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UCS Command & Plan command

Rules & commands: Lock the viewport (that’s on layer VP) Ucs V - set UCS to current view Ucs W - sets UCS to world coordinate Plan C - rotates plan to current UCS

Demystifying the UCS commnd(s) UCS - user coordinate system, The active coordinate system that establishes the XY plane (work plane) and Z-axis direction for drawing and modeling. You can set the UCS origin and its X, Y, and Z axes to suit your needs. See also world coordinate system (WCS).

UCSicon – changes display of UCS icon

Many views of the UCS icon (all in World Coordinate System (WCS))

The “square” or the “w” tells us we’re in WCS

Temporarily change the UCS to something other than the WCS – WHY? So to rotate view, & have text & dimensions be plan readable Scenario: in this drawing we have a skewed rectangle that would fit better if rotated. Happen every project…

Type UCS, & “E” (for entity), select the part of the object we wish to have the “X” axis on. Note: the temporary location of the UCS icon Select return to accept this

Note: the UCS icon does NOT have the square signifying WCS Note: the bearing/distance was labeled after rotating the UCS & is in sync with the WCS – civil3D bearings are correct regardless of when applied Also note: the cross hairs are at the UCS’ N & E. if I were to start to type text here it would be going along the UCS’ easting line

To rotate view: Plan [Current ucs/Ucs/World] <Current>: select return for current UCS Note: the view & UCS icon has rotated - but still NOT in world coordinates! At this moment we would normally set the scale, & lock the viewport.

In this mode: add notes & call outs, place dimensions

DO NOT BLOCK (COPY/PAST) TO OR FROM THIS WHILE NOT IN WCS Set Back to WCS: UCS Specify origin of UCS or [Face/NAmed/OBject/Previous/View/World/X/Y/Z/ZAxis] <world>

Now that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re back in WCS (note the square on the icon) we can copy clip/ & wblock out ect.

To switch back to a UCS per current view In model space: UCS & V (for view) UCS W to set to WCS