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July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


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917 Manitoba Ave., Selkirk, MB

Victoria Beach

HERALD 88th year • Issue No. 3

A non-profit service of the Victoria Beach Club

Friday, July 5, 2013







Book Sale Teen Movie Night Sports Day Soccer Tournament Rogers Rookie Tournament

Sun. July 7 Wed. July 10 Sat. July 13 Sun. July 14 Tues. July 16

1:00 - 3:00 pm 9:00 pm 10:00 am - noon 10:00 am 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Clubhouse Clubhouse Sports Ground Sports Ground Tennis Courts

Meadows & Czech-Manek Families Rec Staff Leah & Ted Kosokowsky Rex Neuendorff & Stino Siragusa Ben Drybrough, VB Tennis Staff

2 July 5, 2013 VB Things You Need To Know ! VB POLICE DEPARTMENT

- Chief : Stewart MacPherson - The police station is located at the northeast corner of the VB Firehall on the highway . - Phone 756-2322 Emergency 911


Mon. & Wed. 11:00-12:00noon, 7:00-8:00pm Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 10:00-12:00noon Sun. 12:00noon-1:00pm


Summer Hours - As of July 1st 9a.m. -10 p.m. seven days a week


Summer hours - Monday –Friday - 9a.m. -8 p.m. [closed from 2-4] Saturday -9 a.m. – 8 p.m. open all day Sunday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. [closed from 2-4] Open on all holidays

VB GENERAL STORE - Open 8am to 8pm every day

Victoria Beach HERALD

SAFFIES GENERAL STORE Sun. thru Thurs 8-9 Fri & Sat 8-10


Summer hours - Mon thru Sat 8 am to 9 pm and Sun 9 am -7 pm


 e Victoria Beach Post Office operates year round from Th Lot 19 –Ateah Road. 756-3005 Hours : Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. :8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. Wed ., & Sat., 8:30 a.m. -11:20 a.m. PLEASE NOTE: Mail must be picked up by someone over the age of 18 Outgoing mail is picked up every weekday evening and must be received at least 15 minutes before closing to be included in that day’s mail pick-up No mail is received at the Post Office on Saturday , Sunday or holidays Every summer there is a large volume of unclaimed mail at the Post Office. Unclaimed mail is returned to sender after 15 business days. Please stop by and see if there is mail waiting for you.


Information Office [at the VB Gate] 756-2725 VB Taxi /Parking Lot Office /Messenger Service - 756-2383 VB Public Works: 756-2286 VB Municipality Office [Wpg] 774- 4263 1-800-513-3839 email VB Postal Code :ROE 2CO

2013 Victoria Beach Golf Course Rates MEMBERSHIPS: Family - Adult Couple Single - Adult Junior - 13 to 17 Child - 12 & under 2 or more children,

Seasonal $ 425.00 $ 290.00 $ 170.00 $ 120.00 $ 180.00

Monthly $ 245.00 $ 175.00 $ 110.00 $ 80.00 $ 120.00

Two Weeks $ 175.00 $ 120.00 $ 105.00 $ 70.00 $ 110.00

same family (12 & under)


9 holes Weekdays - $13.00 Weekends - $15.00 Children - $7.00/round (12& Under Weekdays and Weekends) Children - $1.00/round (10:00am to 2:00 pm on Tuesdays only)

LOCKERS: Seasonal Monthly Daily - $2.00

Lower Locked $30.00

Upper Locked $ 25.00

Lower Open $ 25.00 $ 20.00

Upper Open $ 20.00 $ 15.00

Manager: Karl Hutchison

All above fees/memberships include GST. Children 12 & under may not tee off Saturday, Sunday or Holidays until after 10:00 am and must be accompanied by an adult.

Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach Reeve: Tom Farrell Councillors: Karin Boyd, Kathy McKibbin, Penny McMorris, Bruce Morrison CAO: Shelley Jensen, 303-960 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Phone: 774-4263 Toll Free: 1-800-513-3839 (MB Only) Fax: 774-9834 Chief Police Constable: Stewart MacPherson 756-2322 Public Works Foreman: Allan Scurfield 756-2268 Public Works (after hours emergency): 756-2568 Building Inspector: Russ Clifton Wpg Cell 797-8817 / Fax 1-204-345-8081


Victoria Beach

HERALD is published in cooperation with the Victoria Beach Club & Interlake Graphics, Stonewall. Ten issues published weekly on Fridays from June 21 to Aug. 23, 2013, 1500 copies printed weekly, and 1700 copies printed on long weekends. Submissions are welcome and due by the end of the day on Friday. Drop them off at the Victoria Beach Grocery Store mail box or email The Victoria Beach Herald is paid for and supported by these local advertisers. Please show your appreciation and use their services when required. If you are interested in advertising in the Herald please contact Lana Meier at 467-5836, 292-2128 or email

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July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

KIRBYSON’S DOUBLES CLINIC Wed., July 10th ~ 11 a.m. ~

Junior and ADULT Clinics Maximum 8 students per session Students will be grouped by level First come first served sign up at tennis kiosk


CLASSIFIEDS VB COTTAGE CARE- Painting, lawn care, dump trips, window washing, pressure washing and staining. For reliable quality and service, email Mike Pollard at vbcottagecare@gmail. com or call (204) 891-2575. Great selection of perennials, greeting cards, fairy gardens and supplies, live florals, lavender, etc. Phone 204-756-2952, 428-7th Ave. Need a Handyman? For prompt, courteous and reliable help, call Mike’s Handyman Service at 756-6163 or 799-1703 Sun Country Arts & Crafts Inc. ARTS, CRAFTS and COLLECTIBLES SALE Saturday, July 13 Senior Scene 3 Ateah Rd, 10 am to 4 pm. Silent auction, table rental: $20 Contact Dale 204-586-0897. The Wine Peddler - Deli food and wine delivered to your cottage. Host a wine tasting event at your cottage. Call Keith at 204-557-6886 or visit Victoria Beach Pedalgogy. Fix your own beach bike or build a “new” one. No experience required! Free lessons, access to tools and at-cost parts. For parts, cashless barter preferred including art work, baked goods, or other. Call (204) 756-2020.

Traverse Bay Corner Jct. Hwy 59 & 11 • Post Office • Liquor Vendor • Propane • Lotto • Video Rental • Hunting & Fishing • Licenses • Lumber Yard

• Groceries • Meat Department • Fresh Produce • Free Air • Laundromat • Restaurant • Gift Shop • Auto Service

Paul Gooding

ph: 756-2366

u o Y k n a Th tronage pa for your

Welcome Back Everyone - For Another Great Summer! Victoria Beach Restricted Area 3 Balsam Ave $129,500 6 Beech Cresc $379,900 26 Gibson Dr $149,900 119 8th Ave $209,900 211 5th Ave SOLD $139,900 217 5th Ave SOLD $259,900 309 4th Ave $129,900 321 & 323 1st Ave SOLD $349,900 402 4th Ave $229,000 429 6th Ave SOLD $160,000 433 8th Ave $139,900 443 8th Ave PENDING $239,000 1 Elm Ave. $159,900 201 5th Ave $179,900 342 7th Ave $189,900 419 8th Ave $159,900 Victoria Beach LAKEFRONTS 29 Clearwater Cove $629,000 13 Pelican Point Rd $625,000 17 Wabanong SOLD $315,000 147 Victoria Blvd $399,900 205 Sunset Blvd PENDING $349,900 333 Sunset Blvd $525,000 417 Sunset Blvd $345,000 419 Sunset Blvd $369,900

Victoria Beach Non Restricted 8 Ateah Road SOLD $164,900 9 Evergreen Rd $350,000 14 Irving Dr $240,000 16 Pine Road $283,500 18 Mike Bay $119,900 19 Eastshore Dr  $199,500 21 Eastshore  Dr SOLD $149,900 22 Doerksen Bay $144,900 Victoria Beach Vacant Land 11 Lakewood Dr $31,395 13 Irving Dr $29,900 4 Evergreen Rd $29,900 6 Eastshore Dr $29,900 6 Evergreen Rd $29,900 23 Lakewood Dr $29,900 24 David Rd $29,900 24 Irving Dr $36,900 28 Mike Bay $44,900 29 Evergreen Rd $31,900 30 Hampton Rd $34,900 62 Hampton Rd $31,900 30 Mike Bay $29,900 21 Hampton Haven Rd $31,900 23 Hampton Haven Rd $31,900 339 8th Ave $115,000


