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Vision Book

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The groundbreaking for a new building at 70th and 100. Circa 1956.



Imagine church.

Not just a building. Though this building is beautiful, with wide doors ready to welcome everyone, and where a space has been made for you— yes, you—to listen and play, learn and pray, laugh and grieve, or simply sip coffee by the window.

Not just a meeting place. Though it’s a meeting place for all ages to gather, by morning and by night, seven days a week—and not just church members but community members, too— for this is a space meant to be shared.

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Not just a sanctuary. Though this is a holy place of hushed prayers and joyful praise, lilting hymns and humble confession, with services of all kinds—for worship, marriage, mourning, celebration— and for different personalities, too. Because these pews are for everyone—starting with you, and what God longs to whisper to you.

Imagine church. Not just a destination, but a launch pad.

Not just a noun, but a verb.

Not just a place, but a people.


At C P C , t h i s i s t h e k i n d o f church we imagine. This is

church t h e k i n d o f c h u r c h w e wa n t t o e m b o d y. W e ca n r e ca l l

moments where we’ ve been

this kind of church. And we can recall

moments where we could h av e l i v e d i n t o i t m o r e — w i t h m o r e lov e , w i t h m o r e b o l d n ess.

Let’s not settle. Let’s not settle for the easy, straightforward path— because Jesus’ vision for His church was bigger than that.

Together, you and I can live out the kind of church that’s not about us, not for us, and not limited by us. Together, you and I can be a church where everyone is invited and Jesus is always the hero.

To boldly extend the invitation Jesus makes to us, to everyone.

The greatest invitation you’ll ever receive, the greatest invitation you’ll ever extend to someone else,

i s t h e o n e J e s u s m a k e s t o yo u — e v e ry d ay.

To b o l d y ex t e n d t h e i n v i t a t i o n

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords; strengthen your stakes. - I saiah 5 4 : 2

Jesus makes to us, to ever yone.

Beyond you. Stretch. Multiply. Lengthen. Widen. Grow. Advance. Expand. Spread. Pursue.


...the invitation Jesus makes to us,

The Gospel I’m here inviting outsiders, not insiders— an invitation to a changed life, changed inside and out. - L u k e

5 : 3 2


to everyone.

The Great Commission Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. - M a tth e w

2 8 : 1 9


ion How can you live out this vision? By l e a n i n g i n t o t h e va lu e s that shape this church. And then

g o i n g a f t e r i t with everything you’ve got.

tangible care and hospitality WHY? because love changes lives.

You show up in extravagant ways for each other. Meals. Hospital visits. Funerals. Parties. Weddings. Balloons. Relief. Support groups. Acts of kindness. Prayer huddles. You’re the giver, you’re the receiver. You are valued and not alone. Care like that has a profound effect.

Imagine church—where Jesus’ love is so tangibly lived out that there is no limit to the people it can touch.

You are young and old and in between. Your stage of life has unique needs that are met here—and you have a part to play in meeting the needs of others. There are no silos here; you are strengthened by the story of someone younger and older than you. You are family to each other, bonded together across decades.

Imagine church—where the soul of a 90-year-old matters as much as the soul of a newborn.

a focus on all generations WHY? because faith is a lifelong journey.

a spirit of possibility WHY? because we’re created to create.

You hold to a powerful sense that anything is possible. You are among strivers. Leaders. Doers. What can you start, what can you create, what can you shape? God is big— so together you go after big things with His boldness and creativity.

Imagine church—where ordinary people are undaunted by a call to do the unprecedented.

Nowhere in the world is out of sight, out of reach, or out of relevance for God’s work— so that’s where your eyes are, too. Just because you’re at a church in one suburb doesn’t mean you can’t have deep, far-reaching relationships in other cities, states, and on the other side of the world.

Imagine church—where hearts are moved and steps are taken for neighbors near and very far.

awareness of the world WHY? because there’s more to life than us.

A Welcoming On-Ramp WHY? because following Jesus can start from anywhere.

“I grew up Catholic.” “I went to a Lutheran church before.” “I didn’t know anything about Jesus.” “I’d never been in a Bible study.” You, like everyone, came from somewhere. But irrespective of background, upbringing, or Bible-knowledge, the only thing that matters here is how Jesus is radically changing your story now. You are free to go at your own pace, with no pressure to fit a mold or know all of the right words.

Imagine church—where it’s safe to start the journey with Jesus from wherever you are.

Relationships are messy. You get hurt. Arguments aren’t black and white. Events leave you confused or pulled in different directions. But Jesus saw people, not issues, and He crossed all the lines others drew in the sand. So you take steps toward people—even when it’s uncomfortable, even when broken places are revealed. You may disagree with someone, but there will be grace in the dialogue.

Imagine church—where brokenness is met, not with judgment, but with empathy.

a willingness to live in the tension WHY? because grace wins.

To boldly extend the invitation Jesus makes to us, to everyone.

Tangible care and hospitality Why? Because love changes lives. A focus on all generations Why? Because faith is a lifelong journey. A spirit of possibility Why? Because we’re created to create. Awareness of the world Why? Because there’s more to life than us.

A welcoming on-ramp Why? Because following Jesus can start from anywhere.

A willingness to live in the tension Why? Because grace wins.

We dream of this kind of church. And we can be this kind of church—together. We can trust God boldly, love extravagantly, and head into a future as a church where more and more people are invited every day. Invited not only to a building, but to Jesus. Because Jesus is always inviting.

T he r e f o r e , s i n ce we ha v e s u ch a hope, we a r e v e r y bold. - 2 C orinthians 3:12

S o , f r ie n d s , confirm God’s i n v itati o n t o y o u , hi s ch o ice o f y o u . D o n ’ t p u t it o f f ; d o it n o w . - 2 P eter 1 : 1 0

Imagine church. And now go

live it.

Profile for Christ Presbyterian Church

Imagine Church  

In this vision book, learn about our vision and values—and imagine a church unleashed to do God's work in the world.

Imagine Church  

In this vision book, learn about our vision and values—and imagine a church unleashed to do God's work in the world.