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I began my advertisement, with the usually really world bit of research during my research were I found out how Coca-Cola was made, how it evolved over time, how successful it has been over time and Coke’s general target audience. The idea generation of my advert didn’t come till I started doing little things like Osbourn’s checklist which proved to be very helpfully, while other things like the morphological matrix were for me less helpful as all things I put in the matrix was stuff was well known for therefore this couldn’t help me with idea’s of coke’s kind of advert’s, while part’s of the research did help me with some idea’s however, All my originally idea’s I came up with while at school with most of my idea’s mocking a film in some way, with my advert being one of them and another that I discarded. My idea that was made into my advert was basically the coke scene from Scarface, however instead of taking cocaine he takes Coca-Cola. My target audience was mainly aimed at 16+ also it is aimed at mainstream’s because the content is mocking something that most have thought about at one point and the fact that the film was really big as well. All pre-production paperwork was also done before making my advert, this kind of helped me relies everything that had to be done on the day of shooting, however on the day of shooting I forgot certain items that was needed so, the time that filming was meant start was at a later time however for timing this didn’t affect the shoot, however for the actual shoot since some things were missing, so we had improvise using other items such as clothing for the towel, however in post production I found out that that bit of footage and other bits were needed to be refilmed. However some of the things that went well during filming were the amount of footage that was taken with very little reshoots needed, also the acting was up to a high standard, and each day of shooting took only one day each, however I had a few problems on the day of shooting such as props That I left at home then had to rush to get the equipment so that the filming could happen, and filming was pushed back a bit, also during the actually shooting we had sound problems with the sound guy as in Post Production I found footage (that I didn’t shoot from other angles) with several shot’s the boom mic being in shot, also on the day filming was rushed a bit by me , so again in post I found more footage that wasn’t up to the standard. In my first draft for my advert with some problems with footage the draft wasn’t what I wanted for a first draft. Many things that could have been better were to look over footage after filming it on the day of shooting to make sure there were not mistakes and I should have been more prepared. Then reshoots occurred around March with very little footage needed at first, however on the day We filmed a bit more so that this time I could be more sure that I had all the right footage. Also during filming I filmed my advert in several different angle's to see which angle looked the best and showed off the different type's of shot variation, this really helped in post production with there being several different angles to choose from, unfortunately some of the choices of shots had problems with either the footage or the sound. When I started my post production for my advert with my draft advert in mind, most of the footage was useful, as most had the correct shots or the correct action, the only problem was things like the green screen being a problem with us filming as we were in a small area so the curtain was together so when edited and using Chrome Key, as since the curtain was kind of folded when finished using Chrome Key you could see through the background and though it was green screened clearly, also that some of the raw footage that I had the camera was wobbling so certain shots couldn't be used even though some of those shots were really good compared to other shots that I had on the day of shooting, so for my first draft I had to improvise and use some of the shots that I had, some of the combinations that I put together for my draft were good, with shots like the transition shot of the Scarface character opening the bottle of coke and right before, the only problem was that some of the problems that occurred during filming I couldn't really get around and made the footage look really cheap and tacky. When editing my advert I cut down a very minimal amount of footage as most of the footage that was taken was from different angle's or was shots that were put in the draft just to extend the length of mt

advert, so in the final version I cut down some jump shots or footage that I thought served no really purpose as it didn't help evolve the story in ways. Also when editing I found out that certain bits of footage had problems with it's audio so when editing bits of sound that had no real sound, so when re-filming most of the footage that had problems with were sorted. When editing I first put all the footage together so that I could organise it into the story of my advert then once I did that I edited out any problems or mistakes that happened during production, then after I finished get rid of problems that I could that occurred during the day of filming, then I finished off by using Chrome Key to change the effect of the background and put my own background there, that however I found out took more time the I first thought it would be easy to do however I rushed through the green screen effect so in my draft the green screen looked rushed and cheap, so when re-editing my main concern was making sure that I put more time into working the Chrome Key. Some advertising technique's that I used in my advert were humour which throughout some of the acting is humorous as some of it is cheesy but still works and some of the action's that occurred were also humorous. while some other technique used was nostalgia, as since the scene is a straightforward mockery of the same scene from Scarface (1983). The unique selling point of my advert was that it was mockery of particular scene from Scarface, this in unique as the idea is original. My target audience for my advert is aimed at 16-20 year old's and mainstream's as primary people in this group would have seen this film for it's cultural status and that the content in the film is something that people at that age are interested in. After showing my first draft I had mixed response, with most people liking it's humour and it's somewhat cheesy acting, while other's thought that a lot of things needed to be improved like the green screening, it's narrative and the steadiness of certain shots, and some of my editing, while for my final advert I improved the green screen and the steadiness of certain shots by re-filming, while the narrative I couldn't improve as I had little time to improve, however when refilming certain shots I added in little bits to try and improve the narrative however from my questionnaire I found that people could understand it better but not much , with the little change's that I made not improving it very much. My final advert I believe was fit for purpose as I meant for it to advertise the Coca-Cola brand and in a humorous manner, while the strategies all worked well humour being the main stand out point of my advert, from the response that I got from my questionnaire. While my general target audience which was teenager mainstream's appealed to my advert. The aesthetic qualities of my advert were that the lighting throughout was always right, whereas my green screening at points would get worse as I tried to get more done, as at one point the table was seethrough which was a problem. My technical qualities were that the camera all my shots were always steady, while there were some problem's with the camera such as the audio, and the screen on the camera as it was broken, so when I tried to check the footage that I had after re-filming, it was harder to find, while the audio , at first wouldn't work so when re-filming I had to use the the boom mic without the boom people as with it it wouldn't work.