required to stretch before beginning their shift. Many of these changes were requested by employees. The company also holds quarterly meetings featuring a health expert, such as a nutritionist or a nurse. Jana Dean, a fitness instructor at Centralia College, volunteered to present during one meeting. She spoke about the importance of exercise and told participants about the Cardiac Capri Rehabilitation class she teaches, a class designed for heart attack survivors and people at risk for heart disease. “It’s a big part of heart health — getting people inspired, motivated and educated about what exercise can do,” she said. Adam Stowell, a shift manager at Cardinal Glass, is one example of how beneficial the company’s changes have been. He said he’s been overweight his whole life, and his weight peaked at 425 pounds.

Stowell signed up for Dean’s class after hearing her speak. Combining a new diet with the exercise program helped him lose 118 pounds in six months. “Adam has just been a huge inspiration to the whole class,” Dean said. “It’s cool to see that transformation in somebody.” Stowell said changing his eating habits is the most beneficial change he has made. “I still eat whatever I want,” he said. “I just eat less.” He also cut out candy and soda and he eats more fruit now. And he hasn’t had fast food since January. “I have to remember it’s a life change, not just a diet,” he said. Stowell said before losing the weight, he had trouble participating in his favorite hobbies such as hiking and hunting because he would become out of breath. “My motivation was that maybe if I weighed less, I could still do the things I want to do,” he said. “And I want to be here for my wife.” Now his blood pressure has decreased and he no longer suffers from knee pain or acid reflux disease. Stowell said now he would like to inspire his colleagues to make healthier life changes as well. “But it’s got to be a personal choice for them too,” he said. “Unless they’re ready to lose weight, they won’t do it.” “I think they will want to try if we just give them the right information,” Davies said. ••• Bianca Fortis: (360) 807-8245

Above: Cardinal Glass factory workers stretch before each shift. Right: Jason Miller, a production technician at the Cardinal Glass factory in Winlock, take part in a group stretching exercise before his morning shift Friday.

Live Healthy • October 2011



2 • Live Healthy • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash. Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

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Diet Fads



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As anyone who's ever attempted dieting knows, advice on weight loss comes from every corner. Friends might swear by the latest dieting trend while family members may be just as adamantly convinced the trend doesn't have merit. So what's true and what's false? Simply put, combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep that weight off. While most adults are fully aware of that fact, that doesn't stop them from finding the latest fad and letting it dictate their eating habits for days or even weeks. For those about to diet, consider the following good and bad diet fads.

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• Excessive use of adhesive • Dentures that slip and click • Numerous repairs on teeth or denture base • Weight loss of 15 pounds or more • The “upside-down” smile when chewing

The Good

• Soreness caused by denture that lasts longer than 10 days • Annual examination of oral tissues to check for any evidence of oral pathology

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The Bad

Lesa LeDuc,


* One food can do it all: Nearly every dieter has heard of a diet that promises you can eat all you want of a specific food and still lose weight so long as that's all you're eating. However, focusing on a specific food is certain to deprive dieters of nutrients they sorely need. Cutting out entire food groups means dieters won't be enjoying a balanced diet. Also, dieters will begin to crave the foods they're not getting, which could lead to bingeing. Another side effect to one-food diets is that certain foods can cause some unenjoyable side effects, including dehydration or gastrointestinal problems. Look for balance in a diet, which should eliminate one-food diets from consideration.

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* Misguided vegetarianism: While vegetarianism isn't bad, dieters often apply it incorrectly. When applied correctly, a vegetarian diet has been linked to all sorts of benefits, including lower rates of obesity and heart disease. However, dieters often mistakenly eat a vegetarian diet with a foundation of cheese and pasta, which can actually cause weight gain. Carbohydrate-rich foods, while they might be vegetarian, will likely result in weight added as opposed to lost. When adopting a vegetarian diet, be sure to include whole grains and fruit and eat foods like nuts, beans or even tofu to ensure you're getting enough protein.

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* Lifestyle change: Individuals who want to lose weight should look for dietary tips that promote a change in lifestyle and not just changes in diet. Look for diets that don't have a time line, promoting fast weight loss in 'X' amount of weeks. A diet that promotes a long term commitment to eating healthy foods while also encouraging daily exercise is one that's likely going to be more successful and beneficial than one that promises significant weight loss in a short period of time.

