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CONTENT NEW TITLES SPRING 2023 3 Leadership by Design The essential guide to transforming you as a leader 4 Design, Play, Change A Playful Introduction to Design Thinking 5 Favors An I-owe-you card game for fun couples 6 The Impact Plan Rethinking to day, remaking tomorrow, designing a better world 7 Swipe Being online 24/7 - 302 Pictures 8 Lick it Challenge the way you experience food 9 Play With Shapes Memory Game 10 11 12 13 14 This Human - Design Character Know who you are as a designer Twins Memory Game 3 Match the Twins! Design for Sustainability Survival Guide Design Thinking and Social Construction A Practical Guide to Innovation in Research RECENTLY PUBLISHED

Leadership by Design

The essential guide to transforming you as a leader

Every leader is different; there is no one-size-fits-all solution that someone can copy. Leaders are human, with different personalities, personal preferences, and styles of communication, meaning that no two leaders can be the same. Instead of prescribing constrictive frameworks to force the reader into a cookie-cutter style of leadership, Leadership by Design acts as a mentor, guiding them towards finding their own unique style of leadership.

This book is crafted as a self-development journey, providing the tools that one needs –no matter whether they’re a CEO, a community leader, a freelancer or something entirely different – to find out what leadership means to them. Balancing cutting-edge theory with useful tips, data, and tasks, this self-guided course will help facilitate a transformation towards becoming the type of leader the reader has always believed they can be.

Info April 2023 paperback with flaps 240 pages 23 x 17 cm $ 26.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 648 1


Lea de r shi p by De si gn


Over the past two decades, Aga Szóstek, PhD, has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, such as Google, Philips, Microsoft, Samsung, Canon Santander, Orange, ING, and many more. By intersecting the fields of design, business, and technology, she helps product teams and boardrooms utilize an experienced-focused strategic approach within their organizations. Using her refined skills, she also acts as a mentor for executives around the globe, helping them to incorporate strategic approaches and facilitate change in their organizations.

Szòstek is the author of The Umami Strategy: stand out by mixing business with experience design and is a founding partner of the World Experience Organization.

Captains of Leadership 978 90 6369 619 1

•This book can be of great use for leadership coaches as it offers them an organized process in which they can redefine leadership for and with their coachees

•The author will be touring throughout Europe and USA, speaking at conventions, conferences, and seminars

with support of Phillip Collins
The essential guide to transforming you as a leader
Build your Facilitative Confidence need to start working with type leadership that empowers mind and high energy level to get the most out of your crew. organisations. Put partner of the Design Thinkers Academy Captains of Leadership Alwin Put
from the author of TheUmamiStrategy Aga Szóstek, PhD

Design, Play, Change A Playful Introduction to Design Thinking

Design, Play, Change is a game and a book providing 39 design method cards and 1 game board that will help shift the creative process of the users and help them work collaboratively to overcome challenges they face.

This book is designed for those looking to enter into the world of design thinking, the easy-to-follow game format makes this an accessible, light-hearted, yet powerful place to begin. Balancing a detailed knowledge of the field with design methods that bring out creative ways of thinking, the book is a must-have for those looking for a unique way to overcome challenges. From students and teachers to passionate entrepreneurs and project managers, these games can be put to use by everyone.

Whether facing societal, ecological, cultural, organizational, or strategic problems, Design Play, Change helps users collaboratively develop action plans for positive change.

Info March 2023

boxed set 104 pages + 40 cards 21 x 14.8 cm $ 34.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 649 8


Agnes Willenborg has made striking contributions within both professional and academic spheres of design. Working in many leading roles in internationally renowned brands and leading the development of art and design education, her impact is vast. Willenborg is also cited as the co-founder of Lijn Vier, which was the very first multi-media agency within the Netherlands.

Prof. dr. ir. Wina Smeenk has years of industry experience working as a designer and innovation strategist for a range of renowned international businesses. Within the academic sphere, she has co-developed a range of design-oriented educational programs and she currently works as a Professor in Societal Impact Design.



