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As somebody once said “ It’s good to talk”

In this month’s issue... The Holy Grail


Daniel Evans Interview

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COMMUNITY NEWS T HE F RIENDS OF A LCOSSEBRE S UMMER F ÊTE - W EDNESDAY , 23 RD J UNE 2010 The first Fund Raising Summer Fete organised by the Friends of Alcossebre last week was a great success on all counts! All those Members and friends who had worked so hard to prepare the grounds, games and book the stalls agreed that it was a very worthwhile event, held in the beautiful setting of the gardens of Restaurante 21 in Las Fuentes. The beautiful day attracted great support from both British and Spanish, adults and children, to enjoy the fun, or find interesting craft stalls, cake stalls, the Charity Shop stalls, and much more. The whole event was given a truly "Fiesta" feeling with strings of colourful flags, the Mayor, Francisco Juan Mars, cutting the ribbon to mark the opening, the bouncy castle, the tombola and the barbecue. The Friends fund raising from the Charity Shop and the events they organise are donated to local charities and associations in Alcossebre and Alcala de Xivert, and there were many people present from some of the local beneficiaries - the AECC, the Red Cross and the Alcossebre Pensioners. The Fete raised a total of €1,150 all of which was donated to the Nico Foundation.

Spanish house sales up seven per cent Sales rose 7.0 per cent year-on-year in June, slightly less that in May, according to the the National Statistics Institute. Home sales in Spain rose for the sixth straight month in June, official data showed, which is a positive sign for the economy. During the first six months of the year, sales were up 10.7 per cent over the same period in 2009, which is an encouraging sign which goes to show that the Cedula requirement is not hindering sales too much., for those that are lucky to have them. Unless they have found a way around it...


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CARTES A L'EDITOR Readers Letters - to the Editor Please address your letters to:- The Catalunya Chronicle , C/ Martirs 6, 43500, Tortosa, or alternatively you may email them to

because it is air cooled and needs ventilation, it has 4 large rubber feet to stop vibration and insulation incase of a lightening strike. As we were worried that it might be stolen we welded a very large chain to the top of the chasis of the generator and bolted the other end to the wall for security. However the insurance company has refused to pay the claim as it was not bolted to the floor.

Insurance Problem

What I would like to know is if any other people out there has had a generator stolen which was not bolted down and put in a claim and been paid out.

I am insured with LaCaixa bank for building and contents insurance.

I am currently speaking to a solicitor who is getting in touch with the ombudsman on my behalf.

When I took out the insurance I asked the representative if my solar power and generator were insured and he replied yes.

Any information that I may aquire would be a massive help to me.

However since a robbery where a fence was cut and a generator stolen, this is not a small generator it took 4 people to get it into place. We informed the Police who made a report and I took this to LaCaixa, the manager did all the phone calls for me and an assessor came the same day. The assessor told me everthing was in order and there had obviously been a burgarly. This generator was walled in on 2 sides and fenced on 1 side with a roof over the top. It has to be outside

email :

We received this letter from a reader - can anyone help?

Tele : 977059141 Many thanks W J Roberts

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HAVE YOU GOT THE X- FACTOR? X-Factor 2010 will soon be upon us and many will sit down in front of the television, ea ch Saturday night and voice their opinions on the acts involved.

The messages and letters of support received from the viewers at home were also very inspiring - knowing that my story had encouraged people who had experienced a loss to look to the future is very humbling. It was those sort of things that encouraged you to go out and perform the best you could each week.

If you were to cast your mind back to the 2008 edition of the series, you will probably recall a guy by the name of Daniel Evans. Daniel is a resident of Catalunya and now two years on, and after appearing to thousands on the X Factor tour has recently released his first album with an independent label titled “No Easy Way”. We recently caught up with him to discuss the experience of appearing on Britain’s biggest reality TV Show, life after the X-Factor and his new album. This is what he had to say...... What brought you to Spain? The family had a successful Taxi company in the East End of London, which my Dad, who also used to sing started. He had a great voice and was a Tom Jones tribute artist but sadly died suddenly at the age of 55 due to a massive heart attack and my Mum then decided to retire to Spain. Myself and my brother continued the business and we obviously used to come over and visit Mum but had to return back to the UK after holidays away to continue with the stress of running it. Then on one occasion upon returning we just decided “let's move to Spain” and we were fortunate enough at the time to also receive an offer for the business. So we grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it and very shortly afterwards the whole family (brother included) had settled over here and for a short while ran a diving business just outside of Peniscola.

You apologised to Cheryl Cole (the sexiest woman in the world) for making her cry at your audition by saying that you didn't mean to upset her. How did you feel afterwards?

I've always loved music and at a young age my Dad bought me an Organ. I had lessons and then when I got older I thought this isn't very trendy so I then got a Digital Piano and started singing along. While back in the UK I entered various Karaoke competitions and reached the finals of the Essex Karaoke Championships but it was mainly due to people reaction when I started to sing. I was always asked to sing a soul number “Just Once”, so it was from there really and then when I came to Spain I used to sing in a local bar. The locals seemed to like it and my wife would encourage me every year to apply for the X Factor. We had the forms for four years but each year they stayed in the drawer. Then sadly my wife passed away suddenly after giving birth to my daughter and my whole perception of life changed. After what had happened to my dad and my wife, I adopted the motto “Life's too short” and because I knew how much my wife believed in me, I decided to apply. How daunting then was it to audition in front of

Prior to appearing on X-Factor you also cleaned swimming pools. Have you cleaned any lately? Do you miss it?

There's so much going on i.e. photo shoots, interviews, learning lines for songs etc.. so no I didn't watch the show while I was in the competition. I have watched some of the performances since and yes I have found areas where I have thought Oh I could have sung that part better or done that differently as I am very self critical. How hard is it to cope with the media when appearing in the show? I deliberately kept away from the press and TV coverage which went on at that time. Obviously I've had a chance to read many of the stories and reports since, and would say that even where there's no story to report upon, the media will try to dig deep and find one and then fabricate a story out of nothing. I've learned not to take any notice but have also promised myself that I will never buy a tabloid newspaper again.

Danni is a true lady and yes I have sent her a copy of my CD as we have kept in touch via Twitter, but not recently as she's been so busy with the new TV show and baby etc that she probably hasn't had the time to reply as she’s too busy changing nappies etc.

What's the weirdest thing you can tell us about that you've found in a swimming pool?

How did you find out you had a good singing voice and what gave you the confidence to do something with it?

Did you watch your X-factor appearances afterwards? If so were you very self-critical?

Do you have any contact still with your mentor Danni Minogue and has she a copy of your CD?

Yes, my Mum's actually. It may sound silly but yes I do as it was the way that I learnt the lyrics to the songs which I used to sing when I did Karaoke. I used to put the I-Pod on and just sing along.

Oh various items, but on a couple of occasions we had some clients who we used to deal with, who were Naturists and you used to be cleaning the pool and all of a sudden you would get greeted with a Good Morning and would have to quickly avert your eyes.

I really didn't realise I could move someone and cause that sort of emotion just by using my voice, but that's one of the reasons I love music and singing as it can provoke those kind of feelings, so in a way it was very inspirational to me to know that I could cause that reaction.

Mr Cowell, Danni, Louis and Cheryl and then to appear in front of millions of people every Saturday night? What viewers aren't aware of is the fact that there are several auditions for the X Factor prior to the time when you perform in front of the judges. The most terrifying moment is when the doors open and you are alone on that stage, however the live audience was fantastic.

Diane Vickers one of the finalists in the same series seemed to almost disappear from the public eye after the series ended. However she returned with rave reviews for her role in Little Voice in the West End. This catapulted her into the public spotlight again and led to a successful number one album and hit singles. Could you see yourself appearing in the West End in Chicago or one of the other musicals?

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 4

MORE FACTOR I had several offers upon the series ending but was committed to the X Factor tour at the time, so unfortunately had to decline. It would be quite daunting but also very exciting so yes, I'd love to give it a go if an offer came up. Ruth Lorenzo - a fellow Spaniard and 2008 X Factor finalist has recently split from her record company EMI, with whom she signed after the series ended due to “musical differences” and is now planning to release an album on an independent label like yourself. How difficult is to have control and free reign over the material you want to do as opposed to what the management want you to?

Little Britain 24-7 are a one-stop convenience shop aiming to please through enabling you to purchase those popular brand named items that you miss from home at realistic competitive prices quickly and easily without even leaving your door. They are an independent family run and owned company located just off the N340 between L'Ampolla and L'Aldea and are NOT associated with any other English food retailer in the area. Customer Service is everything to them so they will ensure that the service you receive will be both professional and personal to you. Operating for just over a year, they have now expanded into a small almacen allowing visitors to pick and choose many items directly from stock. You can visit the almacen weekday afternoons between the hours of 2 and 5pm. Please give them a call for further details and directions on how to get there.

It can prove to be very difficult, as the industry is not just about the music. I’ve learnt that it’s very image driven and everyone is categorised into some form of niche. Alongside this you once again have the publicity and celebrity style status and unfortunately sometimes the music is not bought for what it is. If you are not prepared to release a commercial album and want to produce an album with real music, and real musicians then that’s where you come across these difficulties. However, you can only learn from these sort experiences. The second part of this interview will appear in the next edition of the Catalunya Chronicle, where Daniel will give an insight into the making of his first album, life after the X Factor and doing what he loves best -performing live. Meanwhile you can see Daniel in person appearing at Hotel Carpe Diem, Miami Playa on Sunday 29th August at 9.00pm. Tickets are reservation only and extremely limited. To avoid disappointment please call (0034) 977 810 392

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Sitio ùnico en Miami Platja C

Wine and Dine on our terrace and enjoy great food, great music and a great atmosphere!

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Many of us don’t like insects, especially in the house. So when I came across a product promising me “A year without Insects”. I thought my dreams had come true, however, in reality it turned into a nightmare I never hope to have to repeat nor wish anyone else to experience. Having bought the product and read the instructions, I proceeded to spray the “” around the entrances to my home believing I would soon no longer have to worry about the scampering of 6 or more legs invading my privacy. Sitting back I actually witnessed it doing its stuff and remember thinking ‘wow that spray is good.’ Little did I know how good. A couple of days after I had sprayed and in all honesty forgotten about it, I happened to notice one of my dogs licking the tiles around half a metre from one of the doors, at first it didn’t click, maybe I thought someone had spilt something there, but gradually I saw her moving closer and closer towards the doorway, till she was licking along the door bottoms length. Hurriedly I called her away and put furniture to stop her getting at the sprayed area. Licking her lips she appeared to be okay, but I thought to check the can and saw upon it 3 little pictures around 1 cm square, warning the contents were flammable, dangerous to the environment and an irritant. I then read the instructions again and saw that whilst it was dangerous to aquatic lifeforms and that you should avoid contact with eyes it didn’t say much else save it could affect the central nervous system and breathing but not how and by how much and certainly it didnt say it was dangerous to life. As the day wore on however, I noticed my dog becoming more and more agitated, the symptoms of which included her eating grass. “Upset tummy” thought I, “well that will teach her to lick the floor wont it. She need only be sick and she will feel better,” I concluded. Soon however, she was gobbling grass down like she was in a pie eating contest and she was going for the world record. She would eat grass

then be sick then eat some more, then be sick again, the cycle went on and on getting worse and worse. Whilst all the while she was smacking her chops and licking her lips as drool poured out. Determined not to panic I called the vet and asked for his advice, he asked if I could get down to his surgery, by this time it was nearly 9pm and it would mean an emergency call out, but seeing as she was obviously not feeling very well I bit the bullet and took her down. I fully expected the vet to give her a couple of jabs, either to make her sick or to calm her tummy down so she didn’t need to be sick and to be sent home with a firm ticking off about not letting her near areas that I had sprayed with bug spray. However, the two jabs was to be in fact four so he put an intravenous drip in place and we began to talk about the spray, he hadn’t heard of it or seen it so I pulled the can out of my bag and showed it to him, after reading it he asked to be excused, he was going to make a phone call. Before he left the room he switched on the A/C as my dog was panting a bit, (I have to admit I was feeling a little warm myself so didn’t complain). For a little while it seemed to help, but as the minutes passed she began to pant harder and harder, till she was wracked with the effort. Just as I was about to call back the vet he came back, in his hand yet more injections. He told me this was serious, she had ingested a poison for which there was no antidote but he would try to save her.

A very large, old, building was being torn down to make room for a new skyscraper. Due to its proximity to other buildings it could not be imploded and had to be dismantled floor by floor. While working on the 49th floor, two construction workers found a skeleton in a small closet behind the elevator shaft. They decided that they should call the police.

I was flummoxed, I honestly didn’t know where this had come from, I mean, it is a spray on sale for use in houses, surely there would be an antidote, you can’t sell something so dangerous and there not be? But you can, and they do. For four and a half hours my dog got worse and worse, her mouth (inside) was post box red and her tongue swelled up, the whites of her eyes went bloodshot and her breathing sounded as if she were breathing through an aqualung, all crackly and bubbly. She struggled to breathe, to remain conscious whilst all the while I begged her to keep fighting. Three times she suddenly stopped breathing the result of which forced us to slap her on the side and rub her chest (doggy CPR). She couldn’t stand, she couldn’t even lift her own head and all the while the vet Ernesto (Quattre Camins) tried to save her. He told me the spray has an effect on the central nervous system and the breathing and that it might be an idea if we avoided it coming into contact with our skin as for with animals there is no antidote for humans and he just didnt want to take any risks. In all it took nearly 6 hours of hard work on Ernesto’s part, a whole pharmacy it seemed of injections and a lot of praying on mine for her to be declared out of imminent danger. However, for 4 further days I had to watch her closely and take her back for more injections and saline drips to try and wash the poison out of her system. I nearly lost my dog just because I don’t want insects in my house. I would like to urge other animal owners to be very careful with this product and not to use it where their pets might gain access to it. This time I was lucky, my dog was lucky; but it could so have been a very different story and very nearly was.

minutes of free calls to or Spanish landlines per month

When the police arrived they directed them to the closet and showed them the skeleton fully clothed and standing upright. They said, "This could be Jimmy Hoffa or somebody really important." Two days went by and the construction workers couldn't stand it any more; they had to know who they had found. They called the police and said, "We are the two guys who found the skeleton in the closet and we want to know if it was Jimmy Hoffa or somebody important." The police said, "It's not Jimmy Hoffa, but it was somebody kind of important." "Well, who was it?""The 1956 Blonde National Hide-and-Seek Champion."

