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For all these Idents I decided to get a set amount of rules to follow to save time, instead of copying actual scenes from my main seqaunce I decided to take idea's from it instead and pretty much recreate the scenes very similar but with an ident in mind. I copied the same scene set up technique as I used with my main sequence to keep it simple. Except this time I just cut the scenes down to about 10 seconds and simplified them. The song I used has various beat drops so I decided to fade in the BBC logo as soon as the beat drops. I also arranged it to fit in with the structure on the image. I made sure to keep the text on screen for a further 3 seconds after it starts to fade in just to make it more readable.

Ident 1

The main idea I had with this Ident was that there was a drop in the beat of the song so I arranged it to drop around 4 seconds at which point I started to fade in my Program information. I also constantly let the sand layers and the background move while slowly panning forward my camera this gave a good idea of movement while still working along with the song. The main focus of this Ident was the imagery. I also kept the program information on the screen a further 3 seconds after it was fully faded in to make sure it was visible for the viewer and I checked that it was within the title safe.

By arranging The layers on the top view I was able to see more accurately where they were in Z space and I could then work out the depth and shadowing of each layer better.

The Lights were a key aspect of the scene as it gave the extra shadowing to my layers.

Ident 2

Similar Z space layout as the pervious Egypt ident except I changed the background and the structure to make it slightly different. I also changed the part of the song so it would have a different drop. All I did was build a moving 3D environment then pan a camera slowly through it.

Although this ident looks very similar to the last I used a different part of the some and background to change it up a bit. The ident follows the same rules where the beat drops around 4 seconds and takes around 3 seconds for the information to fade in on screen, I parented the text with the camera. I then kept the text on screen for a further 3 seconds to make sure its visible. The main focal point for the ident is the image.

Ident 3

Screen Set up, I put some layers of grass behind the pyramid as well to give the idea its in a middle of a forest. Really simple spaced layers to give a reasonable amount of depth.

Similar layer set up as the rest of my idents except theres only 2 different sets of tree’s I just copied them and translated them to look slightly different and changed the colour so I could use the same imagery over and over.

In theses screen shots it looks like the text breaks the title safe but it should not Tested it on screen and it was very clear. Yet again this Ident runs on the same rules of all the other except I used a slightly different part of the song for it.

Ident 4

Similar layer set up with elements taken from main seqaunce. Layers are equally spread out to give similar feeling of depth.

Same type of layer set up as all the others.

The only slightly different element this Ident has is more depth of field with the camera mainly because I had to make the clouds larger which resulted in them pixelating a little bit but by blurring them out a bit and focusing on the structure you dont really notice it much.


ident breakdown


ident breakdown