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Jesus is inviting us to join an in credible journey at CG LCS! I am so blessed to be your is changin g and challenging our faith communi ty through the 3E Journey . Jesus is leading us to invest in improving our experience through making much needed campus improvements. Jesus is leading u s to empower more and more Journey Group leade rs. Jesus is leading us to become more empowered as a faith communit y on our journ ey toward lowering our loan amount . Most important, Jesus is calling us to journ ey out into our surrounding communi ty to intentionally expand the kin gdom of God.

the power of Je sus as He heals many, feeds thousands and cast s out demons . In the midst of Jesus ’ earthly minis try he empower s the 72 to do exactly what they had seen Jesus d o (Luke 10:19). Finally, the 72 journey to surroun ding tow ns and intentionally expand the kingdom of G od, (Luke 10:17). If Jesus’ disciples were called to join the 3E Journey w hile Jesus now that Jesus has ascended and His Spirit has been power fully unleashed upon His Church? CGLCS – Join the 3E Journe y!

IN CHRIS T, Pastor Tim Ahlma n

Two groups of families came together i n the summer of 1980 with Vicar Raddatz and began meeting in Sunland V illage. purchased for $100,000 and dedicated as the future site of the congregat ion know n as


The Histor y of


Under the leader ship of Vicar Doering the congrega tion wrote its constitution and celebrated Cha rter Sunday on Janua ry 24, 1982.


In July Re v. Kevin Wyssman n was ordain ed faithfully ser ved CGLCS until October 2011. Others faithfully served the congregat ion until

in 1985. Through the 1 990’s the campus

August of 2013, when Rev. Tim Ahlman wa s

expanded adding a larger san ctuary,

installed as Senior Pastor.


Life Center and the no rth parking lo t.

future gro wth.



In October of 1998, the congregat ion proceeded

to purchase an additional 5 acre s for

with plans to cons truct a school facili ty church and s chool. Both continue t o

a library, an auditorium that seats 150, a

experience gro wth at a s teady pace. The school and preschool progr ams offer clas ses

was again ex panded and c onstruction of a

to approximately 3 30 students ranging in

new preschool, addit ional school classroom s, youth room and parking lot w ere completed.

We have been richly blessed and h ave responsibili ty to care for and properly use all and that what lies ahead is be yond our wildest imaginatio n!

Join the Journe y

empowered ministry in Gilbert, AZ by launching the 3E Journey. That means our entire mini stry is going to be organized Experience, Empower, Expand.

this holis tic discipleship strategy. It is our hop e that ev eryone would b e part of this initiative as God continues to grow us individually and as a church. Throughout the Journey we encourage you to take time to visit to...




Make Your

Get Updates on


Journe y Videos

Your Story


the Journe y


like the

Luke 10:2-2 Jesus said to them, “The ha rvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Therefore, Jesus is leading us to invest $1.3 million in improving our experience through making much needed campus improvement s...

Improving our Journey Group an d Coffee Ministry spaces . Modifying the mu sic area in the main s anctuary so that b oth traditional and contem porary worship offering s can occur on the s ame Sunday . Remodeling our Cou rtyard making it more cond ucive for relationship s.

Addressing much ne eded campus mainte nance concerns , such as old A/C units, etc.


Luke 10 is our key Scripture to summarize the 3E Journ ey! It shares how the 72 disciples of Jesus experienced the power of Jesus as He hea ls many, feeds thousands and cas ts out demons. Our members and guests experience the love of Je sus through a variety of ministries, activities and events while on our campus. W hile students in both our pre-school and school are bles sed to daily experience the love of Jesus through Christ-centered instruction.

Empowe r

Luke 10 continues to share that in the mid st of Jesus’ ear thly ministry He empowers the 72 to do exactly what they had seen Jesus do (Luke10:19). Through the 3E Journey Je sus is leading Church and School. We will effectively manage our congrega tional loan. E ffective loan management wi ll empowe r CGLCS to do ministry for generations to come ! 1.2 million of our 3.3 million goal will go towar d our loan. Our school student s are empowered on their journey in our Christ-centered school. They leave our school eager and ready to empower othe rs to also journey with J esus. Leadership empowerment will be our primary gift to the b ody of Chris t in the years to come.

Every member at CGLCS

More and more

Future professiona l

will be encour aged to us e

Journe y Group leaders

church workers will be

their immense gifts through

will be raised up.

intentionally mentored .

our new “(Re)Discover” class starting in 2015.

To start $500,000 will be used for expansion e fforts that will include...

La Mesa – Tuesday night meal and wor ship service including the working poor an d homeless in Mesa . Strategic Communit y Partnerships including Mar ket on the M ove, Family Promise, Starbright Founda tion and Save the Family. Our school is expandin g! 25% growth in the p ast year!


Just as the 72 disciples journey to surrounding towns and intentiona lly expand the kingdom of God (Luke 10:17) Jesus is ca lling us at CGLCS to journey out into our surrounding communit y to intentionally expand the kingdom of God.