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 6

ONCE UPON A TIME....... ALCOSSEBRE by Jennifer Figuerola



Peniscola, sits within the historic Alcala de Xivert cluster of three centres – Las Fuentes,(so named for its freshwater fountains), Alcossebre and Cap i Corb. Together they provide the perfect blend of excellent beaches and a natural terrain for walking and cycling. Bordered by two mountain ranges, La Sierra de las Atalyas de Alcala to the north and Sierra de Irta running parallel to the sea, Alcossebre is actually a charming coastal resort on the as yet unspoilt Costa del Azhar, (Orange Blossom Coast), surrounded by almond and orange groves. Together with Las Fuentes, it is sheltered by a 312m high mountain, San Benet. If you drive up there, there is a stunning panoramic view along the coast and inland areas. On a clear day you will actually be able to see the Columbretes islands, San Antonio in Alicante. Just off the A7 main road, Alcossebre is excellently placed for exploring the wider Valencia and Costa del Azhar region and excellent public services make this all the more convenient. There are five beaches on the 10km coastal stretch, all blue flag: Las Fuentes, Carregador, Romana Del Moro, Tres Playas and Tropicana.


golden sandy beaches with sand dunes, with a much higher ecological value when compared to other Mediterranean coastlines. The rocky boulders beach, Serradel, is to the south at Cap i Corb. EAUTIFUL WHITE AND

There is also an attractive marina with a 300 strong mooring capacity, and beside the shops, cafés , restaurants and bars dotted along the promenade, there are nautical workshops for budding sailors. Of course the history of Alcossebre originates from fishing, once a tiny fishing village, and

later linked to the larger inland centre, Alcara de Xivert. It remained as such, undisturbed and sleepy, until the advent of tourism prompted businessmen to move in, until slowly the now thriving multi-cultural community evolved, with all the hustle and bustle and zest for life firmly attached. Fortunately, the development of the town is strictly controlled and as a result there are no high rise buildings, so thankfully the villagy/towny community feel is maintained. The population has grown to over 8000, (as of 2009), and is ever increasing as more people stumble across or discover this little Spanish secret. The history can be traced back to the Moorish occupation of Spain. The castle at Xivert overlooks the area from the top of a hill. It was captured by Jaime 1 of Aragon in 1234. The influence of the ancient Arab and Christian cultures can be seen in the parish museum, which houses an important collection of gold and silver articles and paintings. The watchtowers Torre Ebrí and Torre de Cap i Corp are a clear example of the way of life at a time when it was necessary to keep watch at all times to defend the coast from Barbary pirates. With the advent of the ever-increasing English speaking immigrants, it became evident during the 1990s that there was a clear need for Church of England services. These were tentatively started in1996 by Rev John Phillips. The support gradually grew until in 2006 they were granted official status as 'St Christopher's Anglican Congregation on the Costa Azahar'. The church community thrives today enthusiastially reaching out to fellow believers.


an excellent choir, who could do with support from a piano/keyboard player to either jump on board and attend rehearsals regularly, or on an 'as and when', fill in basis, to cover for absentee pianists. The choir cover a variety of music, musicals included and any help in this area would be gratefully received. Just contact the paper for more details if you can help.

PAVIMENTOS TORTOSA Carretera Gandesa KM 3.5 TORTOSA We supply all types of construction & building materials. End of line floor & wall tiles, seconds, swimming pool tiles, fencing materials, gravel & garden stones. Come & see our We can find what range of “Belfast” you are looking for! type concrete sinks in a range of Transport can colours from be arranged. €120.00

Tel: 977 501 929 (Spanish) 664 770 541 (English)

If anyone has more detailed information on any of the above organisations, I would be happy to include it on the end of next month's article, as an update – always useful. Similarly, if any readers out there have thoughtful contributions or suggestions to offer on my monthly articles, feel free to write in and let us know.



I'm off to France later today for a couple of weeks, into the rural Dordogne, with the family – dogs included, to see my daughter and her family – dogs included. The St Bernard puppy we brought back with us last Christmas, then a cute furry 'just about pickupable' bundle of 12 weeks, is now 9 months and weighs in at 66.1kilos. That's a whole one of me!! And there's another 30 odd kilos to go yet... Appropriately, we named him Napoleon. Daughter Diana has Mum, Brioche and female 'pup', Sister Emmy, so tomorrow there will be one huge canine family reunion. I will try and capture the moment on camera. Not forgetting old faithful, German Shepherd Adolf, and Breton spaniel Brie, who complete the misfit collection. Happy Days!


Still advertised online is the Gentleman's Breakfast Club, open to all, held at 'Cheers' on the port serving full English at 9.30am every 6 weeks. I personally have no idea if this is still an ongoing event, but just in case it is still happening, all the info is on the Alcossebre Gentleman's Breakfast Club site, easily googled.














SPANISH-CATALAN-ENGLISH re_b'fast_club.htm

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 7

OUT AND ABOUT questions because they knew he had the answers to matters of eternity.

PARSON PAUL'S DIARY . . . . When the Meteorological Office in Britain predicted a Barbecue Summer last year they were roasted for getting their forecasts so wrong - one of the few things to be roasted, incidentally, during a coop and unpredictable English Summer. One of the wonderful things about life in our part of the Mediterranean coast is the ability for "Al Fresco" living and the outdoor routines which mean we can enjoy Barbecue Springs, Summers and Autumns. I love the story about the three people trapped on a desert island who decide they want to "do something religious". One says "I would quote the Bible if I knew it by heart, but I don't." Another said "I would sing a hymn but I can't remember any hymns either." The third man suddenly had an idea. "I know about life in church", he said "We'll have a collection!" In our churches we need to make sure we have clergy and facilities for services and pastoral care for a 24 hours a day ministry when people need us so collections and the like are still important. But we have a little rule that Fundraising must include FUN. That is how we came to enjoy a Sunday lunch Barbecue after our monthly service in Ampolla during July. As well as raising some 230 Euros we got to know one another better and enjoyed fellowship (which is one of the main reasons for our church services) in a more informal setting.

After a feast of sausages (home made!), burgers and chicken with salad we still had

space for some of the super puddings produced by the church ladies. It reminded me that food and meals get lots of mentions in the Bible because in those days - before obesity scares and health warnings (one week butter is bad for you - the next, a food expert says it will help our health!) - you ate to survive, rather than eating for pleasure. In God's Hymn Book (better known as The Psalms) we are told that if we can enjoy good food and some wine it is a mark of God's goodness and love to us. At the opposite end of the scale people are in trouble when crops fail, the harvests are poor and there is famine. Thanks to our global media we can see this division all over the world today. When we celebrate out harvests (more about those in the September issue) it is not enough to thank God for all His love and enjoy what we have. We have a world responsibility to remember those who could have food if we shared, cared and made a fuss about the political intrigues that often prevent aid getting to the right people and places. But it is also amazing to see in the Bible just how much business was done during meals. The Gospels tell us that although Jesus did not have a house of his own he regularly received hospitality from other people. And while he was eating people would be talking about God and life and asking the Lord

So it is not surprising that Christians from every background place great importance on a shared meal - but a meal which is a church service itself. The service goes by a variety of names, The Mass, Holy Communion, Eucharist or The Lord's Supper but is essentially the same thing. Jesus enjoyed a meal - taking a loaf of bread and breaking it, to tell his disciples that his body would be broken for our salvation. Then, in the same way, he shared a cup of wine. One of the greatest privileges of being a Vicar is the chance to act as host at this service where we share a meal in memory of Jesus the Jesus Meal might be a title all Christian denominations could agree on. Anyone who is at peace with God is welcome at our Communion services. It is normal for a person to be Confirmed by a Bishop if they take communion regularly. A few weeks ago my wife and I were honoured to be guests at a meal with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Tortosa, after he had confirmed some people in Vinaros. Our own Bishop in Europe is planning to visit us next January and hopes to confirm growing Christians as part of that visit. I hope that we have a number of people who want that special mark of invitation to become deeper members of our church here. We will also look forward to some parties and hospitality with our bishop - although perhaps barbecues may not be quite the thing at that time of year even in this mild climate. Paul Needle is the English Vicar serving local congregations in Alcossebre, Ampolla, El Perello and Vinaros. He can be contacted on 662 482 944 or there are more details on the church website

Beware the processional caterpillars! They make silken cocoon style nests in the pine trees and when on the ground, they form a line, hence their name. They are A hospital posted a notice in the nurse's lounge saying: "Remember, the first five minutes of a human being's life are the most dangerous." Underneath, a nurse had written: "The last five are pretty risky, too."

Fata Morgana Restaurante Pizzeria

Reservas: 977 460 707 619 757 648 Horarios: De Lunes a Domingo de 13:00 a 15:00 y de 19:00 a 23:30. Sábado mediodía cerrado

Plaza del Club Náutico 43895 L'Ampolla

Entrantes Pastas Pizzas en horno de leña Carnes Pescados Menu diario

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A MISCELLANY CHEQUERED FLAG We are fortunate to have an extra round of the MotoGP series in Spain this year. The circus is coming to town on 17th,18th,19th of September to be held at the all new Circuit de Aragon. which is situated off the Alcaniz to Zaragoza road, just outside Alcaniz. Signposted from Alcaniz, this brand new circuit provides facilities for MotoGP, motocross trials, and karting with ample parking. All the MotoGP stars will be attending including championship leader Jorge Lorenzo and his main rivals Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stone and others. In the 125cc class, Britain's own Bradley Smith will be competing in what promises to be a good weekend as the championship hots up. At present Jorge Lorenzo leads the championship with Dani Pedrosa second, but now Rossi is back and fighting fit and challenging once again. The Catalunya MotoGP was another success for Spaniard Lorenzo, with pole position on the grid and finishing first in the race. Pedrosa got the holeshot as the lights changed, but had to take to the slip road when he developed a problem with his front brake lever as he entered the first corner. Not a nice feeling at 200mph. He pumped the lever and managed to rejoin in 14th place. Lorenzo dominated the race with Dovizioso in second until he crashed out although he also managed to rejoin the race. Pedrosa gradually battled his way through to take second place, an inspired ride. All eyes were on the Sachsenring Circuit (Germany), as Valentino Rossi returned 6 weeks after a compound fracture to his leg. Pedrosa once again got the holeshot, but it soon settled down with Jorge Lorenzo in the lead, Pedrosa second followed by Stoner and Rossi. The race was red flagged, the track cleared and restarted after an accident involving Randy De Puniet. Pedrosa then challenged for the lead taking Lorenzo while Rossi and Stoner swapped places for 3rd . More excitement

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was yet to come in the final lap which saw Rossi going into the last corner with Stoner approaching on the inside, forcing Rossi to run out wide on the bend and at the flag it was Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Stoner who took the podium places. Leguna Seca in California U.S.A. was the next circuit to challenge the riders. Jorge Lorenzo had a bad start, however regained composure and th gradually moved from 4 place to 3rd and on lap 6 moved into 2nd when Casey Stoner ran wide. At this point, Dani Pedrosa, who was in 1st place probably thought he would be in for another scrap with Lorenzo, however he came back down to earth when on lap 10 he hit a bump going into turn five and crashed out gifting the lead to eventual winner Lorenzo. Stoner eventually finished second, with a delighted Valentino Rossi taking third on the podium, just 50 days after suffering a compound fracture of his right tibia. Rossi had battled throughout, harassing Dovizioso until lap 27, when he finally managed to pass him. The current points and standings in the championship are as follows: 1. Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha SPAIN 210 2. Dani Pedrosa Honda SPAIN 138 3. Andrea Dovizioso Honda ITALY 115 4. Casey Stoner Ducati AUSTRALIA 103 5. Valentino Rossi Yamaha ITALY 90 6. Nicky Hayden Ducati USA 89 Halfway through the season and the summer break has now arrived allowing the riders time to heal their injuries and to contemplate the prospect of further thrills and spills to come, as the climax of the season approaches. JOHN SUTTON

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 9

POT POURRI A LCOHOL E ATS A WAY If increasing muscle mass is one of your goals, then think twice before you go out for a night of heavy drinking. Consuming alcohol in large quantities has a direct effect on your metabolism, causing fat to be stored instead of being utilized as an energy source. Alcohol contains seven “empty” calories per gram, meaning that these calories don’t provide you with any of the essential nutrients you need to build that muscle mass you desire. Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Your Body • Muscles—Reduces blood flow to the muscles, causing weakness and deterioration • Hormones—Reduces testosterone in your blood and increases conversion of testosterone to estrogen, causing increased fat depositing and fluid retention • Liver—Creates imbalances that can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), fatty liver and hyperlipidemia (build-up of fats in the bloodstream) • Brain—Cuts off the supply of oxygen to the brain, resulting in a “blackout” caused by a lack of oxygen supply to the brain that can kill tens of thousands of brain cells Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Physical Performance Alcohol is a known depressant that suppresses the brain’s ability to function. Even though you may feel a “high” after several cocktails, the truth is that your reaction time, accuracy, balance, hand-eye coordination and endurance all decrease dramatically. Furthermore, the after-effects of a night of excessive drinking can be detrimental to



your fitness goals. Alcohol is a diuretic that may result in dehydration. This dehydration is known to decrease physical performance, so that a previous night of drinking will continue to affect you the following day. Alcohol and Sleep Alcohol consumption can cause sleep disorders by disrupting the sequence and duration of sleep states and by altering total sleep time and the time required to fall asleep. It is popularly believed that a drink before bedtime can help a person fall asleep. However, alcohol’s affect on sleep patterns results in increased fatigue and physical stress to the body. Therefore, alcohol consumption indirectly affects a person’s strength-training ability due to increased fatigue and a lack of healthy reparative sleep. Alcohol and Nutrition Alcohol inhibits the breakdown of nutrients into usable substances by decreasing the secretion of digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Regular alcohol consumption also impairs nutrient absorption by damaging the cells lining the stomach and intestines and disabling transport of some nutrients into the blood.

of water and nutrients, including glucose, sodium and additional folate. Such interference of nutrient breakdown and absorption may impair the physical performance and recovery required to build and maintain muscle mass. Putting on the Pounds Many people under the influence experience “drunk munchies” that can result in the consumption of several hundred extra calories for the day. A study examining how alcohol affects caloric intake found that subjects who drank wine with their lunch consumed an additional 200 calories and did not compensate for those calories by cutting back at dinner. Safe in Moderation Now that you know some of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption, you might be scared to have that glass of wine with dinner. Don’t be. When alcohol is consumed in moderation (no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men), it has been shown to have some positive effects: Increased HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) within one to two weeks Reduced stress levels Reduced insulin sensitivity The Take-home Message In conclusion, if you want to increase muscle mass, decrease fat or improve general health, make sure alcohol is only consumed in moderation. Next time you are asked to go out socially, be the designated driver. Not only will your friends appreciate it and be much safer, but you will be one step closer to your fitness goals.

