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Believers in CHRIST are seen by God as Christ is seen by God. I am who He is. I am CRUCIFIED with Christ,

UNIFIED WITH CHRIST, IDENTIFIED with Christ. Full stop. Full story. I AM who HE IS. Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way

A LIFE ne of the things I’ve noticed about living in Minnesota in the winter is that every once in a while, I’ll get in my car and I’ve got a warning light that the air pressure in my tires is low. Isn’t it amazing that over time, little by little, the cold temperatures cause air to leak? And it doesn’t even cross our minds until one day, seemingly out of nowhere, a light is flashing on our dashboard.


But isn’t this how life with Jesus often looks? Over time, little by little, our enthusiasm and engagement in our faith wanes. If forced to confront it, we imagine that we are “steady” in our faith. Then one day, usually when we bump up against something challenging, we discover, to our surprise, that our faith is running dangerously low. As Christians, we believe Jesus has done something that changes everything. The freedom, forgiveness, and grace He freely offers us is radical. It should matter. It should make a difference. It should be revolutionary. So why does our faith sometimes seem flat? Our current sermon series in Ephesians is called “Out of Joint: Finding Alignment in Christ,” and our hope is to remind you of the ways Jesus reorients our lives—our words, our thoughts, our actions, and even our hopes and dreams.


In fact, Ephesians is essentially split in two as a letter. The first half primarily focuses on our beliefs. You might say it’s inviting us to make the Jesus story our story, to see reality by the truth that Jesus brings into our lives and the world. The author, Paul, wants us to desire for the world what God desires for the world: forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, and an invitation to God’s family.

“Once our hearts are aligned with God’s heart, we are then challenged to align our everyday lives with God’s vision for a flourishing humanity.” The second half of Ephesians makes a turn towards how we live our lives. Whereas the first part of the letter is about beliefs, the second half is about behavior. This is important—Jesus didn’t redeem us just so that we could think the right things, but so that we could live the kinds of lives that would flood the earth with God’s love. Once our hearts are aligned with God’s heart, we are then challenged to align our everyday lives with God’s vision for a flourishing humanity. We are called to practice, in our daily work and relationships, what it looks like for our lives to be aligned with Jesus. Sometimes life blindsides us, but often it just subtly nudges us off track. Over time, we find that we’ve strayed—we’re behaving in ways that don’t match our values, we’re saying things to people that don’t match our hearts, we’re believing lies about ourselves that we know aren’t true.

We don’t need to be reoriented to Christ once; instead, it is an ongoing work to be aligned with Jesus. Ephesians pulls us back to Jesus over and over and over again. It reminds us that our hope is not found in ourselves, our world, or our society. Our hope is found in Jesus, and alignment with Him is beautifully our beginning, our middle, and our end.






s we’ve walked through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians in our sermon series this winter, it’s clear that Paul was writing to a diverse audience—people who had found new life in Christ but who, by all other identity markers, likely experienced division, distance, and even enmity. In a beautiful meditation on the peace and unity that we now have in Christ, Paul writes in chapter two, “And he [Jesus] came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near. For through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God. . . .” As Christ aligns us with Himself by the Holy Spirit, we also find ourselves aligned to other brothers and sisters in the household of God—a global community whose allegiance transcends nations and borders! We seek alignment with the work of the Spirit beyond our walls, because as we belong to Christ, we also belong to a global body.



In November I had the opportunity, alongside other CPCers and leaders from our denomination, to visit a segment of the global body of Christ. We went to learn about the ministry of Pars Theological Centre and to learn more about how the Spirit is moving in Iran, which is now home to one of the fastest-growing church movements in the world. Through visions, dreams, access to Scripture, and the testimony of transformed lives, Jesus is “preaching peace”—revealing Himself and bringing new brothers and sisters into the family, even amidst grave persecution and opposition. In response to this growing church movement, Pars exists to equip and form leaders with a passion for shepherding the Persian-speaking church through theological education, online publications, counseling, and leadership development forums. As our Iranian brothers and sisters befriended us, their honest lament and courageous joy in Jesus shined through their stories of persecution, martyrdom, and imprisonment. Our team sensed we were on holy ground as we learned from their witness. Pars leaders are realistic about the challenges the Iranian church faces, but they are also hopeful—motivated by the Spirit-bestowed conviction that this is God’s work and He will see it through. If this is what the work of the Spirit in the world looks like—an unstoppable movement of people finding life in Jesus despite opposition—then what does it look like for us to align ourselves with it? Here are three ideas:

L OOKING IN THE MIRROR: As we learned from our friends with Pars, I was reminded of how the relative ease we have in following Jesus in our American context does not necessarily equate to greater joy in Him. I felt convicted to look at my own life and wonder where I’ve made compromises for personal comfort rather than sacrificially loving my neighbors—which is also at the expense of my own joy in the Lord.