Creative Reboot 978 90 6369 632 0

NEW TITLES WINA SMEENK AGNES WILLENBORG evaluates the challenge from a reflective and empathic mindset. In this role, the players will reflect on the challenge and the con feelings. They can do this based on their own experience or try to put themselves in thoughts and experiences. In this role, the players will focus more on people and on the context in which the stakeholders operate. By putting themselves in other stakeholders’ shoes, the players will gain greater under standing of one another and the other people with stake in the challenge, which hugely facilitates the quest for chances for change. team members gain insight into the motives, aspirations and convictions of the people involved and notice problems and perspec the role of the empathiser, the players find answers to questions that would otherwise never have occurred to them, which boosts understanding for players who have a different viewpoint or experience, as well as improving the interaction within the player team. The empathy that is generated also facilitates the creative mindset and inspires creative action. can change and transform the lives of people and bring about fundamental and disruptive societal change. The Empathiser The empathiser in Design,Play, Change will put themselves in the shoes of the person who challenge. When players empathiser, they respond intuitively, they feel emotionally involved, they listen, they share personal stories and experiences, they respond spontaneously and off the cuff, and they are not CHANGE DESIGN PLAY GAMEBOARD example THE CREATOR Agnes Willenborg Wina Smeenk (2022) PROVOCATIVE PROTOTYPES Push the boundaries WHY To discover where the boundaries of acceptance lie. HOW Divide the team into groups. Both groups will select one sub-aspect of by using a ready-made symbolic attribute or one that has been created using the available materials. Expand this sub-aspect, make it ‘abrasive’ that access must be granted to personal data take from them and ask for the access code. Why and when would the player give you the code or not? After 10 minutes, team B will be confronted with team A’s situation and attribute. Note down their reactions and responses. Subsequently, team will be confronted with team B’s situation and attribute. Note down their reactionsandresponses. Afterwards, discuss what caught your attention and what possible opportunities exist to improve the Envisioning. OUTCOME Identification of dilemmas in the Envisioning concept and how you can overcome them.
toolkit (for change) combining design and theory of design and play
•Book and game in one product, supporting stakeholders to familiarise with Design Thinking
•Authors are well known experts in transformation and co-design and have been using the book with various organisations for a couple of years


An I-owe-you card game for fun couples

Favors is a humorous I-owe-you card game for couples to help square life out. Navigating the maze of life’s gives and takes often gets us lost. Whenever we take more than we give there is trouble afoot and although you can often kiss and make-up, sometimes a kiss alone just will not cut it. This is where Favors come in. This set of cards enables you to rebalance the scale whenever you have neglected chores, lost your love’s gloves, shrunk their favourite woollen sweater, missed their birthday or forgot date-night. Simply offer them a random Favor and redeem yourself.

There are 36 cards in the mix that either grant a super power or a pardon. Like being royalty for a day or having your significant other do a full house scrub, without you having to lift a finger. Whenever you find yourself in a fix, give a Favor. Or better yet. Get one.

Info May 2023 box with cards 36 cards 12 x 8.5 cm $ 19.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 653 5


Pascal Rotteveel is an Amsterdam based, award winning Creative Director and former Executive Creative Director at VICE. Currently he works as a Creative Director at the design, innovation and experience agency Jam3. In preparation for his recent fatherhood, he created this field guide.

Amé Maassen is an HR Business Partner at VICE. Alongside her professional pursuits, she loves to express herself creatively, using new mediums to spark her passion. From ceramics and food to fashion and now card game creation, Amé loves to push the boundaries of where creativity can take you.

978 90 6369 582 8

NEW TITLES 5 REVERSE CINDERELLA A house clean from head to toe. No need to lift a finger. No glass slipper can bail them out. FAVORS_CARDS_85X120MM_PMS072C_806C.indd 13 20/06/2022 14:33 KISSED BY THE COOK Your ticket to a home cooked, two course dinner. TV dinners aren’t allowed. FAVORS_CARDS_85X120MM_PMS072C_806C.indd 8 20/06/2022 14:33 ROYALTY FOR A DAY You call the shots for 24 hours. Whatever thy demands, it shall be done with a smile. Like true royalty thy shalt also keep it civil. FAVORS_CARDS_85X120MM_PMS072C_806C.indd 1 20/06/2022 14:33
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•Great gift potential •Fun and conversation starter / Relationships •Strong appeal to Millenials and design lovers - VICE audience

The Impact Plan

The Impact Plan is a detailed decision-making framework that guides students and creative professionals to quickly assess the future impact of their creative projects.

While formulated with designers in mind, the method elaborated within this book will help industry and academia professionals cycle through potential contexts and project influences in order to determine the impact these may have on both the individual and humanity. Moving through the fundamentals of decision-making and impact-centered thinking, The Impact Plan gives the reader a playful framework for planning and prioritising project-based activities and experiences.

Structured over four main sections which follow The Hero’s Journey, touching on introducing the journey, explaining adversities, deploying the tool, and reflection, moving through this framework will help drive the user to sharpen the craft of thinking. Balancing multiple contexts and providing room for personalisation, this adaptable text will become the reader’s go-to impact-making tool when faced with a pool of different calls and possibilities.

Info April 2023

with flaps 144 pages 23 x 16.5

25.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 654 2

•The only book based on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ concept


Catarina Lelis, Ph.D., is Senior Lecturer in Sciences and Technologies of Communication at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. She was the co-founder of a publishing start-up and of the Portuguese Association for Innovation and Creativity in Organisations. In 2013, she was awarded an Entrepreneurship Prize in Silicon Valley, US. She is the author of four design-related software user manuals and has been published extensively for her work on dynamic visual identities, user/consumer experience, brand design, and impact-oriented ecologies.


