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“Volunteering is a great thing to do for two reasons, firstly you get the chance to help out people that really need it and also it is something that will impress future employers.” “Why not pop down to the Volunteer centre and speak to Sana about upcoming events or take a look at” Josh Watson de Hav Campus Officer

Volume 18, Issue 5 1st November 2010 Circulation 1000 FREE


Timetabling: Is it an issue? Sponsored by

Chris Ulph

Timetabling at Universities have always been difficult, more recently complications such as cross-curricula degree courses and spiralling student numbers mean that the pressure is always on for the University to provide an adequate timetabling schedule forstudents, however it is not always the case. Wednesday afternoons have always been a bastion of inter-university sports and Monday 1st November US Hip Hop Artist GAME

activities which many institutions have even codified into operating policy - keep Wednesday afternoons free for sports. The University of Hertfordshire does not have such a policy and even when the policy is applied it is applied sporadically and often discriminates against postgraduate students. There are also some paradoxical situations whereby the laws of physics would need to be bent to get a student from a finishing lecture at 1pm on de Havilland to College Lane for the same minute.

Media said “The Sabb Team are aware of this issue and are taking it to the Office of the Vice Chancellor at our next meeting. I know Laura (VPSA) is particulaly keen to resolve this issue.” At the time of going to print the UHSU sabbatical team will be approaching the Office of the Vice-Chancellor (OVC) at the next executive meeting. The Universe will endeavour to print the outcome as soon as it is available.

Being on the receiving end of the ‘Wednesday afternoon problem’ I can safely say that may choices for UHSU societies and athletics clubs have been severely hampered.

The University must do better in its management of student timetables.

Chris Ulph Editor-in-Chief

Thom Palser, VP Communications and Thursday 4th November Shift: Hertfordshire’s Hottest Gay Night


Friday 5th November Flirt! UV and Laser Guy Fawkes Party

Saturday 6th November Propaganda: The UK’s number 1 indie night

The UniVerse, 1st November 2010

2 UniVerseStyleBarReview The UniVerse is the free newspaper for the University of Hertfordshire. We will always aim to bring you the best news and reviews each week. Written, designed and edited by students of the University of Hertfordshire. Provided by UHSU Editor-in-Chief Chris Ulph Deputy Editor Valentina Terrinoni Lead Photographer Ila Desai Web Director Sam Martin Assistant Web Director Kenny England Media Assistant Alastar Armitage-Brain VP Communications & Media Thom Palser If there is something that you feel needs to be brought to the attention of The UniVerse Staff, Media Team or even the University as a whole please write in to us and have your letters published. Editor-in-chief The Universe University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union College Lane Hatfield Herts AL10 9AB


Last year over 1,000 students took part in volunteering opportunities provided by the UHSU. All students received certificates for their hard work. What ever your skills, background or experience, with over 500 volunteering opportunities we offer something for everyone. Find out more at

Style Bar ups the standard Chris Ulph

The American jazz club interior of the Style Bar oozes style and sophistication in equal mesaure and emits a certain relaxing aura. It is with this persona that Emma Bradbury, Style Bar Manager, is trying to bring to the menu. Fast, easy food with a certain italian panache. There is a certainly a keen emphasis on substance but according to some, until recently, been lacking this year in its delivery. In my personal experience, I have had to wait with the Sabbs for over forty minutes for a simple pasta dish and ingredients have been missing or substituted without warning.

Published by Harmsworth Printing Old Milton Road Didcot Oxon OX11 7HH

Style Bar Photograph: UHSU:CU

Staffing redistribution last year saw the one professional chef being sent down to join the EleHouse team with no like-forlike replacement being brought in to the Style Bar. I cannot lie, however, myself and others included have seen considerable improvements in how the Style Bar is delivering food, perhaps having now ironed out start-of-term snagging.

The range of food is decided with two main constraints, firstly facilities - the kitchen facilities, whilst immaculately clean are not condusive to large meals or complex dishes. Secondly, customer need is an important factor being considered - unlike some resaurants or kitchens the Style Bar menu is adaptive to what people want and for the most part people want

light snacky panini-esque food combined with a quick drink during the day. The staff are good in the Style Bar too, having been practically hand-picked by Emma to pioneer the quality standards at the Forum Hertfordshire. One thing cannot be stressed enough, the Style Bar does fantastic and good value fair trade coffee - okay you have to climb some stairs to get to it but from a perch above the bus interchange below - people watching can be quite addictive. The lunch menu is served from 11:30 until 5:00 and it’s certainly worth dropping by if you have some spare time to relax between lectures.