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 LIGNING RESOURCES: The Church in “frontier” contexts—places with limited, obstructed, or no access to Christianity—is often the A least resourced. God’s work is not dependent on human power or resources to reach hearts, but God does invite us to play a part. Because we are “fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God,” we are compelled to share our resources with our global Christian family. Our denomination, ECO, is inviting churches into relationships with frontier church partners for this purpose, and we’re excited to see what that will look like for us in the coming months.

 EEKING RENEWAL: While it is true that Christianity is in decline in the West, many of our mission partners serve in places where S the opposite is true. Through relationship with them, we have the opportunity to experience a renewed joy in our salvation. We taste and see afresh “the riches of [God’s] grace . . . lavished upon us.” Seek opportunities to listen, research, and read stories about the Church around the world, and see how it transforms your own faith. How is God inviting you to look in the mirror? To align your resources? To experience renewal? In the words of Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesians 3, may we have strength to comprehend with all the saints—Iranian saints, American saints, global saints—what is the breadth and length and height and depth of the fullness of God’s love for us.

E M I L Y H A M I L T O N serves as P A S T O R of M I S S I O N S





n July Pastor Emily Hamilton asked me to coffee. She shared about an opportunity to travel to London and Istanbul to learn about Pars Theological Centre, a potential mission partner focused on the underground church movement in Iran. But she knew few details, and my initial reaction was to let her know I wasn’t her gal. There was no agenda, so many unknowns, and I was very concerned about my safety traveling to the Middle East, meeting with people who worship in hiding.


I thought about this trip SO much. I tend to overthink things, which may have been a reason Emily asked me to go, so I could be helpful in discerning if this is something CPC would want to partner with. But I was nervous, and my husband, Tim, was concerned too. I played a lot of games with myself, saying, “If this happens, then I’ll consider going.” But I also felt that I should listen to the fact that she was asking me. Why did God bring me to her mind? And then Pastor Rich Phenow spoke about getting out of our comfort zone! So finally I said, “FINE.” All these hurdles I was putting out there were being met and answered with yes, yes, yes. When I finally decided, with Tim’s support, to go on this trip, our troops were immediately pulled out from along the Syria border. Turkey was on the front page of the news every day. I was so nervous; my friends and parents didn’t want me to go. But I knew that CPC wouldn’t send me somewhere that wasn’t safe. It was a huge step of faith for me to say yes to this trip because I was scared, and it would have been easier to stay home. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. But I can’t imagine not going now.

CPC and ECO leaders in Turkey

“It was a huge step of faith for me to say yes to this trip because I was scared, and it would have been easier to stay home. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. But I can’t imagine not going now.”

Susan and Iranian Christians hold hands as they say good-bye.

Our first days in London were spent learning about the history of Iran, the current culture, and about the work of Pars. We heard story after story about how these believers in Christ are going to prison for their faith. They are just simple, everyday people, who find themselves in solitary confinement because they were at a Bible study in someone’s home and it was raided. People like you and like me. They are forced to sleep on the floor of a tiny cell with a toilet next to them. They are interrogated each day, physically and emotionally abused. And why do they risk their lives? Because they need HOPE. They need Jesus. The conference we attended in Turkey was for these Iranian Christians who are worshiping in secret. They don’t have a lot of solid teaching—they are yearning for it. And Pars is training and equipping these leaders. Their knowledge of Scripture is amazing, though. They memorize Scripture so that WHEN— not IF—they are arrested, they have something to cling to.

One of the most precious times at the conference were the times we spent in worship. I was so aware of what a privilege it is to come to church, for these Christians are part of an underground church, where they meet on different days of the week and in different homes so nobody gets suspicious. Their passion as they worship was incredible to witness. They sing at the top of their lungs because they were finally free to do so. It was beautiful. The last night they wanted to pray around us. I was just crying, thinking of where I started. I had been so unsure of what the Middle Eastern people were like. I remember thinking, How could I have been so afraid? I had nothing to fear, and they have everything to be afraid of. But I sensed so much hope from them . . . the hope we share in Jesus.

S U S A N G A L L A G H E R has been a M E M B E R of C P C for 2 4 Y E A R S and C U R R E N T L Y serves as an E L D E R CPC LIFE




hen the construction company began the work of renovating and constructing what is now the Commons and the Westview Room, they asked us what our goals were. We told them we wanted our building to embody a sense of invitation, to enable us to boldly extend the invitation Jesus makes to us, to others. We wanted to create a place that feels inviting, a place where you want to stay, and where you want to invite others. And we wanted the project and the people who were working here to feel invited as well.


here on Wednesday nights and grandparents and grandkids playing together at the foosball table! We've also blessed grieving families with receptions in our Westview Room. It truly is our Invited campaign lived out—a change in how people are interacting and engaging with and in our space.

