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tribute Chris Zack

tribute The following pieces are intended to pay tribute to the little things in everyday life. From finding a collection of old photogrpahs that have laid dormant for years to the distinct uniqueness of every moment of every day and to the people that have influenced me to become the person I am. I deeply appreciate it all.

photograph collages The following five collages are made of thirty-five millimeter photographs I captured in the fall of 2011. My intention was to shoot design elements such as gradation, color, form, and hierarchy, in the urban atmosphere of New York City. I did this by holding my camera very close to the feature I wanted to shoot. Excluding all excess information and objects around it. Recently I found these photographs and wanted to implement them into a new project. I began to find ways to piece them together into collages. I found many ways to glue them down on black illustration boards that both made the photographs interact with one another and activated the negative space in some visually interesting ways.

Throughout this book some collages are shown over landscape photographs of New York’s urban atmosphere to give them reference to their origin.

cut photograph collages After collaging a fraction of these photo graphs I decided to change a variable of my process. I began to violate the composition of the photographs. By cutting them apart I gained a greater freedom to pick and choose which parts I wanted to use. I tried to match certain textures to give the viewer a slightly disoriented feeling when looking the collage.

tribute paintings These paintings are tributes to people, each shown in a different way. Opposite, a portrait of Lou Reed I made after his death in October of 2013. Over the past few years, I have been coming of age in New York City and Lou Reed’s music has been the sound track. Above is a painting I made about my parents. As I grow older and wiser I gain more and more appreciation for the values and morals they brought me up to have. They have always worked hard to give me a life of great opportunity. With out this I could not be living the life I do and I could not be more appreciative.

photographic time lapse Every moment in New York City is unique and could not be replicated again. People are constantly moving and things are constantly changing. In this set of collages I made an attempt to pay tribute to the ever changing state of this city. I would start by finding a rapidly changing environment. I would take a photograph of this environment every few minutes from the same perspective. Later devising a pattern to intertwine a portion of each photograph into a single composition. Naturally things change from section to section of these collages. Elements come and go in this constantly changing and rearranging city.

This collage is made of photographs I shot from the roof of the building I live in throughout the duration of one day. I arranged them in a cardboard frame in varying depths to show the orientation of how late it was in the day when the photograph was taken. From left to right each piece is a portion extracted from the landscape composition taken at a progressively later time of the day.

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