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Brief/Session/Document Title UK greetings Card YCN (Collaboration Chris vN, Matthew Chatfield & Dan Holroyd DFGA) Brief Design a new Range of Augmented Reality Greeting cards for UK Greetings.

Background / Considerations Produce a Sub-brand for UK greetings card called 'Augmented Range'. Augmented Reality software has started to catch on and greetings cards are an ideal platform to push for a new innovative way to send a message. Considering new technologies our target audience will be mainly men and our greetings cards will be interactive through android based apps. As well as Screen based deliverables we propose to use minimal high spec* print finishes which will be within a realistic budget of a greetings card company. We propose to produce two different AR ranges covering two subjects themes e.g. Happy birthday / Congratulations / Stag do invites‌ We will take a fairly male orientated approach to our deliverables keeping in mind our audience. Further development: To go further then the initial competition brief we aim to applying the theme to a Gift Bag Range which would include: Swing tags, wrapping paper, gift box, card. Mandatory Requirements Deliverables 2 Themes with 5 Cards Each Tablet interface Website Interface Android Interface Wrapping Paper Swing Tags Gift Box Card Design Sub brand logo

Deliverables A2 presentation boards App. 10 Cards

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Module Deadline

Competition deadline - 14th of March Studio deadline - much later.

This brief should be read in conjunction with the module brief. Please refer to module information at E-STUDIO for module brief, submission deadline, graded outcomes and further reading.

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