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Pomp, pageantry, pipes and drums; in my book the drums win. They create a sense of expectation and believe me, we were all waiting expectantly. The Tourist information said the procession would start at 7.30pm. This is Spain we told ourselves and settled down for a long wait. Seven thirty arrived and its arrival was heralded by the sounds of the distant drums. The flag bearer’s, horses poised and prancing, danced on their way down the main thoroughfare. The drummers were joined by the pipers presenting us with a cavalcade of pomp, finery and elegance. Each person passing seemed to represent someone whom we could recognise as a former king or queen. We are sure we saw Henry VIII and at least two of his merry wives strolling by. We watched, we listened, and we cheered especially as the devils on their bouncy stilts passed by with their long fingernails, extended to double their length. These were being flexed as they moved to and fro teasing and tormenting the nervous audience. One woman, not paying attention was singled out by a devil that sprang from behind her chair, laughing wickedly as the poor woman jumped into the air and screamed. The rest of the audience breathing a sigh of relief - thank God it’s not me - burst into laughter, much to the Devil’s delight. The jugglers juggled. One who was playing with apples was gradually eating them as he juggled; great fun. The beggars, with their dirty faces and gnarled hands, went from one side of the street to the other clawing pleadingly at various members of the recoiling audience. The prosthetics and make-up were very good.

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The flag throwers were remarkably well rehearsed; even the breeze that seemed to rise from nowhere just as they entered centre stage could not deflect their aim. The horses brought up the rear and pranced regally down the street to much applause and appreciation. The colours, the costumes and the pipes created a wonderful spectacle; while the drums played on!

Chlorine can damage your pipes.

affected and absorbs the chlorine. Shows white in the photo.

ARCA invites you to a special

A timely word of warning to all pool owners. I recently suffered a serious leak when the bottom of the skimmer chamber split away from the main body. I always used to put the chlorine tablets in the skimmer baskets. The very strong chlorine was absorbed by the grey plastic semi-flexible piping that ran from the skimmer bottom to the circulation pump. The pipe expanded applying big force to the connection located in the bottom of the skimmer. This caused one side of the skimmer bottom to break open. I am told that the pipe is the same type used extensively on the installation of many pools. Rigid PVC piping seems to be OK, it is only the semi-flexible that is

SUPPER PARTY on Sept 4th at BAR MERCAT,CAMARLES (behind the Town Hall) from 8pm until late. The really sad bit followed as I was away at the time and had stupidly left the auto water top-up turned on. One very expensive lesson. I now use a floating chlorine dispenser and turn the auto top-up off when I am away.. Don't say you weren't warned. David Allinson

LIVE MUSIC, DANCING, BUFFET, DRINKS AND RAFFLE. Tickets and reservation €12, Children €5 Available until 29th August at: Bar Estacion, L’Ampolla Perello Properties, El Perello Bar Mercat Camarles. Manolo’s Hairdressers Camarles. Veterinarios Carlos and Turch, Tortosa.


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LES MASCOTES S PAY & N EUTER M ISSION The enormous amount of stray cats and dogs here in Catalunya is heartbreaking. There are soooo many! All of us have seen innocent abandoned animals scuffing around for scraps of food. A look of despair in their fearful eyes. Confused, helpless, and scared they are driven to distractions by hunger and thirst. Their uncertain future holds a life of suffering. Many people rescue abandoned animals out of compassion in an effort to reduce the amount of strays, and of course, for those particular animals they are a godsend and it makes a world of difference. Means may be sufficient at the start, but ultimately, the amount of "pets" and accompanying costs reach their limits. Though the heart is in the right place, an individual can never solve the critical problem of uncontrolled breeding of ferral animals. But in a collective effort we can make a BIG difference! When you take in a stray, the animal needs more than just shelter, food, and water. It needs to be de-wormed, treated for external parasites, and at the very least, receive the basic inoculations. At the age of about 6 months, the animal should be spayed or neutered. Both female and male! Why you ask? Well, there are many reasons, but mainly to break the vicious cycle of reproduction. A pet only needs to escape the owners attention or garden for a short while to produce offspring. Even though it may not be the owners problem, the poor stray female who's just had a romantic encounter with their Casanova, will have a horrendous time trying to nourish and shelter herself and her babies for the next 8 months. If any of them survive, their future will hold a life of suffering and despair, and the vicious cycle will continue. The ONLY way to end the problem of too many unwanted strays is a cultural stimulation in the attitude towards animals:

* Spay & Neuter in order to stop the endless reproduction * AND treat cats and dogs with dignity and respect

instead of "wasting" them on their own welldeserved vacation. Considered a pilot project, the Vets wanted to get a feel of the extent of the problem, the workableness of any future Spay & Neuter missions, and the enthusiasm of the shelters and project volunteers. For 5 days, the life of the project volunteers looked like this:

Both of these are major changes to implement and seem almost impossible. Yet this is exactly what has happened in most our countries of origin! Many many years ago, the situation there was no different, and now it is commonly accepted that if you want a pet, you adopt it from an animal shelter. This concept isn't new to Spain, and in many parts and especially in the big cities, it's working well.

The more rural areas we live in however, (comparable to oldfashioned farmers back home), still need to learn that in the 21st century it's commonly accepted to treat cats and dogs as beings with dignity and respect, and not as things that can be tossed to the garbage when unwanted.

The Morning Load Every morning the shelter picked the animals it most urgently needed neutered and loaded them into transport boxes in cars. They were then taken to a facility which served as a make-shift operating clinic. An operating room and several recovery rooms had been set up for the animals.

There are many animal shelters in Rural Catalunya, all working day and night to implement this concept to end the unfair struggle and suffering of stray cats and dogs. Due to the immenseness of the problem though, the shelters are unable to manage. Too many strays are coming in, and not enough are adopted out into good homes. Though very helpful, the financial government aid and private donations are insufficient, and dedicated volunteers are hard to come by. In an attempt to help the animal shelters cope, and support their plight, a small scale Spay & Neuter Project was set up! This is a project which allows a few animal shelters to have their cats and dogs neutered for free.

The 1st Spay & Neuter Mission. In June a Team of Dutch Veterinarians hopped on a plane and set out to help a few dogs and cats in a Spanish animal shelter. They were determined to neuter as many animals as possible, making long working days

The waiting room One by one the animals were prepared for surgery, brought under anaesthesia, neutered, lain into quiet recovery rooms, checked and rechecked, and finally transported back to the shelter where they received pain medication and antibiotics, and were observed closely for a few more days. Though most of the neuter operations were fairly straightforward, others proved more complex or surprising. For instance, there were a few large male dogs who needed a complex stomach operation in order to remove an abdominal testicle. Though much more time consuming,

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 12

MES MASCOTES these dogs were lucky to have this procedure available, since testicles left in the abdomen will almost certainly develop into cancer. Another dog's tail had been badly damaged and was causing him excruciating pain. Along with the neuter operation, the volunteer Vets performed a partial tail amputation and gave this poor animal great relief!

A great BIG THANKS to ALL of you! YOU know who YOU are !!!

Making up the Balance of this 1st pilot Spay & Neuter Mission, the NEED is overwhelmingly clear. Everyone agrees that there need to be more of these Spay & Neuter Missions to help the animal shelters. It has also become quite clear that there is a need for many more volunteers, and financial donations.

Recovery Room During their good-will stay, the Vets were housed free of charge in a beautiful apartment in L'Ampolla overlooking the harbour and Mediterranean Sea.

Animals being prepared for surgery A few female dogs and cats were in the beginning stages of gestation, and with the operations the Vets saved the shelter from yet more unwanted animals. These surgeries however, are much more invasive and are always high risk procedures which could have easily been avoided had these animals been spayed by their previous owners. One small female dog had been thought to be pregnant, but turned out to have a very large stomach tumour. It was removed, and this cute fluffy girl will have another chance at life.

Some lunches, dinners and fun evenings were provided to keep spirits high, and to keep the Vets up on their feet and fit enough to perform such important jobs. The operation location, the cars and fuel for transportation of the animals, and old towels and blankets for the recovery rooms were also donated.

The pilot mission was a SUPER GREAT success !!! A total of 55 animals were neutered for the animal shelter. This may initially seem as a small amount, but when you take into account that these 55 animals could have potentially produced an average of 350 offspring PER YEAR, the significance becomes much more clear. Normally these surgeries would have cost the shelter in excess of €10,000. Yes! No wonder that the shelters merely cannot come up with the financial means to spay and neuter all their animals.

Surgery. This is what it's all about The Vets also alerted the care takers to any health problems they noticed with the animals and gave advice on any possible treatment, helping the shelter even more. Many people helped realize this pilot project by donating time and money, and making all sorts of contributions.

Though the Vets work free of charge, and all the logistics are donated and performed by volunteers also free of charge, the medications and operating materials such as surgical needles, syringes, and anaesthetics need to be purchased.

Normally the cost for neutering a cat or dog is anywhere from €50 to €500, depending largely on the type and size of the animal, and the Veterinary Clinic. The price for a female dog, for instance, is the highest because the surgery is more complicated, and the anaesthetics are charged per kilo weight of the animal. So the larger the dog ... the more expensive the operation Though animal shelters sometimes receive discounts from their local Vets, it's clear that the sheer amount of animals makes this financially completely impossible.

The volunteer Vets Marjolein & Marcel are showing off their blisters, acquired from the surgeries In order to buy these materials the project needs financial donations. Per animal, these cost come to about €30, which is comparatively an extremely low amount! However, without this money, the operations cannot be performed and the Spay & Neuter missions cannot be continued. For this reason some volunteers are setting up fundraisers of all sorts to raise money from the community. The kick-off fundraiser was held in L'Ampolla by Patricia, who opened her beautiful home and swimming pool to a group of ladies, both friends and strangers, for a pampered leisure day in the sun! The company was lovely, the water refreshing, and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki and beauty treatments performed by professionals. It was a great success and an absolutely lovely day with the proceeds of €100 going to the project.

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 13

MISSION NOT SO IMPOSSIBLE Anyone can help and have fun in the process! Jump on the wagon and hold your own fundraiser. It can be as simple as selling some self baked cookies or ice-cream to your neighbours, or having a fun pool-party or summer BBQ where each guest makes a donation, to placing collection cans at shops or tourist places for people to donate their loose change.

Renewable Energy Systems We have 180 Watt Monocristalline panels in stock: 542,88 Euro incl. IVA. We provide full installation / sales / service in the Amposta / Tortosa / El Perello region

Are you a sporty person? Arrange for a sponsored-walk through town, or have a beach-ball match! And what to think about simply going by neighbours or friends collecting any old towels or other handy items that would otherwise be thrown out. Maybe they have un-used items that could be donated to a flea-market/car-boot sale and sold there?

Fully recovered and ready for a new home!

Call 693 206 868 for more info, we speak English, Deutsch, Nederlands, y un poco de español

Check your attics and cellars. Anything useful there you might have forgotten about? There are many things you could do to contribute to this project, even if you can't spend a lot of time or money. Remember that EVERY small bit will help! The next Spay & Neuter Mission is planned for end of September, and the goal is to neuter between 80 to 100 animals. The success of this mission depends fully on the financial means though, and the huge amount of €2,400 will need to be raised. Any help in fundraising for this project would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping the project by volunteering, we're looking for just about any help you can think of. Here are a few examples: Housing for the Vets, lunches, dinners, drivers for commutes, large dog crates to be borrowed and returned, towels and covers, volunteers to help with preparing the animals for surgery and working the recovery rooms, maybe a relaxing massage for the hardworking Vets, or anything else you can come up with might be a good contribution.



The Spay & Neuter project has just been started up and is currently still small scale. If successful though, it has great potential to expand, and in the future could possibly offer low cost neuter operations for pets outside of shelters. Hopefully the November article can report the enormous success of the second Spay & Neuter Mission!

Help us make it so !!! For information, ideas, contributions, financial donations, or signing up as a volunteer, please contact (subject: Spay & Neuter Mission) Financial contributions to the next Spay & Neuter Mission can also be donated directly to the animal shelter 2073 0072 43 0110164000 (subject: Spay & Neuter Mission)

C/Ramon I Cajal, 22 Deltebre 43580 // TGN

T: 977 481 525 M: 628 496 209







TEL: BARRY 660 879 852 OR LORRAINE 660 192 627


The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 14

LERN YERSELF SPANISH? Reflections on the problems of second language acquisition: A few months ago I read with some pleasure the article in an earlier Catalunya Chronicle on the problems of second language acquisition. This in turn prompted me to reflect, in part out of curiosity, but also in part as an attempt to understand my own process in the struggle to acquire a second language, and to explore some of the psycho-linguistic problems of second language acquisition. Also to dip a toe ever so gently into some of the cultural linguistic imperatives that may be buried in the deep structures of language. Perhaps best illustrated by Emperor Charles the Fifth, (1500-1558) who is quoted as saying. "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse." Implying a hierarchy of language relative to values ascribed and embedded in social relationships and political power. Learning Spanish is for me complicated by my own lack of understanding of the grammatical structure of my first language, English. And further complicated by early environmental factors of my 'first' language acquisition process where the predominant first language for me was the rhyming street slang and argot of the east end of London. The only advantage that I can think that the latter conferred on me is that cockneys drop the "h" (e.g. "h " ammer ) in much the same way as the Spanish e.g. the silent H as in `h`otel. Interestingly in the USA some school boards have adopted the idea of teaching English to children of the African American and Hispanic ghettos as a second language with some success. When thinking about acquiring language there are three basic types of language acquisition, First Language Acquisition ( F L A ), Second Language Acquisition ( S L A ) , and ReAcquisition (R A) , although these concepts can be blurred by the acquisition of two or more languages at the same time, (Bi-lingual F L A) 1, although invariable one will be the dominant "mother tongue" . And the process of (R A) re-acquisition may be due to the forgetting of an acquired second language through lack of use or the re learning the of the first language which has been lost or impaired due to damage in the brain of the language centres by an accident or a stroke. Ideas and theories of language acquisition (L A) are a reflection not only of who we are but also how we are. Analysis of L A tends to be discussed in terms of pre Chomsky and post Chomskyian thinking.

