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A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond. Volume 2 Issue 1 September 2016 Based in Vancouver, Washington

Editor: Kastine Cook Advisor: Abby Harris Staff: 13 All photgraphs belong to the artist and have been published with their permission. DO NOT copy or share any images without explicit permission from Chroma Magazine. Thank you for respecting the photographers featured and the integrity of their work.

Editor's LETTER

This first issue of the second Volume of Chroma is meant to be an opportunity for our photographers to showcase their curated body of work from the time elapsed over the summer and this past month. Throughout this issue, you’ll find incredibly diverse and creative series from these talented individuals. I hope you find inspiration in the work of these very talented individuals & thank you for reading Chroma Magazine. Kastine Cook Editor



STAFF GALLERY ellie josephson // 08 aubrie wescom // 14 teagan pettit estell // 20 P. 32

sara wheatley // 26 jane greene // 32 betsy hanrahan // 38 ellie farber // 44

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makena wilcox // 50 kastine cook // 56 collin macdonald // 62 madeleine newton // 68 devon macgregor // 74 abby davis harris // 80 P. 08 ON THE COVER: madeleine newton // 68

FORESHADOW Ellie Josephson

LOCATION: Vancouver WA Waterfront MODEL: Emmy Josephson WHAT DID YOU DO? I photographed my sister during her last few days at home. We drove to the waterfront, across from Portland which will soon be her new home. HOW DID YOU DO IT? First to plan the shoot I needed a day without overcast. Once that was decided the timing was crucial towards the type of lighting I wanted to capture. WHY DID YOU DO IT? I chose to photograph Emmy to capture the last moments of consistency in our relationship as sisters.

chroma // 09


Aubrie Wescom

MODEL: Charlotte Probst WHAT DID YOU DO? I created a series of portraits featuring a model in a natural river environment. HOW DID YOU DO IT? The model pictured is one of my closest friends; so I knew she would be willing to jump into cold water in the middle of January. Her makeup is meant to create haunting, but beautiful images.

chroma // 17


chroma // 25


Sara Wheatley

MODEL: Olivia Turpin WHY DID YOU DO IT? The first week of school the photo focus class was assigned a project to take a portrait of someone close to them that tells a story. I chose Olivia as my model because she has been my number one photo subject since my eighth grade year. It was an awesome experience getting to look at these beautiful photos of her compared to the first series that we shot together. Our first assignment we worked on together was a cliche in the woods type of shoot, now we are doing unique and creative shoots like this underwater one.


chroma // 33

WHAT DID YOU DO? I took a variety of portraits with my polaroid camera, with the idea of making them really strange. I used weird props, such as a tiny hand or an eggo waffle, and found interesting backgrounds to shoot in front of.

HOW DID YOU DO IT? I decided on my models, both people and animals, and had them pose in flowers, by walls, and near trees. I really worked on setting up shots throughout this series, so each photo took quite awhile to capture. Once the polaroids had developed, I scanned them into my computer and did very minimal editing. This was mainly just the use of the clone stamp tool; to remove dust spots gathered from the scanner.

WHY DID YOU DO IT? I usually shoot on digital, which allows me to take a ton of pictures, and then sort through them later. On a polaroid however, you kind of only get one shot, or else you start wasting film. I wanted to push myself to not just take a bunch of pictures, and hope for the best, but rather to set up a shot and wait for the perfect moment to take a photo.


Betsy Hanrahan LOCATION:S: Mount Rainier, Smith Rock State Park, Mount Hood WHAT DID YOU DO? This photo series, entitled Eat Trees, captures places in the pacific northwest. The pictures are all in black and white and capture landscapes. HOW DID YOU DO IT? I created this series by using my Canon T3i with a 50 mm lens. I went on many hikes over the summer which gave me the perfect opportunity to take photos. After taking these photos, I edited them in Photoshop CS6. I adjusted the brightness and contrast as well as putting all of the photos in black and white. WHY DID YOU DO IT? I took these photos because I wanted to expand my range as a photographer. I would consider myself to be more of a portrait and conceptual photographer. Though, I always admired peers who would take landscape photography. I wanted to create landscape images I am proud of. I chose black and white because I wanted to capture the simplicity in nature.

chroma // 41

Ellie Farber

chroma // 49

Along the Way

Makena Wilcox

LOCATION: Pacific Crest Trail

WHAT DID YOU DO? Over the summer I hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail is in line with the Sierra Nevada and Casade mountain ranges. Throughout the trail there were many breath taking view points. I wanted to capture these images to be able to look back at the experience in the future.

HOW DID YOU DO IT? I had minimal equipment when I was on the hike. I used my Nikon D7000 and a standard 18-105mm lens for taking the pictures. For editing I used photoshop. The tools I used in the software included: dodge and burn, brightness, contrast, and color balance.

WHY DID YOU DO IT? I was intrigued to take these photos because I wanted to have the opportunity to look back at this experience and all the beautiful landscape.

HERE, THERE, & EVERYWHERE Kastine Cook WHAT DID YOU DO? For my first series I chose to select some of my favorite photos from my summer and the month of September. I took these photos to build my portfolio and play around with different styles of photography. HOW DID YOU DO IT? I shot these images with my Nikon d3100 and a 50mm f/1.4 lens. I went to various locations in Portland and the Oregon Coast to take these photos. In Photoshop CS6 I primarily adjusted brightness, contrast, vibrance. However, I also experimented with adding “light leaks”. WHY DID YOU DO IT? I took these photos in an attempt to stretch myself and experiment with subject matter I wasn’t formerly comfortable with. I titled my series “Here, There, & Everywhere” after the Beatles song, because despite not going on a big vacation, I went quite a few places locally.

chroma // 57

Collin MacDonald

Traveling Europe: 2016

chroma // 65

Solis Madeleine Newton

chroma // 73


Devon MacGregor

Location: Crush House

Abby Davis Harris Model: Odie Harris Location; Palm Spirngs, Califronia WHAT DID YOU DO? I love all things mid century modern. This summer I enjoyed a dip in the most mid century locale of all time, Palm Springs. Finally, a location that includes all of my favorite things: oranges and blues, clean lines, and the remnants of more glamorous time. My photos are an attempt at capturing the graceful ferocity of my daughter nestled in the refined elegance of Palm Springs. HOW DID YOU DO IT? I used a Nikon 3200 f/1.8 prime lens. The two photos of Odie in the green space were edited with Photoshop, by selecting shadows in the image and working with a New Adjustment Layer to manipulate the shadows to reflect the orange in Odie’s dress and hair. The other photos were also taken with a Nikon 3200 f/1.8. I adjusted the contrast but nothing more was done in post production to these photos. WHY DID YOU DO IT? For this series I took over 300 photos in Palm Springs. I curated the five images shared in this series by choosing photos that best represent the glowing elegance of Palm Springs.

chroma // 81

CHROMA magazine

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VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1: A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond.

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VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1: A publication celebrating young & talented creatives from the VSAA photography community & beyond.