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I lift up your body; I ground your centre, open your spirit so you and the plant perfume may dance a healing dance.* Someone may well argue:

“but colour is such a personal thing you canʼt say this concept will work for everyone”

blending difirent dyes to achive specific colour is like mixing together essences of different flowers to create one specific scent, if you change just one ingredient, you will get an altogether different perfume. similarely if you change the density and hue of a colour you will get a completely different emotion embedded in it, a difirent vibration.

colour has a vibration as it is a derivative of light thus it is simply a wavelength that is visible fot the eye. sound, scent and colour is thought to bypass the analytical mind and therefore communicate directly to (with) the deepest realms of man.

*Tito la Rosa (Icaro, shamanic songs)

well it is common sens... everyone reacts differently to the same colour just as they would react differently to the concepts and emotions that this colour is representing. for example the colour RED in itʼs pure deep appearance will spread the vibration of power and strength and people react differently to power and to strength, some will be intimidated and others attracted. using colour to evoke emotions is really nothing new. for Van Gogh colour was an instrument of sharing emotions, his friend Paul Gauguin used colours to influence emotions of a viewer. and Paul Cézanne thought that colour had personality and life. I have found that colour provokes immediate reaction and induces experience… in a dress as well as in a painting in the wearer as well as in the viewer.