The UniVerse, 1st November 2010

3 UniVerseNews

You’ve won £113 million. What do you do? Valentina Terrinoni

anywhere between £1 and £30 million — definitely affordable.

The biggest ever Euro Millions win in Britain has been claimed this week leaving the lucky person, who has remained anonymous, the 589th richest in the country; richer than stars like Johnny Depp ($75 million), Britney Spears ($64 million) but not quite as rich as David Beckham ($125 million).

Next, several houses around the globe: a luxury six bed, seven bath house in Marbella, Spain can be his for £3,990,000 or if he fancied something a bit more extravagant, this stunning castle could be his new home for $1,800,000. Even grander still, a whole Caribbean Island could be his for $48,500,000.

This left me begging the question, what would students at the University of Hertfordshire spend £113 million pounds on?

As for living off the interest, this would certainly be possible as a basic esaver account with Lloyds would provide an annual interest of £226,000, so good investments could make this so much more.

Samuel Laycock, a second year film and television student said, ‘I would buy Southend United and several houses around the globe, fund my own movie with Kevin Spacey, give some to my family and put the rest of it in the bank to live off the interest.’ I took the liberty of seeing just how much his spending spree would cost. Firstly, Southend United: as they depend upon assets, debts and much more, clubs have been sold for

He could do all that and still fund his own movie hiring Kevin Spacey for around $4,500,000, his highest ever salary for ‘The Negotiator. In contrast Lauren Kurn, a second year philosophy student said, ‘I would give a substantial amount to charity as I could never spend £113 million! And if possible I’d travel

One of the most recogniseable castles in the world; Château de Chambord at Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France. into space!’ A trip to space is definitely possible, with Virgin Galactic offering tickets for $200,000. Also, you could hire Lady Gaga to perform a private show in the forum for you and your friends for around £100,000...Or if your biggest desire is simply a nice beer in

the Ele House then you could happily drink 94.2 million beers at £1.20 — it can’t get any better than that! As for many students, I’m sure in this current economic climate where a degree doesn’t necessarily secure a job, that financial security for life is more than enough.

Fun times for volunteers Valentina Terrinoni Student volunteer Dushani Photograph UHSU:Sana Meerza

On Wednesday 27th October, Student Volunteer and Development Coordinator Sana Meerza took seven University of Hertfordshire volunteers with her to St Paul’s school in Chipperfield. The school desperately needed its wildlife garden tidied from a mass of brambles and overgrown plants so that the children could use it once again. The volunteers happily spent five hours painting their fences, clearing the garden and planting new flowers to brighten up the place. ‘We wanted to keep it in the local community and this school really needed help as they only have one caretaker,’ Sana said.

Student volunteers Mukti and Teskeen Photograph UHSU:Sana Meerza

Both home and international students took part and the places were filled within a day. Although they are rewarded with

a volunteering certificate that will be great for their CV, Sana said all of the volunteers really enjoyed themselves and said they would have done it for the children anyway. Their presence caused quite a stir upon arrival too, ‘It’s only a small town so when our big bus pulled up we had everyone watching!’ As it is half-term the children will have to wait until Monday to see their new garden, but I’m sure they’ll be extremely excited when they do. Sana is taking her volunteers to Weatherfield School next, where they’ll be painting the playground with an intricate design of fun games. If you’d like to get involved with volunteering through the university, check out the website volunteering

The UniVerse, 1st November 2010

4 UniVerseBlackHistoryWeek

Inspire. Empower. Educate. Jade Williams

Every year in October, the black community unites to celebrate Black History Month. Plays, debates and shows are put on across the country, we as people celebrate our history and culture through food, literature, art and song but what does it all mean? One month is set aside for our entire history, one month when it is deemed acceptable for us to reminisce and honour those that have paved the way, honour those that struggled for us to be considered equal. Is this equality? One month when its ‘ok’ to be black? As children we learn nothing of OUR history in school. Black history is a separate history, but history is history right? Only when October comes do we begin to learn of Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Marcus Garvey and Harriet Tubman. Great figures of freedom, names that should have been as compulsory to our education as Henry VIII. Everyone knows

how many wives he had, but how many can tell me about Sojourner Truth, her journey and her impact? Shouldn’t black history be mainstream? Something we’ve always known and been educated about? Why is it that our heroes must be honoured at a certain time, in a certain month? October should be a month in which we reflect on the knowledge of our history, look back at what we have been learning all year. Instead we cram in as many cultural events as possible, throw our younger generation a few names and hope this satisfies them.