Prior to Noam Chomsky's revolutionary approach L A was primarily embedded in the empirical school of thought, e.g. the behaviourist school led by B.F. Skinner who argued that language is a learned process of association, imitation and reinforcement. That language is learnt, reduced to its simplest, by the process of naming things, repetition, and copying, e.g. `the flower is red.` But this empirical process cannot cope with other possibilities i.e. the `flour is red` or the `flower is read` or the 'flour is read` A further example; John went to the bank at first glance seems obvious, however without context it can be misleading, which bank? The high St. Bank, A river bank, a meadow bank. In Spanish the same problem appears, a word which has many meanings, e.g. in Spanish claro, can only be understood by contextualisation, e.g. 'clearly' or 'it's obvious' and; with the right intonation of voice, ' do you think I'm stupid ? ' It can be said that Chomsky follows in the footsteps of Descartes and the rationalist philosophers who argued that ideas were innate to the mind, exemplified by Descartes famous maxim "Je pense, donc je Suis." often better known in its Latin form, " Cogito, ergo sum." "I think, therefore I am." This was countered by the argument that a rock exists but does not think. However the logical reversal of Descartes maxim is; if one does not exist (therefore) one cannot think. Or as in the Cartesian joke, where an innkeeper asks Descartes if he would like another drink to which Descartes replies; "I think not." Upon uttering this he immediately ceases to exist. Chomsky proposed two revolutionary ideas, firstly; that the child has an innate capacity to acquire language, that the brain has a genetic program in which grammatical structure are stored. (The Universal Grammar Theory.) which merely awaited activation, with exposure to language stimulus and that there is a Language Acquisition Device ( L A D ) which is time dependent, that is 'switched on' during the 'critical period' of infancy and early childhood

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through to puberty, that the older a child is before commencing language acquisition the less effective is the L A D. The evidence to support this theory comes indirectly from several cruel experiments. A 7thC Pharaoh Psammeticus believed language was innate. He had children isolated from all spoken contact from birth. At the age of two their food was cut off, the children were reported to have spoken a few words of Phrygian , believed to be the mother of all languages. In the 15thC King James of Scotland conducted a similar experiment and reportedly the children spontaneously spoke good Hebrew. However in the 16th C. An Indian Mogul isolated two infants who died without uttering a word confirming his idea that language is acquired and is not innate. Instinctively I feel that in the first two cases the guardians of the children could not bear the cruelty of their isolation and lied to bring the experiment to an end. In the latter the innate grammar and the L A D were not activated, for as the next case demonstrates, it needs exposure to language to stimulate it. The next example is perhaps even more cruel, seems to confirm this, is the case of Genie, a child who was isolated in a room by her father from the age of 20 months to 13 years, she was only addressed with either growls or barks. When Genie was rescued she knew only two words, her name and sorry. She eventually learned to speak sentences of two to three words but never mastered the grammar needed for the full acquisition of language. Further while language is normally a function of the left hemisphere of the brain Genie’s attempts to acquire language were located in her right hemisphere suggesting that the left hemisphere had in some way atrophied through lack of use. This and other cases of 'wolf'/ 'feral' children seems to support Chomsky's theory that there is not only a Critical Period for L A but also there are physiological factor as well. I feel this has obvious implications for adult learners and may help explain the difficulties experienced by older adults. For if the L A D is located in the left hemisphere is 'full' or is past its 'active phase' then the adult learner perhaps has to use the less effective right hemisphere. Although this may seem a rather long digression it has I feel, important implications for anyone who engages in the process of 2nd L A , particularly that age appears to be a vital factor. For me personally, living in Cataluùya / Spain, 2nd L A is extremely important for as Wittgenstein writes ; " The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." The sense of loss and frustration that I have at not being able to fully engage in my chosen new life/country/language is literally and figuratively beyond words..

Sarah Massie Part Two next month...

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GROWING NICELY Breaking the silence Of an ancient pond A frog jumped into the water A deep resonance. Basho (1644-1694)

me a deep sense of tranquillity and well-being, neighbours Harold and Rina Wijts living near us by my teenage years I had transferred this in countryside of Camarles, who have created a pleasure to pond fish. fish farm that specialises in the these most dramatic and beautiful Koi and have an My favourite 'days outing' with the family was a international business centred in our area local train journey across London to Kew Gardens, I community. had to carry my picnic and as much stale bread as I could save. My trick was to eat my picnic on the train, that way I would have less to carry and I could take more bread.

I stood at the edge, gazing into the depths, seeing nothing, nothing but clear water. For five days it was the same. The only change, which happened over the first night, was that the thousands of mosquito lava in the pond I always made a bee-line to the great formal lake vanished. in front of the impressive Victorian Palm House, I began to worry that I'd lost my newly acquired which was built in 1848 (by Decimus Burton and half dozen slivers of gold; tiny fish taken from a Richard Turner), with its stately row of huge friend's pond, transported in a few inches of statues depicting the Queens Beasts along the water at the bottom of a bucket, which sloshed front. This was not as good, according to my around with every bump of the rocky road. mother, as the Crystal Palace designed by Sir Perhaps they were so traumatised by their Joseph Paxton and burned down in 1939, which The fish in my new pond will always remain journey that they had disappeared into the dark had been my mother's favourite dance hall small, although they have now tripled their size and are about 10 or 12 centimetres long. Fish safety of the tunnel I had set at the bottom of the during the 1930's. will only grow as big as the water/fish ratio will pool and just given up. The lake, meant to be viewed from above with allow, and my baby fish live in a very small I wanted my new pond, complete with plants and a huge fountain in the centre, had only small watery environment. small fish to be instantaneously spectacular. I steps to give access to the water. As a child the had after all, waited 2 weeks for the water to grandeur left me cold, all I wanted was to get Bigger fish need lots of oxygen, but the heat and mature (hence the mosquito lava), but it has down to this small viewing area at water level, sun reduces the oxygen content in the water, so I make sure that there are as many varieties of taken another couple of months for it to come up where I was able to feed the fish. oxygenating plants growing in the pond as I can. to my expectations. Now it's providing me with Slowly... First lots of small fish would ravenously These are often submerged plants that create lots of flowers as well as a shoal of small black take the pieces of old bread I threw in, then, oxygen during the day; they also play a crucial fish, brought in as eggs, in water I collected from bigger fish would come. I used to wait patiently, role of keeping the pond healthy by absorbing several ponds, which have hatched and thrived ignoring all attempts to get me to move on to see lots of nutrients. This helps to remove nitrates to join my six good size goldfish in the new pond. the tropical plants, because I knew that and waste material from the water, in fact they I have built ponds in every garden I have created eventually somewhere in that vast depths of clean up the pond. They also release a certain for myself and most gardens I have designed for water lived monstrously large fish, who would amount of carbon dioxide at night, so their my clients. Even in the smallest garden there is emerge to take bread from my hand, with mouths growth should be kept under control if the pond. big enough to suck in my little arm. space for a water feature. Getting a good balance right, is essential for a healthy pond. I was advised that ponds here in Catalunya were This enduring love for fish was reinforced with out of the question, too hot, too rocky, too many my 7th birthday treat, which was a visit to the Elodea Crispa pests! But now I have two. The first was made Japanese water garden, at the Festival of Britain. (Lagarosiphon major) is the from a recycled 1000 litre water container and Designed to make the space between Waterloo most effective of the has been functioning beautifully for several Bridge and the exhibition hall and funfair into a submerged oxygenating years, with excessive healthy plant growth and decorative walkway, was, for me the most plants but I also have 'Water fish that have multiplied and grown much larger fantastic garden. The Koi were the largest, most Milfoil' (Myriophyllum luxurious coloured fish I had ever seen and the spicatium). than I expected. little curved bridge across the sunken stream was where I stayed for most of the day. This new pond is made from a broken In the margins I have planted pink corner-bath that had seen better 'Whorled Water Milfoil' days, but is now reborn as a lovely (Myriophyllum vertiillatum) for water feature. its oxygenating properties and a small grass (Typha minima). Whilst planning this article, I have been I am disciplined now and considering what it is that makes fish swimming accept little else that is offered around in a small pond, so very important to me. to me because I know how easy it is to be Why does it give so much pleasure? Visiting a swamped by beautiful plants that just love to take friend's house for supper last week, I found over a small pond. myself drawn to their tropical fish tank, staring rudely and not taking part in the conversation, However my wonderful Water Lily was a 'It's lovely isn't it' my friend said noticing my beautiful gift, I am hoping it is a small or medium preoccupation. I realised then that fish have a Koi are a very attractive temptation for me and I growing lily like Nymphaea 'Hermione' or know that if I were to keep them, they would possibly N. Marliacea 'Albida'. Even so I know long history in my memory. become a huge responsibility. I would become it will soon be too big, but for this year at least, As a sickly child I was always confined to the very absorbed by them to the neglect of other it will supply shade and shelter to the fish, as well even temperature of the family living room important time consuming activities, like as giving me the most elegant display of flowers. where, my brother kept a tropical fish tank, gardening. I have several friends in the UK who beautiful as the only light source. Residents of keep the most fantastic ornamental Koi, however The same can be said for the floating water the tank always had me transfixed, they gave I was very surprised to discover that we have Hyacinth (Eichornia crasipes) spreading rapidly

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STILL GROWING across the surface, (providing extra shade) and producing spectacularly spires of blue and purple throughout the summer. The increasingly cold winters knock it back to a few hardy scraps of root, so its immense growth is not such a problem. I have just been given a pot of seedlings of the Arum Lily (Calla palustris), I am hoping to transplant them later in the autumn, to grow on next year into strong plants. Some I can give as gifts.

I thought I had solved the problem of supplying oxygen to my fish with solar powered oxygenators, which at about 40€, each give a constant stream of bubbles that excite the fish and encourage them to be very active; in fact they become 'high' and it is necessary to ration the oxygenator, otherwise the fish cannot survive periods of low oxygen.

to be near a water-source for topping up in the They are heavy work, but not difficult if you are used to working with cement, remember the summer. water in the finished pond needs to stand to If you want a pond, you will want to keep release any poison leaching from the cement admiring it, for me it is important to be situated before fish can be installed, so it takes much quite near the house. Remember however, all longer to naturalize. creatures like and need water, some of which you might not want to encourage coming too Another alternative is to buy a preformed shape; this appears to be an easy option, but the levels close. still need to be exact and remember the shape You can choose whether you raise your pond needs to be back-filled with soil and sand leaving and have a small wall around it, this is always a no gaps. good choice, if you want to sit on the edge or discourage children from going too close. I have Whichever of these methods you prefer, each used this idea in a split level conservatory, with will give you a very beautiful and living water feature which will provide hours of tranquil great success. entertainment. Because we live here on rocky terraces, we have chosen to use the terrace levels and bridge the I felt very privileged, the other morning to see a distance between them, we have situated the small snake drinking from my new pond and it pond container on a level bed of sand close into instantly brought to mind a favourite poem by a corner of two walls and have then built up D.H. Lawrence. Here is an extract. around the A snake came to my water-trough container with On a hot, hot day, and I in pyjamas for the heat, soil and rock, To drink there. then planted the slopes with In the deep, strange-scented shade of the great dark lateral dense carob-tree Rosemary and I came down the steps with my pitcher And must wait, must stand and wait, for he was there Lantana to blend at the trough before me it into the land. When you are creating your pond, try to imagine how you want it to look when it is complete, and the hole you dig should look nothing like the finished pond it will be much bigger and deeper.

I bought several of these clever little machines two years ago, initially with great success, but they appear to have a short live span, before they become noisy or break down. Unfortunately the price to replace them has now doubled, With a digger here it is possible to sink the pond which takes them completely out of my range. into the ground, but hard work by hand. It is most important to be focused on the different levels; My solution to this problem at the moment is to they are crucial, I always use a firm concrete or simply use the hose, to make as many air brick, level top edge, with my two marginal levels bubbles as I can, when I top up the ponds every formed before going further. Then I layer my few days, to the obvious delight of the fish. pond shape, first with old carpet then a thick layer of sand before putting in a very good quality If you want to add a pond to your liner. garden there are several simple guidelines. I have in the past installed a number of successful cement ponds; several are still Firstly, it is best to choose a situation with a healthy and successful after 3 or 4 decades. combination of sun and shade, as the water will heat up as well as evaporate, it will also need

He reached down from a fissure in the earth wall in the gloom And trail his yellow -brown slackness soft-bellied down, over the edge of the stone trough And rested his throat upon the stone bottom, And where the water had dripped from the tap, in a small clearness, He sipped with his straight mouth, Softly drank through his straight gums into his slack long body, Silently, But I must confess how I liked him, How glad I was he had come like a guest in quiet, to drink at my water-trough And depart peaceful, pacified, and thankless Into the burning bowels of this earth.

Heather Charlton


Someone told me I was gullible and I believed them.

