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WhaTTo Dip

An International Art Exhibition / Collaborative Project Brought to you by uncookedculture.com (Global Visual Artist Community)

Artists: Thammakit Thamboon-Thailand | Jeff Roland: France | Paphonsak La-or: Thailand | Andrew Stahl: England UK | Chakkrit Chimnok*: Thailand | Erin Lee Benson: USA Alice Cunningham: England UK | Surajate Tongchua: Thailand | Charlie Phillips*: England UK/ Japan | Gustav Glander: Spain | Sukhum Nakpradith: Thailand Nina Vetrova-Robinson: USA | Padungsak Kochsomrong: Thailand | Bindu Mehra*: Canada | Pattree Chimnok*: Thailand | Joshua Haycraft-BHBITB*: USA Dontree Siribanjongsak: Thailand | Leonardo Aguinaldo*: Philippines | Franรงois Nasica*: France | Stuart MacKenzie: Scotland UK | Lynn Todd*: New Zealand Max(Mikhail) Ryleev*: China | Elena Ryleeva: China | Chris Czainski*: England UK | Josianne Ishikawa*: Japan/ USA | Anne Higman*: England UK Gareth Hughes: England UK | Ciara Foster*: Ireland | Elaine Woo MacGregor*: Scotland UK | Louise Schmid: Scotland UK Christy Symington*: England UK Chutima Kerdpitak: England UK/ Thailand | Mary Zeran: USA | Danni Higman: England UK | Traci Morachnick*:Thailand | Liz Parkinson*: Australia *Jury - Exhibitors who contribute to the projects curatorial process

Opening Party: Thursday 6 October 2011 from 6-9 pm

Exhibition: 6 October till 28 October 2011 at

Chiang Mai University Art Center Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Press/ Media/ Info please contact: project.what2dip@gmail.com

WhaTTo Dip

An International Art Exhibition / Collaborative Project This Project is presented by Uncooked Culture (uncookedculture.com), and in collaboration with Surface Arts (www.arttourist.surfacearts.co.uk). Uncooked Culture LVDQRQOLQHFRPPXQLW\GHGLFDWHGWRIRVWHULQJIUHHPLQGHGDQGVHOIWDXJKWDUWLVWVZKRDUHLQĂ€XHQFHGE\,QVLGHUVDQG2XWVLGHUVEXWDUHVXEVHUYLent to neither.-Dr Melissa Westbrook, founder of the Neo-Outsider Art movement Surface Arts presents a collaboration involving the creative interpretation of words every day by artists, to explore new trends within a mobile global network.

About the Exhibition: The phrase “What To Dipâ€? is the phonetic pronunciation of the Thai word meaning “Raw Materialâ€?. The abundance of raw material within its borders is essential to determining a country’s economy. When viewed as a commodity to export for industrial purposes, often the cultural implications, environmental impact and beauty of these materials are overlooked. What To Dip UHDOL]HVWKHVLJQLÂżFDQFHRIQDWXUDOUHVRXUFHVWRWKHPHPEHUVRIHDFKFRPPXQLW\DFURVVWKHJOREHDQGLWV value to humankind. Artists and their artworks have potential to be catalysts to build awareness and concerns on critical matters at both a local level and worldwide scope. What To Dip project is a platform for visual artists from all geographical and cultural backgrounds (36 artists from 12 countries) to work with unfamiliar/unconventional materials in their local setting to create works of art and share them in our exhibition in Chiang Mai, a city with a rich mix of raw material resources, art, crafts and culture (a “Creative Cityâ€?). In DGGLWLRQDUWLVWVDUHHQFRXUDJHGWRPDNHVLWHVSHFLÂżFSLHFHVDQGFRPELQHWKHLURZQPDWHULDOVZLWKWKHORFDOPDWHULDOVRI Thailand. Through this exhibition, we aim to highlight the materials, culture, environmental concerns, sense of place and to celebrate the coming together of these cultures in one venue.

