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Babes In TOyland This month we are going to celebrate Spring! The pre-school room will be working on the letters: Rr, Ss and Tt, as well as the number 8. Our special shape this month is a diamond and the color is purple. Special Days April 3rd – Spring/Easter Class Party April 6th – Good Friday (center closes at 2:00 SHARP) April 21st – Parent/teacher conferences Our Spring/Easter egg hunt/party is hopping our way, on Tuesday, April 3rd. Please bring in twelve plastic eggs (filled) for your child’s egg hunt. Thank you! There will also be a party treat sign-up sheet posted on the door shorty! Please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing here at the center (please don’t take the snow boots home just yet). We would like to wish a “Happy Birthday” to Louis on the 15th and Kale on the 17th! It is evaluation time again and I will be working with all of the children individually to complete them. They will be available for viewing at the end of the month along with your child’s portfolio. Have a great month, and a Happy Easter!

April 2012

Events: 6

We close early in observance of Good Friday!

Happy Birthday To: 1-Isbella 4-Saathvick 8-Cameron 9- Ms.Betty 11- Evan 15- Louis 17- Kale 19-Evan 22-Brooke

Visit for parent resources. Staying Safe During the Summer! The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and there's more time to be outside doing all kinds of fun things. But if you and your children you're going to be out in the sun, especially on a sunny day, you need to stay safe when you’re outside.