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Avda. Barcelona 92, Local 1, 43892 MIAMI PLATJA Telephone: 659 736 403

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"Don't spend two dollars to dry clean a shirt. Donate it to the Salvation Army instead. They'll clean it and put it on a hanger. Next morning buy it back for seventy-five cents." - Billiam Coronel

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Great hand-made products for sale here: What the future has in store for your kitchen: Money: Some interesting alternatives for low-cost spending and cash withdrawals in Europe: (These would mainly be of interest for people that still receive money is Sterling). And here's a guide to their benefits:

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Universal Truths: How many can you identify with? Triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones. At the end of every party there is always a girl crying. One of the most awkward things that can happen in a pub is when your pint-to-toilet cycle gets synchronised with a complete stranger.

IN SEARCH OF THE HOLY GRAIL Well, not exactly, but the elusive cedula is taking on mythical proportions, with tales so scary they could have been written by The Brothers Grimm! We decided to apply for a cedula in preparation for a move back home to the UK. The first step was to engage the services of a good architect and we were introduced to Sergi from TAE Consultants in Tortosa. He spoke perfect English, a must as our Spanish is not up to scratch and we did not have to hire the services of a translator. Thankfully there was nothing of the mañana attitude here and he arrived promptly and carried out the mandatory inspection of the property, before heading straight away to submit the necessary paperwork to the Department de Medi Ambient in Tortosa. A week later, an official looking letter arrived informing us that the copy of the original papers showing the legalization of the property, would have to be replaced with an updated copy as the dirrecion number had now changed. The following day, armed with the trusty Sergi, we attended the Ajuntament, where all the necessary applications for a new certificate were carried out and we waited for the call to collect. A month later, new certificate in hand, we returned to Tortosa. Our architect had warned us that as the original certificate had a condition forbidding the separation of our parcel-la for additional building, we may have to add this to our escritura. This had now become a reality and with our architect, we went to our notario to make the necessary changes. Off went Sergi to the registrar, telling us not to worry! The moment someone tells you not to worry, of course, you do just that!! Today is a good day because after several months, Sergi has arrived, beaming, holding our cedula in his hands!! My reason for wanting to let Catalunya Chronicle readers hear our story, is that if you have a good architect, your paperwork in order and a bit of patience, there is no reason why you cannot get your cedula. It has taken time, but cedulas are possible to find, unlike the Holy Grail, which we will still have to search for …......

Sharpening a pencil with a knife makes you feel really manly. You're never quite sure whether it's against the law or not to have a fire in your back garden. Nobody ever dares make cup-a-soup in a bowl. You never know where to look when eating a banana. You always feel a bit scared when stroking horses. The smaller the monkey the more it looks like it would kill you at the first given opportunity.


Every bloke has at some stage while taking a pee, flushed half way through and then raced against the flush. Its impossible to look cool whilst picking up a Frisbee. Driving through a tunnel makes you feel excited. Old ladies can eat more than you think. You can't respect a man who carries a dog.

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A COFFEE WITH... The second article in the series covering my interview with another well known local man:

When it comes to food, Salvador enjoys the simple way. He has a broad smile when her describes himself as "plump yet polished" and credits his wife's good cooking with the reason for this.


acceptance of foreigners, including the British, into Catalonian society he commented that in the end, Cataluña has a history of living Salvador Pallarés Brull together with different cultures and El-Perello is a perfect example of this with inhabitants - Town Councilor of El-Perello, Dinner may be a simple salad or a full dinner from all over the world. There are apparently, representative on the National council for Convergence, business entrepreneur and a with a good local wine to wash this down and within the village community, many family good company to enjoy it with. That´s enough. nicknames which are based on these historic family man. Although he has made efforts to try and enjoy migrations. Salvador was born in El-Perello and is proud to foreign foods he still comes back to the Mediterranean style of cooking as his favourite. The French, the Peruvian, the Caraqueno, the talk about his ancestors having family roots in Mano and many others, all originally Spanish the village traceable for several generations. HIS CURRENT COUNCILLOR of El-Perello (Castellano) speaking. Perello has developed Currently he has Great Uncles and Aunts, as is well travelled and he knows all of an open society and has an excellent well as many of his parents' generation taking Cataluña very well and most of Spain ambiance for different races and nationalities an active part in village life. quite well. He has visited almost every to settle here. other European country as well as the "Since childhood, my life has been based in US of A and several countries of South He went on to say that he thought that El-Perello" he told me "even during the time America. He would still like to see more of the due to the recent rapid evolution it is that I was Deputy and Vice president of the different African countries. necessary to restructure and Council of Tarragona". reorganize the administration for the He spoke of his full and busy life during which I asked him for what made him go into politics new society in which we live. and local government and he replied to the he has built a significant business, given time to follow his political and social beliefs for both effect that he believes that in a democracy it is This must be done without detriment to the local language, history or culture. We need a his village and his country and, importantly he a fundamental element of modern life to have active politics in order to encourage and allow great effort to integrate without losing all the has brought up a family within the community the people to pursue and develop their experience and customs that enrich the and municipality of El-Perello. Leaving the objectives. He chose to join the Convergencia tapestry of our life and this includes those who village proved to be necessary in order to Democratica de Cataluña (CDC) party have come to live in El-Perello more recently. complete his education in Tortosa and then, because he believes that they support and Certainly some of the newcomer nationalities later at university in Barcelona. He started propose the most beneficial ideas and have a majority of older generation who are work in 1962 and still works a full week in his proposals for development of the towns and retired and do not want to work but thanks to businesses and other activities. villages of Cataluña. international agreements this does not place He is a fit and mature man who looks younger any economic burden on our government. BVIOUSLY, I WANTED to get to know the than his years and he has gained a great deal man rather than the politician so I ONTINUING THIS THEME, Salvador of experience from his varied and interesting asked how he spent his time when indicated that the local people can take careers in business and politics and his travels. relaxing and he surprised me by from these older folk their experience, This helps him to see " the bigger picture" of saying that he still plays football and 5 their values and understanding. We all life and he is totally sincere in his aspirations a-side indoor football and enjoys motor bike need to make efforts to get involved to see Cataluña becoming a significant force racing. On the less strenuous side he likes to with and help new arrivals to be involved in in Spain and, indeed in the whole of Europe. read and he is an active member of the Elsocial activities, sports and cultural awareness. Perello Choir. He is also attempts to write And the politician within him had to break the poetry and study history and literature. surface when he said that…. his political party Salvador Palarés Brull has lived through a had initiated a complete program of coperiod of immense change and development of existence, with reciprocal exchanges between the region and he hi-lights things like people to share the knowledge of each other's telecommunications, technological culture and ways. This will allow us all to act Motor • Home • Pet development, changes in the lifestyle of and to behave in a sympathetic way to each Travel • Medical • Marine ordinary people, big developments in other but above all, to ensure that our ? Competitive price infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, language and culture are positively ? Instant cover tourist facilities as well as the obvious changes encouraged among the newcomers. ? Direct claims service in roads and rail links. ? Multi Policy discounts Then I asked him for what he saw as a positive ? Split payments available Also an evolutionary change in energy step by "us", the foreigners may be to help this Contact Horizons Consultants production based upon greater attention to the integration. His reply took me by surprise… today on 96 648 1382 environment. In Spain generally there has that he saw a lot that we could do but probably been a large increase in immigration which has most importantly, simply to join with the local Horizons Consultants CB been necessary but badly organized nationally, activities and along with the virtues and the Calle San Rafael 45 - 1, it should be reconsidered with a view to modify defects in our daily lives, live in harmony in the Jalon, 03727, Alicante the overall plan to suit our ever changing village day by day. society. El-Perello has experienced, Finally, I said to him that a source of understood and accepted the integration of disgruntlement among some of the immigrants different peoples and cultures and has Exclusive Agent for certain underwriters at was lack of information about local activities achieved integration with the most harmony Lloyd’s, through Ibex Insurance. and events. He didn't fully agree saying that possible. he had been a visitor in France last year and EGARDING INTEGRATION AND




Need Insurance?

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LIFE had made the effort to visit various centres of information like town hall, chamber of commerce, library etc. and he learned a huge amount about local activities cultures, laws etc., but he had to make the effort. As mayor of the village (ElPerello) for sixteen years he established the centre of information in the ajuntament with staff who have a working knowledge of English, French and German. Not many families come here and actually ask for reliable information direct from source. Most English ask other English who have been here for a while and who promote themselves as knowledgeable and the Germans ask the Germans, the French ask the French etc. It ends up with those who don't know very much, teaching the newcomers who then know very little indeed and what they do "know" is usually wrong. Continued on the next page... ...continued from the previous page.


surprised me by his firm belief that, and this may well be true, that many immigrants, of all nationalities would seem not to want to integrate in the real sense of the word. He thinks that the newcomers should all make efforts to gather our information about all aspects of local life, from genuine and reliable local sources. Not necessarily formal advice offices but circulated through schools, companies, shops etc. NCE AGAIN HE

So to sum up, this man, Snr. Salvador Pallares Brull, an entrepreneur, a politician, a family man and a councilor on the National Council for Convergence, is knowledgeable about corporate concepts, economics and social activities. He eagerly offers his experience to help develop good relations between all people in the area. You may wish to say "Bon dia" one morning, in passing.

Mike Clark (No political preference is inferred in or by this article. It is written to help English speaking immigrants to understand more their indigenous hosts).


existent formal education. Not only is he studying a degree, but having to bridge the gap of missed schooling, shows such determination and courage.

Though they are my daughter and her partner This is the season when our loved ones come and they are also my friends, to a friend you can say things that may not always be what they want to stay with us more!….. hear, but you say it because you care enough. So In July’s issue you got our daughter Charli writing in the same vein I cannot moan when she dons the parent role and lectures Mum and Dad on about freckles why? Simple she had to choose various subjects. It may be aggravating but it between preparing dinner for the four of us or shows she cares, I think? sitting at the computer and being creative. No prize for guessing who melted in the very hot As I have the opportunity to talk to many people kitchen. Why the subject of freckles? Heaven though my work, I am fascinated by the equation knows, probably because of the subject of vanity of what people do or did for a living and their and how we see ourselves through others opinions of us when we are young, this had been educational background. This is only curiosity and the last thing we talked about. Then I gave her the has no bearing on them as a person. It is a bit like judging a book by its cover, try it and your doomed ultimatum. to miss the best read! The only true way is allow your gut reaction to take over. Trust it, if you have Life changes as your offspring and you get older, that obvious! But some of the ways bring a smile if lived long enough it will seldom let you down. not laughter to me. Here’s a good example. She If I put all my close friends in the same room they has returned full time to university. It is lovely to would get along fine, because tolerance is a hear her so enthusiastic and excited about her common trait with all of them! The second chosen subject and hours were spent discussing the topics she was studying. By the second week I common denominator is that none of them are spectators in life. Another important characteristic was getting irritated by the continuous conversation on her first year course. Much of this is humour, why, they would not be friends with me includes psychology and policy; I was beginning to without being able to laugh; most of them can feel like I was the student. As a parent most of us laugh at themselves too. have come to the stage when the child thinks they Saying there is a common factor with your friends know more than the parent, sometimes on some is a woolly area I have one friend that if I go a subject they do. But (a very big but) most of the week without speaking to her she wonders what’s time it is book learnt and experience is yet to wrong. Another we seldom speak for six months come. This is not a chicken and egg situation, to a year, we just pick up where we left off and talk knowledge has to start somewhere and the for hours on the phone. Charli envies me my classroom is one place, the playground, the home, friends, I tell her they do not all come at one time their peers are a few more. Finally I snapped like in your life – give it time and be prepared to work the teenager and in a far too petulant voice told at friendship. her that I knew a lot more than her on this particular subject. After both of us got over the Three quotes I love on “friends” the last is my surprise of my outburst we spent time talking favourite. about education versus experience.

by Helen Rowe

So once peace and quiet had returned to our home and she had returned to hers I thought about this. I was ashamed at the way I reacted, but could put some of it down to the strain of being chief cook, chambermaid, entertainment manager, chauffeur to name a few hats worn whilst she was on holiday. The rest I contributed to envy. I am not a jealous person and have always found this emotion difficult to fathom, but envy is another thing. I envied Charli the sheer joy of finding something that was totally encompassing to her. Many go through life never having felt strongly about a subject, which learning more becomes a passion. I hope this does not leave her, tempered with experience that will come with time, many of her points of view will have a human perspective that I will be able to share with her.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." -- Bernard Meltzer "Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life." - Dior Yamasaki "Friendship with oneself is all-important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world." - Eleanor Roosevelt


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telephone 977445497 or 645335634 English Catalan Spanish spoken

I am her proud mother. Her partner Paul is achieving more than Charli, though I know this is hard for her to palate. He too has returned to full time education and is studying a similar topic. No matter what results he gets, just doing a degree course is brave with a non



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LA COMIDA SUMMER PUDDING The origin of this classic English pudding is unknown, but as early as the 18th century it was served to patients who were not allowed rich pastry sweets. This does not in the least make it invalid food it is a delicious composition of fresh summer fruits. PREPARATION TIME: 30-40 min. CHILLING TIME: 8 hours INGREDIENTS (for 6): 6-8 slices stale, crustless white bread, 1/2 in. thick 1 1/2 lb mixed soft fruits 4oz caster sugar Strawberries, raspberries, red and black currants, as well as black cherries, are all suitable for this dish, and can be mixed according to taste and availability. The more varied the fruits, the tastier the result, but avoid using too many black currants as their flavour and colour will tend to dominate the summer pudding.

over a very low heat, and cook for 2-3 minutes only, until the sugar melts and the juices begin to run. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside 1-2 tablespoons of the fruit juices. Spoon the fruit and remaining juice into the prepared dish and cover the surface closely with the rest of the bread.

Put a plate that fits the inside of the dish Line the bottom of a 1 1/2-pint souffle dish on top of the pudding and weight it down or pudding basin with one or two slices of with a heavy tin or jar. Leave the pudding bread to cover the base completely. Line in the refrigerator to chill for 8 hours. the sides of the dish with more bread, if Before serving, remove the weight and necessary cut to shape, so that the bread plate. Cover the dish with the serving fits closely together. plate and turn upside-down to unmould the pudding. Use the reserved fruit juice Hull and carefully wash the fruit, and remove the stones from the cherries. Put to pour over any parts of the bread which have not been soaked through and the fruit in a wide heavy-based pan and sprinkle the sugar over it. Bring to the boil coloured by the fruit juices. Serve with a bowl of cream.