Exhibition Location and Dates: Chiang Mai University Art Center 6 October till 28 October 2011 Opening on Thursday 6 October 2011 from 6-9 pm Additional Events: Live Uncooked Saturday 8 October 3-4pm location: Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai Live Performances by artists Max Ryleev, Elena Ryleeva and Chris Czainski A chance to showcase some of our Uncooked Artists whose practice extends to live and performative work. You can expect a diverse range of actions and interventions exploring amoungst other things; relationships, personal space and consumerism.

Creative uses of Raw Material and Social Media Saturday 8th October 4-6pm location: Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai Panel discussion event with invited speakers :HKDYHLQYLWHGDVSHFLDOLVWSDQHORILQWHUQDWLRQDOSURIHVVLRQDOVLQWKHÂżHOGVRI Fine Art, Curation, Markerting, Environmentalism and Architecture to discuss this topic and have an open participation discussion.

About uncookedculture.com:

Staff: Curators:

Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok)- England UK/ Thailand Alice Cunningham- England UK Erin Lee Benson- USA Project Director: Traci Morachnick-Thailand Project Coordinator: Thammakit Thamboon (Otto)-Thailand Marketing and PR Director: Somtat Srikaew (Hut)-England UK

Explore in Questions Sunday 9th October 2-5pm

location: CMU Art Center Community event led by Katie Hawker in collaboration with the ComPeung,Village of Creativity Community Arts Organiser, artist and curator Katie Hawker will lead and develop a project in partnership with a local community in Chang Mai. This event will see the resulting artworks and give other members of the community and artists a chance to get involved in a collaborative participatory activity.

Artists Presentations Tuesday 11th October 6-9.30pm location: Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai Presentation by participating artists $FKDQFHWRÂżQGRXWPRUHDERXWRXUDUWLVWVDQGWKHLUSUDFWLFHDQGDVNDQ\TXHVtions you might have.

Uncookedculture.com is a free, experimental, interactive online community created by Chutima Kerdpitak(Nok). It was designed to assist and nurture raw-minded artists from all backgrounds, from university educated to self-taught, with a goal of building a sustainable global community of artists. By providing opportunities to participate in exhibitions (both on-line and in the gallery), and make connections with other like-minded people, the hope is to encourage artists to continue to grow, develop, and experiment in their practices. What To DipLVWKHÂżUVWSK\VLFDOLQLWLDWLYHWKDWUHSUHVHQWVRXUXQLTXHPLVVLRQ7KLVH[KLELWLRQDOVRWRXFKHVXSRQ the intent of The Thai Cultural Ministry agenda to pursue accreditation for Thailand’s cities to receive UNESCO “Creative Cityâ€? label, of which Chiang Mai is currently in the process of organizing an application for.

About SurfaceArts Collaboration, Translation:

This collaborative project, titled Translation, explores the use of the internet as a creative tool. It has involved the creative interpretation of words every day, for one month by artists in the UK and Thailand. A randomly generated word was given as inspiration to all artists to produce a piece of work. Surface Arts aims to explore new trends of art within a mobile global network reducing boundaries and using art to engage, display and connect. This work treats geographical displacement as a new material and explores both sides. www.arttourist.surfacearts.co.uk www.arttouristthai.surfacearts.co.uk


www.arttourist.surfacearts.co.uk Mayfair - London Chiang Mai What To Dip has been organized in asscociation with Creative Chiang Mai ( www.creativechiangmai.com) and in partnership with Sangdee Gallery 5 Sirimangkalajarn Lane 5 Chiang mai, Thailand (www.sangdee.org)

For further information please contact: project.what2dip@gmail.com

WhaTTo Dip Artists uncookedculture.com

Pattree Chimnok, Thailand

Pattree has been in group exhibitions showing Photography, Video art, Performance art and Visual art. She often works in wax, creating sculptural installations that represent the relationship between environment and human emotion.

