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Christ’s Coll[ege], Cambr.[idge], Nov.[ember] 3. 1702. Worthy S[i]r, I have been embroyld w[i]th College businesse these 3 weeks or a month, else I had pay’d my respects to you sooner. We have had the small pox in our Coll.[ege], but the sickman is recover’d, and all the rest stand guard[?]. I fear[?] by your letter, your just care and concerne for my L[or]d; and I hope he will make you a due returne. He is very well, brisk, and I hope well pleased w[i]th every thing he is concern’d in here. He is placed in our new building, w[hi]ch is a fine aery place, and as safe as if he was in the country; He is every day w[i]th me or I w[i]th him, so as he shall not want all the good advice I can give him; I will truely say that of him once for all, he is so discreet and prudent as not onely to know good counsel, but to take and observe it; which makes me promise my self and you, assured hopes of his improvement in all Virtue and true Bravery[?] and Nobility. He is not at all afraid of the small pox, yet so wise as to keep out of all danger. God blesse us all. W[i]th my most humble service to the Right Honour[a]ble Lady; Mr Machel; and your worthy self, I am, (Worthy S[i]r) your most faithfull and obedient servant John Covel.

Christ’s College Library, Box 24

Letter from John Covel to John Roades, 3 November 1702  

John Covel was Master of Christ's between 1688 and 1722. In this letter, he describes the progress made by sixteen-year-old Edward Machell I...

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