Toll Free # 1-866-755-5406 We appreciate your business! Phone: 756-3749


July 5, 2013

SUPERIORITY Part 2 of a 6 part series on Friendship & Bullying Special to the VB Herald by Marianne Vardalos

In the last issue of the VB Herald, I noted that most friendship conflicts between children are informed by five basic belief domains: superiority, injustice, vulnerability, distrust and helplessness. Roy Eidelson and Judy Eidelson (2003) studied several core beliefs that can push an individual toward conflict and concluded that these five appear to be the most important in informing personal attitude enough to both trigger and constrain conflict. In this, the second part of a six part series, we discuss superiority, and how the belief can determine behaviour and decision-making. When a child has an enduring belief in his or her own superiority, he or she possesses the conviction of being better than other people. Commonly associated with the notion of being better is that of being more important than others and a natural corollary is that a special person is more deserving than others. Such feelings of entitlement lead to the perception that the social rules everyone else follows are not applicable to them. And when some children play by the rules (share, wait your turn, mind your p’s & q’s) while others do not, conflicts ensue. Children generally learn quite young that in interactions with others, there needs to be a willingness from both parties, to compromise. However, children who believe they are superior to other children tend to struggle with friendships because they do not learn the lessons of concession and negotiation and remain unwilling to settle for any less than what they want and believe they deserve. They also lack empathy and the will to understand the viewpoints and experiences of the members of their peer group. Children with feelings of superiority also tend to judge other children by the specific criterion of whether or not they serve their needs. In her books on teen culture, Rosalind Wiseman variously calls these types of children ‘Queen Bees’, ‘Master-minds’, and ‘Alpha-kids’. They are the children vying for the top spot of the social hierarchy from as young as six years old. In early group play right to teenhood, “cliques” are more obvious indications that an individual’s feeling of superiority is shared by peers based on a common characteristic or quality of the members such as attractiveness, soci-economic class or perceived popularity. Cliques also share a corresponding view of outsiders as inferior because they are not in possession of the common characteristic. Alpha-kids maintain their feelings of superiority and their position at the top of the order by abusing their habitual victims, in the world of girls, the “Wannabes”, and in the world of boys, the “Wingmen”. Fueled by feelings of superiority, girls and boys are equally antagonistic but in different ways as they grow and develop. Up to the age of four girls and boys show aggression in similar ways by punching, biting, slapping or grabbing clothes or toys. At around age five, social and moral expectations are internalized and children try to cope with conflict in more socially acceptable ways. At around this age, children do not want to be labeled “bad” so hostilities are driven underground, and assaults are made less visible to authority figures like teachers, parents or coaches. Although boys continue to engage in physical fights, girls fight complicated social battles with other girls. The terms of engagement run from damaging relationships and reputations to seeking revenge and retaliation. The idea of collective superiority that leads to cliques can be learned through internalization of the societal values which privilege certain groups over others. For example, patriarchy privileges males over females, so we often see groups of girls acquiescing to groups

Victoria Beach HERALD of boys when choosing how the playground will be used at recess. Racism privileges white people over people-of-colour, so children will sometimes exclude based on racialized appearance or include based on a child’s ability to appear ‘almost white’. Classism privileges upper class children so that they will feel superior to working class children by valuing material goods (iPods or A & F clothes) over skills and ability. Heterocentrism privileges straight children so that they may feel superior to LGBTQ children or children with samesex parents. And so it goes for ableism (able-bodied & able-minded children feeling superior to disabled or intellectually challenged children) and appearance (feeling superior based on one’s ability to look like the beauty ideals presented in popular culture). In each scenario, members in the privileged group will use societal values to legitimize, and ruthlessly enforce their status advantage. Parents can also be the reason children feel superior to others. By ensuring their children are the first to have the latest electronic devices, fashions, services or experiences, parents can reinforce their children’s perceptions of being special and better than others. Parents may also use their resources or status to prevent their children from experiencing frustration and disappointment, or being held accountable for undesirable or even unlawful behavior. Being able to escape the consequences that others must face, creates a mythology of glory internal to that family; a shared feeling of triumph based on entitlement. Parents will often embellish the successes of their own children and ignore the real accomplishments of other children. And when having to ‘bail out’ their own, will blame other children in the peer group as ‘bad influences’ on their children. If your child holds the belief of superiority, it will prevent him or her from recognizing that the other child in a conflict is a living subject not an inanimate object devoid of feelings, thoughts and opinions. Help your child recognize others as equals and acknowledge his or her own role in a conflict. Teach your child that his or her actions have caused pain and anguish for another and that communication and compromise are in order. If a superior-feeling child has victimized your child, help your child understand why that child is avoiding any expressions of apology or accountability. Teach your child that without the aggressor’s admission of culpability, there can not be progress toward mutual respect and healing. Teach your child that he or she deserves recognition from the aggressor before seeking a lasting reconciliation. If that recognition never comes, teach your child to move on because friendships change and that’s OK. References: Eidelson, Roy, J; Eidelson, Judy I (2003). “Dangerous ideas: Five beliefs that propel groups toward conflict”. American Psychologist 58 (3): 182–192. Wiseman, Rosalind (2002). “Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of Girl World”. Crown Publishing. Wiseman, Rosalind (2013). “Masterminds and Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope with Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World”. Harmony Books. Next edition of the VB Herald, Part 3 in this 6 part series, “Injustice” Marianne Vardalos, Ph.D., is a sociologist and educator in the field of critical media literacy, social justice and gender equity. As a tenured professor at Laurentian University, Barrie Campus, Ontario, Marianne lectures, facilitates workshops and hosts seminars on the social construction of gender in popular culture and society at large. As a Licensed Girl Power Facilitator, she seeks to inspire young girls to create their own destiny, to seek healthy, reciprocal relationships and to cultivate within themselves the strength to reach their personal goals. She will be hosting a series of workshops for girls 6-13 and their parents in at Victoria Beach in August 2014.

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


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Mon. Maria Mon.Wed. Wed.Fri. Fri.10:00-11:00am 10:00-11:00am MariaErikson Erikson (Ages 4-8) Tues. 12:30-1:30pm Rec. Assistants (Ages 4-8) Tues. 12:30-1:30pm Rec. Assistants (Ages 8-12) Thurs. 12:30-1:30pm (Ages 8-12) Thurs. 12:30-1:30pm Bike Hikes: (Ages 7-12) Wed. 10:00am-12:00noon Rec. Assistants Bike Hikes: (Ages 7-12) Wed. 10:00am-12:00noon Rec. Assistants Duplicate Bridge: Mon. 6:50pm Ken Capelle, Gail & Bob Henderson, Henry Krahn Duplicate Bridge: Mon. 6:50pm Ken Capelle, Gail & Bob Henderson, Henry Krahn Mixed Bridge: Wed 1:15pm Bev Underhill & Shelley Saunders Mixed Bridge: Wed 1:15pm Bev Underhill & Shelley Saunders Movies: Tues. & Thurs. 7:30pm Rec. Assistants Movies: Tues. & Thurs. 7:30pm Rec. Assistants Swimming Lessons: Registration: Sun. June 30, 10:00am-12:00pm Nechwediuks Swimming Lessons: Lessons: Registration: Sun. June 30, 10:00am-12:00pm Mon. - Fri. July 2 - Aug. 10 Safe Nechwediuks Swim Team Lessons:Mon. Mon.- Fri. - Fri.9:30-10:00am July 2 - Aug. 10 Safe Swim Team Inquiries: Jevian Haywood Inquiries: Mon. - Fri. 9:30-10:00am Jevian Haywood Yoga: Tues. & Thurs. 10:00-11:30am Susan Marshall Yoga: Susan (ATues. dults &&Thurs. Teens)10:00-11:30am JaneMarshall Carroll (Adults & Teens) Jane Carroll LIBRARY HOURS: Mon. & Wed. 11:00-12:00noon, 7:00-8:00pm Library Assistants LIBRARY HOURS: Tues. Mon.Thurs. & Wed. 7:00-8:00pm Library Assistants Fri.11:00-12:00noon, Sat. 10:00-12:00noon Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 10:00-12:00noon Sun. 12:00noon-1:00pm Sun. 12:00noon-1:00pm

