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Master four key thinking skills to reach a place of calm objectivity from which to make changes. Stewardship begins with the community within. This entry point into the Stellar Impact system of Self-Leadership trains you first to achieve the calm, clear-minded focus that forms the foundational mindset of all great leaders. Gateway to Freedom is a structured set of four conversations designed to explore the basic dynamics of personal awareness and self-mastery. This experiential discovery process unlocks the critical skills necessary to prepare you to bring your inner thinking and emotions into alignment with your outer goals & intentions in the programs that follow (including The Community Within, next in this series.) WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR?


People passionate about personal development will benefit the most. Participants (or those they help) may be grappling with questions like…

This course trains you how to build internal confidence, clarity and calm for greater excellence in your relationships with self and others. You will…

 Why am I less effective than I know I could be?  What is causing the emotional or motivational conflicts that hold me back?  How do I help others to achieve rapid, positive change?  How do I unleash my natural sparks of creative motivation?

 Discover the source of human motivation and learn how to engage it  Experience profound insights into the true nature of who you are.  Learn how to transform inner confusion into internal confidence.


“The value of this experience is realized in the process of going through it. It’s definitely an awakening. It certainly made me more effective. It gave me clarity on what I think and why I think it. I started getting better results in my work, and to move rapidly in the right direction, towards my mission to eliminate the idea of unemployment. I feel unstuck! I feel unstoppable!” ~Alan Hill Founder, SRK Inc.



The two days consist of a series of four sessions that include a briefing, an exercise, and a debriefing. Using an interactive and conversational format, you first learn the concept. You begin to master the ability as you practice it with someone else: playing the role of the coach, and also the role of the student. At the end of each segment, the entire group will debrief the experience, and share their questions, insights, and possibilities for application.

         

Our methodology is explore, apply, share, refine.

Business Owners & Executives Community & NP Leaders Top Sales Professionals Coaches, Trainers & Teachers Counselors and Therapists Students and Parents Pastors and Chaplains Veterans People in Transition Tomorrow’s Leaders (youth)

“…I can honestly say I can live again, after going through this program. I know where I’m going in life now and want to help others do the same…” ~ Andrew Constans Co-Founder, Resilient Teens


Conversation #1: Simple Acceptance Witness how conscious awareness, self-acceptance and intentional equilibrium quickly and easily blow away limiting beliefs about learning, growth and the effort required to actually change.

Conversation # 2: Authentic Awareness Experience the inherent power, goodness and design at the core of your being, from which all positive, spontaneous, and creative change occurs, and by which you measure all success.

Conversation # 3: Articulating Your Essence Discover how to express who you truly are, in ways that inspire and awaken you (and those around you) to greater excellence.

Conversation # 4: Essence into Action Transform the powerful awareness of your inner authenticity into tangible, specific and active expressions of that essence in your everyday behavior.


Public two-day programs are currently offered in the Minneapolis area on a Tuesday to Wednesday schedule. Private programs may be available upon request, in any location around the world.

HOW MUCH? We charge $480 per person for our public two-day program, with an eight person minimum. ***For a limited time get half off and pay only $240 per person.*** Certification in the Gateway to Freedom program is available for personal development professionals. Private programs are priced based on your custom requirements.

NEXT STEPS Visit /programs to find and register for the Gateway to Freedom program, or to request a private program for your group or organization.

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Master four key thinking skills to reach a place of calm objectivity from which to make changes. Stewardship begins with the community withi...

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