What has made the work of Invited so powerful isn’t so much what we did, but what we got to do along the way. I think we cared for the construction workers incredibly well. We had Pizza Fridays and a Christmas meal, where we had the chance to pray

The landscaping outside of the Westview Room contains a stone outcropping, an Ebenzer. In Old Testament times, the Israelites were instructed to build a pile of stones to show where God had been faithful to them. Oftentimes they are twelve stones, one for each of the tribes of Israel. I felt that there have been two chapters in CPC’s legacy—one tied to [founding pastor] Roger Anderson and one to [senior pastor] John Crosby. So our Ebenezer has 24 stones, but it is built and designed so that more stones can be added. Because God’s faithfulness endures.


over them. When Jake [Fiskewold, Project Superintendent with Anderson Construction] and his wife had a baby, we provided meals for a few weeks. We were being the Church to this team of workers who were partnering with us. It’s easy to measure a project by the rooms renovated or the amount of square footage that is gained. But for me, in my role as the Owner’s Rep, I was able to have this bird’s eye view of how people are using this place differently. As I worked on the patio, I watched as moms and their kids ate in the Commons, small groups met and shared prayers together, and I witnessed people who simply came to CPC because it was the “third place” after home and work—a safe, inviting place, just as we hoped it would be. And then to see all our teens





The vision we had for our new and renovated spaces has been 150% realized. But it’s beyond just a beautiful building—it starts and ends with the people of CPC and how we are living out the call to extend the invitation of Jesus to everyone.

J O H N M I T C H E L L served as the O W N E R ’ S R E P during C O N S T R U C T I O N

Turn the page for a visual journey of the construction work of our Invited campaign!






To date, we have received


$12,432,683 toward our Invited campaign.

We are so grateful to the 630 of you that pledged and contributed and the 117 of you that gave without a pledge!

he generosity and commitment of our congregation has fueled every aspect of Invited. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, some givers have informed us that they will be unable to complete their pledge; that amount is $155,341. There is also still $362,000 of commitments left to receive. We are actively working to connect with people we have not heard from so we can plan accordingly. It is likely that we will not receive all of these commitments. Throughout the construction project, we have had a short-term loan to cover costs while financial commitments were coming in. Currently our balance on the loan is $392,051. There are a few small projects left to complete (approximately $50,000) and we will also be funding the capital reserve with $150,000, an intention of the Invited campaign from the beginning. When we proceed with the last of the project and capital reserve, the balance on the short-term loan will be $589,551.

Previously we communicated the loan balance would be between $250,000-$300,000 at the end of Invited, as we had anticipated we would be receiving the additional $362,000 of commitments. It is still our desire to have the balance on the loan be smaller! We will continue to receive financial gifts for Invited; even if you haven’t participated previously, we invite you to do so now. To give, make checks payable to CPC and simply write “Invited” in the memo line, or you can give by credit card at cpconline.org/invited. If you would like to explore other options for giving (stock options, etc.), please contact our Finance Team at giving@cpconline.org. We are so grateful for the incredible generosity of this congregation. Thank you so much for those who partnered with us to create a space and a future where we can boldly extend the invitation Jesus makes to us, to others!




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Journey through Lent— AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR A SMALL GROUP! Dig into a weekly study written by CPC pastors James Madsen and Emily Hamilton, with reflections from CPC’s local mission partners, to explore how Jesus calls us into relationship with Him and to serving others.

INTERESTED I N S EEI N G WH AT A SMALL G ROU P EXPERI EN CE I S L I KE ? We’re offering a special short-term Lenten small group open to all ages, genders, and life stages. Tuesdays, March 3-April 7 • 7:00-8:15PM • CPC

Sign up: cpconline.org/groups

HOW KINDNESS CAN MEND THE WORLD F R I D A Y, M A R C H 1 3 • 6 : 0 0 - 8 : 0 0 P M WESTVIEW Enjoy fellowship, a light supper of soup and salad, and a talk from author Amy Peterson. She’ll help us think spiritually and practically about what it means to be kind and loving in a time of polarization and anger. Cost: $20 early bird rate; $25 after February 20.

Sign up: cpconline.org/events

Available starting February 22 in the Great Room or at cpconline.org/events.

