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Choosing The Right Office Space

Who would like to rent a commercial space not worthy of being leased? Imagine an office space for rent with limited natural light, poor connectivity to city roads, or even worse imagine a place with no WIFI service provider!

Your real estate advisor or even you as a company/startup should know these basic facts to not choose just any office.

We, at would be giving you and your firm some grass root advice on what to be mindful of when looking for an office on rent in Mumbai or elsewhere:

Location & Accessibility: When choosing a dedicated office space for rent, its location should be one of the most important criteria of consideration. Here’s why – your company needs to ensure if their team members can easily commute or at least get transportation arranged to get easily dropped off at the respective office. If the company is still in the hiring phase, they could select a location that further encourages potential talent to join the firm. The office space a company desires should be easily accessible to your clients as well as face to face meetings are of the utmost importance. While considering accessibility, do not forget to double check how connected it is to public transportation and highways.

Requirement: If you’re on a low budget, jot down the basic requirements of the office space for rent that are most needed. When considering office space for rent in Mumbai for instance, a washroom, water storage are the basics while having a pantry, plush glass lounge section for clients might be a luxury, so crunch up the numbers and choose wisely! It is also good to consider car/bike parking space in your office space requirements although this can be quite expensive in the main commercial property site hubs.

Seek Help from Experts in Real Estate: The process of finding an office space for rent can be overwhelming, choosing the right real estate advisor will help your company identify the commercial properties and the areas to look for while at the same time providing level-headed advice based on your budget and requirements. Often, commercial office spaces for rent in the central business district are expensive, yet with the right real estate agent one can good deals in upcoming central business districts. One should ask the legal experts to make your deal completely hassle-free.

Clarity on Lease Terms: Double check the amenities included and make sure they are clearly spelled out in the agreement. Do not believe the word of any given the landlord, not matter how professional they seem to be. One must also make sure to state who is responsible for any repairs incurred during or prior to moving into the office space for rent. Another crucial point of consideration is the condition in which the tenant shall receive the commercial office space. Ask the right questions to right people involved.

Knowing what customization and amendments one would be able to make once you get the possession of your commercial office space will not only help you plan your future as a firm but also will help you determine your lease duration. Even in times of market rate fluctuations, if one gets a good deal on a commercial lease, then long-term commitment leases may be quite beneficial to the tenant as well.

Early Exit!?: Lastly, be aware of what might happen if the company must exit the lease before its contract expiries. Penalties or fees might be charged in case something changes throughout the course of your lease. So get this sorted. All firms plan on growing and doing well, but important to be prepared if things don’t pan out the way the business would hope and at the same time, if one’s business is successful then it may grow beyond the given office space for rent.

Confused about your choice? Do not worry; can help your company with all your commercial real estate needs in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai! Based on client requirements.

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Choosing the Right office space - When choosing the right office space for rent, its location should be one of the most important criteria of consideration.

Choosing the Right office space - When choosing the right office space for rent, its location should be one of the most important criteria of consideration.