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Coca-­‐Cola adver,sing   presenta,on          

History of  Coca-­‐Cola  

This chart  shows  the  the  share  that  Coca-­‐Cola  has  in  the  market  

Full Detail  of  Three  Advert’s   •  h@p://www.s,  

Fact’s   •  • 

•  •  •  • 

Other fact’s  show  that  most  of  coke  revenue  comes  from  Interna,onal  as  of  76%,   while  the  rest  comes  North  America.   Since  Coke  was  made  the  amount  sold  as  increased  into  billions  the  last  figure  of   units  was  in  2002  with  11  Billion  units  sold.  While  in  other  Foreign  markets  such  as   in  Japan  the  average  of  nearly  3  Billion     Within  the  first  year  of  Coca-­‐Cola  being  released  it  managed  around  10  bo@les  a   day.   Now,  around  10,450  bo@le’s  are  consumed  nearly  every  second   Two  Lawyer’s  Benjamin  F.  Thomas  and  Joseph  B.  Whitehead,  got  John  Pemberton   to  sell  the  right’s  of  calendars,  bo@les  and  to  sell  the  beverage  for  only  $1.   Coca-­‐Cola  is  the  most  recognized  trademark,  known  by  94%  of  the  world's   popula,on  and  is  the  second  most  recognized  word  a`er  ‘’OK’’  

BCAP Codes  

Target Audience     •  My  advert  is  mainly  aimed  at  14+,  males  because  of  the   content  of  the  film  in  which  inspired  my  advert,  as  this  would   present  nostalgia  because  people  would  remember  the  bit   that  my  advert  follows,  however  this  can  s,ll  be  aimed  at   younger  people  because  of  the  silliness  of  the  ad  as  children   would  get  the  uneven  nature  of  the  ad,  the  reason  for  having   a  unusually  target  audience  is  because  Coca-­‐Cola’s  advert’s   are  normally  always  aimed  at  all  age  range’s,  for  certain   gender’s,  or  is  aimed  at  both  gender  and  most  age’s.  

This is  form  a  taste  test  in  which  I  found  out  that  most  people  can’t  tell  the   difference  between  Pepsi,  Diet  Coke  and  Coke  Zero  

SWOT Analysis     Strengths:  Coke  is  the  world’s  leading  

brand in  so`  drink’s,  also  has  a  massive   scale  of  opera,ons  in  movement.      

Weaknesses: The  brand  has  nega,ve  publicity,  also  the  

so` Drink  underperforms  in  certain  area’s  such  as  North   America,  finally  there  is  a  decrease  in  the  amount  of  cash   they  are  gegng.      

Opportuni,es: The  product  has  a  chance   to  grow  in  the  bo@led  water  mark.  Also   has  the  opportunity  to  hire  some  of  the   popula,on  in  the  US.        

Threats: The  company  has  intense  compe,,on  from  

other company’s  with  one  major  being  Pepsi.  The  product   is  not  gowning  so  that  it  can  be  sold  to  more  markets.    

Proposal   •  •  • 




For my  advert  to  work  I  will  need    

The budget  for  my  product  is  small,  as  such  thing's  needed  would  be  clothing  which  would  mimic   that  of  Scarface,  and  other  things  include  prop's  such  as  table's,  chair's  and  more  such  as  things  to   make  it  look  scruffy,  while  the  rest  would  be  for  the  product  to  appear  in  the  advert.   First  Idea  was  to  have  a  man  wake  up  in  the  desert  and  think  he  see’s  a  can  of  Coke,  however  when   he  reaches'  the  drink  he  see’s  it  is  a  can  of  Pepsi,  and  says  ‘It’s  Not  Worth  It’.  The  next  is  At  a  party   it  is  gegng  boring  with  some  people  dancing  terribly,  then  some  of  the  guest's  drink  coke  and  then   the  party  get's  exci,ng  with  everyone  finally  having  a  good  ,me  and  the  tagline  read's  'Good  for   any  Moment’.,  The  next  is  the  Scarface  idea,  and  the  last  is  Darth  Vader  takes  a  drink  of  coke  later   on  he  dies  right  before  he  die  he  says  'It  was  worth  it'   This  is  rough  detail  of  idea's  that  I  originally  had  for  my  advert,  my  first  idea  I  thought  would  be  to   hard  to  do  with  a  Green  Screen,  and  make  it  look  good.  While  the  next  idea  would  of  been  hard  to   organize,  while  the  next  two  idea's  I  believed  would  have  worked  the  best,  then  the  reason  why   the  last  Idea  got  cut  was  that  it  would  of  been  hard  to  make  it  look  affan,c.   This  is  my  storyboard  in  which  I  created  a  rough  idea  of  how  my  advert  will  work,  only  a  few  other   detail's  need  to  be  felled  out,  also  my  advert  on  paper  only  reach's  1  minute  and  25  seconds,  so  it   doesn't  reach  the  minimum,  however  this  is  only  the  first  dra`  of  this,  so  in  the  second  dra`  I  will   try  to  make  it  longer.     Full  Detail  of  Orginal  Idea’s:  h@p://  

Bibliography   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Facts of  Coca-­‐Cola:  h@p://,cle/864349871876/   BCAP  Codes:­‐Codes/BCAP-­‐Code/~/media/Files/CAP/Codes%20BCAP%20pdf/BCAP%20Sec,on%2013.ashx  Image  of   Coke  Flavors:  h@p://   This  is  where  you  are  redirected:­‐Codes/CAP-­‐Code/~/media/Files/CAP/Codes%20CAP%20pdf/CAP%20Sec,on%2015.ashx   This  is  where  I  got  some  other  informa,on:  h@p://­‐Cola-­‐Marke,ng-­‐Strategies   Some  fact’s,  however  it  is  run  by  a  newspaper  to  it  may  not  be  true:   h@p://­‐Cola-­‐facts-­‐figures-­‐and-­‐myths.html   Rough  Idea  of  Coke’s  History  in  Child  Form:  h@p://!   Image  of  Fanta:­‐orange-­‐drink-­‐x24-­‐1435-­‐p.jpg   This  fact's  piece  is  more  likely  to  be  true  ,  as  it  is  run  by  the  Coca-­‐Cola  company:   h@p://www.thecoca-­‐   This  is  the  Coca-­‐Cola  company  website:  h@p://www.coca-­‐   A  book  in  which  had  sec,on  of  Coca-­‐Cola  and  it’s  legendary  Christmas  advert’s:  Twenty  ads  that  shook  the  world:  the   century's  most  groundbreaking  adver9sing  and  how  it  changed  us  all.   Image  of  Sprite  Can:  h@p://­‐content/uploads/2011/08/sprite.jpg   Image  of  John  Pemberton:  h@p://   Informa,on  of  SWOT  Analysis:  h@p://­‐Analysis-­‐of-­‐Coca-­‐Cola   Christmas  Truck  Advert:  h@p://   Bond  advert:  h@p://   Diet  Coke  Puppet’s  Advert:  h@p://  

Coca-Cola Powerpoint presentation  

This is a presentation that I made to go with my Coca-Cola presentation

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