•Author is already translating the tool to Spanish and Portuguese

•Strong network in Design and Branding international events and community

Designing for the Common Good 978 90 6369 408 1

•A training course is being developed and it has potential for being part of several Design courses reading lists (within the authors networks)

NEW TITLES Catarina Lelis Introducing the hero... Now what? The Impact Plan So, thank you! Yes, we’re thanking you! Thank you for buying or borrowing or stealing this book. Our publisher may not like the latter option, but the truth is, if you had to nick this book from somewhere, most likely it was because you want to read it. Which you are! So, again, thank you: •for reading this book, for trying to find your vocational home turf, •for being a hands-on kind of person, for conceiving yourself as an innovative hero – even if just for one day. How the book is organised Although the language is deemed to not be complex nor does it follow any specific industry or domain related jargon, small glossary of terms has been prepared for your convenience. You must have bumped into it already. As for the main body of contents... OK, let’s admit it: given the way we’ve been introducing The Impact Plan and its spectacular qualities – which we’re convinced you will confirm at the end profile too. In fairness, we do also have bigger purpose, which The Impact Plan positively change the world. Grounded in the work of Joseph Campbel — who hammered out the metaphor for the journey of transformation that heroes in every time and place seem to share — Scott Allison, Professor of Psychology at the University of Richmond, US, says “hero stories illuminate your true purpose in four ways: You will go on journey; You will grow from adversity; You will assemble team of allies, and You will give back to society”. Thousand Faces That’s why we organised this book following the famous monomyth widely known as the Hero’s Journey: 29 28 What’s your ikigai? Sakura “Cherry What you love This should include all things that make you feel good and happy, as in list of things you’re passionate about. Your Passion What you’re good at This will highlight your talents, what you know you can master, both with the skills you currently have and with the Your profession What you can be paid for use any of your talents or knowledge? Note that what you can be paid for may differ from what you’re good at. Your vocation What the world needs List the needs of your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, country or even an external community somewhere remote. The needs you sincerely believe you could engage with. Your mission What you love Yes, revisit all things that make you feel good and happy, now to overlap with the list above. + = + =
cm $
Rethinking today, remaking tomorrow, designing a better world

Swipe Being online 24/7 302 Pictures

Your world in a pocket.

Swipe is a book about you and your phone. Your phone is like a body part; if you leave it somewhere, you feel incomplete. You now communicate more with your smartphone than with your loved ones. Your smartphone is the mirror you hold up to yourself and your connection to the world. Swipe is a book full of tips, images, critical notes and above all an inspiring book about the impact of the smartphone and how it changes your life.

Info April 2023 paperback 212 pages 18.5 x 13.5 cm $ 20.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 657 3



Mieke Gerritzen is a designer, curator and a future thinker. She is fascinated by and takes a critical look at technological developments and visual culture that influence human life. Gerritzen has more than ten books to her name and has made more than twenty high-profile exhibitions in recent years. She was General Director of MOTI, Museum of the Image until January 1, 2017 and is currently Creative Lead at Next Nature.

Ieva Jakusa is a designer working in the field of printed media, sculpture, and experience design. Throughout her multi-disciplinary approach, she focuses on creative strategy and how to capture and re-frame what is already there. Ieva is an alumnus of Design Academy Eindhoven and has participated in such events as Dutch Design Week, Salon de Mobile, and several group exhibitions.


•The autors will be touring throughout Europe, US and Asia, speaking at conventions, conferences and seminars

•SWIPE will be connected to the SWIPE movie which will be launched together with the book

My Photography Toolbox 978 90 6369 504 0


Lick it Challenge the way you experience food

Through 24 unique challenges, a diverse range of angles, and detailed insights into the world of food design, Lick It will radically transform your relationship to food.

Whether mealtimes are your favourite part of the day or you are in the camp of ‘eat to live’, rather than ‘live to eat, this book will help you reshape how you think about food. Much more than just body fuel, food is political, it is social, it is exciting and constantly shifting and changing.

With a striking balance between creative tools and cutting-edge theory, these 30 chapters will examine everything from food politics and sex to hunger and queer food. Lick It is not a cookbook. Rather, it is an ultimate food experience, helping you challenge your mind and develop your taste buds.

Info April 2023 paperback 224 pages 24 x 16 cm $ 22.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 650 4

Also available in Dutch ISBN 978 90 6369 656 6


Marije Vogelzang is a pioneer in the field of eating design, being described as a ‘Grand Dame’ in the field (De Volkskrant). After spending the first 7 years of her career directing two experimental restaurants, she decided to take her work to the global stage, focusing on solo exhibitions. In 2008, her book EAT LOVE was published, which provided insight into the first 10 years of her career.

