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Asthma Triggers That You Should Avoid Many people have asthma, and everyone's asthma differs, but there is one thing that is common among those who suffer from asthma and that is triggers. Asthma attacks are triggered by something and there are some very common triggers that those with asthma should avoid. By learning what triggers your asthma, you can be a lot more careful and do what you can to avoid any attacks. The following article will touch on some of asthma's most common triggers.

One of the most common asthma triggers is dust mites. Dust mites live just about everywhere and you can not control them in every environment, but you can control the dust in your house. It is important that your house is dusted every day or two to keep dust mites out of your lungs and keep attacks away.

Next, mold is a common asthma trigger. You can easily avoid mold in your home by cleaning your bathroom regularly and not allowing anything to remain wet for any length of time. Mold is formed on materials if they stay wet for long amounts of time. Mold is able to form on some materials much faster than it can on others. So just because you let something stay wet for a couple days with no mold, it doesn't mean you can let something else stay wet for a couple days without mold growing on it.

Another common trigger is animal dander. If you have pets in your house, there is animal dander. The only way to avoid this is to move pets outdoors. Also, if you have friends or family members that you visit often, and they have pets indoors, it may trigger your asthma, so be cautious when you visit them.

Cigarettes also trigger asthma attacks. Whether you smoke or you are around someone else who smokes, cigarette smoke should be avoided. If you smoke, do all you can to quit.

Many common chemicals from bleach and painting can irritate your lungs and can cause asthma attacks. If you notice that you can not be around certain products with strong chemicals without having an attack, do your best to avoid them and find alternatives if you must use them.

Some people with asthma notice that excess physical activity brings on an attack. Most people with asthma can enjoy regular exercise, most some people have to watch the amount that they do.

Some other things that can irritate asthma is common scents from perfume and hairsprays. You may notice an attack after using one of these products. There is usually some scent or chemical that irritates your lungs and you will need to find an alternative if these things bother you.

Weather changes can trigger asthma attacks. With weather changes comes different things in our environment, like pollen, grass, and a lot of other natural irritants.

Being able to determine what triggers your asthma can help you prevent attacks. Pay special attention to the items mentioned in this article and talk with you doctor and you will have better luck keeping your asthma under control. For more help click here

Asthma Triggers That You Should Avoid  

mold, it doesn't mean you can let something else stay wet for a couple days without mold growing on

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