BECOME A MEMBER OF CPC! Friday, February 28, 6:30-8:30PM & Saturday, February 29, 9:00AM-1:00PM • Anderson Hall Join us for a short weekend retreat to make your connection to CPC more official! On Friday, enjoy a potluck dinner, conversation with other CPCers, and a brief introduction to CPC. Saturday morning includes a continental breakfast and conversations around faith, discipleship, and what faithful membership entails. Enjoy processing with a small group and officially become a member during our Joining Lunch. Note: there is no obligation to join CPC at the end of the retreat—all are welcome!

Sign up: cpconline.org/events

Support Families Experiencing Homelessness

March 22-29 • CPC

Families Moving Forward is a faith-based organization providing temporary shelter, affordable housing, and supportive services to low-income families with children. We partner with FMF as hosts to these families several times a year. There are many opportunities for you to serve our guests during this challenging time in their lives: • provide a meal • bring cheer to kids • stay overnight • do laundry

Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Sundays, February 2 & March 1 • 10:30AM & 12:00PM • Room 200 Want to learn more about our church, staff, and programs? This short, informal gathering is a great time to hear about our community and how to get connected!


Friday, February 7, 6:00-9:00PM & Saturday, February 8, 9:00AM-5:00PM • Westview Gather with other women to watch and be blessed by the teaching and worship of the live IF:Gathering. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus and others in our community. Limited seating remains. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Wednesday, February 19 • 12:00PM • Chapel A traditional service with a short message by Pastor Ron Hawkins, hymns, Communion, and prayers. Lunch follows in the Westview Room.


Wednesday, February 26 • 12:00PM • Sanctuary Join us for a traditional service with a meditation, Communion, and the imposition of ashes. Wednesday, February 26 • 6:30PM • Sanctuary Join us for a reflective service with the imposition of ashes. Childcare available for ages 6 weeks-2 years.


Friday, February 28, 6:30-8:30PM & Saturday, February 29, 9:00AM1:00PM • Anderson Hall Join us for a short weekend retreat to make your connection to CPC more official! On Friday, enjoy a potluck dinner, conversation with other CPCers, and an intro to CPC. Saturday morning includes a continental breakfast, and converstaions around faith, discipleship, and what faithful church membership entails. Note: there is no obligation to join CPC at the end of the retreat—all are welcome! Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Sunday, March 8 • 9:00AM-1:00PM With the onset of our Lenten season, we are privileged to celebrate 10 years of partnership with the community of Moyo, Zambia through World Vision! Join us for this CPC event, including an all-new virtual reality experience, inspirational stories, interactive stations, prayer, singing, and dancing. This event is open to everyone! We will conclude the Lenten season with our 2020 Easter offering, dedicated to the continued efforts of World Vision Zambia.


Friday, March 13 • 6:00-8:00PM • Westview Author Amy Peterson will speak on “How Kindness Can Mend the World.” She’ll help us think spiritually and practically about what it means to be kind and loving in a time of polarization and anger. A light supper of soup and salad will be served. Cost: $20 early bird rate; $25 after February 20. Sign up: cpconline.org/events






Sunday, April 26 • 4:00-6:00PM • Westview Kids and their parents discover both the biblical beginnings and CPC’s tradition of taking Communion including a kid-friendly Seder dinner. All ages welcome. Cost $5 per person. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Sign up: cpconline.org/events Hope Shores: June 14-19 • kids entering 3rd-5th grade VBS: July 13-16 • kids age 3-entering 5th grade Musical Theater Camp: July 27-30 • kids entering 1st-6th grade Summer Blitz: August 5 • kids entering 3rd-5th grade

2020 SUMMER FAMILY EVENTS No registration required. Summer Launch Picnic: June 7 Meet Us at the Pool: June 25


No registration required, but kids attending programming must check-in at the Family Check-In area. More details at cpconline.org/weekend-programs. Saturday 5:15PM service: Loving childcare provided (6 weeks3 years). Sunday 9:30 and 11:00AM services: Nursery (6-weeks-2 years): Loving childcare provided. 2-year-olds-Preschool: Families may choose to keep their child with them at the beginning of the service OR take them directly to their classrooms. 2-year-olds are in Room 216 and preschool classrooms are on the 2nd floor. Elementary: At 9:30AM we offer Sunday school for kids (K-5th) on the 3rd floor. Kids can be dropped off before the beginning of the service OR they can attend the beginning of worship with their families. At 11:00AM, all elementary kids begin in the service with their families, and then are dismissed for Kids’ Church. K-3rd is in Room 116; 4th-5th grade is in Room 306. There will be no programming on Communion Sunday, March 1.


