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A Short -Company Presentation

We at Recliners Direct offer high quality arm chairs that are made up pure leather and other top materials giving enough comfort to sit. We also deal in Home Cinema Seating, Riser Recliners and World leading Massage recliners. We have a dedicated team of furniture team who can help supply and give advice on any recliner. We also supply recliners arm chairs made up of fabric and leather through to electric, manual, swivel, massage and the latest riser/powerlift recliners.

Home Cinema Seating

Arm Chair

We deal with products like- Swivel Recliners, Manual Recliners, Electric Recliners, Riser Recliners Single Motor, Riser Recliners, Rocker Recliners and other arm recliners chairs.

We understand how important customers are for us and so we offer gift certificates that can be used for redeeming in your next purchase.

Telephone Recliner Sales: +44 (0) 1772 623001 Customer Service & Order Tracking: +44 (0) 1772 623012 Email

Recliner Arm Chairs: Is Best When You Are Pregnant  
Recliner Arm Chairs: Is Best When You Are Pregnant  

Our highly skilled team hand-craft care furniture to your exact requirements. Our customers can avail from us wide range of recliner Chair....