Our generation will willingly ‘Rep their country’ Use the nominated languages/ dialects of their ancestors and hang flags in their cars. What saddens me is that most are not truly aware of their roots. Origins of language, of music and food. We need to re-educate ourselves before we can truly be proud of our heritage.

the books stand in the bookcase and the knowledge of my history goes everywhere with me, everyday. This is the approach we need to take. Black history is not confined to a month, allow it to touch all aspects of your life. Carry your history with you January through to December.

As young black people today, we’re given so many opportunities to do so much with our lives. Parents and grandparents travelled to England to provide their families with a better life. I suggest you learn about YOUR family, YOUR roots, YOUR struggle. Keep that with you and when you build your family pass this knowledge on. We can empower and educate ourselves and each other just by knowing what we ought to know. The African Caribbean Society (ACS)

Fireworks ad 170x135:Fireworks ad 170x135 18/10/2010 10:44 Page 1


Malcolm X, has been described as one of the greatest, and most influential, African Americans in history



We encourage daily, weekly and monthly celebration of culture, roots and heritage. We have a range of specialist events due to Black History Month but our aim is to promote knowledge of culture at all times. Our motto, which we aim to share across the university and the wider community, encapsulates the very essence of the society. Inspire. Empower. Educate.

NUS Backing The NUS Black Students’ Campaign believes all students should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their race, religion, nationality or background. We’re the largest organisation of black students in Europe, representing all students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean descent. We campaign and lobby to raise awareness of issues affecting black students at a local and national level. In addition, we highlight the inequality black students face within the education sector and society. Here are just five reasons why we need a Black Students’ Campaign

Personally, my whole life has been filled with Black history, not from the education system, but from my parents and wider family. The art hangs from our walls,


here at the University of Hertfordshire is taking a leading role in providing the education and insight necessary for the black community to prosper and become more informed about their history.

Rosa Parks, African American civil rights activist,and the mother of the freedom movement’

1. As graduates, black people are three times more likely to be unemployed than white people within six months of graduation. Within five years of graduation, black students earn up to nine per cent less than their white peers for the same work. 2. Research by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) in 2007 found that black students are less likely to get a first degree when all other factors are equal. 3. Black people are up to 44 per cent more likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act but are less likely to be referred by their GP than white people, a significant high percentage instead get referred through the criminal justice system. 4. 72 per cent of Muslim women have experienced verbal abuse and threatening behaviour relating directly to their visible Muslim presence. 5. 18 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women graduates who are Muslim are unemployed – this is two times the rate of their Christian, Jewish and without religious conviction counterparts.

The UniVerse, 1st November 2010

5 UniVerseYourSabbs

Nica de Koenigswarter President

Since last week, I have been to a Board of Governors development committee meeting. Worked with the University on our National Student Survey (NSS) results. Met the Head of Policy to discuss the Browne Review, and the implications for the HE sector and Hertfordshire. I had a tour of the new Law Court Building, which will provide some lovely new teaching rooms for all of us. I also worked with Mark Russell, Yasmin and some students on collecting student opinions on assessment and feedback. I attended the first Student Council of the year with the rest of the team. I saw the new estates strategy. I then had a whole day with the Board of Governors, and tonight I have my first full Board. I met Penny Charlish-Jackson and her team in the LRC. Heya guys,

Yasmin Bastow VP Academic Support & Campaigns

Relax - we can help Being a student is not always easy.

So the RaG extraviganza kicks off tomorrow night, and i am so exited to see all the amazing work and effort the team have put into the planning finaly come to life!

The Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre is here to offer free, confidential and impartial advice and support. Our professional team of staff can help with a variety of issues facing students and staff, so drop in any time for help, a chat, or even just a cuppa!

In other work, the SSRO and Student Reps induction evening went well and it’s so lovely to see how inthusiastic they all are! Thom and I were invited to meet with all the Creative school reps and their head of school and it really does feel like this new system is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to the student engagement plan. So i’d just like to say keep up the good work and enthusiasm going!

Opening Hours Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm (drop-in)

Thursday evenings 5pm – 7pm (by appointment only)

Legal Advice Service Wednesday afternoons (by appointment only)

Get in touch Telephone: 01707 28 50 22 Email: Online:

I’ve been working on social and recreational sport with the university where the university are hosting focus groups to find out what barriers stops students from engaging with sports, if you are interested in getting involved email me (uhsu.activities@herts.