C HEATS C UISINE In this weather i think our thoughts turn to drinks so here are a few you may have forgotten and of course nice and easy: ..................................................................................... Old Fashioned Lemonade Place one thin skinned lemon, 2 tbls of sugar, 6 ice cubes and 720 ml of water in your blender or food processor and turn on for a 10 seconds strain add more ice if required. ..................................................................................... Iced Coffee Make up some strong black coffee ( instant is fine ) chill then add Tia Maria or liquor of your choice add sugar if required pour into tall glasses and top with spray cream, a drinking straw and spoon, Yummy. ..................................................................................... Milkshake for Adults

RASPBERRY AND BANANA TRIFLE (quick and easy) Ingredients (for 6): 4 slices plain sponge cake 3 heaped tablespoons raspberry jam 4 thinly sliced bananas 1/2 pint custard 1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence Splash of sherry (optional)

Take a bottle of cold chocolate milk and in a tall glass put brandy to taste add the milk and stir you can add cream on the top if you like, drink though a straw. ..................................................................................... Bellini The most cheerful drink of all-the classic of Harry's Bar. Simply mix peach juice and cava in equal quantities. if you add cava to the juice, the bubbles will last considerably longer

Cut the cake into 1/2 in. cubes and put in a serving dish or individual glasses. Sprinkle over the sherry if using. Spoon the jam over the cake and top with banana. Prepare the custard and flavour it with vanilla essence. Let the custard cool slightly before pouring it over the bananas. Chill the trifle in the refrigerator before serving.

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MES COMIDA GONE FISHING Our recent match on the Meadows stretch of the canal at St Carles de la Rapita did not fish as well as it should have done really. I think that the reason being was that it was a very hot day and the water temperature was very high; the fish just weren't feeding! Anyway, the results were in first place again, Gary Chalk with 6lbs, second, Mick Gill with 2lbs8oz, in third place came Peter with 1lb8oz. Congratulations to the top three! Better luck next time for the others who took part. For a future match, the reservoir at Utxesa seemed to be a favourite choice. I have always had a good day's fishing up there. Anyone who is interested, please let me know at the next match. This month we met up at the canal, just outside of Camarles. In recent weeks, it has been fishing quite well with lots of carp. In first place came Don, followed by Dennis, with third place going to Terry and in fourth position, for the first time, we had a lady winner, my daughter, Seline! There has been a lot of weed in the river at the moment, but remember, where there's weed, there are fish! If you can manage to do a bit of pre-baiting and get your bait down amongst the weed, you should catch. A friend of mine, Mick Gill, has been catching very well this month at Tivenys with carp; the best weighing in at 27lbs, on pellet and corn.

Cooking with Honey “I eat my peas with honey I've done it all my life,

Elsewhere on the river, at Mora, the weed can be a problem, but there are still a lot of carp being caught, mainly in the early mornings and evenings. The sport seems to be fairly slow in the middle of the day, as temperatures soar.

They do taste kinda funny, but it keeps them on the knife”

The next match will take place on Thursday 2nd September at the same venue as last time.

Thomas Nashe 1567-1601 Listed below are a few delicious, mouth-watering, and healthy recipes all including the magic ingredient Honey Lemon Dressing 1 lemon

Until next time, enjoy the fiestas and good fishing! Mike Smith

Honey Orange Pick Me Up

Blend with chicken stock, vinegar and honey in a small bowl to make a sauce.

225 ml plain non-fat yoghurt

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 50 ml lemon vinegar 1 small clove garlic 1 tablespoon fresh basil

Heat olive oil in a pan and fry the chicken breasts on all sides. Pour sauce over the chicken and then add the crushed peppercorns.

1 orange, peeled, sectioned and seeded

Heat the sauce until almost boiling, then simmer and cover pan for 15 minutes. Turn the chicken breasts whilst simmering.

1 tablespoon lemon juice ½ teaspoon grated orange rind

Serve with the sauce poured over the chicken and garnish with parsley.

1 tablespoon honey 75 ml olive oil 1 teaspoon fresh thyme salt and black pepper for seasoning

Process everything in a blender until smooth and drink!

1 tablespoon honey Grate the peel of the lemon, then add to juice of lemon. Crush garlic and wash and finely chop all the herbs.

Honey Peppered Chicken Breasts

4 chicken breasts 2 tablespoons honey Place all ingredients together in a bowl with the 100 ml chicken stock 1 orange lemon juice and peel. 1 tablespoon olive oil Whisk well before pouring into a cruet for 3 tablespoons black peppercorns serving. 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar 2 sprigs of parsley Crush the peppercorns, grate the zest and squeeze juice of orange.

Opening Times: Mornings: 9:00 - 13:00 Afternoons: 16:30 - 20:00 Sundays and Holidays: 10:00 14:00 (July and August closed)

Workshops & Guided Tours Bee Keeper Museum Fully Stocked Shop

Large range of Organic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Dietary Products Av. Catalunya, 23 · 43519 El Perelló (Tarragona) · Tel. 977 49 00 34 Also at El Raco deMuria - Mercat Municipal. C/Galetet s/n Parada 8-9, L’Ametlla de Mar 977 457 260

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say the bells of St. Clements Before leaving England to live in Spain we thought it might be a good idea to prepare ourselves for this jolly big adventure by learning a little Spanish. Three months of once a week night school we hoped would equip us with the basics e.g. Donde es .....? Como.....? Cuenta por favour.... The two most important we discovered, being, no comprehende and mas despacicio por favour!!! Not realising then that it is all well and fine to utter a few stock phrases, the critical bit is to understand the reply. When we first arrived in Spain our first reality check was realising that we had landed not only in Spain but crucially in Catalunya. It was as if someone had set sail for England only to find themselves landing in Wales. Que supresa! Que supressa ! too for our new neighbours, when suddenly one day without warning two aliens complete with mobile home landed on their doorstep. Armando and Theresa were in their mid sixties possible early seventies and were kindness itself, warm, open and accepting, coping with our pidgin "Spanglish" with delight and humour . Despite their age, they cleaned their land, pruned and collected the harvest with an energy that put us to shame and they did their best to educate two hopeless townies into the art and mysteries of becoming an olive farmer. For having survived the exodus after the civil war and exile in France, they were more than sympathetic to those struggling to make a new life in a foreign land. Often when they came to visit, just hopping over the dividing stone wall, in the extended hand of friendship was often clutched a huge bag of oranges (with the occasional lemon or two), more than we could possibly eat. Courtesy would brook no refusal, so my solution to this unexpected bounty was to commence the making of marmalade and what better idea than to reciprocate

the gift of oranges with a return gift of (mobile) homemade marmalade. What I hadn't bargained for that this would lead to an orange marmalade loop from which there appeared to be no end. Thankfully nature had its own way of solving the problem, the end of the orange harvest. This experience of our first encounter with our lovely Catalan neighbours prompted my first Catalan/Spanish poem;

La Naranges de Catalunya. The oranges of Catalunya, Twice warmed. Once by the Catalan sun, Once by the Catalan earth. The oranges of Catalunya Twice watered. Once by Catalan rain, Once by Catalan tears. The oranges of Catalunya Twice caressed. Once by Catalan winds, Once by Catalan laughter. The oranges of Catalunya Twice blessed. Once in the giving, Once in the receiving. Twice warmed, twice watered, Twice caressed, twice blessed. A hard land, good people.

YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? - EAT A CHOCOLATE Ok it sounds too good to be true a chocolate that helps you lose weight ! Yet according to the makers, that’s exactly what this chocolate will do. Its called Lola. The sweets contain chemicals which trick your brain into making you believe you are not hungry. The sweets are made by the Spanish manufacturer Cocoa Bio. They were launched at an international chocolate show in Madrid earlier this year. According to Cocoa Bio they taste like regular chocolate, but have a slight green tinge because of the extra ingredients. So what is this green tinge? Well that’s down to the dietary supplement Spirulina, which contains high levels vitamin A and B12. The makers recommend one or two chocolates one hour before a meal. This results in making you feel full and less likely to over indulge.

—--------------------------------------I would put this on the labels with the following note; This marmalade contains small quantities of TLC which may when consumed cause unusual feelings of well being and happiness. It is advisable after consumption not to entertain major undertakings, such as proposals of marriage or enter into financial contracts. To our regret when we moved a few kilometres away we gradually lost contact but the memory of their kindness will be with us always. Sarah A. Massie.

The chocolates are only available in Spain at present and with a price tag of 6 euros for a box of five may prove an expensive but rather delicious way to reduce the waistline. NB: In a study reported in the Journal of Internal Medicine it found that heart attack survivors who eat chocolate (dark chocolate) regularly are nearly 70% less likely to die from cardiac problems than those who rarely eat it. Other studies suggest that dark chocolate contains flavonoids which can lower the risk of blood clots. It can also protect against bowel cancer and help prevent premature births. L Kennedy

Everything for your pool All Accessories for your pool or spa to ensure it is perfectly clean and maintained ► ► ► ► ►

Construction Water Analysis & Treatment Cleaning Jacuzzis & Spas Water Filters

C/ Osca, 5 L’Ampolla 670.814.712

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REVIEWS A Career in your Suitcase by Jo Parfitt I am guilty in procrastinating in purchasing this book regrettably so! I thought because this was my 2nd or 3rd time, as an Expat I did not need it. I put my hands up. I was so, so wrong. I definitely did need it first time round as an Expat. Even more so, in these strenuous and trying economic times I need it now as an Expat, be it that I have been residing in Catalonia, Spain since 2004. Not everyone is an Expat by choice.

Sometimes the children don't even get a say. Often the spouse is seeing as tagging onto his /hers better half and dragging the screaming, disgruntled offspring half way around the world. It need not be a bad thing. This delicately written account is a travelling spouse's guide to a career on the move. It is worth its weight in gold! Very early on in the book I was surprised to see the top restriction in coping with a not always plain sailing transition and the up rooting of the family from friends and all things familiar, was not the new language barrier. Personally, I assumed that was everyone's generic issue - coping with a new language, when our adult brains are no longer like sponges to absorb everything quickly. Oh no! Work visas and work restrictions ranked away ahead over language and cultural barriers. The author herself was devastated when passing through Dubai customs, trailing her adoring husband and his career placement, to have emblazoned across her passport the odious stamp "Not permitted to take up employment! Hugh Francis, (a contributory author to one of the chapters) writes poignantly about the role reversal side in Male Accompanying his Australian spouse. An angle we don't always consider, but he often became the primary

parent-at-home-carer. Yet, this is fascinating reading. Mr. Francis shows how he turned his life around and (was not always soaked up to his elbows in dishes) to earn a living himself. Hugh and his family have led a charmed life thorough dual commitment, determination and being an experienced Expat many times over -and not falling over at the first obstacle! This book illustrates the issues where partners have previously been on the same equally highly educated, high flying career path and then -wham! The husband's career flings them from Australia to far flung northern pendulum of Finland. The frustrations of loosing a hard fought, well paid, well respected and going - place - career as a top barrister to what? Ziltch! Nothing, absolutely nothing to do job wise. This nearly split the couple up. A solution had to be found. So she moved to Helsinki for 5 days of the week and they see each other on a weekend. Maybe not ideal, but it works! This book is not all about Australians - I am merely depicting 2 examples that gave me plenty to think about. These thoughts have too been perceptively dealt within these pages by Jo Parfitt. The issues of : imbalance of careers; not contributing to the the family income; not born to be a housewife; the feeling of loosing your self-esteem; studied to a degree level for a purpose of selfworth and independence. Furthermore, when your spouse's assignment of say 3 years, may not be conducive to a prospective employer when considering you for employment for a long term commitment. Other prominent authors, namely Galen Tinder and Mary van der Boon, have also contributed valid sections to this must read, can't put down type of book! So what can you do? Roll over and die? No! Jo Parfitt from page 268 onwards, shows the most brilliant, wonderful and awe inspiring ideas - actually 60 tried and tested one's. These may even give vent to more ideas, as you consider each one in their full worth. Don't scan read them. Read, digest and ponder over each and everyone. Some may seem so simple and so obvious - but why haven't you tried them then? Don't scoff that "Oh Mrs. Thingey-mebob tried that and failed - waste of time!"

Re-read, re-think and maybe you just need a partner - a new friend or another Expat, to make that idea work . This book details websites where you can go to for help and bring different skills to the table. Jo Parfitt's Resources Book Section definitely has the Wow Factor! Jo writes with such insight, personal experience and fluidity. An English lady that empowers people - someone who has bought the T-shirt and worn it many,many times over. It was after her 3rd Expat move and 10 years abroad (though she has doubled that now) it dawned on her there was a huge void - an enormous need for Expat spouses that were crying out for a gentle nudge (or a huge shove in some cases) to start their own "Career in a Suitcase". Jo has always written to survive. Yes, she is fundamentally a born survivor and in Dubai even produced homemade date chutney. Labelled, sold and marketed it was one of her first projects. Remember there are always alternatives - always another way to survive. It may even be so close to home and staring you in the face you cannot see it - so network with other expats and locals.

"First look inside yourself and create a career." Discover your strengths, your passions, nurture and network your ideas, maybe even re-invent your own identity, and above all, design your own portable career! Today Jo Parfitt is a much sort after global speaker. Besides that she helps other writers to edit, re-edit, proof read and to publish their books. Jo has unwittingly helped me immensely by reviewing one of my books in the Chimona Chronicles' series. Her support, suggestions and corrections are inspiring. Soemtimes one is just too close to their own work that they don't see the common, awful errors (which we use in daily speech) depicted in our scribing. This is just one of the ways in Jo Parfitt's journey as an Expat she has cemented a successful business - all as an Expat! I strongly urge all Expats (or soon to be Expats) to rush out and buy a copy - either online at or off the shelf. Do not make the same mistake as I did and delay buying it for six years! If you are writing your life story and need help please contact me. Twitter@RosieReay (0034)619 772 492

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 24


"A Career in a Suitcase" by Jo Parfitt, John could so easily have been one of her examples where she depicted people to "look inside themselves to create that portable career".


ohn like most other artists are rather reserved in talking about their wonderful sculptors. Yet he has created abstract images that are interesting all the way around. One's that beckon for you to touch and feel, to turn or move and to marvel at how the image changes.


time for mingling, for meeting family and friends and absorbing intercultural exchanges at all the local Fiesta Majors. I too use this time for networking and discovering new places, new people, new sources for writing. In the heat of the day we no longer fight against the harsh sun's rays, but to relax and savour the beauty of the siesta created for a reason - my body, mind and soul needs it!


