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Empire State College, Saratoga Springs ​hello welcome back to my channel as the New Year's coming up on us it is the middle of December right now so we got a couple weeks I'm gonna be talking about how to plan out projects with a spread that I call my a week plan which can be adapted to 12 week plan or pretty much any number of weeks that you can fit on a single spread I have been using an 8 week plan in my current bullet journal I use it for my social media tracker as you can see here on the left we have each of the eight weeks and in a calendar format and then on the right we have another spread that's separate but it uses the information in the eight week plan to sort of grab things out and I actually you guys seem to really like the graphs here so I may do a future video on those and up top here we have the names of the videos with little sticker dots and numbers next to each one I'll talk about those a little later really the star of the show is this calendar here with the eight weeks and and all the stickers and information that I record on them for specific project in this case is my social media and I do have an example of if you were to use this attract 12 weeks it just barely fits on one spread of the Loess term 19:17 you have a bigger notebook you can fit either bigger grid squares or more weeks this one I use for my workout planning if you can see there's little bicycles and stuff and then here also is the original iteration of my social media tracker where I did try the twelve weeks and you can see I was drawing in the little dots here with pen and I ended up having the white a bunch of them out and draw these little lines moving them around as I changed my schedule so that's the big reason I switch to the new version which actually had the dots of stickers instead of drawing in everything so flipping back to the social media spread this is the spread I'm going to be talking the most about today and it's kind of the layout for what I'm going to be showing you in my tester kn'l and first I'm going to talk about how it works each of these things at the top is a task for the social media spread it's a video that I need to film edit and post and each of those items as a color blue is for film purple is for edit and then post is red and you can see each video has its number and then the number is put on the dots that correspond to that item you can see the 8 to 12 week plan here is still on a silver sticker and that's because I swap it out to red when it's finished so I can keep track of that as well and then because this spread wasn't busy enough for me I also have been tracking my daily followers fewer subscribers video views on every single day I go in the next morning and I fill in all the numbers and then over here I have been grabbing them out not every single day because it wouldn't fit horizontally here I've labeled the dates at the top it's pretty much the first day of the calendar the last day and then all the Wednesdays and Saturdays in between I just did some quick math to figure out how many days I could fit in there and it turned out to be about twice a week so that's how I set that up and then I also added lines in here for whenever I published a video so I could see if there was any serious change in my views or subscribers after her video was posted and then at the bottom I just have my little tracker of total followers and subscribers and that's pretty much it I'm now I'm gonna get into how to set up this spread and it on a fresh page and talk about how I go through my initial steps for planning and the things that I think about when I'm making one of these calendars first things first I am switching out to my kind of test journal this was an old bullet journal of mine now I use it to test out new spreads and do a little bit of artwork for this spread all you really need is a black pen or you know whatever color of fine liner you want to use for your lines I like to use black and then highlight with different colors so I have my Pitt artist fabric uh spell pen and medium when I'm drying up spreads I like to put down dots for where all those squares are gonna go just so I know kind of what its gonna look like without laying down these big black lines so I'm gonna time-lapse through this each grid square is three by three and I start with a couple of squares on the left as like a margin and then I actually start the calendar and then there's obviously seven squares across because that's the number of days in a week I like to start my weeks on Monday so I'll be putting my labels at the top accordingly you can start your weeks on Sunday or any day of the week that you prefer and then I also like to go through and number these squares according to the actual days of the month now we have our basic calendar set up for the a week plan and from here it really is about what you make of it like you can put anything you want in each of these little squares now for this example I think I'm gonna do like a programming schedule so I'm a programmer by trade and I have certain tasks I need to get done on certain days and so I'm just gonna start by dividing this top part in two so I have room for two lists of tasks depending on how detailed of tasks you want to put in this plan you may want to use the other page of the spread as your list instead and in that case you might want to just go all the way into a 12-week spread or just make the great squares a little taller if you want more room for that and now the fun part is we actually get to sit down and plan out this project and I want to show you these stickers I got these really make the schedule a

lot easier to work with and they come in all kinds of colors including a silver and gold metallic sticker they are five millimeters in diameter which I think technically should fit exactly in these grid squares but they are a little bit big ultimately if you're not trying to put them all right next to each other you can't really notice that they're a little too big for the squares you'll see in some places where I do that they do overlap a little bit but it's not too noticeable and mostly I just really like them because I could write on them with my uniball signo and then I can pick them up and move them around if I want to change my plans and that was the big thing that didn't work for my previous version of my social media tracker was that if I wanted to change when a video was being posted or when I was filming it or even just take a video off entirely I had to like white it out or do some other crazy hack to cover it up so I love color coding as you know and for this one I'm choosing a light