Alongside international recognition for her work, she was also a finalist of the World technology awards in the design section.

Maar ook als jij iemand bent die niet van natte troep houdt kun je je leven zintuigelijk rijker ma ken door de vorm of de geur van eten te bewonderen. Misschien voelt een rijpe perzik gewoon heel lekker in je hand en neemt de geur je mee naar zinnelijke zomeravonden.

Luxe dineren komt misschien het dichtst bij volwassen gastronomisch genot maar voor onze zintuigen hoeven we geen reservering te maken. Die hebben we altijd bij ons. Foodporn is niet voor niets zo populair. We eten zoals we porno beleven. We kiezen dat wat er lekker uit ziet en eten snel en efficient totdat we weer gevuld zijn zodat we weer verder kunnen met de dag. Het is heus lekker en we genieten er zeker van maar het stompt ook af. Wat als ik een lekker geil broodje voor je maak met een gepocheerd eitje met peper en zout en een klontje smeltende boter er bovenop? Kom jij het dan opeten alsof je voor het eerst eeroodje eet? Alsof je nog nooit boter van je lippen hebt gelikt? Alsof de zilte nasmaak met een spoortje azijn voor het eerst van je leven in je mond ligt uit te rusten. Alsof je voor het eerst van je leven wordt aangeraakt. Voor het eerst wordt gekust. Vol overgave.

Ik sprak met Kaye Winwood Food artist, gespecialiseerd in sensuele eetervaringen, Birmingham UK: ‘Wat me vooral opvalt, dat mensen zeggen dat het eigenlijk zo lekker is om hun hand af te likken, om hun zintuigen te gebruiken en echt, diep en sensueel van eten te genieten. Het gekke is dat ze iedere dag eten maar dat expliciet van hun eten genieten, met al hun zinnelijke zintuigen, iets is waar ze toestemming voor nodig lijken te hebben. We hebben iedere dag de kans om een zinnelijke ervaring te hebben en we kunnen dit ook allemaal voelen maar weinig mensen omarmen genot werkelijk als ze eten. Als ik eten en sex aan elkaar verbind kom je op een terrein van schaamte terecht. We hebben allemaal zintuigen, een heel lijf vol, maar als we eten staan we bijna niet toe om ons echt over te geven aan het plezier en genot van eten. Het wordt zo vaak in het leven afge daan als iets onbelangrijks. Mensen eten om zich te voeden, soms is wat ze eten en politieke keuze, maar weinig mensen eten echt puur en alleen voor genot. Mensen houden zich in als ze Niet dat ze niet genieten maar van werkelijke overgave is eigenlijk geen sprake. Ik wil met mijn werk mensen uitnodigen om dat lijf, wat ze toch al hebben, echt te voelen op een sensuele manier en dan met eten. Het eigenlijk een soort mindfulness omdat als je echt even stil staat en in het nu met al je aandacht eet dan krijg je toegang tot genot. Er zijn genoeg initiatieven die eten met sex verbinden maar vaak zijn die heel platvloers. Ik ben niet geïnteresseerd in sushi van elkaars lijf af eten. Mijn werk gaat over zinnelijkheid, ver beeldingskracht en simpelweg plezier. Over het werkelijk omarmen van diepgeworteld geil ge not maar ook over emancipatie en zelfbeschikkingsrecht van vrouwen. Het gaat namelijk meer om het toestaan van genot dan het genieten zelf. Sex en orgasmes zijn nog steeds onderdeel Ik gebruik eten om een andere sensuele taal aan te bieden om ruimte te maken voor een ruimere interpretatie van genot. Misschien is het een cultureel fenomeen wat vooral voor vrouwen van een bepaalde

leeftijd geldt maar ik merk dat het voor veel vrouwen heel fijn is om stap voor stap het taboe los te laten en zich te kunnen overgeven aan een fysieke ervaring waarin ze werkelijk intiem kunnen worden door middel van eten. Ik zie mijn werk als een culturele uitnodiging tot jezelf want ik schep een situatie waar de ander zelf iets mee kan doen. Ik zie kunst als iets wat van het publiek een deelnemer maakt in plaats van een toeschouwer. Kinderen kunnen eten soms echt fysiek ervaren door te ruiken, te likken of met aandacht te luisteren naar het geluid van hun eten. Misschien klinkt dit vreemd als je het hebt over sensualiteit maar dit is wel de sensualiteit die ik wil opzoeken. Door de kinderlijke verwondering en speelse ontdekkingen die je als kind deed te omarmen als volwassene. Ik maak soms eetbare parfum die je van je huid af likt. De warmte van je huid vermengt zich met de geur van het parfum en de zachte, natte streling van je tong op je huid. Alleen dit is al een heel opwindende sensatie. De brug tussen dat wat we dagelijks eten en mijn sensuele eetervaringen vind ik het meest interessant. Want waarom zouden we niet expliciet sensueel genieten van wat we dagelijks eten? Mindful eten mag ook opwindend zijn. Zouden we dan niet veel meer plezier hebben? Veel meer respect hebben voor ons eten en ook voor ons lichaam. Ik denk dat we een enorme kans laten liggen. Eigenlijk is het respectloos als we eten en niet echt genieten. Ik denk dat een hernieuwde zintuigelijke relatie met eten een weg kan vrijmaken naar een gezonder dieet. Eten kan je helpen om meer bewust te worden van je lijf. Niet alleen door te merken wat het met je doet als je het opeet maar vooral ook door te merken wat het met je doet voor je het opeet.En dat toe te staan.’