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(Ages7-9) 5-6)Tues. Tues.&9:45-10:30am & Thurs. 12:30-1:15pm (Ages Thurs. 11:30-12:30pm (Ages107-9) Tues.Mon. & Thurs. 11:30-12:30pm (Ages & over) & Fri. 12:00-1:00pm (Ages 10 & over) Mon. & Fri. 12:00-1:00pm Mondays (3) in July 1:00-4:00 with Robert Kennedy Mondays in July 1:00-4:00 withDoubles Robert Kennedy Wed July 10(3)11:00-4:00 Kirbyson’s Clinic Wed July Doubles Clinic Weds. July 10 17 11:00-4:00 11:00-4:00 Kirbyson’s Roland Burrell Weds. 11:00-4:00 Roland BurrellKylar Mon JulyJuly 29 17 12:00-4:00 George & Kevin Mon Julysign-up 29 12:00-4:00 & Kevin Kylar (Advance requiredGeorge ) (Advance sign-up ) (Ages 11-18) Mon. &required Wed. 6:30-8:00pm (Ages Mon. &10:00-10:20am Wed. 6:30-8:00pm Mon. & 11-18) Fri. (Register) Mon. & Fri. (Register) 10:00-10:20am (Play) 10:30-12:00 noon (Play)smash) 10:30-12:00 noon (ground stroke, volley, Tues & Thurs 10:30-11:30 (ground stroke, volley, smash) Tues & Thurs 10:30-11:30


VB Membership Blitz Sw VBimMReemgbisetrrsahtiiopnBlitz BiSkw e iAmucRteiognistration VBBiFkiereAwuocrtkiosn Rogers Rookie Tournament VB Fireworks Girls Tennis Day Rogers Rookie Tournament 200 Metre Open Swim Girls Tennis Day Fishing Derby 200 Metre Open Swim Flea Market Fishing Derby Flea Market Clean-Up BeFalecah MEvaerknetst BoFolekaSMaalerket Clean-Up TeBeenacMhoEviveenNtisght SpBoorotsk DSaayle igehnt t SoTceceenr MToovuirenN am RoSgpeorrstsRDoaoykie Tournament r oTvoiuerN naigmhet nt LaSdoicecseM MRaosgteerrss TReononkisieTToouurnrnaammeennt t ovaiesqNuiegrhatde ChLial driesn’sMM stertrseTOenpneins STowuim rnament 80M0aM SaCnhdilcdarestnle’s BMuailsdqinugerade La8k0e0WMinentriepeOgpeFonuSnw daim tion Info Night BaSnadndocnasthtlee BBeuailcdhing JuLnaikoer TWeinnnniispeToguFronuanmdeantiton Info Night MBeann’sdGoonlftThoeuBrneaam chent SlJou-nPiotcrhTeBnansiesbTaolluTrnoaum rneanmt ent 30M+enD’sinG neorlf &ToDuarnacm e ent DSoglo-SPhiotcwh Baseball Tournament Fa3m ilyDTiennnneirs &NiDgahnt ce 0+ LaDdoiegsSGhoolw f Tournament TeFeanmSilcyaTveennngiesrNHiguhntt TeLeandiEevseGntolf Tournament VBTeCelnubScRaavfeflneger Hunt Senior Tennis Tournament Teen Event Bike Race VB Club Raffle Junior Golf Tournament Senior Tennis Tournament Duplicate Bridge Tournament Bike Race VB Volunteer Appreciation Junior Golf Tournament Cross Country Run Duplicate Bridge Tournament Volleyball Tournament ppereetciniagtion VBVBClVuobluAnnteneuralAM CrosWinnipeg s CountryFoundation Run Lake Walk -a- thon NoVvoellletyybTaelnl nToisuTrnoaum rneanmt ent B CGloulbf TAonunrnuaam l Menetet&inDg inner 55V+ Lake Winnipeg Foundation Walk -a- thon Novelty Tennis Tournament EX & DU inneB r 55+ GV olf TB ournamC ent L





Sat, Sun, June 29 & 30 All Day SuSna.t,JSuunne, 3J0une 29 & 30 10A:l0l 0Daaym-noon SuSnu.nJ. uJnuene3030 2:1000:0p0mam-noon SuSnu.nJ. uJnuene3030 102::4050 ppm m 1:00-3:00 Wed. July 3 Sun. June 30 10:45 pm Friday, July 5 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm 1:00-3:00 Wed. July 3 Sat. July 6 1:00 pm Friday, July 5 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Sat. July 6 9:00 am-11:00 am Sat. July 6 1:00 pm Sat. July 6 1:00-3:00 pm Sat. July 6 9:00 am-11:00 am Sat. July 6 3:00-5:00 pm S a t . J u l y 6 :0-0nopomn Sun. July 7 101::3000-a3m pm SuSna.t.JJuulyly76 1:30:00-03-:50:000pm WSeudn. .JJuulyly170 9:1000:3p0mam-noon SaStu. nJ.uJlyu1ly3 7 101::0000-a3m:0-0nopomn m SuWne. dJ.uJlyul1y410 109::0000 apm noon TuSeastd. aJyu,lyJ1u3ly 16 1:1000:-030:0a0mp-m WSeudn. .JJuulyly1174 7:1000:0p0mam SaTut,eSsudnayJ, uJluyly2016&21 Al1l :D0a0y-3:00 pm m-noon SaWt.eJdu. lJyu2ly017 107::0000 apm SaSta. tJ, uSluy n20July 20 &21 1:A0l0l Dpamy am SuSna.t.JJuulyly2210 101:00:000am -n-onoonon pm WSeadt.. JJuullyy 2240 7:10:0 0pm WSeudn. .JJuulyly2241 9:1000:0p0mam-noon WW ede,dT. hJuurlsy J2u4ly 24 & 25 Al7l :D0a0ypm FrW i. eJdu.lyJu2l6y 24 9:00 pm SaWt.eJdu, lTyh2u7rs July 24 & 25 9:A0l0l Daamy Evening SaFtr.i.JJuulyly2276 SuSnatJ. uJluyly2827 119::0000 aam m TuSeast.. ,JJuulyly2370 6:E3v0e-n7i:n3g0 WSeudn. JJuullyy 3218 11:00 am WTeude.sJ.u,lyJu3ly1 30 9:60:030p-m 7:-3101:00 pm FrW i. eAdu.gJ.3uly 31 9:00 pm-11:00 pm SaWt.eAdu. gJu3ly 31 109::0000 apm m--41:10:000pm pm Sat, Sun, Mon Aug 3, 4, 5 All Day Fri. Aug.3 9:00 pm-11:00 pm Sun. Aug 4 10:00 am Sat. Aug 3 10:00 am-4:00 pm Wed. Aug. 7 Sat, Sun, Mon Aug 3, 4, 5 All Day Wed. Aug. 7 6:50 pm Sun. Aug 4 10:00 am Fri. Aug 9 7:00 – 10:00 pm Wed. Aug. 7 Sat. Aug. 10 9:00 am Wed. Aug. 7 6:50 pm Sat. Aug 10 9:30 am F r i . A u g 9 Sat. Aug 10 117::0000 a–m10:00 pm SatAug. . Aug11 . 10 9:00 am 9:30 am, Walk 10:00 am Sun. Registration SaSta, tS. uAnugAu1g0. 17 & 18 Al9l :D3a0yam 11:00 am MSoant.. SAeupgt.190 Sun. Aug. 11 Registration 9:30 am, Walk 10:00 am Sat, Sun Aug. 17 & 18 All Day E C U TMIonV . SeE pt. 9 C O M M I T T E E - 2 0 1 3 Melanie Charbonneau EMPLOYEES:




Maureen Neuendorff Melanie Charbonneau



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Tori Grant (Head Assistant) Emily Brownell


