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Comparing Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Car insurance is one of those annoying expenses that we have to pay but rarely see the benefit of. As drivers, we seem to have to reach into our pockets at every turn to keep our cars on the road, and paying for car insurance can end up feeling like a burden but even basic insurance like third party car insurance is there to protect you. Car insurance is a industry that has thousands of providers in the UK, so it pays to compare them all to get yourself the best deal. Everyone’s situation is different, for example if you keep your car locked away in a garage then many providers will offer a healthy discount on a policy that includes theft coverage. Other providers offer more nuanced car insurance – from 4x4 insurance, import insurance, modified insurance, insurance for convicted drivers, if you choose a provider that specialized in your particular circumstances, then you may be able to get a better deal.

It is not always about how much money you can save, but about getting the right level of coverage that will see you through any issue you have on the road. There are three main types of insurance cover, Comprehensive, Third party fire and theft and Third party only. Each cover offers different type of Insurance cover. Let’s look at all of these types of cover starting with the most basic first, ‘Third Party’. Third Party Cover (Lowest Level of Cover): The lowest form of Insurance cover is Third Party. This is the bare minimum level of protection required in the United Kingdom.

Third Party protects third parties in the event that you should injure or cause damage to their vehicle. Third Party does not cover damage to your own vehicle. Some insurance companies no longer offer Third Party and only offer Third Party Fire and Theft. Third Party Fire and Theft Cover: Third Party Fire and Theft Cover offers the same cover as Third Party with the addition of Fire and Theft cover for your own vehicle. In the event that your vehicle is damaged as a result of fire or theft you can claim for damage repairs through your Insurance Company. In the event of a claim you will have to pay an excess which is a lump sum that needs to be paid to the Insurance Company. Comprehensive cover (Most secure cover): Comprehensive is the most advanced cover and is the recommended cover for peace of mind in the event of an accident. Comprehensive cover includes the same level of cover as Third Party Fire and Theft but also includes protection for your vehicle against accidental damage. As with all insurance policies, it is important to read through all the policy terms when taking out Insurance. MyMoneyComparison Team

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Always compare a few options before you make your decision to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. Once you have you can be safe i...

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