Journey Goal $3.3 M illion / 2 Years

HO W DO I BE COME P AR T OF T HE J OURN EY ? The Join the Journey ini tiative will chall enge you to pa rticipate and contribute in a way unl ike any other time in our church ’s history. To start your person al Journey :

Pray for Chris t’s


Participate in

Join a Journey

consider ing how

worship services

Group to

God might b e

over the next

experience God ’s

calling you

several Sunda ys

amazing love.

to grow in your

as we further

participate i n


explor e

prayer events

to be part of

each of the 3E ’s in

October 14th –

our expanded

this Journey .

17th, 2014.

Participate in Commitment Sunday on

time and

Nov. 2, 2014.

investment in God’s Kingdom through Chris t’s

ON E FU ND School is one mini stry on the same Journey together. As a result we are in viting all of God’s and School to Join the Journey u tilizing the One Fund. The One Fund combine s all giving into a single b udget that will sup port the entire 3E Journey vision at CGLCS as outlined in the previous pages. With one two-year pledge you will give to the entire ty of our 3E Journey vision. Y ou will improve the experience as you give not only to campus improvements, but also to our yearly o perating fund. You will empowe r our congrega tion through leade rship development and helping us pay our loan. Y ou will help expand the kingdom of God through our intentional communit y partnerships and new satellite mi ssion, La Mesa. Please prayerfully join our 3E Generosity Journey.

comprehensive two year ple dge of your to tal giving, which includes your normal an d expande d generosity giving. T his will e nable our church to carry out its mission and to achieve the initiative s least one rung on the generosity ladder. GENE RO SI TY L ADDE R Responding to God’s call to a generous life, I (we ) commit to the best of my (our) ability to Join the Journey to a more genero us lifestyle.

I commit to Join the Journey by giving beyond my tith e.

Tithing I commit to Join the Journey by giving 10% of my in come.

Intentional I commit to Join the Journey by giving consis tently b ut less than 10% of my income.

Occasional I commit to Join the Journey by giving occasionally.

First Time




hat I Normally Giv e in a Y ea r




y Expanded A nnual Generos it y for th e J ourn ey




2 Y ea rs = $




if t fr om my Stored Resources ( on e- time gif t)




y Two-Year J oin the Journe y Commitment

individual join us on that Sunday and make a radically generous commitment to Join the Journey.

allow you to give ov er and above your normal amoun t. Whether y our commitment means s tarting to give, continuing to give, o r increasing your giving , we will be asking you to ma ke a

We would like to ask every family and

While faithful tithe s and offering s can provide for the church ’s operational needs , we all n eed to

Our Commitment Sunday will be November 2, 2014


Frequently A sked Questions

How long is my commi tment? We ask that everyone make a two-year commitmen t, which begins November 2, 2014 and culminate s on November 2, 2016.

that goal? W hat if we don’ t reach this target? two years was arrive d at throu gh prayer and discussion among exe cutive staff and key leade rs. Over the past twelve months CGLCS has experienced 19% increas e in weekly worship

Join the J ourney is using a One Fund approach. W hat does that mean ? How does this af fect my giving? Join th e Journey is not simply a c apital stewardship campaign. It is an expre ssion of all Lutheran Church and School is one mini stry on the same Journey t ogether. As a result we ar e the Journey utilizing the One Fund. The One Fund combine s all giving into a single b udget that will supp ort the entire 3E Journey vi sion at CGLCS.

you give not o nly to campus improvements, but also to our yearly operating fund. You will empower our congregat ion on our journey toward loan pay ment reduc tion. You will help expand the Kingdom of God through our inten tional communi ty partnerships and new satellite mi ssion, La Mesa . Beside s a commit ment to a certain level of cash giving, how can I par ticipate in the Join the Journey Imitative? First, we want you to c ommit to this spiritual journey with u s. This will include online) or being par t of a Journey group. We b elieve this deep ening of your faith will r esult in of generosit y for others. Second, be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give toward Join t he Journey. You might have s tocks, property or othe r items of that nature. Or God might b e calling you to give ou t of stored resources he has blessed you with in the p ast. Simply a sk God what steps He is leading you to t ake as we travel this journey to gether.

Do you realize that Jesus spok e about generosi ty more than any other topic? Jesus desires our hear ts to be fully d evoted to Him on the journey of life. More than that , Jesus desires every aspect of our live s – our ti me and people know an d follow Him ! Jesus is inviting ev eryone at CGLCS to go on an exciting Journey with Hi m!

DATE S TO S AVE Journey Group Kick Off September 2014 The Journey Begins October 5, 2014 Journey in Praye r October 14-17, 2014 Advanced Commitmen t Service October 22, 2014 Commitment Sund ay November 2, 2014 Celebr ating the Journey November 30, 2014

3eJourne | P 480 892 8314

Join the Journey 1.0 Vision  
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