* Bye-bye, carbohydrates: Arguably no diet is more popular than the one that advocates eliminating carbohydrates. This is problematic, especially for those who want to combine their healthy diet with exercise. Carbohydrates are ideal foods for boosting energy, which dieters will need if they want to exercise regularly. Nature’s most powerful Whole-grain antioxidant for glowing breads, oatmeal skin! Packed with a and brown rice super combination of are all beneficial antioxidants, it is rich in carbohydrate hydrating essential fatty sources. For acids, and nearly three those desiring to times the amount of eliminate some Vitamin E in olive oil. forms of carbs from their diets, 108 W. Pine eliminate white Centralia bread and white rice, as those are low in nutrients. When it comes to dieting, there are certainly plenty of options touting incredible weight loss in short periods of time. But dieters should always look for healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off, which often includes some combination by Maureen of a well-balanced diet that promotes 221 N. Tower Ave. Suite 311 • Centralia moderation. LH

• Five to seven years have passed without being replaced or refitted

* Portion control: Many diets emphasize the importance of portion control. Research has indicated it's not just what we eat that causes weight gain, but how much we're eating as well. In a study in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers found that cookies are 700 percent bigger than the suggested USDA standards. And it's not just cookies that are much bigger than recommended, as our servings of pasta (480 percent), muffins (333 percent) and bagels (195 percent) are much bigger than they should be. While not all diets that promote portion control are necessarily healthy, portion control on its own is a healthy way for everyone to approach their daily diet.


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Live Healthy • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash. Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011 • 3

Poor Posture? These exercises can help your posture, which could spare you back pain down the line

breath cycles and then return the arms back to shoulder height. Repeat five more times.


Strong transversus abdominus muscles, which are the deep back and abdominal muscles closest to your spine, protect your discs and nerves from impact, said Gokhale. Try it: Begin in push-up position, with

your arms straight. Imagine a straight line from your legs through your torso to your neck. Don't sag or lift your butt. If your shoulders are tensed toward your neck, roll them open, Gokhale said. Hold for up to a minute. This will "strengthen the muscles that keep your spine happy and lengthened," she said. LH

By Julie Deardorff Chicago Tribune

Poor posture can make you look 10 pounds heavier. It could sabotage a promotion. And slumped or hunched shoulders are a major reason why back pain affects 80 percent of Americans at some point in their life. "Poor posture isn't just disrespectful; it will ruin your spinal health and leads to a dreadful life," said Gloria Starr, an international business coach who teaches posture at her North Carolina finishing and etiquette school. When your frame is aligned - meaning your heels, knees, pelvis and neck are stacked on top of each other - it moves more efficiently, can carry heavier loads, tires less easily and is less susceptible to strain or injury. But the minute you sit down to update your Facebook page or drive to the store, you'll likely drop your chin, tilt your head forward and round or hunch your shoulders. This pulls your muscles and ligaments out of balance - some muscles grow tight while others become weak - leading to back and neck pain, headaches, fatigue and other problems. Still, it takes years to develop slouched shoulder syndrome and vulture neck, conditions that can't be reversed overnight. Simply increasing physical activity doesn't necessarily help; when a person with bad posture becomes more active it's "like driving around with a crooked axle and hoping that the driving will straighten it out," said Esther Gokhale, founder of the Gokhale Method, which treats chronic pain through postural adjustments.


If you're having pain, get your posture assessed by a physical or occupational therapist who can test muscle strength and flexibility, and can make adjustments to your work station if you have a sedentary job. The following exercises can also help strengthen the muscles that grow overused and tight.

the back of the disc," she said. Try it: Move one shoulder forward, upward and as far backward as you comfortably can without significantly moving your body. Gently slide your shoulder blade down along your spine. Your shoulder may settle further back than usual. Repeat on the other side.

5-minute rest:

The eyes are often overlooked when it comes to posture. Once they're overused or fatigued, the head moves forward, taking us out of alignment, said Donna Eshelman, a Los Angeles-based Feldenkrais practitioner who teaches posture improvement to desk workers. Try it: Lie on your back for five minutes. "Cup" your eyes by interlacing your fingers and placing the heels of your hands on your cheekbones and outer eyes to block out the light. This will help "oxygenate your fatigued muscles, improve breathing and restore your alignment," said Eshelman. Repeat once an hour.

Towel chest stretch:

To keep the shoulders from rounding forward, stretch out the chest muscles and strengthen the mid-upper back, said fitness expert Tracey Mallett, a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Try it: Stand tall with your legs shoulder-width apart, holding a rolled-up bath towel - one end in each hand, said Mallett. Keeping the bath towel taut, reach the arms forward at shoulder height. Exhale and pull the arms up and as far back as you can; you should feel a stretch in the pectoral muscles. Hold for two

OJ Squeeze:

When shoulders hunch, the muscles that stabilize the shoulder - the rhomboids and mid-trapezius muscles - become weak. Try it: Pretend you're holding an orange between your shoulder blades and try to squeeze it to make juice by bringing the shoulder blades (scapula) down and together, said physical therapist Paul Drew, the author of the book "Red Carpet Posture." Hold for 10 seconds. You'll also stretch out the front of your shoulders, which may be tight from slouchy desk posture.