16 17


Ik weet niet of het nodig is om uit te leggen waarom het volgens mij waardevol om met meer overgave en genot je eten te eten. Ik kom uit een calvinistisch land waar eten van oudsher word gezien als een noodzakelijk kwaad en sex als verplichting om de soort in stand te houden. Nu ik dat zo schrijf voel ik een lichte depressie opkomen en denk ik dat het wel goed is om uit te leggen. Natuurlijk wordt door veel mensen eten en sex niet meer gezien als nood-zakelijk kwaad maar toch bespeur ik deze houding nog wel in veel mensen. Mensenetensnel,achterdecomputer, iets uit een knijptube, in de auto. Volgens onderzoekers hebben we tegenwoordig ook minder sex. Of de kwaliteit ook minder is dat weet ik niet, maar op het moment dat je het niet hebt, kun je er ook niet fysiek van genieten denk ik.

Genieten wordt met deze levenshouding iets voor speciale gelegenheden. Zinnelijk genot iets wat een geheime aangelegenheid is waar je je voor moet afzonderen. Een taboe. Lekker geilen op een sappige perzik die je langzaam en wellustig naar binnen werkt terwijl het sap langs je kin loopt roept gene op bij anderen die ook koffie willen halen bij de koffie automaat. Stel je voor dat je met iedere appel of boterham met pindakaas de liefde bedrijft. Waarachtig, bewust en liefdevol. Met rode blosjes, een diepere ademhaling en fantasievolle gedachten. Alsof je honderdduizend kleine octopusnapjes hebt die je oren, je neus, je vingers, je tong, álles met elkaar verbindt en dat je die sensatie tot in het diepste van je lijf toestaat om er van te genieten.

Want je hébt al die zintuigen. Je hoeft het alleen maar toe te staan.

Te vaak zijn we bang voor de afkeuring van anderen dat we vergeten dat het gewoon mag, je over geven aan het sensuele genot van eten. Het volgende recept, wat Kaye vaak gebruikt bij haar diners, nodigt je uit om je natuurlijke gereedschappen (Je handen, je lippen, je huid) hiervoor te gebruiken.Leg de dooier op je hand, voel hoe hij over je huid heen glijdt en hap en lik hem van je hand. Of van de hand van iemand anders.

naakte, langzaam gegaarde eierdooiers • Verwarm je oven voor op een lage stand. Rond 55°C • Vul een lage ovenschaal met olie (olijf- of raapzaadolie). • Splits het aantal eieren wat je wil gebruiken en laat de dooier heel. We gebruiken alleen de dooiers. Gebruik het eiwit voor iets anders. • Laat de dooiers voorzichtig op een lepel glijden en leg ze zachtjes in de olie. • Zet de hele schaal in het midden van de oven en laat 60 minuten konfijten. • Deoliemoetnietteheetzijn. Je kunt er gemakkelijk je vinger in steken maar ook niet te koud zodat ze niet garen. • Als je een kookthermometer hebt gebruik die dan. •Als de dooiers bijna klaar de handpalmen goede olijfolie. Kaye gebruikt truffelolie. • Haal de schaal voorzichtig uit de oven en neem 1 voor 1 de dooiers uit de olie. • Leg de dooier op de hand van je gasten en besprenkel hem met gerookt zout. • Nodig je gasten uit om de dooier van hun hand af te eten. tips: • Gebruik een thermometer om de olie op de juiste temperatuur te houden. • Hoe kleiner de schaal, hoe minder olie je hoeft te gebruiken. • Het is belangrijk dat de dooiers helemaal onder staan anders drogen ze uit. • Alle olie die overgebleven is kan gefilterd worden door een koffiefilter en opnieuw gebruikt. Je kunt er bijvoorbeeld saffraan, tijm of chili in laten rusten en deze olie gebruik volgendeeetervaring.Zorgervoordatdeolieonderde60°Cblijft!

