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Make Your Kid A Superstar With Fashionable Designer Outfits In the world of designer kids fashion, there are few success stories like the one of Mini Rodini. Mini Rodini tells an intriguing tale with each presentation of a new collection. Entertaining and visually appealing, this brand focuses heavily on Scandinavian styling, with a strong emphasis on graphic prints. In 2005, Mini Rodini was founded by Swedish illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin. Attributing the collection to the children themselves, Cassandra’s concentrates on introducing a children’s wear collection that acknowledges children’s imagination and an unlimited possibility. Mini Rodini has experienced a quick ascent to success and an accumulation of a cult-like mom-following in the designer kids fashion world. This can be accredited to collection’s ability to speak to the children and parents alike. It is important to Mini Rodini, with each collection presentation, that they appeal to parents and kids love to wear. Most important to Mini Rodini is the creation of a collection that emphasizes children’s imaginations. With each new collection, debuts a playful and humorous theme. These themes are extremely attentive and appealing to the children. Strong graphic prints and illustrations are used heavily throughout, and the general style and aesthetic also appeals to the children. Additionally, comfort is a top priority, while attention is paid to the construction of garments and accessories that are detail oriented with the children’s agility and ease in mind. Besides for pleasing the children, equally important, is satisfying the parent in terms of quality and style. Although graphics and themes are kid- oriented, they are equally charming to the parents. There is always an element of humor and interest towards the adults that keep the collection visually appealing to the older set too. Nowadays, in the world of designer kids fashion, environmental impact and ethical aspects have become issues that are stressed heavily. Mini Rodini understands that the modern-day parent is conscientious about these issues and they concentrate on sustainability and quality all throughout the production of each collection. The brand puts a strong emphasis on environment, as Mini Rodini loves the environment and will work hard in maintaining its sustainability. Many garments are GOTS certified, and Mini Rodini aims to increase this. Humanism is also a main concern, and factories are operating under fair employee standards and employ fair labor conditions.

No wonder Mini Rodini is one of the fastest children’s wear brands. In the world of designer kids fashion, Mini Rodini has risen to the forefront at a very fast pace. A strong social media following portrays parents showcasing key pieces, world-wide, and a spiral effect has added momentum to the brand’s quick and steady growth. Today, Mini Rodini is being stocked in over 400 shops, world-wide, by large children’s wear retailers to smaller specialty boutiques. For more information regarding Mini Rodini Baby and Kids Clothing visit our webpage

Mini rodini baby clothing  

No wonder Mini Rodini is one of the fastest children’s wear brands. In the world of designer kids fashion, Mini Rodini has risen to the for...

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