Francois Nasiea, France ,GRQRWVHHNWRUHSUHVHQWWKHĂ€HVKIRUWKHĂ€HVKWKDWGRHVQRWLQWHUHVWPH,ZDQWWRH[SUHVVHVVHQFHVRXOOLIH sudden starts, rhythm. The rhythm of an arm, a hand, an eye, a face, his core, his sex‌.and in this rhythm, to deform ..... My work starts where a certain reality stops, a certain constraint. Anguish in the world, the incomprehensible huPDQVXIIHULQJSROLWLFDOSRZHURIÂł7HUURU´IDLWKGLUHFWLRQVRIWKHFROOHFWLYHVDFULÂżFHWKHFRQFHSWRIFROOHFWLYHPDUW\UGRP the power of theatricality, the role of the torturer and his ultimate relation with his victim, crowd spectator and her ambiguous relation with the execution are as many topics treated pictorially in the “internal organsâ€? and the “grammarâ€? of the artist.

Chakkrit Chimnok, Thailand Chakkrit Chimnok (born 1978 ) lives and works in Chiang Mai ,Thailand. He received an M.F.A. in Visual Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. He works with sculpture, fashion as art, performance art and with recycled materials. He is interested in the changing form and perception of materials in order to play with audience perception and has exhibited widely throughout Asia and abroad, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom. Taiwan, Myanmar Switzerland and Korea.

Jeff Roland, France -HII5RODQGLVWDONLQJWR\RXUJXWV1RWKLQJLVÂż[HGLQKLVSDLQWLQJVQRUH[SODLQHG(QLJPDWLFHQWDQJOHPHQWVRI IDFHVKDQGVOLYLQJRQWKHLURZQDQGWKH5DEELW7KLVGLVWXUELQJDUWHIDFWRIFKLOGKRRGLVÂżJKWLQJFRPSODFHQF\ and naivety , By imposing itself in a world of adults who are lost in odd truths. Without a look at each other, everyone assumes his loneliness in an abysmal universe of constellated colours.The ochred sulphur, the warm blues, the reddish greens cannot help the human, lost in uncertainties and multiple universes. Jeff Roland is an inspired dissident -Nadine Servant June 2010

Gustav Glander, Spain Gustav Glander is a painter from Barcelona who has made himself artistically and spiritually in Odessa 8NUDLQH +LVSDLQWLQJVUHÀHFWERWKWKHKDUVKQHVVRIKXPDQH[LVWHQFHDQGWKHLQKHUHQWORYHDQG LQQRFHQFH7KHREVHVVLRQZLWKWKHVHD¿VKDQGZRPHQSHUYDGHVKLVZRUN+LVQHZ³5DGLRDFWLYHSDLQWLQJV´ remember Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters and explore human pain and love.

Thammakit Thamboon and Traci Morachnick, Thailand Dancing Buffalo is a collaborative project between Thammakit Thamboon and Traci Morachnick; DQH[SORUDWLRQRIZHOGLQJUHF\FOHGPHWDOZDVKHUVVXJJHVWLYHRIÂżJXUHVDQGIRUPVDSSDUHQWLQFUDIW markets throughout Thailand.

Alice Cunningham, England UK Alice Cunningham predominately produces sculptural works, although she has a practice ranging from siteVSHFLÂżFLQVWDOODWLRQWRSDLQWLQJYLGHRZRUNSULYDWHFRPPLVVLRQVDQGSHUIRUPDQFH6KHZRUNVZLWKQDWXUDO materials or prefabricated objects subverting our established visual repertoire. The work is often concerned with environmental or social issues. Alice is a member of the Royal British Sculpture Society and was shortOLVWHGODVW\HDUWRUHSUHVHQWWKH8.DWWKHÂżUVW\RXQJDUWLVWVELHQQLDOLQ(XURSH+HUZRUNKDVEHHQVKRZQ across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Nina Vetrova-Robinson, USA I believe that the possibilities of Avant-garde art (with all its variations-Suprematism, Constructivism, Cubism ,Cubo-Futurism...), born and developed in the beginning of 20th century in Western and Eastern Europe are far from exhausted. I have created my own Avant-garde styles - Organic-Cubism, CuboPointillism, Pan-Suprematism, C-Spectralism, X-Cubism. As an artist, I like the challenge, to do something different from what I am acustomed to. This exhibition attracted me for the same reasons.