18 19


Food Futures 978 90 6369 517 0

•Strong gift
•Marije Vogelzang is a pioneer in the field of eating design •In 2016 she founded the Dutch Institute of Food & Design. She launched the world’s first Food Design Award: The Future Food Design Award

Play With Shapes Memory Game

Play With Shapes Memory Game contains 60 cards illustrated with unique geometric figures on both sides of the cards. Apart from the traditional memory game, the cards can be used in a completely different way: you can create a large geometric pattern with the back of the cards. This game stimulates your imagination of making figures of geometric shapes.

A great gift for creative people of all ages.

Anja Brunt is a graphic and animation designer from Amsterdam with a great love for toy design. Her graduate project on Artez (University of Arts) was an educative play object to teach school children about ‘Time’. After art school, she worked for 20 years at 2 design agencies. Currently, she works as a freelancer creating her own projects. She was featured in magazines like Flow, Frankie, and Libelle Blos

Info March 2023 box with cards 60 cards 14 x 14 cm $ 17.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 651 1

NEW TITLES 9 Play with Shapes cards fontside final 1.indd 01/06/2022 12:46 Play with Shapes cards fontside final 1.indd 4 01/06/2022 12:46 Play with Shapes cards fontside final 1.indd 01/06/2022 12:46 Play with Shapes cards fontside final 1.indd 01/06/2022 12:46 Play with Shapes cards fontside final 1.indd 10 01/06/2022 12:46 Play with Shapes cards fontside final 1.indd 12 01/06/2022 12:46
Related Optical Illusions Game 978 90 6369 388 6
•Creative gift potential •Play the memory game or build big geometric patterns with the back of the cards

This Human - Design Character Know who you are as a designer

Design Character explores the values, ethics, and motivations behind every designer, helping the reader to navigate introspection and find out how their morals are situated within the world of design.

Perfect for a designer or someone that’s simply looking to become more aware of the values that lie behind every action they take, this book is created for those wanting to develop their introspective skills.

Design Character is structured over seven chapters, moving through different pillars of identities and building to the final character Blueprint, which draws everything together. This summative experience helps designers to increase their confidence, potency, and their understanding of the impact they have.

As the world becomes increasingly complicated, Design Character helps us look inwards to give us the tools to deal with the outside world.


Dr Melis Senova is an industry leader, having 20 years of glittering experience, a unique approach that combines system thinking, design, and neuroscience, and a PhD in Human Factors. Amongst a range of industry achievements, she has even been appointed to boards that advise the Australian government on topics like innovation, economic growth, culture, and creativity.

Alongside her work with local, state, and federal governments, Melis has founded her own strategic design firm (Huddle), which has won multiple international awards. A highly-regarded thought leader, advisor, and mentor to high-performing leaders across the globe, Melis has become an acclaimed figure in human-centred design.

This Human 978 90 6369 460 9

•Focus on the Human Factors of Design

•The text is conversational in style and fun and engaging to read

•This Human - previous title published by BIS - has been incorporated into Harvard / Stanford Design School (as of 2018)

NEW TITLES FRONT SPINE MELIS SENOVA, P hD SECOND BOOK IN THE 'THIS HUMAN' SERIES design character design character 01 This chapter is a with your own values in how you design. Because they sit in the background and direct your attention, influence the meaning you make and actions you take. Knowing them helps you understand why you like certain types of design, contexts tools. It also develops your mindedness about what else you ought to be paying we start with values Our values direct our attention and motivate our behaviours. Knowing yours will help you understand what you are naturally drawn towards and away from in your work. self direction POWER tradition STIMULATION hedonism BENEVOLENCE EXERCISE 1.1 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR OWN VALUES This exercise helps you become familiar with your own values so you have a benchmark to keep referring back to. And as result of living, you will no doubt priorities. This is why this work is evergreen, it is a practice that invite you to embed into how you know yourself to be as designer. Follow the link provided in the text or in the A little story...  groups now, and there is always sense of weirdness that occurs when you are surprised about one of your values. Power was one of her primary values. She was quite resistant to that at first because of her personal perspective in dominant way, not did she like that maybe she is motivated by social status or bad, it is not right or wrong. The way your values are expressed, and in the context of this book, the way they are what is critical. When she realised this she was able to see the most important aspect of this framework (circumflex), which is stronger values and seeing the interplay between power and universalism had her transmute those feelings of resistance wants to express herself in the world. CREATE YOUR VALUES SUMMARY The size of the bubble in the outputs reflects its importance. Click on each of the bubbles in its short description. I’ve arranged mind in three columns, you’re welcome to do the same. Use the following questions to unpack 1.What did you notice when you first received your results? 2.Which values are you proud of? 3.Which values are you resistant towards? 5. What do you think is missing? THIS IS A SNAPSHOT. you are a person. 03 Info April
cm $
with flaps 224 pages
x 19.2
978 90 6369 652

Twins Memory Game 3 Match the Twins!

