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      Production  Schedule:  Location  Reece  Sheet   Title   Coca-­‐Cola  ad   Client   Coca-­‐Cola   Producer   Christopher  Walsh   Director   Christopher  Walsh   Date   13/01/12    

This is  the  location  in  which  most  filming  will  take  place,  one  of  the  reasons  it  is  a   good  place  to  film  is  that  it  is  in  a  studio  so  there  should  be  very  minimal  sound   from  outside,  however  during  certain  points  students  will  be  going  in  and  out  of   the  building  and  most  likely  make  a  lot  of  noise.        

  This  is  were  the  first  part  of  my  advert  would  start  off  for     A  few  seconds,  outside  there  could  be  several  problems  for  this  bit  the  weather   on  the  day  the  ground  being  uneven,  also  the  fact  that  it  is  close  to  the  road.        

This the  overall  view  of  where  most  of  my  filming  will  take  place,  however  even   though  this  is  the  best  place  to  film,  there  will  be  several  problems.  Such  as  heat   as  we  will  be  filming  for  some  time,  also  with  all  the  camera  equipment  in  the   way  we  need  to  make  sure  everyone  is  careful.      

Location Reece Final  

This is my final Location Reece, the last was a draft with it not finsihed.

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