(No programming February 26—join us at our Ash Wednesday service at 6:30PM) Dinner (5:00-5:30PM for choir families & 5:30-6:15PM): Enjoy dinner with your family and fellowship with other CPCers at our weekly dinner. Food options rotate. Cost: $5/person Choir for K-5th graders (5:30-6:15PM): Kids develop a love for music, learn biblical truths, and improve musical and dramatic skills, all while praising God! Choir kids registered for Club will be guided to the MPR for pre-Club activities. Club for K-5th graders (6:25-7:30PM): With this year’s theme, “Around the World with Jesus,” kids are growing in their understanding about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus as they cross cultures traveling from one destination to the next. February 5 is Club Fun night—invite a friend! Sign up: cpconline.org/kids Cost: $20 for Choir; $20 for Club; or $35 for both Choir and Club


Sign up: cpconline.org/events SIX8 Serves: June 10, July 22, August 19 • students entering 6th-8th grade Rockslide: June 22-25 • students entering 6-8th grade Quest: July 6-10 • students entering 9th grade Mission Michigan: June 14-19 • students entering 9th-12th grade Summit: August 1-7 • students entering 10th-12th grade


Wednesdays (off-site February 12; Ash Wednesday service February 26)• 6:25-7:30PM • Westview A high-energy, engaging program for 6th-8th grade students. Sign up: cpconline.org/students joshm@cpconline.org or brooksw@cpconline.org

Tuesday, February 4 • 6:30-7:30PM • Off-site We’ll visit with seniors at a nearby residence in Edina. Tuesday, February 18 • 6:30-7:30PM • Fellowship Hall Kids and students will enjoy a cooking night here at CPC. Tuesday, March 3 • 6:30-7:30PM • Anderson We’ll have fun moving our bodies with Zumba and enjoying some healthy smoothies. vanc@cpconline.org


Sunday, February 23 • 10:45AM • Westview Mosaic celebrates that we are all children of God, and all are invited to worship God in our own way. This service is led mostly by students with special needs. Noises, sounds, and movements are welcome—they are all pleasing to God! Brunch is provided following worship for a time of fellowship and vanc@cpconline.org food.



Friday-Saturday, February 7-8 • Zumbro Falls, MN Join us for our first-ever Snow Camp! 6th-8th graders are invited on a fun whirlwind retreat with snow tubing, broomball, hot cocoa, great messages in large group, and small group and high school leader bonding. We will be staying at cozy Birch Lodge at Camp Victory which is just over an hour south of Edina. Cost: $89. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Wednesday, February 12 • 6:25-7:30PM • Skyzone Edina Invite friends and join us at Skyzone for a fun night of jumping! Cost: $10 (1 hour of jumping); +$3 for Skysocks if needed. If you have a season pass and/or own Skysocks, those can be used. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Wednesdays • 7:45-9:00PM • Anderson Hall (Regular programming replaced with Ash Wednesday service at 6:30PM on February 26) A night of fun, large-group learning and small-group discussion for 9th graders. Sign up: cpconline.org/students ashleyc@cpconline.org


Wednesdays • 7:45-9:00PM • Westview (Regular programming replaced with Ash Wednesday service at 6:30PM on February 26) A great night full of fun and an authentic space for kids to just be themselves. We start the night in Westview for large group learning followed by small group time to process what was just heard. ericaf@cpconline.org


CPC’s ministry for kids and students with special needs explores who God is and how we can have a relationship through Him through Bible study, service projects, and fun.


Sundays • 9:30 or 10:45AM Sunday Communities foster a sense of belonging and growth with people of similar life stages through fellowship and discussion-based teaching.

• E3: millennial couples (9:30AM - Room 116) • CATALYST: married couples with young kids (9:30AM - Room 201/202) • ALLOY: mostly 30s-40s (9:30AM - Room 205) • S.A.L.T.: late 40s-60s (9:30AM - Fellowship Hall East) • A.C.T.S.: late 50s & up (9:20AM - Fellowship Hall Center) • MORE: active retired folks (10:45AM - Fireside Room) • CREDO: intergenerational (10:45AM - Room 10) Learn more: cpconline.org/sunday-communities


Connect with others and deepen your relationship with Jesus. For more details and to sign up: cpconline.org/groups Short-term Lenten Small Group: Tuesdays, March 3-April 7 • 7:00-8:15PM This short-term group is a great way to connect with others and try a small group experience. The group will use a study written by CPC pastors Emily Hamilton and James Madesn. • Couples with Kids: First Thursdays • 7:00-8:30PM • Member homes • Soul Keepers (50s & Up): Every other Wednesday • 7:00-8:30PM • St. Louis Park • 20s & 30s: Every other Thursday • 7:00-8:30PM • St. Louis Park • Christ in Career: 1st & 3rd Saturdays • 8:30-10:00AM • CPC