Laura Yeoman VP Student Activities

UHSU will be working with operational Christmas child a project that helps give under privileged children a gift for Christmas please come up to the resource centre and donate what you can. There will also be a Elehouse discount card coming to sports & societies very soon. Had a really good week! Im starting to focus more on the communications side of my job because the UHSU Media Members are fantastic and are now running in a professional compacity in which they no longer need me :-(

Thom Palser VP Communications & Media

They really have taken the bull by the horns and kicked media into shape :-). Currently I’m working on a comms strategy for UHSU and also a StudyNet proposal to improve how the Union talks to students. Check out my blog on and follow me on twitter to find out more @UHSUcomms I’ve been working on constitutional changes for Student Council meaning that any student can come to Council and vote on policy. I have also started work on our Green Impact submission (check my video blogs to know what that is) and started to receive M12 applications. Thank you to all students that turned up to Council and hopefully will see more of you at the next one.

Adam Flint VP Union Development

Find us at EleHouse Resource Centre (top floor, opposite the Key Centre), College Lane Campus

For more info on your Union please check out my video blog via soapbox


Watching the headlines

University of Hertfordshire graduate Dares you to try her new vintage boutique - A UNIVERSITY of Hertfordshire graduate has launched a new website for her vintage clothes selling business. Welwyn Hatfield Times

Jobs threat for lifeguards and instructors at Hatfield swimming pool LIFEGUARDS and swimming instructors look set for the axe at a Times Territory swimming pool. Welwyn Hatfield Times


Watching the headlines

No Hertfordshire Constabulary merger until at least 2012 Hertfordshire Constabulary will not merge with Bedfordshire Police until at least 2012, a senior force manager has said. Watford Observer

Praise for Hertfordshire Police Authority AN independent report has given a glowing report to Hertfordshire Police Authority, describing it as one of the best in the country St Albans & Harpenden Review

The UniVerse, 27th September 2010

6 UniVerseNews TXT

The UniVerse, 1st November 2010

7 UniVerseNews&Jobs

New to the LRC

Continuing improvement is almost a mantra embodied by the staff at Information Hertfordshire. The hard working men and women that bring you one of the finest learning resource centres in the world had a few things to shout about. After a minor refurbishment this summer the de Havilland LRC has now an additional 168 seats, new open plan study areas and a business-style suite which was funded by the Blended Learning Team. The facilities have also been bolstered by almost 200 new data and power connections to cope with increased demand. One of the main changes comes in the form of student laptop printing which alllows you to print without needing any pre-installed software. Lest we forget the £2 million that has been spent on books. 4647 Technical Support Assistant Borehamwood £17,000 - £21,000 Dependent on experience SBH/22152 KITCHEN ASSISTANT - Aramark Ltd Sandridge, St. Albans Meets National Minimum Wage Duties: Washing-up, cleaning dishes, receiving deliveries, assisting the chef, food prep and any other related tasks as required. Time: 7hrs per week - Saturday 8am 3pm Email: 5049salvationarmy@arrowmark. 4648 Ad-hoc Web Designer Home Based Negotiable Duties: Updating/improving company website Time: As necessary Requirements: Experience of web design, SEO and Google Analytics. Company: Plan B Solutions Ltd Email:

Duties: Pre -sales assistance to select appropriate products. After-sales support in configuring, installing or using products, training of dealers/ users in product usage, testing new products at all stages of development, preparing of technical documentation, web programming/design, attendance at training meetings or exhibitions if required, order taking and processing, any other duties as required by the employer. Time: 37.5 hours per week FULL TIME Company: SEG Communications Email: 4646 Social/Educational Companion Hatfield & St Albans £9 per hour

4644 P e r s o n a l A s s i s t a n t Redbourn, Nr St Albans £ 8 . 5 0 per hour Duties: Assisting a 26 yr old young man with mild social and learning difficulties (Asperger’s Syndrome) in recreational, educational activities. Time: 4-8 hrs per week/flexible, variable, mostly Thursdays & Fridays Company: Leonard Cheshire Telephone: 01462 439000 4642 Store Assistant Stevenage £6.50 per hour Duties: Assisting the on-site technician, handling computer hardware. To start MONDAY 25th OCTOBER FOR 2 WEEKS Time: 20 hrs per week for 2 Weeks Company: TMC Technology Co.UK Ltd Email:

4641 Part Time Credit Controller Hatfield Road, St. Albans £7 ph Duties: You will predominantly be making outbound calls to business contacts and updating systems based on these calls. In addition to these regular peak hours, there may also be an opportunity to work additional hours at other times. Time: We have an opportunity to join us assisting with a client peak Company: Transcom Worldwide (UK) Ltd Email: 4639 ICE RINK ASSISTANT Galleria, Hatfield £5.93ph Duties: Serving skates, rink maintenance, rink steward amd general day to day running of rink Time: Min 20hrs per week from MonFri 11am-7.30pm, Sat 11am-5.30pm, Sun 11am-4.30pm

Duties: Assisting a 26 yr old young man with mild social and learning difficulties (Asperger’s Syndrome) in recreational, educational activities.

