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The International school @ Parkcity proudly presents The KS1 Production of: Chicken Licken

Starring: 1AB 1FK 2JS 2LM


There’s a sunflower in my supper

Starring: 1PH 1EP 2SC 2MS

Poor Chicken Licken is convinced that the sky is falling when an acorn drops on her head. As she rushes off to tell the King of her discovery, she meets up with seven friends who join her in her quest. But on their way, they meet the very smart and very charming Foxy Loxy who has other plans for the friends as, unwittingly, they follow him to his den! This is a lively retelling of a humorous story, which can encourage discussion about not trusting strangers.

Chicken Licken Year 1 Choir 1AB


Adam Ezra Sammy Kaleem Younn Younn Eli Oscar Rafael Yoon Seo Yong Xuan Eliza Hanwen Tanushka Jovelle Ryan Jini Isa Amy Byeongjun Naoki Ruta Jing Jing Harry Tsz Ching Summer

Aqil Alexander Ryan Yan Daniel Rylan Bryan Ava Lillian Joowon Arajin Edmund Olivia Gabrielle Hailey Noah Timothy Danhee Saisha Eudora Cara Sasha Leia Rose Jakub Chung Zheng Jessie

Chicken Licken Year 2 Cast 2JS Mr Tweedy Mrs Tweedy Narrators

Mother Hen The Colonel Chicken Rice Chicken Rendang Kentucky Fried Chicken Chicken Burger Chicken Drumsticks Jimi HENdrix David BeckHEN Peri Peri Chicken Ty-HEN-orsaurus Pecks Albert EGGstein Hen Solo Chickera

Ilyas Hannah Bella Kayla Zayana Samantha Ethan Aman Aaron Fatema Aish Beatricia Xavi Chloe Amelia Brian Saif Ali Yousef Jun Ren Adel Leo Jayden Daryl Liam Aanya

Chicken Licken Year 2 Cast 2LM Chicken Licken Foxy Loxy Mrs Fox Baby Foxes


Henny Penny Cocky Locky Ducky Lucky Drakey Lakey Goosey Loosey Gander Lander Turkey Lurkey

Carys Ahaan Jenessa Alina Caitlyn Kosei Felix Sean Nathaniel Ayden Chloe Si Yoon Emma L Emma K Rupika Natalie T Karim Natalie K Oscar S Yu Ning Justin Trisha Oscar T Arta

Daisy the cow has a dream – to grow a glorious garden ‘full of flowers and plants and trees and fruit and vegetables and everything’… but grumpy Mr Bull and all the other cows only want to grow grass for their supper. They give Daisy strict instructions only to buy grass seeds at the market, but on her way back, Daisy finds a mysterious seed. Scared of what the other cows might think, she hides it away to grow in secret, but absolutely nothing happens. Thankfully, Wise Old Owl is on hand to show Daisy what seeds need in order to grow. What will grow from the seed? Will the cows come around to Daisy’s dream and realise all the benefits of a growing garden? Will Mr Bull ever calm down? Find out in this udderly adorably musical!

There’s a Sunflower in my Supper Year 1 Choir 1PH


Aryana Ettore Shanice Iris Teiva Kaiqi Kaito Siwoo Eitan Xiao Qi Chace Jaymee Rhea Maria Sean Shin Yee Hajin Junyue Jayden Madelyn Matthew Jack Sabina Quincy Haoxuan

Aanton Sebastian Chris Carter Yuan Yuan Min Isaac Leo Chanhui Ulysses Riyanshi Danya Ezzra Grace Yi Ming Haris Mithraa Dharsha Kai Raraa Lulu Sara Jane Karmen Ganya Danish

There’s a Sunflower in my Supper Year 2 Cast 2SC Daisy Elsie Mr Bull Archie Cows Towa Hikari Yingci Damian Niclas Lily Luke Keonhee Shayne Constantine Alivia Alvaro Rui Li Doctor Cow Claribel Narrators/Dancers Mia Rebecca Lynn Jia Xuan Cayleigh Tristan Michel Bernyce

There’s a Sunflower in my Supper Year 2 Cast 2MS Narrator Shamindra Angella Market Seller Kimi Emma Mellisha Ethan Rubi Elisa Seungwoo Sunflower (leaves) Zi Xuan Matthew Sunflower Elva Wise Old Owl Dong Yun Avilaash Mei Rie Sofia Arrianna Bees Isra Seungwhan Squirrels YeJin Ocean Birds Joe Tiffany

For more fantastic photos of the rehearsals and the production please click on this link.

A huge thank you to all of the staff that were involved in the preparation of the show!

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of the families for your help and support in making this show a success!

We hope you enjoy the show!

ISP KS1 2018 Production Programme  
ISP KS1 2018 Production Programme