Mondays • 9:30-11:30AM • Room 116 OR Tuesdays • 7:00-8:30PM • Room 116 James Madsen leads this intergenerational discussion-oriented class for men and women. In February we finish our new study on the book of Jonah, learning how it connects to our faith today and our need for Jesus. In March we begin a new study on 1 Peter. Sign up: cpconline.org/classes CPC LIFE






Wednesdays • 11:00AM-12:00PM • Room 303 Rick Byron leads this lively discussion on the book of Romans. We meet every Wednesday except when Edynamoes is held. debc@cpconline.org


Wednesdays • 6:30-7:30PM • Room 10 Grow as a family in faith this year! Join other parents for fellowship and learning while your kids are at club. Childcare provided. Cost: $15. Sign up: cpconline.org/classes


Connect with others and deepen your relationship with Jesus. For more details and to sign up: cpconline.org/groups • Tuesday Morning Group: Tuesdays • 7:00-8:00AM • CPC • The Dads’ Group: Wednesdays • 6:30-7:30PM • CPC • Thursday Morning Groups: Thursdays • 7:00-8:00AM • CPC • Friday Guys’ Group: Fridays • 6:10-7:00AM • Calvary Church in Edina • SAM (Saturday AM) Group: Saturdays • 8:00-9:30AM • CPC


Mondays, March 9-May 4 (no meetings March 23 & April 13) • 9:3011:30AM • Anderson Hall Join us for a study with Beth Moore, Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent. Grow in intimacy with God as you study these psalms that were sung by traveling pilgrims to the great festivals of the Jews. Sessions include DVD teaching, small group conversation, fellowship, and prayer. Cost: $15. Sign up: cpconline.org/classes

MOMS IN THE MIDDLE (for moms of tweens and teens)

LARGE GROUP Thursday, February 6 • 6:30-8:30PM • Anderson Hall Roger and Joanne Thompson will speak on the topic “What About Us? Discovering Each Other Again,” a marital refresh. This evening event is geared for both wives and husbands! We encourage you to bring your spouse. Thursday, March 5 • 12:00-1:15PM • Anderson Hall Dr Linda Solie encourages our hearts with her talk, “Taking Charge of Women’s Depression and Anxiety.”

SMALL GROUP Meet 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays • 9:30-11:30AM Join a small community of women where it’s safe to be honest about life’s challenges. Develop meaningful relationships through Bible study, prayer, and Christ-centered support. Limited childcare available. Childcare cost: $25/child. Sign up: cpconline.org/moms-morning


Tuesdays • 1:00-2:30PM • Fireside Room Carolyn Beatty leads an in-depth study of the Gospel of Luke. Participants will use the ESV Scripture Journal available in Pathway for $6. This group generates lively discussions and cares for one another. Carolyn Beatty at 612.729.3143


Connect with others and deepen your relationship with Jesus. For more details and to sign up: cpconline.org/groups • 30-Somethings: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays • 6:00-8:00PM • CPC • Titus 2 Women: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays • 9:30-11:30AM • CPC • 60s and Still Growing: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays • 1:00-2:30PM • CPC


Wednesdays • 6:30-7:30PM • CPC This is a perfect opportunity for moms whose kids are involved in Wednesday night programming. Moms who periodically volunteer with Wednesday night programming could also join us as you are able. Come connect with other moms and grow together in faith. Childcare is provided for babies through PreK.


Meets every Wednesday • 9:30AM On the first and third Wednesdays, we meet in a home for food, fellowship, devotions, and prayers. On the other Wednesdays, we serve at Feed My Starving Children and at CPC. Barb Bucha at 952.470.4414


Wednesday, February 26 • 12:00PM • Sanctuary Join us for the Ash Wednesday service in the Sanctuary, followed by lunch. Please note the later start time. Sign up by Sunday, February 23: Cleo Wedge at 952.922.2769 Cost: $5. Please bring Jerry's cash receipts and pop/can tabs.