Lynn Todd, New Zealand Lynn Todd’s work stems from an interest in the well-being of the human condition and its dependency on the interrelationships between the individual, the family, the community and the universal environment in which we exist. She draws on her own life experiences as a basis for her work in an attempt to strengthen our understanding of each other to encourage positive interactions. Her work had been shown in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Paphonsak La-or, Thailand 0\ZRUNLQYROYHVH[SORULQJSXEOLFDGYHUWLVLQJELOOERDUGVEDQQHUVSRVWHUV,ÂżQGWKH\LQVSLUHIXUWKHU imaginations and thoughts that create a complex connection to a broader context. My works produced for What To Dip project intentionally pinpoint issues that lead to new interpretations based on the original context, in order to build an awareness of social issues and Human Life Circumstances.

Leonardo Aguinaldo, Phillipines Leonardo Aguinaldo is a multi media visual artist based in Northern Philippines where indegenous tribes have still existed despite hundreds of years of colonization by the Spaniards and the Americans. Cultural and environmental preservation in contrast with colonial mentality and religion are common themes in his work. He has been invited to exhibit his works both locally and internationally.

Max (Mikhail) Ryleev, China Existing boundaries of language, regardless how strict they are, can be overridden by another so-called “loose boundaryâ€? and made temporary by means of creative imagination. By viewing human subconsciousness as a ÂżHOGWKHZLGHQHVVRIZKLFKLVSUDFWLFDOO\OLPLWOHVV05\OHHYÂśVSDLQWLQJVH[SORUHFRQFHSWXDO$QFHVWRUVDVDQ DOWHUQDWLYHWRWKHFKDRWLFDQGIUDJPHQWDU\PHPRU\ÂłGHEULV´RIPRGHUQPDQIRUWKHVDNHRIÂżQGLQJDQHZ fulcrum for the recollection of a human archetype identity. The works of M.Ryleev have been shown in Europe and Asia.

Chutima (Nok) Kerdpitak, England UK/ Thailand Nok’s current work on “The Toileterritory Theory (TTT)� project, pinpoints contemporary behavior within the matrix of individuality based on Freedom of choice against a manipulative cycle. Its ethic lies on basic human needs while the illusive needs govern our determination on how we live. The toilet related objects, as well as disparate items, that are used to bring the complex discussion across imply the relationship between truth of life and its paradoxical circumstances. Nok established The Uncooked Culture as an online bridge for artists with free spirits, where academic artistic study is not a concern for an individual to be included in its community.

Bindu Mehra, Canada Bindu Mehra is a visual artist based in Toronto and has exhibited extensively in USA, Europe and Asia. Bindu is keenly interested in current social, political and economic issues and often uses satire and paradox as operatives in her content. Bindu is currently looking forward to her artist in residence program at the Vermont Studio Center and Sandarbh Artist residency in India. Her works are in many private and museum collections in US, India and UK.

Anne Higman, England UK Anne higman is an artist currently based in Newcastle, UK. She explores personal concepts within cognitive DQGSV\FKRORJLFDOUHVWUDLQWVRISDLQRQWKHKXPDQERG\+HUGUDZLQJVDQGVFXOSWXUHVDUHLQĂ€XHQFHGJUHDWO\ by the everyday and environmental surroundings.

Joshua Haycraft-BHBITB, USA %+%,7%LVDVSLULWXDOPRYHPHQWEDVHGXSRQWKHVFLHQWL¿FIRXQGDWLRQVRI'U*LIIRUG6WUDQWRQ8WLOL]LQJVSDFH age technologies Dr. Stranton has redirected time and space to effectively validate humanity’s origins and future potentialities. Since 1979, BHBITB has given hope to a world increasingly apprehensive of the future*, utilizing a proprietary method of Value Evaluation™, transforming the past to build a brighter tomorrow. 1979 marked the inception of both BHBITB and Joshua David Haycraft, who would later become an essential member of the organization. Today Mr. Haycraft’s focus is education, spreading the accumulated wisdom of Dr. Stranton through videos, exhibitions, and seminars. He currently resides in Washington D.C. where he facilitates %+%,7%ZRUOGKHDGTXDUWHUV

Charlie Phillips, England UK/ Japan Charlie Phillips is based in Manchester/England and Himeji/Japan. The tortured style of his work touches on subjects and situations that often blur the line between a euphoric fantasy and horrifying nightmares, confronting the viewer with visions of an abnormal beauty.