Shoulder Roll:


Hunching the back forward compresses the front section of certain spinal discs and squeezes the contents backward, similar to squeezing one side of a s'more, said Gokhale, author of "8 Steps to a PainFree Back." "Over time, this action wears and tears the fibrous exterior at

Unique ways to raise money for a good cause When a cause is near and dear to a person's heart, that individual would do just about anything to lend a helping hand. Be it volunteering their time or donating their money, men and women who identify with a worthy cause are often ready and willing to help out in any way possible. One of the things charities are always in need of is financial assistance. Some charities have stronger fundraising arms than others, but all charities rely on donations to carry out their missions. In addition to donating from their own coffers, charitable men and women can raise money for others in a number of unique ways. To make any of the following fundraising operations even more successful, be sure to get the word out to friends, family and neighbors. Use social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook to inform others of your fundraising operation. Send out a mass e-mail and invite people to contribute and take part in the operation. The more people you reach, the bigger a difference you can make. Recycle old items. These days nearly everything can be recycled and used again in some capacity. Cell phones, printer cartridges and, of course, bottles and cans can all be recycled, and retailers and recycling centers typically offer money in exchange for such items. Get the word out to friends, family and coworkers that you will be collecting old electronics for charity and ask them to bring them to the office or set aside a weekend afternoon when you will drive around and pick them up. Many people know they can recycle items like cell phones and printer cartridges, but simply don't have the time to do so. When collecting bottles and cans, distribute flyers around the neighborhood and ask neighbors to set aside their bottles and cans so you can come pick them up on a predetermined date. Once all of these items have been collected and dropped off at a nearby retailer or recycling center in exchange for cash, donate the proceeds to your favorite charity. Exercise for charity. Another unique way to raise money for charity is to participate in a charitable walk or run and solicit sponsors who agree to donate in support of your efforts. Over the years, such walks and runs have grown increasingly visible, and increasingly successful for charities. For example, Montreal's annual "Weekend to End Women's Cancers" (formerly known as the "Weekend to End Breast Cancer") saw its nearly 2,000 participants walk and raise $4.3 million in 2011. The event has been around for seven years, and during that time, has raised $45 million. Similar events exist

for a variety of causes and charities, and all participants have to do is solicit sponsors, be it individuals and/or local businesses, and then show up and walk. Party for a good cause. Everyone enjoys a good party, so why not host a gathering of friends and family and require all guests to make a donation to a specific cause. Since it's customary for party guests to bring a gift such as a bottle of wine or a dessert, tell guests this custom is being relaxed for the night in exchange for charitable donations. Sports fans who love a good tailgate can inform fellow revelers that they'll be collecting for a good cause at the next game. Host a movie night for friends and family. Today's home theater systems aren't much different from the systems at the local movie theater. Large flat screen televisions coupled with sound systems have turned many living rooms into mini movie theaters. Why not use this to your favorite charity's advantage? In lieu of dinner and a movie out on the town, order some takeout, pop some popcorn and invite friends and family over for movie night. Encourage guests to donate at the door what they might otherwise spend during a night out on the town. When it comes to raising money for a good cause, men and women can employ a number of creative techniques that are fun and fruitful. LH

Participating in charity-sponsored events, including 5Ks, is one way men and women can raise money for a good cause.

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“I’m back on the road again, thanks to Capital Medical Center!” John Miller loves driving his 1947 Mercury street rod. The customized two-door coupe has won 112 awards at car shows across the country, including Best of Show 12 times. But this past April, John was afraid he might not be able to drive what he affectionately calls “The Candy Car.” That’s because John’s right foot had become infected. If the infection grew and reached the bone, amputation of the foot was a possibility. Dr. Steven Standaert, an infectious disease specialist with Capital Medical Center, took charge of John’s case and admitted him to the hospital for treatment. “Everybody on the third floor was absolutely great,” says John. “I can’t tell you how

Live Healthy • October 2011

4 • Live Healthy • The Chronicle, Centralia/Chehalis, Wash. Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

– John Miller

many times someone asked me if I needed anything. The care I received was remarkable.” After a week in the hospital, John started his outpatient treatment, visiting Capital Medical Center three times a day for three weeks for an infusion of antibiotics. “The people who helped me were super,” remembers John. “On my final visit, they threw me a last-treatment party. They had balloons and sparkling cider. They even had a sugar-free cake because I’m a diabetic. That just shows you how thoughtful they are. Because of the surgical expertise of Dr. Stephen Snow and the great care I received, I would choose Capital over any hospital in town.”

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Live Healthy  

October, 2011. Workplace changes help save lives.