Trish Nesbitt, Lise Simonsen, Pam Beazley BrTardish& NAensnbdirtte,aLiNseecShiw meodniusekn, Pam Beazley StBuraardt M & cAPnhnedrrseoan Nechwediuk RoSbtuHaertsM tecr Pherson Ben Drybrough, VB Tennis Staff Rob Hester Nancy Sarchuk & Robert Kennedy Ben Drybrough, VB Tennis Staff Swim Instructors Nancy Sarchuk & Robert Kennedy Jona & Brent Green Swim Instructors Joanne Gibson & Deb Covernton Jona & Brent Green Lorraine Cook BrJiodagnent eBeGdibasrdon&&LaDuerba CMocvDeornntaolnd CoCozkech-Manek Families MLeoardraoiwnes & ReBcridSgtaeftf Bedard & Laura McDonald LeMaeha&doTw eds K&oCsozekcohw-sMkaynek Families ReRxecNeSutaefnf dorff & Stino Siragusa BeLneaDhry&bTroeudgKho, sVoBkToewnsnkiys Staff enadcoFrafrfla&neStino Siragusa ShRaenxnNoenuM StBeevne DCroyobkro&ugShtu, aVrBt JTeunzdnais Staff DoSuhgan&noKnrisMtiaecPFoalrllaarnde StiemveInCstoroukct&orSs tuart Juzda Sw ugae&, CKoriosktie& PMolelarddows Families MDaocR ShSewiliamGIrnosvterur ctors ReMcaScRtaafef , Cook & Meadows Families MSehlaeniliae GCrhoavrebronneau & Anil Kaul KaRrel cHSutcahffison DiM anealaW nieilsCohnarbonneau & Anil Kaul DaKnarSl cHhuotctthison BrDuicaenaKW lieiw lseorn CaDraonl FSocrhsoyttthe ShBeruriclleZKellliieswer ReCcarSotlaFfforsythe ReScheSrtiallffZellis ArRroelcl SStteaw ff art & Judy Walker Carol Forsythe Rec Staff Andrea Plante & Roslyn Smyth Arroll Stewart & Judy Walker Ed & Adam Boge Carol Forsythe Fran Pollard & Donna Thain Andrea Plante & Roslyn Smyth Brenda Vielhaber & Wendy Derksen Ed & Adam Boge The Johnson Family Fran Pollard & Donna Thain Sophie McGoey & Lisa Lucht MBaruernedean VNieeulheanbdeorrf&f Wendy Derksen The J&oMatt hnsonHall Family Susan StSinoophSiieraMgucG saoey & Lisa Lucht eneaNtheeurenWdiollorfuf ghby AlM leanu&reH Susan & Matt Hall Stino Siragusa Allen & Heather Willoughby

2013 CHILDREN’S MOVIE LIST Movies start at 7:30 pm at the Clubhouse




July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Message from VB Club President Victoria Beach Club


PAST PRESIDENT Melanie Charbonneau PRESIDENT Maureen Neuendorff VICE PRESIDENT Anil Kaul SECRETARY Wendy Derksen TREASURER Cathy Finnbogason DIRECTOR AT LARGE Brenda Vielhaber

Victoria Beach Club


VB HERALD PUBLISHER Lana Meier HERALD EDITOR Barb Pritchard Kevin Dubé MEMBERSHIP Jenny Hasenack-Bru Lisa Lucht Trish Nesbitt SPECIAL EVENTS Ellie Black Carol Falkenberg SWIMMING Brad & Anndrea Nechwediuk TENNIS Bryan and Lisa Yagi PLANNED GIVING Bruce Eyford

Just as the VBC could not operate without the revenue from our membership dues, it would come to a complete standstill without the work from all of its volunteers and staff. Have you every disturbed an anthill? I’m sure most of you have. Isn’t it amazing what happens? From this innocuous mound of dirt comes such a flurry of activity from thousands of ants! An ant hill really looks quite ordinary from the outside, but what is really interesting is that what makes an ant hill alive is really happening on the inside. Take a closer look inside and you will see a very highly organized structure with millions of ants that each have a very specific job but who work collectively to support the organization. I think that the VBC is very similar to this. Although our programs are readily observed throughout the summer, you cannot see all the “ants” that are hard at work doing their specific jobs and working together to produce our beautiful (not ordinary) “anthill”. It is only when you “disturb” the hill by getting involved in the club that you begin to appreciate the flurry of activity that makes our hill so very special. This was certainly my experience. My children actively participated in all the VBC programs as they were growing up. We played tennis and attended many of the special activities. I had absolutely no idea how many people were involved in providing me

with these wonderful experiences until I got involved myself. Did you know that the average life expectancy of a worker ant is 1-3 years? Similarly we cannot expect our volunteers to work forever. We need more ants! We have several positions that will be vacant after this summer. Elected positions such as president, vice-president, treasurer and director at large are all at the end of their terms. Appointed officers such as special events and swimming are also at the end of their term. There is an immediate need to appoint a new facilities convener. This is a person who would oversee the facilities of the VBC including the library, clubhouse and recreation director’s cottage, but would not actually be responsible for doing any of the maintenance. Full detailed descriptions of any of these positions are available if you are interested. Feel free to contact me and we can chat! You may recall that last summer I issued a challenge to everyone. That challenge was to get more physically active. How did you do with that? Well, this summer I want to issue a new challenge. I want to challenge you to disturb the anthill – come inside and see what all of the flurry is all about. Cheers, Maureen Neuendorff

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Cottages: Don’t Drop the Ball on Capital Gains Jack and Elly have a cottage. They are selling their house in town and moving into an apartment, and plan to keep the cottage in the family to give to the kids. Worried about capital gains, they see an advisor. The advisor calculates the capital gains tax payable on their house in Winnipeg as $15,000. The capital gains tax payable on the cottage in Ontario is far higher, in the neighborhood of $35,000. When a couple owns both a cottage and a home, they have a single principal residence exemption that can be used to shelter one of the two properties from capital gains taxes. Given the level of taxes pent up in the two properties, it will make sense for Jack and Elly to choose the cottage as their principal residence. Two pieces of advice become important if you might be in the same shoes as Jack and Elly. First, keep all of the receipts for capital improvements on both the house and the cottage. If you ultimately select the cottage to be your principal residence, you will want to have the receipts for the house. That is because you will be paying capital gains taxes on the house, and will want to be able to justify a high “adjusted cost base” on that property. The receipts help you justify that higher cost base and minimize capital gains taxes. Second, delay can be fatal. If you sell the house, or the cottage for that matter, you have to select one or the other to be your principal residence in that year. You cannot delay in making that choice. Depending on the choice you make, you may have to pay taxes and show the disposition on your next tax return. If you do delay and fail to file the necessary paper work, the tax people will effectively make the designation for you, and it may not be the one that makes the most sense for tax proposes. Thus, if you sell your house and fail to show that as a taxable disposition, having chosen the cottage as your principal residence, you may discover later that you are precluded from using the principal residence exemption to shelter capital gains on the cottage for the period of time that you owned the house.


Jack and Elly had no idea. They have not been keeping receipts for the house, only the cottage. They would never have thought to disclose a gain and pay capital gains on the sale of their house. Failing to do so would amount to a mistake, embracing the bigger tax bill later by overlooking the smaller tax bill now. After the house is sold, Jack and Elly are thinking of transferring the cottage to their three children. The transfer would take place next year and each child would have a one third interest. In the right circumstances, there might be some good reasons for Jack and Elly to do that, but none of those reasons relate to capital gains. Currently, each child has a house of their own, and a principal residence exemption they can use. The parents retain their principal residence exemption for gains on the cottage. That equates to four parcels of land, four principal residence exemptions, and no capital gains taxes. Good math. If the cottage is transferred to the three children, it creates three parcels of land. Add in the three houses the children already own. That equates to six parcels of land, three principal residence exemptions, and potential capital gains taxes that could have been avoided on some of those properties. Bad math. A person need only spend a few weeks a year vacationing at the cottage for it to be eligible as the person’s principal residence. A condo in Arizona can also qualify, or a houseboat in France, or even a RV. When it comes to land, the maximum surface area that can be protected is generally 1.23 acres (being one- half hectare). Jack and Elly are fictional but their problems are real. Dozens of clients consult me each year in the same boat -- some too late. You can’t protect yourself from taxes or build a good cottage succession plan unless you start with solid and specific answers relating to capital gains taxes and the principal residence exemption. John E. S. Poyser is a lawyer with Tradition Law LLP. Contact him at 204-947-6802 or, or visit www.traditionlaw. ca.