The Twins Memory Game tests your ability to distinguish pairs from a whole set. Selecting photos of identical twins from all over the world, the photos of them revealing their unique styles and identities. Can you search through the masses and find the pair of twins?

With different poses and expressions, at first glance you may only see different people - but, as you look closer, striking resemblances will start to form. Take your time or race against the clock to see if you can find all identical twins in the Twins Memory Game

The third edition of this beloved game has new twins, new world-class photography, and a new background scheme to keep you on your toes!

Info March 2023 box 60 cards 14.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm $ 18.00 ISBN 978 90 6369 655 9


Maaike Strengholt, Amsterdam, Creative cultural programmer and producer for festivals, theatre and nightlife. Clothing and props designer for photography, film, theatre and life. Education: Design Academy Eindhoven.

Ottilie Maters, Amsterdam, Self-thought artist uses photography, film and multimedia to capture growth, empathy and understanding. With a big passion for subcultures, countercultures and taboo labelled topics she dedicates her work to visually research the movement of human culture.

gift potential •The third edition of this beloved game with new twins

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Design for Sustainability Survival Guide

Design for Sustainability Survival Guide concerns all the details on applying sustainability requirements in design. It is a critical and concise overview of the important facts from all imaginable angles. The book is written and illustrated to inform, support and inspire future designers.

The guide covers everything in sustainability: from personal reader experience to universal guiding principles, from energy use and the flow of materials, to the role of time, consumption, use, circularity and reduction.

It includes tips, principles and guidelines to nourish design projects from start to finish. New approaches beyond the conventional are introduced and current assumptions on economics, technology and design are pointed out throughout the book.

22.99 ISBN 978 90 6369 639 9


Conny Bakker is professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy at TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Ed van Hinte is an author, design critic and educator focusing on the consequences of mass reduction.

Yvo Zijlstra is a graphic-, editorial- and digital media designer.

•A critical and concise guide for product- and industrial designers, students, researchers and consultants working on design matters •Authors are acclaimed in their fields: professor of Design for Sustainability at the TU Delft, an acclaimed design critic and a prize winning graphic designer

NEW TITLES IDEALS SCIENCE ECONOMY SCARCITY PROSPERITY EDUCATION COMMUNICATION POLITICS RESOURCES ETHICS CULTURE BEHAVIOUR MATERIALS PRODUCTS ENERGY SERVICES DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABILITY SURVIVAL GUIDE 1.6 YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE Ambition We’re not asking you to be hugely ambitious and save the world. On your own you can’t remove all the garbage from every beach. It’s all about proportion. You certainly should be eager to improve things, but you’d better limit your efforts to your own circle of influence. Ambition is personal. When taking up a challenge, there’s always that inner voice whispering ‘as best you can’. And you’re not alone. Commitment gets things done. Always involve others. You may not have as much power as you’d wish, but the effect of influence can be just as strong. Change takes time. The more urgent the crisis, the quicker the changes. Prevent urgency from getting out of hand. By the way, the word ‘ambition’ isn’t worth googling; brainy quotes about ambition are boring. 48 The Energy Transition We know we must go through the Energy Transition to reach the next energy system. It’s a lengthy trip – it will take us 30 40 years and it will lead us from burning predominantly fossil fuels to carbon neutrality, or net-zero carbon emissions. Net-zero carbon means that there is a balance between emissions of carbon dioxide and its removal from the air. This can, for instance, be achieved by removing carbon dioxide through vegetation (planting trees) to make up for emissions elsewhere: offsetting. Doctors would say: we’re just fighting the symptoms. The better option is to use renewable energy and decrease our energy use. Focus on the transition. Let’s make silent electric cars that replace noisy petrol-driven ones. Smell it. Wind farms and solar power replace the power plants that now exploit the heat of burning coal and waste. Experience the transition. It includes the production, transportation, maintenance, and lifespan extension of batteries, infrastructure, solar panels, and wind turbines. Currently all this is done with the help of fossil-sourced energy. New energy must overtake the old, to be able to hatch its own life support hardware. The effort is mind boggling. It would help if we stopped using so much energy. We could start by reminding ourselves what it’s all for. Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land masses is approximately 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year. Info March
with flaps
x 13.5 cm
Products That
Flow 978 90 6369 498 2

Design Thinking and Social Construction A Practical Guide to Innovation in Research

The book introduces the Constructionist Research Design Process as a framework for research that is creative, transformative and innovative. It can be used by any professional and researcher who wants to develop creative inquiry and to promote social change.

