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Working together as a small practice, your task is to design and run a series of events inviting local businesses to work at Architecture + Design Scotland. The events will interrogate the future of work; [...]. Building on your observations from the Hub Westminster and other precedents of new working patterns you will design and exhibit explorative answers to this issue through a series of events A+DS are currently working on a proposal which will see a change to education system in Scotland. Millions of pounds every year are spent on developing or building new primary or secondary schools in Scotland. What if the kids learned in a brand new environment? And what if this was in their community? Working as a Design Practice, we wanted to create an event which would research and showcase ADS studies and allow you from the community or the council or from the school to see how well this would work. We are third year Interior & Spatial Design Students from Edinburgh Napier University. This was part of our module Design for Exhibition & Display (DES09130)


Considering our local community around Cannongate and Hollyrood. We involved the main pillars of education within this area:Architecture & Design Scotland, The Royal Mile Primary School, The Scottish Parliament, The European Parliament, and our own institution being Edinburgh Napier University.



Taking inspiration from previous A+DS school redesigns we decided to bring nature into the design as we decided to incorporate the tree component. We wanted nature to be a huge influence to the kids and to our event. The whole team got together to come up with ideas for the invite design. As our final design we designed a multi coloured leaf which would open to reveal small animal finger puppets. These would be brought along by the children to the event to use during story time. On the day of the event, both the invite and the finger puppet would be used to interact with the stories and the environment we are wanting to create.





We chose the four areas with our storyteller in mind. Daniel Allison from The Scottish Storytelling Centre, on the Royal Mile, visited prior to the location to sit down and discuss the possibilities of linking his stories to the space. With this discussion, we came up with four main areas tailored around the storytellers needs. A jungle wall, a swamp, a tree, and a river - with a seating area for the children to sit in.


Tree: Designed with a set of plastic push fit plumbing given to us through The Lighthouse in Glasgow. Finished with LED string lights and multicoloured fabric. Jungle Wall: Constructed with varying paper leaves and handcrafted vines with silhouettes of animals from the stories. River: Made with blue carpet and using the blue curtains that are situated in room. Decorated with paper flowers and artificial rocks. Swamp: Painted scrap cardboard pipes cut in random lengths and spray painted plastic sheets. Seating Area: Small mats cut from a length of red carpet.




The children were highly stimulated by the space due to the colours of the four main spaces we had created. However one of the main aspects that we picked up on were the excitement about visiting a new space that was away from their school It was only a short walk from the Primary School to the Architecture & Design Scotland Office which shows that having this type of community is beneficial to the children’s learning. Overall, the event was a great success as we considered and designed for the children to have fun and learn at the same time. This event could be applied with different themes in different vacant public spaces to ensure to revitalise our towns, cities, and communities.


After our event, we also invited several key people who would be interested in this type of event to come along and experience the space for themselves. One of the main benifits of doing this was to get policy makers/influences that wouldn’t normally be in the same room together to listen to our findings and have an infromal discussion on what our results could do to the future of education.

“...Particularly noting how younger children perceive things differently, and that the journey from the classroom to the A+DS had also been an important part of the experience for them.� - Helen Ross European Parliament Office


Interior & Spatial Design Third Year 3rd Year Interior & Spatial Design Edinburgh Napier University.


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Redesign booklet  
Redesign booklet  

A project designed to bring education to public spaces. With the help of Architecture & Design Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University have co...