HTF/20192 LITTER PICKER Welwyn Garden City £6.25 per hr

Time: 4-8 hrs per week/flexible, variable, mostly Thursdays & Fridays

Duties: Litter picking and small gardening duties

Telephone: 01707 285019 email:

Time: 6hrs per week Mon, Wed, Fri 7am9am

EleHouse College Lane Campus

Telephone: Peter Washington on 07889 102384 or 01162 152986

Opening hours Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

Company: Istvan Nagy Email:



The UniVerse, 1st November 2010


Do you enjoy social sports? Wish there was more on offer, Is there a barrier stopping you from getting involved……We want to hear!

The University of Hertfordshire are currently looking into social and recreational sport and really want to hear your views on this too!

If you would like to be involved in any of the following focus groups please contact Laura Yeoman, uhsu.activities@herts. stating which you are able to attend; please indicate the current level of social sport you currently take part in or other activities within the University.

Monday 8th Nov 11:00am - 12:00pm - Student Reps & General Student Focus 1:30pm - 2:30pm - International Students/ BME Focus 4:00pm - 5:30pm – Mature Students & General Student Focus Tues 9th Nov 11:00am - 12:30pm - Women Only 1:30pm - 3:00pm - Society/ UHSU Association members & General Student Focus As a thank you for giving up your free time UHSU will be offering a £3.50 style bar voucher alongside a FREE Swim voucher for use at the Sports Village.

Results 27/10/2010

Badminton Badminton Men’s 1st 2 - 6 London Metropolitan University Men’s 1st Badminton Women’s 1st 6 - 2 University of Portsmouth Women’s 1st Badminton Men’s 2nd 3 - 5 University of Sussex Men’s 1st Basketball Basketball Women’s 1st 37 - 41 London School of Economics Women’s 1st Football Football Men’s 1st 1 - 4 UWE Men’s 1st Football Women’s 1st 8 - 1 University of Portsmouth Women’s 1st Football Men’s 3rd 4 - 3 Canterbury Christ Church University Men’s 4th Golf Golf 1st 2 - 4 University of Portsmouth 1st Hockey Hockey Men’s 1st 4 - 2 Imperial College, London Men’s 1st Hockey Women’s 1st 0 - 4 Canterbury Christ Church University Women’s 1st Netball Netball 1st 46 - 40 University of Portsmouth 1st Netball 3rd 27 - 31 University of Kent 3rd Rugby Rugby Union Women’s 1st 10 - 54 St Mary’s University College Women’s 1st Rugby Union Men’s 2nd 12- 22 St Barts &the Royal London Men’s 2nd

Fixtures 03/11/2010

Badminton Badminton Men’s 1st - Royal Holloway, University of London Men’s 1st Badminton Women’s 1st - Imperial College, London Women’s 1st Basketball Basketball Men’s 2nd - School of Oriental & African Studies Men’s 1st Basketball Women’s 1st - Roehampton University Women’s 1st Basketball Men’s 1st - University of Reading Men’s 1st Fencing Fencing Men’s 1st - Imperial College, London Men’s 2nd Fencing Women’s 1st - University of Sussex Women’s 1st Football Football Men’s 2nd - University of Chichester Men’s 4th Football Men’s 3rd - Kingston University Men’s 2nd Football Men’s 1st - St Mary’s University College Men’s 1st Football Women’s 1st - University of Chichester Women’s 1st Hockey Hockey Men’s 1st - Queen Mary, University of London Men’s 1st Hockey Women’s 1st - Queen Mary, University of London Women’s 1st Hockey Men’s 2nd - Royal Free & University College Med School Men’s 2nd Lacrosse Lacrosse Men’s 1st - Imperial College, London Men’s 1st Netball Netball 3rd - Imperial Medicals 2nd Netball 2nd - University of Reading 1st Netball 1st - Brunel University West London 2nd Rugby Rugby Union Men’s 1st - London School of Economics Men’s 1st Rugby Union Women’s 1st - University of Brighton Women’s 1st Squash Squash Men’s 1st - University of Essex Men’s 3rd Tennis Tennis Men’s 1st - Queen Mary, University of London Men’s 1st Tennis Women’s 1st - Brunel University West London Women’s 1st


The weekly results are taken directly from the BUCS website fl, we apologise if your team does not feature however at the time of going to print there were no results attributed to your fixture. If you want to increase your exposure in the newspaper please send in match reports and current information for inclusion - sports is a cornerstone of this paper and whilst people have mentioned Rugby receiving a disproportionate amount of coverage - they have been proactive and sent well written pieces.




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