It integrates the theory of social construction with the tools of design thinking, challenging the concept of dualisms in research such as quantitative/qualitative and subjective/objective. The focus is on the complex relational achievement required to construct a worldview where different relational (research) processes construct different realities (knowledge).

In this sense, all truths are contextual truths, co-created in a specific time and useful to a specific context.

Info March 2023

paperback with flaps 208 pages 23 x 17 cm $ 34.99 ISBN 978 90 6369 633 7


Sheila McNamee, PhD is Professor Emerita of Communication at the University of New Hampshire (USA) and co-founder and VP of the Taos Institute.

Celiane Camargo-Borges, PhD is a lecturer, researcher and practitioner. She is faculty at Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and visiting professor at several universities around the world.


•Offers practical and innovative tools and methods, drawn from design approaches, that put these ideas into action

•For social activists, social change agents, organizational and community leaders and academic professionals

Culture Sensitive Design 978 90 6369 561 3

•There is no previously published work that connects design perspectives and methodologies with the philosophy of Social Construction in the context of research


Think Like an Adman, Don’t Act Like One Birth Like a Man

• The ‘Think Like A…’ ser ies is sold over 100,000 copies

• Author is the founde r of DAWN, a creative consultancy in Amsterdam. DAWN is a certified B Corporation

• Informative, accessible, sincere, and humorous

ISBN 978 90 6369 635 1 | Paperback with Flaps |160 Pages | 18 x 14.5 cm | $ 16.99 also available in Dutch ISBN 978 90 6369 637 5

Type Tricks: User Design

• For Gen-Z and Millennial fathers

• As the former ECD of VI RTUE at VICE, the author is an experienced keynote speaker

• A sequel to the previously published Pregnancy Cookbook

ISBN 978 90 6369 641 2 | Paperback with Flaps |112 Pages | 17 x 12 cm | $ 19.99

The Exceptionally Simple Theory of Sketching - Extended Edition

• This is the third title out of the b estselling ‘Type Tricks’ series: user manuals into typography related matters

• Author is professor at the Ro yal Danish Academy and a wellknown legibility researcher within the design community

• Author is a regular sp eaker at typography conferences

ISBN 978 90 6369 636 8 | Paperback | 160 Pages 16 x 12 cm | $ 19.99

• Extended edit ion with 8 extra excercises

• Shows which feat ures exactly make drawings look professional and how you can implement those in your own sketches

ISBN 978 90 6369 640 5 | Paperback with Flaps | 88 Pages | 22 x 17 cm | $ 14.99


Powerful Women

Don’t Fck Up Your Baby

• Illustrations are created by female illustrators from all over the world

• Created for the Instagram challenge #powerfulwomenweek

• Including a booklet showcasing all female illustrators

ISBN 978 90 6369 631 3 | Cards in a Box + holder

| 60 Cards | 18 x 14.5 cm | $ 22.00

• Authors frequently provided workshops for communication and strategic design students in Europe

• They have developed the course Building Better Brands for 2nd year students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg

• They have around + 3.000 followers on LinkedIn and host the Youtube channel FackTV with more than 100 video’s about Frequently Asked Communications Kwestions

ISBN 978 90 6369 642 9 | Paperback with Flaps

| 176 Pages | 21 x 14.5 cm | $ 23.00

Dragon Tactics Creative Reboot

• Clear structure to understand and remember essential characteristics of Chinese management methodologies

• Written with close to thirty years of experience and knowledge of Chinese business at the highest level

• Both covering cultural historical context, Artificial Intelligence, and some of China’s latest developments

ISBN 978 90 6369 638 2 | Paperback with Flaps

|240 Pages | 23 x 15 cm | $ 26.00

• Builds on the multi award winning Bachelor of Creative Intelligence, UTS

• Author is a part of an acclaimed Industry partnership program with over 2000 partners

• Unique approach to creativity, design and innovation

ISBN 978 90 6369 632 0 | Book + 50 cards in case | 144 Pages | 21 x 14.8 cm | $ 40.00


Design Journeys through Complex Systems The Power of Music Thinking

Design Journeys through Complex Systems

• Authors are very well known, Dr. Jones is a founder of the Systemic Design Association and RSD Symposium. Kristel van Ael founded the Belgian design firm Namahn and created the Systemic Design Toolkit

• Only book for design practitioners on the emerging practices in systemic design

ISBN 978 90 6369 634 4 | Paperback | 248 Pages 25 x 21 cm | $ 45.00

• Relates to the previously published Music Thinking Jam Cards

• Author has the Music Thinking Podcast where he speaks with experts in their field

• Author is speaking and lecturing regularly at conferences, business schools and universities

ISBN 978 90 6369 630 6 | Paperback with Flaps |208 Pages | 20.3 x 13.5 cm | $ 24.00

Practice Tools for Systemic Design
Peter Jones & Kristel Van Ael