A Victoria Beach

Builder & Decorator • Building repair and building leveling • All types of building and painting • Design and drafting services

Scott Thain


For Junior and Adult Sailing Lessons, call Jona Green at 756-8292 For Memberships, Racing and Boat Storage, call Ryan Van Berkel, Commodore at 204-291-1775 or or visit


July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


Victoria Beach Club website: Danielle Hall and I are pleased to announce that the Victoria Beach Club has a website! When you visit it, you will find all the events, schedules and contacts, current issues of the Victoria Beach Herald, some background on the role of the Club in the community, some photos, and (soon) a site for ride sharing. We felt that this last item is really important for riders and drivers to find each other and reduce the carbon footprint of driving to and from the lake. So, you know, use it.

Decisive. Direct.

The site is built to grow, and to do so we require feedback on content. We will attempt to respond to requests for information or other resources through the site, via the ‘contact us’ link. The site has been created in response to a request from VB Club President Maureen Neuendorff. We hope you like it! It’s been a pleasure to usher the Club into the World Wide Web. Christopher Thomas

Chieftain Roofing & Building Asphalt • Metal • Cedar

D. Wayne Leslie

Peter J. Davey

tel (204) 957 8321

tel (204) 957 8388

5” diameter aluminum eavestrough, ESTIMATES soffit & fascia Call Ray @ Grand Beach


Ph: 204-754-2479 Cell: 479-3274

Fillmore Riley LLP Barristers, solicitors and tradeMark agents




July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD young female enthusiasts, Margaret Meulendyke for helping with the pre-season clean-up and Gary Wingate from Blue Water Lawn Services for lending us his pressure-washer to clean the courts. Thank you, also, to Bev and Mike Lesiuk for transporting a ball cart and ball hoppers from Minneapolis to VB. And finally, thank you to Tennis Manitoba for inservicing our staff and helping out with our first Rogers Rookie tournament. With all of this support, we are certainly off to a great start! This week’s special events include Robert Kennedy’s lessons on Monday and Geoff Kirbyson’s Doubles Clinic on Wednesday. You can sign up for both of these at the kiosk. See you at the courts! Bryan and Lisa Yagi

What’s Love Got to Do with It? There is some debate about the origin of the word “love” in tennis scoring. One theory is that it derives from the French word l’oeuf, meaning ‘egg’, which resembles a “zero”. Another suggests that when you are playing poorly, and thus not scoring any points, you are simply playing for the “love of the game”. Whatever theory you adhere to, it is clear that there is widespread love for this game at VB. And this passion manifests itself in many ways…people buying tennis memberships to support programs and facilities, volunteers organizing special events, members donating their time to teach and inspire the next generation of players, and special people who work behind the scenes to lend a hand. We would like to thank Nancy Sarchuk for organizing Girls’ Tennis Day, Robert Kennedy for donating his time to coach our

Bridge News

We had 3 tables of bridge on both Monday June 24th and Wednesday June 26th. Duplicate bridge winners were Sheila Ruban and Donna Thain tied with Henry Krahn and Ken Capelle. Social bridge winners were Henry Krahn (1st), Barbara Sudermann (2nd) and Linda McMillan (3rd). See you at 6:50 Monday for duplicate bridge at the clubhouse. Bring a partner or call Ken at 756-3612 if you need one. Show up for social bridge on Wednesday at 1 PM. Bridge is $1.00 per person. Cold canned drinks are also sold for $1.00. Please buy a Victoria Beach Club membership as money from this supports our bridge club as well as all of the other activities that the Victoria Beach Club offers during the summer. The Bridge Convenors

(204) 891 2575 Painting, Lawn Care, Dump Trips, Window Washing, Pressure Washing, Staining

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


I went out for a bicycle ride last Saturday to Lester Beach and coming back I encountered a drunk male walking down the middle of the highway attempting to keep the world from seeing his “plumbers smile” (my apology now to all you plumbers). He had traffic stopped both ways as no one wanted to hit him with their vehicle. As I was on my day off I called the cavalry (the Victoria Beach Police) and they quickly attended and arrested him for being drunk in a public place. As I continued my ride home an RCMP truck passed me and stopped on the causeway and picked up 3 more similarly-affected individuals who were on Thompson Beach and they were also arrested. We were called after that once again by the RCMP to pick up and detain the fourth and last intoxicated person from the same beach location. We were also assisted by an RCMP off-duty officer who was on Thompson Beach with his family and witnessed the goings-on. And you thought we just drive or ride around with nothing to do. Speaking of bike riding, I urge all bicycle riders to be very careful at EVERY uncontrolled intersection. There are still cabs, service vehicles and Police vehicles on the roads. A cyclist and his son almost rode into the front of my truck last week and it was a good thing I was almost stopped. No motorist wants to injure anyone (walking or cycling). That brings us to the wearing of bicycle helmets. Anyone under 18 yrs. must have a bicycle helmet. Under 14? … the parent gets the ticket. 14-18? … you get to pay the ticket ( $63.10 ) The bicycle auction was today and we raised $311.00 (which goes straight back to the general R.M. coffers). We do not use that money for Tim Horton’s runs during the summer … as some have suggested we do. On a sad not, we had 4 bicycles stolen the day before the auction by someone who attended and put the 4 bikes in his truck and drove off. How sad is that? Pretty pathetic I think. Just so that you know, that is a theft and is an arresting offence … so for 4 old beach bikes you risk a criminal record (assuming you don’t already have one). Next year don’t be surprised if we have a fenced compound for the bikes. We have a Koss CD stereo with 2 speakers.......I found it in the winter under a cabin I was checking. If it is yours come and collect it, including the Rod Stewart CD in the unit. Stewart MacPHERSON Chief of Police, Victoria Beach, MB 756-2322 w

Season Month 3 Weeks 2nd Car 2 Weeks 1 Week Weekend Daily $32.00 $26.00 $25.00 $23.00 $23.00 $13.00 $7.50 $5.50


Some Little Treasures available at the Bike Auction held last Sunday

VICTORIA BEACH CLUB MEMBERSHIP continued without the assistance of our family members. Pam would like to thank Gord, Julia and Rachel Beazley. Trish would like to thank Paul and Owen Infuso. Lise would like to thank Jack for being on bracelet detail. We would all like to thank Jenny Hasenack Bru for her guidance and assistance. We thank you for supporting the VB Club through your membership purchases and/or donations! Cottagers are reminded that memberships are non-transferable. Each family is expected to purchase their own membership to take advantage of all the VB activities. Renters are encouraged to purchase memberships as well! Drop-in fees for non-members are not allowed, members only. Members must wear their red wristbands at all special events and regular activities. Thanks again to all our canvassers for their wonderful help! Please call us with any questions or concerns regarding memberships. If you are interested in becoming a VB Membership Convenor or Canvasser next summer, we would be happy to hear from you! Have a great summer, Pam Beazley (756-3682) Trish Nesbitt (292-4378) Lise Simonson (791-3852)


July 5, 2013


Victoria Beach HERALD Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who gave their precious time on the July long weekend to canvass during this year’s VB Club Membership Drive! Canvassers are the essential component of the membership process. Many canvassers return YEAR AFTER YEAR to help our community maintain the traditions they hold dear. They collect the revenue needed to support the VB Club and all that it offers. Funds raised through the sales of memberships allow our community to offer a variety of programs that makes VB so memorable. Members can enjoy tennis lessons, arts and crafts, family games, bike hikes, movies, bridge, teen nights, aerobics, and yoga, as well as the special events such as beach events, the masquerade, and sports day (see your red VB calendar) and to help publish the weekly Herald. Our FABULOUS TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS for this important door to door canvassing includes: Alison Burnett, Allison Guest, Barb Hansford, Betty Lodewyks, Bev Underhill, Bill Mitchell, Carol Falkenberg, Carolynn Osborn, Christine Ateah, Clarice Mathews, Dana Jessiman, Diane Eyford, Don Spangelo, Doug Stewart, Greg Thomas & Sheila Grover, Hedy Heppenstall, Jeannette Charbonneau, Jen Campbell, Joan Dawson, Judy Walker, Karen Mitchell, Kathy Heffernan, Kathy McKibbin, Keith Burr, Leah Kosokowsky, Linda Angus, Lindsay Duke, Lisa Lucht, Lise Simonsen, Lise Wall, Lynne Paterson, Mary McIntosh, Meaghan Proulx, Michelle Brownell, Nancy Edmond, Nancy Hodgson, Rex Neuendorff, Rose & Kyle Buskuk, Rosemary Scurfield, Scott McDonald, Sharon Hollins, Stephanie & Murray McCaig, Susan Pollard, Suzy Hester, Terry & Dianne Boyce and Trish Nesbitt. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For those who missed the drive, memberships are $40 for the season and can be purchased during the summer at: • The Library and Tennis Courts during regular hours • The Information Booth at the VB Gate from 8:00am-8:00pm We would also like to recognize the staff that will be selling VB Club Memberships for us this season. Thanks to Jevian Haywood at swimming, Emily Meadows and Jenna CechManek at the library, Ben Drybrough and the tennis court attendants and the staff at the Information Booth at the VB Gate this season. As well, thanks to John Heppenstall who helped with the printing of our membership calendar. We couldn’t have coordinated this year’s drive

continued on Page 23

Beach Events July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Recognize anyone? A look back at Beach Events 2006