blue to be a actual coding programming task and then the dark blue it's gonna be review because all of our code has to be reviewed by another programmer and so that's gonna be part of my schedule to leave time for review you can use as many different colors and different things to code your calendar as you want as you saw in my social media when I had three different colors there's really only the limit of how many colors you have on hand so the next step of planning is actually to come up with what you need to do so here I'm just filling in some really just made-up programming tasks we usually have IDs for all of our tasks in our like system we use so I just put those next to here to kind of make it look realistic and I even went in and put in estimates for how long each of these things would take me again these are just made-up numbers but this is kind of the process I would go through on a real schedule for something like this and then I just give each of these a gray sticker which I've decided is my color code for tasks which have not been started yet and then with my trusty white uniball signo pen i just give each of these a number and this is just used for indexing these numbers don't really mean anything they don't even have to mean the order in which I do these as I'll show you a little bit later if the inspiration strikes you you can put any kind of symbol on these stickers that you want it doesn't have to be numbers it just has to be unique so you can tell which sticker corresponds to which task item and right out of the gate I make a mistake here I accidentally wrote a - I was just in the zone and writing one two three four I just kept going it should have been at one um but I can just pull that sticker off pull up a new one on and then I have you know I can change these around as I see fit and you can see there I can just pull them up and move them and they're still like down on the page there's probably a limit on how many times you can do this but I haven't I haven't had a problem with stickers falling off because they've been moved too many times one issue I have seen is that the gel ink will kind of flake off if I'm a too rough with the stickers but even if that happens I can just put a new sticker down or I can write again with a gel pen over the cracked ink because the gel kind of sits on top of the sticker so if your fingernails catch on the ink there it will look just kinda like spring unfortunately this spread can't do the planning for you but it's pretty straightforward I just start with each task and I think how long is this task gonna take me and I put down light blue dots for the days that I think I'll work on coding and then I put on a dark blue dot for days when I think it will be reviewed after the coding is done so the second light blue dot and you can place the dots to mean whatever you want so I can place a dot for each day I plan to work on each of these tasks or I can put a dot for a range so like I could put a starting dawn an ending dot for the range of things I want to work on it I can just put a dot for the deadlines it's really up to you this is a very flexible spread as most bullet journaling spreads are and it can be changed to fit whatever you need now pretend I'm halfway through this month and I'd need to add another task so I've added a fifth task here and labeled it with a 5 and it actually is not gonna go at the end I need to do it on this date in the middle since the numbers are just used as indexes or indices you can just put them down wherever you want and the numbers still mean what they mean you don't have to rewrite the whole list so that the numbers are in order unless that's something you want to do I think that's a bit much work so I just add a number on the list and then I put the dots where they need to go in the calendar and you can also add a little key if you want to start tracking information for each of these days like I have done on my social media spread since little squares are so small I like to use a really small pen like the micron Oh five or the pit artist extra small which I actually had to order separately it didn't come in the leg pack of all the pet artist pens and wait you actually track of this calendars entirely up to you for programming something like hours spent working on it our number of user story points which is like a programming thing that I worked on on each day might be something I track in this example I added a little stars for how difficult that day of work was I don't actually know if that's something I would use in real life but it's just an example and I thought it would be kind of cute to add little icons you can put whatever you want in these if that's the beauty of bullet journaling system is you can you can do anything you want and I'm adding some more color coding here like there are different pieces of games that you might work on like the characters actions which is like the eye or you might work on the interface you know different things again the colors whatever you want you don't have to use colors you don't have to use any of this these are just examples ways that I thought of to extend this spread so it is more useful to whoever wants to use it so this is what it might look like if

it was partially filled in in the middle of the I keep wanting the same month the eight-week period I just wanted to point out you don't have to use this tickers if you don't want to buy the stickers you can do those doing before and just kind of highlight the dots yourself draw them in the issue that I mentioned before is that you can't move these so really you should only use this for plans that are pretty set in stone or if you don't mind biting things out or writing over them or putting little lines to move things around it really bothered me which is why I picked up the stickers and if anyone knows those stickers which are just a little bit smaller please let me know in the comments I would love some stickers that fit inside the squares the five millimeter ones are just a little bit too big I was not able to find any smaller stickers and I will link everything below that I used and I'm just gonna pull everything into frame here make any ball signal was very useful for writing on the stickers and my Pitt artist pants by microns and then my beloved mild liners that I used for colors and highlighting and all kinds of little design things so that's it for this video if you enjoyed it please subscribe so you can see my future videos they've also been putting up some art videos which you might want to check out and I just hope you have a lovely day feel free to put any comments you might have in the box below [Music] Methodist.