He is reluctant to put name tags to each piece as the beauty of the image is in the eye of the beholder. (A name is very personal.) It can vary according to the light, or re-positioning within the same room - or even the mood of the on looker may see different lines, different things at

How do I cope with the flies? It is quite simple really. I have sewn a silk see through scarf around an army issued desert field hat and just pull it down over my face. It has been remarked by one of son's friends that it looks like a Victorian beekeeper's hat. Great! It works! There is an air of excitement rustling around the medieval streets of Tortosa as everyone are worker bees in planning and preparing their stalls, costumes and what delightful entertainment, music dance and song will full the night air. Throughout the ensuing days (22nd -25th July) there will be many activities and long forgotten sports being revived and the babble of children as they join in. Many tired feet will result but rest awhile at one of the bars, or bales of hayventure into untried restaurants and savour the local "medieval fiesta fayre". But above all just go with the flow, mingle, greet and enjoy all you see and embrace all you meet.


ast issue I came across a wonderful craftsman who carves in pine and olive, the most amazing tables, benches, chairs as well as smaller items of bowls, spoons and salad servers, namely John Yeates of Suffolk now resident in Jes첫s el campo. Well, I have now discovered in the Lower Ebro Valley, another local Expat (from Northern Wales) who also carves abstract designs in wood . No less, John Daniel Dickinson, residing in Terrapico el campo Roquetes. Though I have known of John D.D. and heard he did "some carving" now and then when he had time. What I didn't realize was how brilliant he is at it! Now he has been gently persuaded and pushed by his darling partner Jo to commit fervently to one day a week to his craft. The old adage lives on- "behind every successsful man is a woman!" John Daniel Dickinson is a prime example of someone who has as an Expat, diversified to survive. Now he is so busy he hardly has time for his true pleasure. In my book review this month

abstract, organic and definitely not geometrical precise, sterile nor souvenir shop-produced-type carvings. These are a labour of love. These are quality. These should be displayed in an upmarket gallery in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia. The price depicts the quality and time spent in forming their uniqueness. ( No less than John Yeates exemplary wood carvings of animals on back of benches or his coffee tables that deserve pride of place in a posh villa or apartment.) When chatting John Daniel Dickinson you find there is more to this man than just a sculptor in his foot high olive wood (and maybe almond in the future, he is considering...). As a child he was always drawing. Later on he studied painting oils and water colours, a pleasure and talent he shares with Jo. However, he was never an abstract artist. He never intended to be one. It just evolved out here. He says with such emphasis how fantastic it has been in coming to Spain - a great medium for artistically inclined people!


ohn likes to work alone ( I can relate to that as a writer) and doesn't like people looking over his shoulder until his masterpiece is complete. Once in his younger days he did pavement art in North Africa. Although he muses that it was great fun at the time, you felt you were like a performing artist in a Street Theatre. It is something you can only do for awhile, but it was a great artistic experience and a wonderful memory. So what is his secret passion I hinted at? different times. Such is the beauty of his craft! At present, John is concentrating on olive carvings at the moment, as he is finding so much

This quietly spoken, tall unassuming male loves his guitar, singing and songwriting- strumming music to the words. On all accounts he is a great Rhythm (and Blues?) singer. I don't know. I have yet to hear him. Apparently he has appeared at the Irish Bar in Tortosa and other venues... Others may know him as a TEFL English teacher and has many achieving students to his credit. Is there no limit to this man's talents.

enjoyment in working with the multi-faceted aspects of that old Biblical tree.

If you would like to learn more about John Daniel Dickinson and his sculptures please contact me below. Twitter@RosieReay

Besides, one learns frugality as an Expat and he has built up a personal tidy pile of olive wood. This may have resulted from hours pruning someone's olive grove and the owner does not require so much or any firewood for their winter store. ( Aside: Can I have your cut offs John? I never have enough firewood!). He doesn't start out with any pencil sketching or pre-conceived ideas. All his sculptures take many painstakingly long hours to fruition. They are all

Foden Press Rosie Reay +34 619-772-492 Twitter @RosieReay

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cooking a nutritious meal can cause the loss of a significant portion of the nutritional properties, but also during storage some foods can change their nutritional content. The environment in which we find foods can have a decisive influence on the amount of nutrients that they offer. Light affects the nutritional content of food because it promotes the oxidation of fats and some vitamins (C, B2, provitamin A, folic acid). That is why food such as oils must be protected in opaque containers to prevent rancidity, and why it is recommended that once orange juice is squeezed it is drunk early to avoid the loss of vitamin C.



the length and conditions of storage and distribution, influences the degradation of certain foods, especially vegetables, fresh fruits and potatoes. Vitamin losses of these foods will depend on the duration and storage conditions.

medium, such as in cans, is defended from microbial assault.


cooking food we produce nutritional losses depend on the care with which the food is protected from light, oxygen, temperature, humidity or pH. HEN PREPARING AND

If we leave a peeled potato on a plate and observe it for a few hours, we find that ambient oxygen has oxidized the surface. If we let a potato soak, it does not blacken as it does when in contact with the air but it still oxidizes and loses much of its vitamins. In general, foods soaked for half an hour loses a significant amount of vitamins, including C, from the action of oxygen in the water. If food is chopped, there will be more surface in contact with oxygen so the oxidation will be

Root vegetables and tubers have a lower breathing rate and will endure several weeks in the cool, so potatoes stored in a dark place take around three months to lose 50% of vitamin C.


important role in food preservation, but inevitably some of their vitamins and minerals may degrade. As food cools deterioration slows and stops completely when the food is frozen. Moisture and pH of food also influence conservation. For example, humidity promotes mould growth, but by using hermetic packaging this can be avoided. Food stored in an acid EMPERATURE PLAYS AN

Therefore, whenever possible, fruit and raw vegetables should take them in the form of salads, or just boiled. Some vegetables are eaten cooked, because raw they are unpalatable and even toxic, such as aubergines and potatoes (raw they can contain solanine, an alkaloid toxic, especially if they are ripe).


to use the nutrition of fruit is eaten raw. If they are eaten without peeling, they should be washed well to remove pesticides that may have accumulated on the surface. HE BEST WAY

If we are going to cook food in water the best way is to put them into boiling water because it forms a kind of crust that acts as a barrier reducing the loss of vitamins and minerals. If we put food in cold water and bring it to a boil we lose more protein, vitamins and minerals, as the water does not scald and produce a protective barrier and they spend a large amount of time in the cooking water.

At room temperature vegetables lose between 5-8% of vitamin C in the first 2 hours of picking, and after 24 hours between 40-90% of vitamin C. However if kept in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place, vitamin losses are reduced, however a lettuce after 5 days in the refrigerator will have lost between 25 and 50% of vitamin C. Do not forget that vegetables and fruits, once collected, breathe while ripening and secrete ethylene as part of the breathing process.

We should use the best way of cooking that maintains the nutritional value of each meal, since according to the technique used, nutrition can be enriched (especially if you fry which adds calories) or reduced (mainly minerals and vitamins). Vegetables and tubers are easier to digest cooked, but the heat of cooking destroys some vitamins, especially C, and we lose mineral salts that dissolve in the water.

faster, as is the case of cut lettuce, which darkens quicker when cut than if the whole leaves are kept clean and dry.


when food is ground by introducing oxygen through the action of the mixer; it is recommended to immediately consume fruit or vegetable purees, to ensure the vitamins are not lost. For all these reasons vegetables should be handled and cut just before cooking, avoid prolonged soaking and previous cutting that increase nutrient losses. Also thick peeling of fruits and vegetables (peel very thick) can lead to vitamin loss from under the skin as there are more vitamins in the centre of the fruit. We recommend using the outer parts of the salad because there are more vitamins than inside as the leaves are greener and have more chlorophyll in the head, which comes from sunlight. HE SAME HAPPENS

Steamed vegetables retain minerals, and vitamin loss is less than the traditional boiled, since there is no dilution of the nutrients in water. In addition, the food is much tastier and is particularly suitable for people who must restrict salt in their diet. To make a good soup the best advice is to put all the ingredients in cold water, but if we cook vegetables and are not going to save the cooking broth it is better to steam or place in boiling water. Adding a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to the cooking water helps conserve vitamins as they are stored in an acid medium, this same is true for salad after soaking.

Arancha Coromina Dietitian-Nutritionist

Advice, Training and Food Education (asesoramiento, formacion y educacion alimentaria) Nutritional treatment for overweight, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol etc.

DIETÉTICA ROQUETES, C / MAYOR , 36 43520 ROQUETES Call 645565571 to make an appointment (Consultations in English or Spanish)

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AN ENSEMBLE THE BUSKERS: A NIGHT OUT IN MORA D' EBRE It all began at Michael's Salsa nights in Mora la Nova. Incidentally, one of the best ways to keep fit that I know of and a complete body work-out, but I digress. It was at the Salsa night that I (Glenys - singer) met Gary, a great guitarist/singer, and his lovely wife Kath. Gary persuaded me to join an English choir in Perelló - 'The Decibels'. Also in the choir was the multi-talented Jennifer Sarduy, violinist, pianist, guitarist etc - probably quicker to say what she doesn't play!! Recently Gary also managed to find Connor who plays the tin whistle, flute and mandolin. Months later, concerned about Gary's hankering for the wonderful folk clubs of Whitby, I decided to try and ease his pain by starting a folk club here in his now home town of Mora d' Ebre. Gary and I advertised the event by appearing live on Radio Mora la Nova. Great fun.

When you are next visiting Tarragona city come and relax and have a coffee or tea in BAR CAL MANEL Rodney, Elizibeth and Marina assure you a warm welcome. Open Mon to Fri 8.00am to 9.30pm English and Spanish spoken. Tel 653557524 C/ Joan Baptista Plana 25, near the Eroski Centre GATES RAILING

For a free quote call Steve 659 225 068


NIE Approved

Snaith n e h p e t S y Ironworks b

Our first folk night was held at Cafe Somnis. Gary, Jennifer and I had a wonderful and well appreciated night with a helping hand from Tony (director of The Decibels), Janice (Tony's wife), Micky Dunne and Norman Jay. We were presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers from some of the Catalan diners, who were there to celebrate a birthday. Full of the joys of a good night's performance we then went on to the 'Sota de Copes' a month later. This is a very popular venue for many groups and where there is always good music emanating from within. Our performance, held outside, was acoustic. No artificial help allowed on this occasion as some of the neighbours preferred to enjoy a quiet night in with a good book before retiring to bed. Was it difficult to make ourselves heard? Not too bad but will definitely use amplification next time and yes there is to be a next time. The audience was made up of approximately 70% Catalans and 30% British. I would like to offer them our sincere thanks for being such a wonderful audience. Included in the audience was the Catalan group called 'The Echoes'. Their singer Paula came to join us for several songs and her performance went down very well as she has a lovely rich voice. In the very near future we will be rehearsing with The Echoes and hope to perform jointly very soon. We, 'The Buskers', would like to offer our sincere thanks for the other performers of the night who were:- Nikko on bass, Josep on drums and voice, Micky - singer, Peter singer, Maria - singer and last but definitely not least - the lovely Paula. They made our night that much more enjoyable. Thank you.

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ces Referen available

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MAYOR S.L, Ctra. Tortosa -L’Aldea, Km.2 - TORTOSA Email:

Tel: 977 440 440


Fax: 977 440 758

Is your dog a pleasure to have around, man's best friend?

You don't have to fight a losing battle Want some support?

Or are you struggling to cope with his/her Pick up the phone behaviour with other dogs / barking / house training / 675 071 794 aggression / obedience? Observation, evaluation, assessment in your own home on your territory. User-friendly, non aggressive techniques to alter or eradicate bad behaviour indefinitely Regain your sanity - It must be worth a try!

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SERVICE DIRECTORY ARCHITECTS TAE ARCHITECTS Miami Platja 659 736 403 Valuations, Reports, Certificates

BARS BAR CAL MANEL 653 557 524 C/ Joan Baptista Plana, Tarragona English Owned Bar/Cafe MOLI'S BAR MINI-GOLF 977 570 819 Urb. Moli de L'om, El Castel Open 16.00 - 21.00, w'ends from 14.00

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DIESEL GENNYS MDL POWER UP (0044) 0783 425 8433 / 630 756 372 Generators both New and Ex-demo

DIETICIANS DIETÉTICA ROQUETES 645 565 571 Advice Training and Food Education in English

ESTATE AGENTS CATALONIAN PROPERTIES 606 813 219 / 615 316 722 New and Resale Properties MY SPANISHOME 639 041 277 / 977 446 655 Av. Generalitat, 70 - Tortosa RIERES ESTATE AGENTS 977 445 497 Tortosa Large Portfolio of Property

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693 206 868 Renewable Energy Systems



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HAIRPORT SALOU 617 071 501 British Unisex Hairdresser Open Mon-Sat All Year Round



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Cryptic Prize Crossword Little Britain €10 voucher to winner drawn at random from correct solutions received by 18th of the month. Please email or post it to us, with your name and telephone number.