Cost: $5 per event at the door. Sign up: cpconline.org/moms-in-the-middle



Saturday, February 8 • 10:00AM-2:00PM • Fellowship Hall Our mission is to make warm garments and blankets for local agencies that serve those in need. We have yarn, fabric, and knitters to get you started. Edie Kosa at 952.920.1753


MOM’S MORNING (for moms of young children)


LARGE GROUP Wednesdays February 12 & 26 • 9:30-11:30AM • Westview On February 12 we’ll enjoy a service day with Bluebirds & Blooms! Connect with other women at your table while working on bouquets for memory care residents. On February 26 hear from Lindsey Bomgren, a fitness blogger and creator of NourishMoveLove.com. Lindsey will share the good news that God wants us to abide in Him more than He wants us to strive to be enough for Him. Program cost: $30; childcare cost: $25/child. Sign up: cpconline.org/moms-morning





This group is for parents and family members of someone who is LGBTQ. Discuss together how to best love and support our loved one and each other. rgarton1@msn.com Tuesdays • February 25-April 28 • 6:30-8:00 PM • Room 205 This group is for people who are recently divorced or in the process of divorce. We welcome you wherever you are on the emotional spectrum of divorce. michelled@cpconline.org


Tuesday, February 11 • 6:00-8:30PM • Fireside Room • meets 2nd Tuesdays Grief Recovery is for those who have lost a loved one. We experience God’s hope and healing through fellowship and prayer, and sharing a meal. Annie

Lumbar Bendson will be the guest speaker. No reservation needed. michelled@cpconline.org


Tuesday, February 18 • 7:00-8:30PM • Anderson Hall • meets 3rd Tuesdays Does your child experience emotional or mental health issues? You are not alone. Join other parents, friends, and caregivers as we care for one another on our journeys. Meetings include sharing time and occasional guest speakers. dbrown@dcbrowninc.com


Friday, February 14 & Saturday, February 22 & March 13 • 10:00AM-12:00PM This ministry seeks to share God's love, comfort, and peace through the knitting and gifting of shawls. Prayers for the recipient are knit into each shawl. More knitters, experienced or not, are needed. Tutoring is provided. Over 100 shawls were gifted this past year! Janice Velgersdyk at 612.986.5902


(Short Term Assistance Reaching Seniors) is a ministry designed to support seniors at home during their recovery from an accident, illness, or fall, or returning home after a hospital/rehab stay. Services include transportation to doctor/physical therapy appointments, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and more! Judy Brink at 952.920.4364

to prepare the meal, serve the food and visit with guests, then clean-up after the meal. Register online for all adult and child volunteers age 9 and over. Children under age 9 are welcome, but do not need to be registered. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


GO!Trips are CPC's short-term service and vision trips to see, love, and serve God's people. When we retreat from our everyday lives, we learn more about ourselves and the character of Christ. We practice thinking, praying, listening, and speaking like Jesus, opening our hearts to how God may lead us to engage with our families, workplaces, church, and community. Is God asking you to GO!? March 15-19 Dominican Republic with International Justice Mission June 13-22 Israel-Palestine with Nazareth Evangelical College and Yohanna Katanacho June 15-19 Benton Harbor, Michigan (for entering 9th-12th graders) June 22-27 Colombia with Opportunity International October 15-18 NEW! Civil Rights Journey to the American South November 15-25 NEW! South Asia with CPC’s local partner *Dates subject to change Learn more at: cpconline.org/serve-far.


Help kids feel known and loved and learn about Jesus and the Gospel by helping out weekly, biweekly, or monthly. karenr@cpconline.org

A.R.M.S. (Active Retired Men Serving) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

Thursdays • 8:00AM-12:00PM • donuts and coffee at 10:00AM This dedicated group works on various projects to keep the building in prime condition! Men and women of all ages and skill levels are welcome. noelc@cpconline.org


March 22-29 It is our privilege to serve homeless families during their stay at CPC by providing a welcoming atmosphere, a hot meal, and a place to rest and recharge. Set up bedrooms, provide a meal, bring cheer to the children, be an overnight host, or do laundry. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Friday, February 21 • Third Friday of the month, year-round; Meal Prep: 2:00-4:00PM, Serve: 5:00-7:00PM • Creekside Community Center Individuals, small groups, and families with children are welcome to volunteer and serve a hot meal to those in need. Meal prep is best for volunteers ages 16 and older while serving is best for volunteers ages 7 and older. Sign up: cpconline.org/events


Sunday, February 23 • Fourth Sunday of the Month, November-April • 12:30-3:00PM • Calvary Church, 2608 Blaisdell Ave. S., Minneapolis Nearly 100 guests are invited to rest, watch the ball game on the big screen TV, converse, and/or share in a friendly game of cards. Volunteers will help CPC LIFE




Your Senior Pastor Search Team (SPST) continues to be actively engaged in the search for our new senior pastor. We are in the third phase of the Search Process (see graphic below). The SPST is currently working with staff and elders in preparing for interviews by prayerfully integrating the results from this fall’s congregational survey and focus groups to craft questions that will help discern a candidate’s alignment with CPC’s values and congregation. The SPST also recently met with Jay Mitchell of Vanderbloemen, our search partner, to give him additional direction and to help fine-tune our desires. Jay will return in the upcoming months to present potential candidates for the SPST to interview. Our expected transition period is 18-24 months, and we are exactly in step with this anticipated timeline. It has been one year since Pastor Crosby retired, and Transition Pastor Ron Hawkins is not yet a year into his approximately 18-month role. Please continue to pray for CPC, for your SPST, and for our search partner as we enter this final phase where we discern the person who will lead CPC in the future. We are full of hope as we continue to witness God’s faithfulness to the congregation!