Calling All VB Club Kids!! Next Sunday, July 7th is Beach Events!! Fun Fun Fun from 10:30 a.m. to Noon. Blow bubbles, toss toilet paper (who doesn’t like to do that?), shoot water guns (maybe at mom; NOT AT DAD), make the leap down the watery yellow beach slide, go fishing, search for buried TREASURE … who would miss this!?! So here is the plan: make sure you have your VB Club Membership and wear your wristbands. If Mom & Dad are all tuckered out from the Flea Market on Saturday, DRAG THEM OUT OF BED! Set your alarm clocks early to make sure you get a good breakfast and be ready to PLAY HARD! That is the plan.

Canada/U.S. Customs Brokers • Trade consultants Serving Manitoba Business Since 1901

CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE 809-167 Lombard Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3H8

Ph: (204) 947-6851 Fax: (204) 947-3306 Winnipeg • Calgary • Toronto • Vancouver • Pembina, N.D.





July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Super Soccer Sunday • July 14

It is time for the annual V.B. Soccer Tournament taking place at the Sports Field on Sunday, July 14th. We will kick-off the day with the Kid’s Division (7 to 10 years) at 10:00 A.M., followed by the Youth Division (11 to 14 years) and finally the Open Division (15 years and up), starting at high noon. The philosophy of this fun tournament remains “Soccer Light”. The goal for the day is fun and participation. Teams will consist of a keeper and five players on the field with a minimum of two members of the opposite gender on the field at all times. You may have as many substitutes on your team as you like. Individuals who do not have a team need not worry, just sign up and we will find a team for you! It is important to note that bare feet or running shoes will be acceptable footwear for the day, absolutely NO cleats will be allowed! We encourage you to bring water and sunscreen. Water will be available for purchase at the Sports Field on the day of the tournament. Please submit your team name, division category and roster no later than 6 P.M. on Saturday, July 13th (no exceptions!) You can call either Stino or Rex at the numbers listed below, or feel free to drop off your submission at 311 2nd Avenue. Are your playing days over but still love the game? Why not come down and volunteer to referee a game or two? We welcome anyone interested in refereeing to come down to the Sports Field on Sunday to help out.

If last year’s champions could return the trophies to the Sports Field on the day of the tournament that would be greatly appreciated! See you on the field! Stino Siragusa 996-0121 Rex Neuendorff 756-2504

Left to Right: Bob (yes he is carrying his Nitro), Derek, Kelly, Peter, Kendra, Diane, Mike, Jim, Gord, Mike, Gail, Maureen, Bernie, Jelena, Bruce. Another great day for a ride! We had 13 riders out for Saturday, 15 on Sunday and 18 on Monday. After a late start to the riding season we are seeing a good turnout of our regulars, plus some new riders as well. We have a mixture of seasoned veterans and keen new riders. We range in age from 18 to 70 years. Our daily rides take us past Saffies at Albert Beach, Hillside Corner and Lakeshore Road to Lester Beach. We are usually done in a little over an hour and a half, and some of are “done” earlier. For more information contact Bob Marshall 204 756-8255 email

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Victoria Beach Adult Dance Theme: Classy • Date: July 27, 2013 Time: 7pm-1am Beach BBQ & Apps: 7pm-Sundown Dance Party All Night! Where: VB Clubhouse Tickets: $30 (available next weekend) Featured Band: The Blackout City Kids

Stay tuned for more details in next week’s Herald

Notice of Annual Meeting Victoria Beach Cottage Owners Association


VB Community Church Schedule The Victoria Beach Community Church services will be starting for another summer on Sunday July 7th. We are an interdenominational church and have a choir every Sunday. We welcome anyone who would like to join in the singing to come at 10:20 am for practice. Our speakers are from a variety of churches, mostly in Winnipeg. July 7th - Majors Ray and Cathy Harris of the Salvation Army July 14th - Reverend Pat Wotton of the United Church July 21st - Reverend Murray Henderson of the Anglican Church July 28th - Alex Cross of Wayside Gospel Church All are welcome! Refreshments will be served after the first service on July 7th.

The annual general meeting is tentatively planned for Sunday, July 14th at 1 P.M. at either the VB Club House or at the Seniors Scene. The final date, location and time will be posted on the bulletin boards in the Village Green and at the Parking Lot and hopefully in next week’s Herald

if the availability of location is received in time. The agenda will include the Dr.’s Office, amalgamation, executive elections, and other issues as tabled. Brian Hodgson, President VBCOA


Booked for 10 weeks The Anglican Parish of St. Michael


The Anglican Parish of St. Michael 8th and Pine, VB invites you to worship with us each Sunday in July and August at 9:00 am in a service of Holy Communion. Note: September 1st we will recommence regular services at 11:30 am

Please join us… all are welcome!


July 5, 2013

Getting it Done !

By way of introduction, here is the contingent of East Siders volunteering on behalf of Lake Winnipeg Foundation. While we come from a broad variety of backgrounds and experiences, our goal is the same: to restore the health of Lake Winnipeg. LWF President is Karin Boyd; Vice-Pres is Sheila Grover; Golf fore Water chair is John Heppenstall; VB Walkathon co-chairs are Susan and Matt Hall, all from VB. Local board members (past and present) and frontline workers include Janet and Mike Sampson, Dianne Sallans (our Treasurer), Bill McDonald, Sylvia Rodriguez Gigliotti, Greg Thomas and new to the ‘senate’ of retired and former board members, Dick Dawson and Kristie Pearson Pollard. Behind them is a small army of great people who pitch in with all our events and activities and without whom nothing could be done. Thank you, one and all! We are a science-based non-profit group, with policies and projects informed by an astonishing collection of knowledgeable scientists who give their time and expertise to the Foundation so we can make good decisions. For information on this Science Advisory Council, please visit our website Our mission is to identify and support solutions that restore and protect the lake and its watershed through research, public education, stewardship and collaboration. The solutions lie within that same watershed because what we do on all those waterways affects the lake. From the floodwaters of Alberta in the west to South Dakota in the south and the height of land just this side of Lake Superior, all that water is received into our great lake: a million square miles that is home to millions of people, animals, sewage systems, factories and farms. Challenging, yes. Do-able, yes. The lake is not dead. The solutions are within our grasp. The challenge is political will, collaboration and resource investment. That is why we need your help through membership and donations. Our fundraisers this summer are Golf fore Water golf tourney at Larters at St. Andrews on Tuesday July 16 (see ad in this Herald or go to, which will be a golfing good time. The 6th annual Walk-a-Thon will be held in VB on Sunday August 11 in the morning, starting at the Clubhouse. Something new this year for families with small children is a 2.5 km loop through the beach,

Victoria Beach HERALD a compact version of the 5 km. version. Also new is a chance to let people know why you think the Walk is important by wearing a “I’m walking for…” pinnie. Will you be walking for your children or grandchildren to make the lake cleaner? Or in thanks to your parents who made the effort to get you to the beach for your summer fun? Maybe its because your friends in Regina let you know that they are taking more care with the detergents they use. Who will you walk for? The pledge forms for the Walk will be out this week to help you enlist sponsors. We cannot do this without you. Lastly, you are cordially invited to the VB Information Night at the Clubhouse on Wednesday July 24th to get an update on what’s going on with the lake, LWF’s new initiative, the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan. We’ll also hear about the new Brokenhead Interpretation Trail opened last year in Scanterbury on Hwy. 59 to showcase both the critical role of wetlands and the fascinating and fragile ecosystems found there. It will be interesting and fun.

