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THE CAST Annie Miss Hannigan Grace Farrell Rooster Lily Oliver Warbucks Molly Tessie July Duffy Kate Pepper Sandy (Dog) Drake (Butler) Assistant Butler Cecille (Maid)

Ashley Snow Roma Akkesh Jordin Jason Natalie Sienna Maisie Taisei Amelia Tiago Kellen Wesley Jimmy Jia Xin

Annette (Maid) Mrs Greer (House Keeper) Mrs Pugh (Cook) Chauffeur Bundles McCloskey (Laundry Man) Apple Seller Dog Catcher Lt. Ward Man in a Window Usher Bert Healy (Radio Presenter) President Roosevelt Louis Howe FBI 1 FBI 2 Star-To-Be Orphan 1 Orphan 2 Orphan 3 Orphan 4 Orphan 5 Orphan 6 Orphan 7 Orphan 8

Jai Wei Shen-Yi Diana Maxi Hamza Tze Rui Althea Ian T James Yusuke Li-Ryui Hao Wei Ramna Han Son Yan Son Freya Ayanna Clemence Sarah Ian K Colin Marcus Brandon Xavier

The Choir

Leah Rishaan Emily Saki Hayden

Dancing Squad A Fatimah Sheldon Hussein Carlson Nishita Amina Tavian Stefan Dhiraj Maira Imran Gwen Laura Justin Dylan Jonas Andy Tisha Chris Nefi Tito Ben

Linnea Sophia Selina Wen Yan Yasmeen Adlina Yen Xin Asako

Ran Ran Shiny Shiyu Megu Laura Tanya Agnes

Props Team Dancing Squad B Christiana Yu Ning Hannah Jae Hee Deepali Jessica Tasha Yuna

Tech Team

Sebastiaan Matthew Nicklesh Wei Ren Kazuki Joseph Khalis Tyson Zach Milo Wey JR

Evangelina Soohyun Ah Yeon Rentaro Joshua Bryan Maya Yusuf Aryff YuJu Julie

Production Mr Beren Drama Director Ms Madeleine Assistant Directors Ms Lexi Mr Matt Advanced Choir Ms Li Yien Vocal Coach Mr Beren Choreographers Ms Laura Ms Madeleine Esmee Shen Leng Janice Graphic Set Design Mr Duncan

Props & Set Ms Nichola Mr Lukas Ms Farsha Mr Joe Mr Duncan Ms Tessa Y6 Students Props Team Stage Management Mr Joe Ms Evy Ms Jess Ms Tessa Costumes Ms Madeleine Angela Y5/Y6 Class Reps

Make-Up Ms Fiona Peggy Chia Mirel Lai Freda Wah Lynne Malan Joen Jang Ayako Takekawa Ayat Ali Al Sawad Satomi Hayabara Arjoo Rakesh Segar Jody Ho Cassie Chong Sound Mr Phil Mr Blue Y6 Students Tech Team

Lights Mr Matt Rohan Y6 Students Tech Team

Tech Team Mr Aaran Mr Beren Golden Preya Y6 Students Tech Team Posters Rentaro Ms Kate Programme Mr Duncan

MS MADELEINE My second year at ISP sees another fantastic opportunity to showcase the amazing talent that we have through the KS2 Production. An ambitious choice, Annie Jr has challenged the students to step outside of their comfort zones in order to collaborate creatively. With more students than ever - this year’s production it is the biggest yet! It has been a privilege to guide this group of children on their discovery of the show. I would like to thank everyone - students and staff for their hard work and dedication. This is truly a team effort and I hope you will agree that the results are pretty amazing!

MR BEREN It is always special to put together a Production for school and Annie Jr has been a very, very special one! During the past few years at ISP, we have grown together and become better and better, but this year especially has shown me how amazingly talented our students are. It has also proven how lucky they all are to have a wonderful team of teachers and CAs working tirelessly in support behind the scenes, making sure everything is ready for our future stars-to-be, (who are already stars in our eyes!). It has been a genuine pleasure to produce shows across the years at ISP. Thank you and Moltes Gracies, Everyone!! You will always be my “ISPpecial” ones. “Maybe Tomorrow it’s a Hard Knock Life...… but remember… never forget to... SMILE!!”

For more beautiful photographs of the production, including rehearsals, use this link.

Annie Jr Programme - International School @ ParkCity  
Annie Jr Programme - International School @ ParkCity