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august 11,2011 12AM

/////\\\\\\\//////\\\\\SOMETHING ANYTHING/////\\\\\\\//////\\\\\

oh hi there! long time no see, old friends. it’s been super quiet on the something anything front for a long time. you didn’t think something anything would disappear into the internet ether, did you?? well, here’s to wiping the dust off the covers with a big hurrrah! 2011

has been anything but a disappointment, no matter where you stand.

you quit smoking, you started a tumblr/pintrest/blog, you participated in an ironman competition, you finally accepted those 50 outstanding invitations to linkedin, you taught an old dog new tricks, you moved, you gave it the old college try, you frittered away the hours on angrybirds, you got drunk, you stood in disbelief at the latest news/happening, you experienced bike euphoria on the first ride of the season, and most importantly—you snapped endless photos with your camera phone, point-n-shoot, or analogthingamajiggy. most of which are just aching to be seen. for anyone who has contributed before, you know what to do. if not, please read on. something anything is an on-going photo project that i began nearly six years ago, and have since published quarterly/bi/annually. the concept is simple: ask of my friends and acquaintances to respond to this email within 24 hours and include a photo (or two or three...) that reflects the current mood, moment, etc. it could be something taken today or months ago. it’s up to you. in return, i will send you the collective voice within 48 hours. so get in on it! don’t be shy! good times guaranteed, christy-claire


• jessica wolf

august 11,2011 1AM

• max heel

august 11,2011 1AM

• katelyn wheeler

august 11,2011 2AM

• regina bresler

august 11,2011 2AM

• carla crawley

august 11,2011 2AM

august 11,2011 3AM

• zachary mastoon

• patrick dyer

• dan koretzky

august 11,2011 4AM

august 11,2011 5-8AM

august 11,2011 9AM

• taylor brode

• jay kustka

• jamie hillman

august 11,2011 9AM

• matt dojny

august 11,2011 10AM

• laura baran

august 11,2011 10AM

august 11,2011 11AM

• bruno navarro

• robin cameron

• rita manna

august 11,2011 12PM

august 11,2011 1PM

• michael leviton

• corin hewitt

• michelle lane

august 11,2011 1PM

• patrick cronin

august 11,2011 2PM

• john wray

august 11,2011 2PM

• hannah duncan

august 11,2011 3PM

• faran krentcil

august 11,2011 4PM

• cydney puro

august 11,2011 5PM

august 11,2011 6PM

• beth swierczewski

• jerry logaras

august 11,2011 7-11PM

august 11,2011 12AM

/////\\\\\\\//////\\\\\SOMETHING ANYTHING/////\\\\\\\//////\\\\\

it’s yr last call!!!! send them through! it’s not too late! christy-claire

august 12,2011 12AM

• susien chong

• leith clark

• rob hitt

august 12,2011 1AM

• adam hoff

• alex suarez

• adam white

august 12,2011 1AM

• fred sasaki

august 12,2011 1AM

august 12,2011 1AM

• ryland blackinton

august 12,2011 2AM

• michael kurshan-emmer

• laurel tomlin

august 12,2011 3AM

august 12,2011 3AM

• james diggle

• marita aguilar

• patrick sansone

august 12,2011 4AM

• leen hilde haesen

august 12,2011 5AM

• jessica williams

august 12,2011 6AM

• catherine foulkrod

• filip tejchman

• nicky peacock

august 12,2011 6AM

august 12,2011 7AM

august 12,2011 8AM

• christopher stella

• molly barton

august 12,2011 8AM

• brett windham

• rui tenrerio

august 12,2011 9AM

• eric stempinski

• carlos fernandez

• james williams

august 12,2011 10AM

august 12,2011 10AM

• esra caroline røise

august 12,2011 10AM

• liza buzytsky

• cassandra hegewald

august 12,2011 11-12AM

• marion duvert

august 12,2011 1PM

• tahiti pehrson

august 12,2011 4PM

• seth hoekstra

august 12,2011 5PM

august 12,2011 6PM

august 12,2011 7PM

• christy-claire katien

• justin krohn

• sean starr

august 12,2011 8PM

august 12,2011 9PMaugust 13,2011 11AM

august 13,2011 12PM

• alena schmuck

• jenene bernstein

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