1 Feathered thief that begins with a mariner. (7) 5 Tropical fruit, a visual image without simile (5) 8 Go from logical flower (5) 9 Harbour Charlie it is said, on the LHS (7) 10 GGES (9,4) 11 Pan, a sailplane without sin (6) 12 Hinder a pig's den I'm mixed up in (6) 15 Spiny Norsemen make plenty of dosh (5-8) 18 A hat and Hardy's friend produce a winch (7) 19 You must bury it, or you will be in terrible trouble (5) 20 Trial took place here in 1692, only the males were safe (5) 21 A horse and I inside the circle produced this tackle (7)

1 Sets, comes together (5) 2 Mix an acre with oil and you burn one of these (7) 3 1971 was the start of this - dissect my meal disseminated (7,6) 4 In an owlish manner? (6) 5 Performing ostentatiously, M upright (13) 6 This mango can be found in the middle of others (5) 7 At rest, I perform publicly (7) 11 Volcanic rocks, steal from time capsules (7) 13 Masters of Artemis (7) 14 Key cricketer? (6) 16 Fly a plane to this place in the Orient (5) 17 Gesture of resignation, fly quietly on a carpet (5)

Last Month’s Solution : Across: 1 Burial, 4 Rat-tat, 9 Retired, 10 Avian, 11 Erode, 12 Suspire, 13 Pros and cons, 18 Omnibus, 20 Shake, 22 Drops, 23 Driblet, 24 Runner, 25 Eraser. Down: 1 Border, 2 Ratio, 3 Airless, 5 Amass, 6 Tuition, 7 Tanner, 8 Odds and sods, 14 Run-down, 15 Cashier, 16 Dodder, 17 Bestir, 19 Baste, 21 Atlas. Across 7 Get this at 65 (3-3,7) 8 Score these against your team (3,5) 9 Type of University (4) 10 Rises from the ashes (7) 12 Calm, yet (5) 14 Clever (5) 16 Put on the floor (3,4) 19 Follow orders (4) 20 Susceptible to react against something (8) 22 Large sweet summer fruit (8,5)


Down 1 Huff or puff (4) 2 Worn around the wrist (6) 3 Israel city (3,4) 4 Stop (5) 5 Accompany (6) 6 Basically shredded cabbage (8) 11 Prayer volume (8) 13 Scaffolds (7) 15 Sounds the same (6) 17 County in the southwest of England (6) 18 Garish (5) 21 Religious painting in oil (4)

Quick Crossword

Two sets of correct answers to last month’s Cryptic Crossword. The €10 Little Britain Voucher goes to Andy Preston, well done the other correct solution was sent in by Valerie Bailey.

The Riddler What is seen only in the day of light? but never in the dark of night. Mercurial, it can be chased but never caught, Without it one would cease and be nought. It cannot be touched by those who are blind. but it is not a fiction of the mind. It too rests when we slumber, yet it is without an atomic number. A part of all, yet it cannot be weighed, it lives but cannot be slayed.



The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 29

INFORMATION Que? Monthly look at some differences between Catalan and Spanish words English August apple surname health everyone grandmother

Spanish Agosto manzana apellido La salud Todo el mundo abuela

child yellow only mussels Crisps/chips Fishmonger's See you soon

Niño/a amarillo sólo mejillones Patatas fritas pescaderia Hasta pronto

Catalan Agost poma cognom La salut tothom L'àvia Nen/a groc només musclos Patates fregides peixateria

Distribution Points. A full list and map of all our collection locations is available on our web-site, and if you do not find one near enough to you, then please let us know. Currently we have managed to place the paper in the following towns and villages. L’Ampolla L’Amettla Camarles Amposta Tortosa Miravet Tres Calas El Perello Cambrils Salou Hospitalet

Reus Airport Alcossebre Ulldecona Flix Xerta Riba-Roja Mora D’Ebre Peniscola Benifallet Miami Platja Gandesa

Bitem Vinaros Benicarlo Freginals ... with more to come

The Catalunya Chronicle

Fins ara

Advertising Rates To advertise in the next edition of the Catalunya Chronicle we would need your copy before the 10th of the month. Personal Classified Ads are FREE up to a maximum of 35 words, and subject to a maximum sales value of €1000. No more than three items at a time please. Business Classified Ads start at €15, subject to size. Whether you have your artwork or not, included in the price we offer a design service and we will endeavour to match your requirements. The cost of advertising is €0.80 per square centimetre, and there is a 10% discount for a six month run. This price includes IVA .

Let people know you are in business - can you afford not to?

C / Martirs 6, 43500, Tortosa, Tarragona, Spain. Website: email: Telephone: 636 292 568 (Chris) or 646 353 442 (Tim) Deposito Legal: T-1528-2009 Circulation: 5,000 this month Printed by: Lerigraf sl

WEEKLY MARKETS MON Amettla de Mar, Peniscola, Reus, Salou Tortosa

TUES Alcossebre, Amposta Camarles Tarragona



Ampolla Benicarlo Cambrills Hospitalet Mora la Nova

Amettla de Mar La Cava Deltebre

FRI Ulldecona Mora d' Ebre



Camarles Sant Carles Tarragona Miami Playa Hospitalet

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Church Services Sunday 11th August - church service in L'Ampolla at 12:30 - followed by a menu del dia or picnic Wednesday 25th August - church service in el Perello in the Catholic Church at 12:30 - followed by a menu del dia

We would like to thank all our contributors, article writers and advertisers for all their fabulous support.

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New Bridge Drive

It is a very friendly group and welcomes all levels of players.

The Bridge Drive is held in Portico in Vinaros and starts at 5.00pm with a finish around 9.00 pm. with refreshments provided afterwards.

Also, it is our intention to start a Beginners Class in September,for people who would like to learn to play Bridge

The next event is being held on 22nd September

For more information, those interested can contact Les on 678 357 713 or

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 30

CLASSIFIED SECTION GENERAL BUILDER Time served builder, over 25 years experience. Legal registered builder in Catalunya for over 4 years. All kinds of work including bricklaying, plastering, tiling, plumbing, electrics, roofing etc.

FOR HIRE All types of Agricultural Work undertaken by experienced farmer. Trees sprayed and pruned. Land Cleared Help with Livestock. Has own tractor.

No job too small. Call Davide on 680 150 309 (Spanish) or 636 292 568 (English)




Lexus Soarer 1998. White. English plated. No faults. New brake pads & discs. No MOT / ATV but will pass. 850€ TEL: 608 667 519 or 977 059 141.

Waterskis for sale (Complete) used twice 50€

Rover Metro 1.1S

Tel. Jonathan 699396053.

House and garden maintenance, building work, pool care, all types of odd jobs Call Danni on 647065400 or for English spoken 693790552 NOT COPING? CONFUSED, UPSET, GOING MAD? COUNSELLING Person-centred, Bereavement, Family Therapy, Drink, Relationship, Sexual problems.... I am here to help: Jennifer Anne Figuerola, BA, Honours Psychology, Dip. Counselling Individual, personal, confidential hourly sessions, 20€, initial consultation 10€, MIRAVET Tel: 977407540 / 654875163

Aspes electric Oven for sale - works perfectly and easy to install. 100 € Tel : Charlotte - 622 553446 4 Paws 4 Eyes

Ringo (Complete) for sale suitable for adults 60€ Sky boxes for sale 20€ each TEL: 689 468 752

Need a Helping Hand Around the House Can't get to the Shops ? Also have 5 years experience respite care. Contact: Dot 600 564 097 Benicarlo or Email: dandbplus3@hotmail. com

NVQ 3 Qualified Care Worker Available for home help / respite care





Full electrics 240/12 volt, Blow air heating, fridge/freezer, gas hob, bathroom, full dorma awning including ground sheet. Good Condition 1500 € Tivenys 656 428 568

Full electrics 240/12 volt, Blow air heating, fridge/freezer, gas hob, bathroom, full dorma awning including ground sheet. Good Condition 1500 €

1993 spanish car,



Andy Mann the Handyman. Simple, practical and economical solutions for ALL your business and domestic building repairs and maintenance. Electrical, plumbing, building, rendering,carpentry, tiling, painting and decorating,electro-domestics and assembling IKEA packs. Whatever your requirements - from putting up a shelf to modernising your kitchen or bathroom to a new build Call ANDY on 663 074 773. see our website at Contact us at

Please contact Steve Snaith 659 225 068 or email

Fridge class A , underworktop size, 85cm x55cm, freezer compt. Immaculate. L'Ampolla. 50€.

Pool 305x76 cm with pump and filter 30€. Mobile 644 24 3415 /

Contact: Dot 600 564 097 Benicarlo

To do scaled drawings for a metal-fabrication company, tolerances from 0-2mm on a Part-time basis.


El Perello/L'Ampolla/ Tortosa & Amposta areas

Pet care at their home or at ours / Dog walking

Draftsman Required.


ITV until August 2010

House-sitting with or without my guard dog

Tivenys area 656 428 568



4 Ur Security



Also 24/7 house/pet sitting

Contact Hazel on 638430338 hazeearnest@hotmail. com or for Vinaros/Benicarlo call Dot on 600564097

5 door Low Mileage New battery & tyres Very clean & tidy English Plates

FOR SALE Plastic dinghy 2 persons 20€. Plastic large ring 10€. Mobile 644 24 3415 / BACKACHE? VARICOSE VEINS? FROZEN SHOULDER? TENNIS ELBOW? FEEL THE RELIEF MULTI-LEVEL THAI MASSAGE A drug-free procedure, suitable for men, women or children. Initial consultation 20€; Subsequent individual treatments, 30€ Contact Floreal Figuerola in Miravet: 977407540 675071794 FOR SALE Large Butsir Gas Fridge for sale - in good working order, as good as new. 150€ Tel : Charlotte - 622 553446

Needs starter motor {100€ second hand} 500 EUROS Tel: 698 201 986 FOR SALE Two PVC white doors brand new Stained glass panels still wrapped €250 each Tel 657 285 436 or 627 291 107

Tel 977059969/ 669545181 FOR SALE Collection of fishing magazines (Carpworld, Coarse Fishing, etc) . Selling separately: collection of tropical fish magazines (Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium, etc). Price negotiable. Tel 977 473278.

TERRACED HOUSE - FRONT LINE - L’AMPOLLA MAR Comprising 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, American Kitchen, lounge-diner, three terraces and vast garage space. This charming house stands within its own private walled garden and is situated within the privileged gated community of Valvanera. 2 minutes walking distance of the beach and 10 minutes walking distance from the centre of L’Ampolla, this property offers comfortable living space and/or lucrative letting possibilities. The property is built over three levels and has sea views from most rooms and from its three terraces. For details of price/viewing please contact James on 687 145 043

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 31

THE FINAL WORD A fellow was getting ready to tee off on the first hole...

Golf is like that...

... when a second golfer approached and asked if he could join him. The first said that he usually played alone, but agreed to the twosome. They were even after the first few holes. The second guy said, "We're about evenly matched, how about playing for five bucks a hole?" The first fellow said that he wasn't much for betting, but agreed to the terms.

How was your golf game, dear?" asked a wife... "Well, I was hitting pretty well, but my eyesight's gotten so bad I couldn't see where the ball went." "But you're seventy-five years old, Jack!" admonished his wife, "Why don't you take my brother Scott along?"

The second guy won the remaining sixteen holes with ease.

"But he's eighty-five and doesn't even play golf anymore," protested Jack. "But he's got perfect eyesight. He could watch your ball," Tracy pointed out. The next day Jack teed off with Scott looking on. Jack swung, and the ball disappeared down the middle of the fairway. "Do you see it?" asked Jack.

As they were walking off number eighteen, and while counting his €80.00, the second guy confessed that he was the pro at a neighboring course and liked to pick on suckers. The first fellow revealed that he was the Parish Priest. The pro got all flustered and apologetic, offering to return the money. The Priest said, "You won fair and square and I was foolish to bet with you. You keep your winnings." The pro said, "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"Yup," Scott answered. "Well, where is it?" yelled Jack, peering off into the distance. "I forgot."

The Priest said, "Well, you could come to Mass on Sunday and make a donation. And, if you want to bring your mother and father along, I'll marry them for free...."


We go that extra mile to ensure your move runs smooth! M1154 - Les Tres Cales L’Ametlla de Mar

M1085 - Jesus Riverside, 3 Bedroom bed & breakfast plus 3 bed self catering cottage for sale! Direct River mooring - furnished 3000m2 parcela


Lovely Villa with 3 double beds, bathroom, kitchen, lounge/diner with patio doors. Sun terrace & swimming

PRICE: 249.500€

pool. Furnished 327m2 plot - 5 mins from beach!

PRICE: 220,000€ M1014 - Bitem

M1062 - L’Ampolla

M1190 - L’Ampolla with Sea views & Cedula de Habitabilitat

138m2 Country House, 3 beds, 2 baths, Sea Views! 5,600m2 parcela with Cedula de Habitabilitat

Village House 110m2 Reformed, 3 Bed, en-suite, sh. rm, full bathroom + sep w.c. Roof with outside sm.covered area. Lounge, fully furnished.

PRICE: 146,000€

PRICE: 140,000€ M0096 - L’Ampolla SALE!

SUPERB VILLA 180m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, terrace, garden, water, electricity. Heating, fenced area of 8000m2, double garage, pool.

Lovely Villa with sea views. Situated 3km from L’Ampolla. Large 187m2, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Swimming pool. Plot size 3600m2 Fenced with electric gates.

M1138 - Tortosa - 5 Mins

PRICE: 285,000€ M1095 - EL PERELLO With “Cedula de Habitabilitat” Lovely Country House of 120m2 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Auto system installed, Water, Courtyard & Workshops 14,200m2 of land

PRICE: 180,000€

250m2 Country house on 2 floors with river access for refurbishment! Electricity & Water mains are connected. Land of 4065m2 fenced & gated

M1192 Alfares de Carles

PRICE: 138,000€

Village House - 2 beds, 2 bath, stunning lounge / kitchen / diner/ air cond & 50m2 terrace with Els Ports views!

PRICE: 275,000€

PRICE: 125,000€

M1055 - Els Reguers

M0053 - Tortosa

Chalet 134m2 with “Cedula de Habitabilitat” 2 Beds, 2 Baths 4276m2 plot size

Superb country property 2 beds, shower room, fantastic automatic power system! Fenced & gated!

Price: 140,000€

PRICE: 150.000€

The Catalunya Chronicle - Issue 11 August 2010 - - Page 32

August 2010  

English newspaper for Tarragona Spain

August 2010  

English newspaper for Tarragona Spain