For further information please contact: project.what2dip@gmail.com

Andrew Stahl, England UK $QGUHZ6WDKOÂśVSDLQWLQJVDSSURDFKFXOWXUDOGLIIHUHQFHVDQGFRQQHFWLRQVXVLQJSLFWRULDOODQJXDJHLPDJLQDWLRQDQGÂżJXUDWLRQ ,PDJHVEHFRPHYHKLFOHVWRFDUU\SDLQWHUO\H[SHULPHQWDWLRQ0XFKRIKLVZRUNUHĂ€HFWVRQWUDYHOVWR-DSDQDQG7KDLODQGDQG DGGUHVVHVWKHFRQĂ€DWLRQRIWLPHVSDFHDQGFXOWXUHVWKDWORQJKDXOWUDYHOEULQJV7KLVKDVEHHQXQGHUSLQQHGE\DVHULHVRI residencies in Thailand, plus residencies in Australia (Sydney) and China (Guangzhou). Recent solo shows include 2010 ‘New Paintings’Robert Steele Gallery New York; 2009 ‘Anywhere Anytime Anyhow’Ardel Gallery Bangkok (with Panya Vijinthanasarn); and solo shows in 2007 Matthew Bown Gallery, London and Robert Steele Gallery New York. Recent group shows include ‘Select’, Peppercannister Gallery, Dublin, 2010; ‘Painting of the 80s’, Matthew Bown Gallerie, Berlin, 2009; ‘Same as it ever was’, University of the Arts, London, 2008; ‘Stew’, Artspace, London, 2008; the British Council show ‘Monologue/Dialogue’ featuring artists from the UK and Thailand, Part 1 in Bangkok, 2006 and Part 2 in London, 2008.

Padungsak Kochsomrong, Thailand Politics Take Sides Feedom Respectability Solidarity

Erin Lee Benson, Oneida Indian Nation/ USA Erin Lee Benson is a member of the Oneida Indian Nation of New York. Pulling from both traditional Oneida concepts and contemporary practices, her paintings and sculpture explore dual realities that co-exist in a single moment. Her work has been shown in the USA and Europe.

Elaine Woo MacGregor, Scotland UK Elaine Woo MacGregor is a Scottish born Chinese artist trained in the Glasgow School of Art. Her work encapsulates the world seen through the eyes of a cross cultural artist. In her eclectic mark making and imagery, she seeks to confront the uncertainty in depicting a glimpse of an event. Her work has been shown in the UK and Tasmania.

Christy Symington, England UK Silk has set the standard in luxury fabrics for several millennia. It was an integral part of the Chinese economy and an important means of exchange for trading with neighbouring countries. Now tigers, although on the brink of extinction, are a recent raw material being farmed as a commodity.

Elena Ryleeva, China Interactive approach to design from the perspective of teaching and creating is pivotal for Elena Ryleeva’s artistic and academic vision. Processes of primary cognition, research and design are linked intrinsically and, as Elena argues, we should not insistently separate them rather we might take them holistically as a one step self-sustaining concept. Thus Elena’s works are always artistic deliberation of both clothing and costume design “patterns� entitled to harmonize “freedom� of creDWLYLW\DQGWKHORJLFRIWHFKQLTXHV

Chris Czainski, England UK Chris Czainski is inspired by elemental substances such as bone, wax, feathers and hair and also the debris that we come across in our everyday lives. She combines these with textiles, thread, gilding and GULIWZRRG8QGHUO\LQJKHUZRUNDUHWKHXELTXLWRXVWKHPHVRIPRUWDOLW\UHJHQHUDWLRQDQGULWXDO

Gareth Hughes, England UK 7KLVZRUNLVFRQGHQVHGPRQXPHQWDOLW\,ÂżQGDNLQVKLSLQWKHPDNLQJSURFHVVVLPLODUWRVFXOSWXUH The repeating from a mould and the editions from the block. The monumental is the form within and without. My work is an expression of self. An idea greater or smaller. Still a monument.