Council News Tax and Water Notices

You should be receiving your 2013 Tax and Water notices at your home address. Payment is due by Wednesday, July 31, 2013 and a late fee will start accruing on any payments received after that date. Please contact the RMVB office for payment options and any further information.

Council Meeting

Please join us for our upcoming Council Meeting at the Municipal Office at 303-960 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, on Tuesday, July 9th. Our next Council Meeting is on July 23 at the Sr. Scene, starting at 7 p.m.

Leaves and Brush Piles

Our chipping contractor has completed one full run of our RM. Small brush can be stacked and wrapped with string for the garbage collectors to pick up but no further brush should be added to any leftover piles. A huge thank you to the many cottagers who are bagging your leaves. Bagged leaves are recycled and used as compost on a nearby farm whereas the unbagged piles ultimately end up in the landfill being burned. Visit our website at for updates and information relating to your RM. Penny McMorris, Councillor

Canada/U.S. Customs Brokers • Trade consultants Serving Manitoba Business Since 1901

CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE 809-167 Lombard Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3H8

Ph: (204) 947-6851 Fax: (204) 947-3306 Winnipeg • Calgary • Toronto • Vancouver • Pembina, N.D.



July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD



1–3 pm at the clubhouse

Once again, a great opportunity to help the Victoria Beach Community Club and to pass on your treasures that are in good condition and need a new home. Last year, our crew raised $3,100 for our clubhouse. As your flea market conveners this year, Deb and I hope that everyone, both new and experienced will again support this important event. We believe that thanks to your ongoing support and encouragement and with the support of our wonderful VB community, our 2013 VB Club Flea market will again be a success. Please come down to the VB Clubhouse to help with pick ups, set up, pricing, sorting, etc. between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.…. the earlier the better. If you have a truck, please see us to pick up your assigned truck route and bring a partner and a crew if possible. Please bring work gloves if you are joining a truck crew. As for all our other volunteers, we will supply the latex gloves for sorting, pricing, etc. If you have past flea market experience, please identify yourself and your area of expertise –pick up trucks, antiques, toys, artwork, linens, electrical, sporting goods, furniture, pricing, etc.




Fax: 754-2135 Cell: 754-7205 Showroom hours: Grandmarais, MB0T0 BoxBox 59, 59, Grand Marais, MB R0E e-mail: Sat. and Sun. 12-5, or by appt Showroom: Corner Fey Road and 59 Hwy.

“Reuse, Renew and Recycle”

Please put your articles out on the roadside by 8 a.m. Saturday morning, July 6th. Regretfully articles put out on Friday evening may disappear. Please note that the Flea Market will only accept small electrical appliances that are in good working order and CSA approved. Please box your books and label separately for the book sale on Sunday. The following items will NOT BE PICKED UP: mattresses, sofas, love seats, large appliances, TVs, microwaves, electric fry pans, car seats, bed frames, cribs, toilets, carpets, building supplies, fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, gas BBQs and please … no dirty or broken items and no clothing! If you have a questionable treasure, please call us for advice before Saturday. Finally, we need a big clean up crew as well. Just arrive between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 7th. We are also looking for a charity interested in picking up leftover treasures for a good cause. Please call Mavis Whicker 756- 2894 or 488-8633 if you have any charity contacts. Volunteers can arrive to help anytime after 7:45 a.m. on Saturday and are free to stay as long or as little as you would like. We look forward to seeing everyone once again at The VB Flea Market. Deb Covernton – 756 3505 Joanne Parker–Gibson - 756 3486

Attention VB Cottage Owners

For your no obligation quotation on cottage, house or boat insurance CALL US AT


337 PEMBINA HWY., WINNIPEG, MANITOBA R3L 2E4 PHONE: (204) 452-4913 FAX: (204) 477-4220


July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach Book Sale Sun., July 7 The annual Victoria Beach Book Sale will take place on Sunday July 7th from 1-3 p.m. at the Clubhouse! This is a great chance to stock up on your summer beach reads!! Some selections of books that will be offered are children’s, young adult, mystery, romance, science fiction and more! All the money raised goes directly to the Library and for purchasing new books! If you want to donate books or magazines from home or cottage, please drop them off at the Library during regular hours. You can also leave your books on the boulevard by 8:00am on Saturday July 6th to be picked up with the Flea Market donations. No Reader’s Digest, Dictionaries or Encyclopedia’s please! Thanks in advance for your support! We always need help setting up and running the Book Sale. If you can help, stop by the Library and let the librarians know of your availability. Volunteers are needed from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Saturday July 6th and 12:30-4:00 p.m on July 7th.

Victoria Beach HERALD

Tennis Lessons with Robert Kennedy

Mondays July 8, 15, 22

Ages 4-6 with parent

45 Mins. 1:00-1:45 $5.00

Ages 8-12

1 hour

Adult beginners

1.5 hours 3:00-4:15 $10.00

Adult intermed/ advance

1.5 hours 4:15-5:30 $10.00

2:00-3:00 $5.00

Sign up at tennis kiosk

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Special Events Loving the Beach!! Carol and I are so pleased to be part of this wonderful community. Many activities are planned for this upcoming weekend beginning with the Fishing Derby organized by Jona and Brent Green. All fisherkids are asked to report at 9.00-11.00 a.m. on Saturday, July 6th at the pier. Thank you so much Green Family. The 200 Meter Open Swim follows shortly after with a scheduled start of 1.00 p.m. at the pier. Thank you to all of our devoted Swim instructors for making this event possible. Meanwhile Joanne Gibson and Deb Covernton will be busy organizing a VB favourite, the Flea Market. Check out the Clubhouse from 1-3 p.m. on July 6th for a FUN time! The Flea Market is a huge endeavor and our lovely Lorraine Cook has stepped up to the plate for Clean up. If you can spare an hour or so please report to the Clubhouse at 3p.m. to help Lorraine out with this laborious task. Kudos to Deb, Joanne and Lorraine! YOU ROCK LADIES! On Sunday, July 7th Beach Events are scheduled from 10.30 to noon and are headed up by the lovely Bridget Bedard and Laura Mc Donald. Thank you ladies for taking this event on again this summer. Rounding out Sunday afternoon is the much-loved Book Sale. Doors are open from 1-3pm and the sale is being hosted by the Meadows and Czech-Manek families. Please offer them a huge thank you if you happen to drop by for a look. For the love of Pete, I’m still blabbing on. Carol and I are officially finished our term as Special Event Coordinators for the Victoria Beach Club at the end of this summer. We would be delighted to show anyone who is interested the ropes. Over the last two years we have put together a file that is AMAZING!!!! We would be thrilled to pass it along. I’ll even throw in a bottle of wine. In all seriousness please consider volunteering especially if you and your children are/ or have taken part in VB’s special events. Carol can be reached at 756-2821 and I am available at 756-3389. Please call. Best, Carol Falkenberg and Elly Black Special Events Coordinators


Editor’s note: this piece was intended to appear in the June 28th edition of the Herald but was omitted by mistake. We present it this week along side this week’s edition of Special Events. Welcome to the summer of 2013. Carol and I are delighted to once again share the position of Special Events Coordinator. We are so impressed by the many volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to make this summer as fabulous as possible. As a result, Carol and I are so pleased about the rocking schedule that has been planned for the next seven weeks. You have all made our job so easy. Thank you! Many thanks To Rob Hester for heading up the fireworks on Sunday, July 30th at Clubhouse Beach beginning at 10.45pm. Swim registration is earlier that day at the Clubhouse from 10.00am until noon. Brad and Anndrea Nechwediuk once again are in charge of this important activity and so many thanks to you both as well. The avenues will be filled with efficient and friendly ladies/gentlemen canvassing for the Victoria Beach Club on Saturday and Sunday, July 29th and 30th. This is a huge job and requires many hours. Trish Nesbitt, Lise Simonsen, Pam Beazley and their devoted team deserve a huge round of applause for all their hard work and effort. Yay us! Carol Falkenberg and Elly Black Special Events Coordinators

Beach Lawyers Jim Edmond

Jeff Hirsch



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July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Librarian Biographies Hi! My name is Emily Meadows and I just graduated from St. Mary’s Academy. I’ve been spending summers at V.B. since I was a baby. Next year I will be attending Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton for Musical Theatre. This year I was Head Girl of my school, I played Anne in “Anne of Green Gables” and Gaston in “Beauty and the Beast”. I also played the role of Sandy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” at St. Paul’s High School. I’m looking forward to another great summer at the beach!