Senior Pastor Search Team Process Design Process

Define Profile

• Team Organization • Decision Making • Working Values • Search Firm Decision • Tasks/Timelines


• Establish Partnership with Search Firm • Opportunity Profile - Gather CPC Input - Publish/Recruit

Discern Person • With Search Firm - Manage Applicants - Interview Candidates • Select/Offer • Present/Rationale


Elder and Deacon Nominations! Elders

work with staff to discern God’s plan for CPC, leading and directing the church in areas of resources, personnel, and governance.


function as the hands and feet of Jesus, serving practically in our community.

Nominations can be dropped off by the Blue Wall in the Great Room or at the Main Office. For more information visit cpconline.org/events.


Marisa Griner joins the Kids’ Team as Preschool Program Associate. She continues in her role as Operations Associate.

Kristina and Aaron Sakaria welcomed a son, Mekhi Emmanuel, on December 10.

Andra Johnson will join the Student Ministries Team as Associate Director of High School (emphasis 9th grade) in June. Ashley Crowder will continue her role as Interim Associate Director through May.

Jamie and Brent Olson welcomed a daughter, Nora Jean, on December 6.

Sarah and Chad Eckert welcomed a daughter, Olivia Grace, on Decem-ber 19. Catherine and Matt Potter welcomed a daughter, Ruby Lynn, on December 28.


Sydney Kamp and Ian Eliason were married on December 28. The Rev. Rich Phenow officiated. Christine Roehler and Ed Powell were married on December 28. The Rev. Rich Phenow officiated. Molly Becker and Sam Swenson were married on December 31. The Rev. Rich Phenow officiated.


Philip Tollefson passed away on December 3 at the age of 90 years. He is survived by daughter Ellen (Jesse) Hinrichs. Patricia Morton passed away on December 3 at the age of 100 years. She is survived by daughter Patty (Daniel) Costigan. Shirley Danielson passed away on December 5. She is survived by son Scott (Becky). Ann Herring passed away on December 9 at the age of 71. She is survived by sister Jill (Jim) Halbrooks. Greg Hykes passed away on December 24 at the age of 72 years. He is survived by brother Dennis (Myra) Hykes.

RECENTLY HOSPITALIZED Harry Baker Judy Carver Robert Glass


Lonny Gulden Phyllis Levitt

Marcia Mattson Justine Van Beenen

Pastor Rich Phenow leaves his position as Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Care on March 1. A celebration for Rich is currently being planned.


Our beautiful flower donations were given in part, by the following:

Dan and Kathy Miller: in memory of our fathers and grandparents The Halbrooks, Pabarcus, McDonald, and Flaskamp families: in memory of Ann Herring, Bettyann and William Flaskamp, and Vivian and James Halbrooks The Halbrooks and Flaskamp families: in honor of Rich and Jody Phenow

*Due to an error, these donations were not included in our Christmas Eve bulletin.


We are so grateful for the generosity of our congregation. We have 85 new giving partners for 2020! Ministry Fund Revenue/Expense Update November 2019 YTD revenue actual: $2,140,959 November 2019 YTD revenue budget: $1,915,192 December 2019 YTD revenue actual: $3,019,711 December 2019 YTD revenue budget: $2,964,459 YTD (12/31/2019) We are ahead on giving revenue by $55,252. We are under on expenses by $126,770. Missions YTD Total Additional Missions Giving*: $287,910 Christmas Offering for TreeHouse (included in total number above): $217,907 *Given through special offering, above and beyond missions’ dollars we budget from the Ministry Fund for our partners. CPC fiscal year 2020 began June 1, 2019 and ends May 31, 2020.

Abbey Duehn joins the Kids’ Team as Associate Director of Elementary, 2nd-3rd Grade Emphasis. She starts part-time and will increase to full-time in June.





Ash Wednesday Services Wednesday, February 26 12:00PM • Sanctuary

Join us for a traditional service with a meditation, Communion, and the imposition of ashes.

6:30PM • Sanctuary

Join us for a reflective service with the imposition of ashes. Childcare available for ages 6 weeks-2 years.

Christ Presbyterian Church | 952.920.8515 | cpconline.org | facebook.com/cpconline | @CPCEdina | #cpcedina

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CPC Life February 2020  

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