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Save the Bees Raising Awareness of Bee Conservation on Behalf of The Honeybee Conservancy Jillian, Katie, Christy, Simon

Situation Analysis Market • • •

Trends •

Young Adults Healthy parents demographic Eco-friendly

• •


Competitors • •

Other bee conservatories/nonprofits Other bee protection campaigns such as the Haagen-Dazs partnership

Sustainability Natural products Environmentally aware/saving the planet

• • •

Highlighting the importance of saving the bees and education Talking to third-party experts and influencers How bee conservation directly affects local environments

SWOT Strengths •

Honey Bees is an already established nonprofit

Opportunities • •

Being environmentally cautious is a trend in today’s society


Weaknesses •

Bees specifically are not a well known issue to the public Small timeframe

Niche market Never seen promotion for the issue quite like this

• •

May lack coverage due to interest Fear of bees

Research Primary Focus Groups

Secondary Scientists & Environmentalists

Surveys Potential Influencers

Local farmers Experts at the Honeybee Conservancy

Goals Increase website views by 30% Create 15 media personnel relationships

Increase following on social media by 30% 10 Articles published covering events/ campaign

Audience Media Local News Lifestyle News Environmentalists Beauty Editors Politicians

Consumers Women & Men Ages 18-40 Parents College age students Eco-friendly people Gardeners/local farmers

Strategies Partnership with Burts Bees Traditional Media Outreach

Social Media Outreach


Tactics Strategy: Partnership with Burts Bees

Media coverage of partnership

Launch event for partnership

Blogger influencers promoting chapstick

Actual sale of product

Tactics Strategy: Social Media Outreach Facebook/ Instagram Campaign

Paid social media advertising

Use blogger influencers

Make YouTube channel

Tactics Strategy: Traditional Media Outreach

Third-party expert OpEds

Press Releases

Local radio coverage

Local News coverage

Tactics Strategy: Spokesperson- Michelle Obama

Weekly Updates


Press Conference

National Bee Day Event

Crises Misuse of donations and profits

Michelle Obama time conflicts

Attendees being stung

Burt’s Bee mishandling bees

Campaign not catching traction

Key Messages Education

Awareness Bee population is declining due to habitat destruction and pesticide use

To raise awareness of the importance of bee conservation

Profits Where the money brought in from campaign efforts is going

Timeline (2017) February -Social Media Prep -Event planning for partnership launch

April -Facebook/ Instagram Campaign -Use blogger influencers promoting awareness -Paid social media advertising

-Start YouTube channel -Press Releases about campaign launch/ Michelle Obama’s efforts -Michelle Obama Press Conference -Michelle Obama begins weekly updates

-Michelle Obama Interviews



-Launch event for partnership -Media coverage of partnership -Local News coverage about partnership event/awareness -Local radio coverage


-Actual sale of product -Blogger influencers promoting chapstick -Press Releases about chapstick and where sales go -Event planning for National Bee Day -Paid social media advertising -Third-party expert OpEds -Michelle Obama Interviews


August -Michelle Obama National Bee Day Celebration/ Campaign Wrap Up -Evaluation

-Local News coverage about success of campaign -Local radio coverage


Budgeting TOTAL: $35,500 Launch Event: $2,000

Influencer Sponsors: $250

Social Media Ads: $1,600

Survey/Focus Groups: $1,500

Closing Event: $5,000

Spokeswoman: $25,000

Evaluation & Measurement How many How much What was people are traction has attendance interacting with the website like at our our social gained? events? media? How many How much articles/news What does our profit/How spots/radio contact list many spots were look like? donations? published?

Thank you!

The Honeybee Conservancy  
The Honeybee Conservancy