Louise Schmid, Scotland UK 0\ DUWZRUN LV LQH[WULFDEO\ ERXQG XS ZLWK DQ DVWXWH FULWLTXH RI GRPLQDQW KLHUDUFKLFDO VWUXFWXUHV DQG concerns on our consumption of Raw Material and Natural Resources!

For further information please contact: project.what2dip@gmail.com

Sukhum Nakpradith, Thailand Sukhum is an artist who lives and works in Thailand. He uses multimedia-art as a medium to convey his message including photography, video and installation art. Most of his work is a response to a situation, space and time. His work and his practice mostly came from his own experience and a dialogue with others. His feelings in regard to environmental and social responsibility is used to TXHVWLRQWKHHIIHFWRIQDWXUHDQGVRFLHW\WRKXPDQEHLQJV,WLVOLNHJLYLQJDQHZGLPHQVLRQWRDQ art practice.

Josianne Ishikawa, Japan/ USA Josianne Ishikawa is an American modernist artist who grew up in Iowa and has lived in Japan over twenty years. In her paintings she has the ability to work with seemingly opposites uniting them to create a harmonic whole; strength and delicacy, the use of intense color alongside WUDQVOXFHQF\EROGOLQHVDQGVRIWFRPSRVLWLRQ+HUSDLQWLQJVUHĂ€HFWKHUOLIHRIPDMHVWLFYLHZV of Mt. Fuji, the sodality of koi ponds and the emotions that lie beneath the cultural mask. Her work has been shown in the USA, Europe and Asia.


Danni Leigh Higman, England UK $VD\RXQJDUWLVW,OLNHWRFUHDWHWKLQJVWKDWUHĂ€HFWWKHPHGLDKHDGOLQHV0\SDLQWLQJP\QRW PDNHPXFKVHQVHRIWKLVEXWWRPHLWGRHV0\ORYHRIWKHKXPDQÂżJXUHPHUJHGZLWKWKH understanding I have of animals and morphing the two together has created some very interesting ideas and concepts.

Dontree Siribanjongsak, Thailand Born in 1989, Dontree Siribanjongsak, lives and works in Chiang Mai. He has group exhibitions with Photography, Video arts, and Visual arts. He uses materials to present the relationship between human identities and society.

Mary Zeran, USA Bursting with joyous color and layered abstract forms, Mary Zeran’s mixed media compositions explore emotions, nature, and what it means to be human. Her work has exhibited nationally at galleries in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Surajate Tongchua, Thailand Manipulation remains alive and trust worthy while the Truth is gradually dying by distrust.

Ciara Foster, Ireland Ciara Foster is a visual artist working in both sculpture and 2d. In her work she uses a lot of QDWXUDODQGUHF\FOHGPDWHULDOV6KHOLNHVWRÂżQGDQHZXVHIRUWKHGLVFDUGHGDQGIRUJRWWHQ

Liz Parkinson, Australia Liz enjoys making masks and jewelry from metal, scraps of wood, palm-fronds, beads & seeds, all of which she avidly collects. She particularly likes making artwork with very expressive faces and patterns. She has not studied art formally, and everything she does is characterized by lots of detail. She lives on WKHHGJHRIDUDLQIRUHVWLQVRXWKHUQ$XVWUDOLDDQGÂżQGVDORWRIKHUUDZPDWHULDOVDQGLQVSLUDWLRQWKHUH

For further information please contact: project.what2dip@gmail.com

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What to Dip - International Art Exhibition in Chiang Mai, Thailand  

The phrase "What To Dip" is the phonetic pronunciation of the Thai word meaning "Raw Material. The abundance of raw material within its bor...

What to Dip - International Art Exhibition in Chiang Mai, Thailand  

The phrase "What To Dip" is the phonetic pronunciation of the Thai word meaning "Raw Material. The abundance of raw material within its bor...