Rec Director’s Report

Hi VB kids! What a great week one! We have lots more fun planned. Here’s the plan for week 2: The craft will be “sunflowers” Tuesday movie is Brave Thursday movie is Hotel Transylvania Bike hike will be to the Lost Lagoon. All riders need a helmet. Please remember to pack a swimsuit and towel if you want to swim, bug spray, snack and sunscreen. As a reminder, all kids games and golf lessons are in the sports field behind the moonlight on the way to the clubhouse. Our first teen event of the year is a movie starting at 9 p.m. at the clubhouse. The movie will be Pitch Perfect. The canteen will be open. Remember to wear your wristbands to all events.


P.O. Box 150 Victoria Beach, MB R0E 2C0


My name is Jenna CechManek and I am really excited to be working at the Library this summer. I just finished Grade 10 at St.Mary’s. I enjoy being physically active, playing sports and dancing. I love coming down to VB. I am looking forward to peer jumping, morning aerobic classes, reading, hanging out with friends and the banana chocolate chip muffins from the bakery! Can’t wait to see you at the Library!

VB Yacht Club News

And we’re back, don’t you just love those shortened work weeks? I could get used to that. Don’t get too comfy in that beach chair though, the lake calls. This summer is your chance to get you and John your family out on the water and living the thrill of sailing, and & don’t Bob worry there will still be plenty of time for golf, tennis, the beach, sunsets… I could go on, are we lucky to be down here or what? As usual the VBYC has a full slate of learn to sail programs for all ages running all summer. We have top-notch certified coaches who will teach you everything you need to know and more while making sure you have fun on the water. Check out the posters around the beach or pick up a brochure at the VB store. The club website: www. also has all the info you need and the link for registration is right on the homepage, it’s easy! If you already know how to sail we’ve got club boats for you all set to hit the water, or if you want a real thrill come down and crew on a catamaran in the weekend races. Junior sailors don’t miss regular Saturday races starting at 1pm to hone your skills and get valuable coaching tips. Summer is just getting started, why not get started on a new life skill/sport/hobby? The lake calls. Roger Ritsema

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Meet Your Swim Instructors for Summer 2013! Jevian Haywood Hi there, I am the head swim instructor for the swim program here at VB. I have spent summers at the lake all my life, and am looking forward to some great beach days, and hopefully not too many mosquitos, this summer! I am headed into my last year of a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in Psychology at U of M next year. I like playing volleyball, soccer and doing yoga. I am most excited to teach the preschool levels and bronze classes this summer.


Classic Breakfast




One coupon per customer please. Not valid with any other promotional offer. No cash value. Welcomed only at A&W Selkirk Restaurant. Valid until Sept. 1, 2013


Here are our 6 Victoria Beach Club swim instructors for the upcoming 6 weeks. Stay safe in the sun and around the water this summer. Happy swimming!

Kristin Vielhaber Hi everyone, this is going to be my fourth year working as a swim instructor at VB! I am heading into my third year of education at the University of Winnipeg. I just got home from traveling in Peru, and am excited to get back to the swim docks! I enjoy yoga, kayaking, and my favorite level to teach is Level 3.

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July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD

Swim Instructors Summer 2013 Lanette Griffith This is my third summer teaching at VB. I am very excited for another fun filled summer at the lake! I love to swim, and I even swim backstroke for the University of Manitoba Bisons during the school year. I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree at the U of M and plan to go into education next year.

Daniele Hancock Hi everyone, I am Daniele and I am going into grade 12 at Saint John’s Ravenscourt next year. During the school year I enjoy playing soccer and ultimate with my friends. I spend my time at the cottage each summer. I have taken swimming lessons since I was 5 years old. One of my favorite things at Victoria Beach is eating the dream cookies from the bakery. Hope to meet you this summer!

Cleo Syverson Hello everyone! You may remember me as a rec. assistant for the past two years but, if not, my name is Cleo. I’m now headed on my way to my grade 12 year at Kelvin. I love reading, sewing, playing ultimate Frisbee and of course swimming! I love the game ‘red light, green light’ and front crawl, but I am honestly not that good at diving. Maybe we can practice together? I am so excited to hope into the lake and spend another wonderful six weeks eating happy face cookies. I look forward to seeing you all at the beach and swim dock! At last, happy summer!

Cady Jessiman Hi guys, my name is Cady, and I am going into grade 12 at Balmoral Hall School. I have taken swimming lessons at Victoria Beach my whole life and my favorite stroke to do is back crawl. My favorite things to do at VB are pier jumping and swimming at the beach. I’m looking forward to a great summer with everyone and will see you at lessons!

Ladies’ Night at VB! Bring $6.00, be prepared to have fun, get ready to watch a movie, and pay attention to those ticket stubs to see if you win a prize!! Oh, and visit, visit, visit … See you at the Clubhouse on Wednesday July 17th at 7:00 PM. Popcorn, and refreshments will be served, as usual. It is such a pleasure to host VB Ladies’ Night and I really look forward to seeing so many of you every year. Please mark this date on your calendar. See you then. Shannon

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


Cycle Racing comes to Hillside Beach The Manitoba Cycling Association and the Alter Ego cycling club invites all area residents to watch the 2013 Individual Time Trial Provincial Championships on Saturday July 6th beginning at Charlie Wall Park at Hillside Beach. Cyclists will be racing against the clock over distances between 10 and 40 kilometers in an out and back

loop on Hillside Beach Road, Lakeshore Road, and Belair Road. Spectators are welcome to cheer on the racers. If anyone is available to volunteer between 9 and 12 on race morning please contact Kim at Volunteers will be provided with lunch and much gratitude.

Children’s Fishing Derby

The annual Children’s Fishing Derby will be held this weekend -- a week earlier than normal this year due to some scheduling conflicts. We will also start an hour earlier as well. But fear not intrepid anglers, this should all add up to one thing … MORE FISH!! Let’s see if we can top the two Master Angler fish caught last year. All anglers 12 and under are invited to haul their parents out of bed, grab their gear and head down to the pier for some fishing fun from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Don’t forget your VB Club wristbands for admission.

2012 FIshing Derby Just a quick reminder that all Manitoba fishing regulations apply, one rod per angler and all barbs must be pinched. See you on the pier! Jona and Brent Green Fishing Derby Coordinators


July 5, 2013

Golf News

Hello everyone just a friendly reminder to sign up for the men’s and ladies golf tournaments on July 26th and 31st. Kids day is Tuesday, they can golf for only one dollar between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The golf course is in great shape so come out and enjoy a round of golf in your own back yard. Karl Hutchison, Manager

Victoria Beach HERALD

VB Club Raffle Aug 3

The annual raffle in support of the Victoria Beach Club will once again be held in the Village Green (across from the Bakery) on Saturday, August 3rd. The draw will take place at 4:00 p.m. (Rain date will be Sunday, August 4th). *This is an important fundraiser for the Club and we need your help: Donations (by businesses, families, individuals, or groups) of new items/gift certificates would be most appreciated! If you would like to make a monetary donation, we will be happy to purchase items on your behalf. All donations will be acknowledged. Please give us a call if you have a donation for the raffle; we would be happy arrange pick up. Many thanks! Arroll Stewart 756-2046 Judy Walker 756-3101

Aerobics Bootcamp

Aerobics Bootcamp will take place July 8th, 10th, and 12th. Please bring your light grey TheraBands , a yoga mat (clubhouse floor is a bit slippery), and proper footwear. If you need one, they are 6ft. long, available at Diamond Athletic, or Diane will have bands to sell for $10 on Wednesday at the Clubhouse. As always, remember your VB Club Member wristband!

The Best Spot on the Lot can be Yours! Tired of parking at the very back of the parking lot? Would you love to have rock star parking all summer long? Get your Best Spot in the Lot tickets now! They sell out every year and you don’t want to miss out. Win the prime spot in the parking lot and help raise money for the First Responders! You win and they win! Second place prize is 4 free taxi rides and third prize is a $50 gift certificate to Carol’s on Leon! Contact Ab or Betty Hansford at 306 - 8th Ave (204) 756 6454 or the Parking Lot for tickets. They will also be available for sale at the Flea Market on the 6th. PS - Ab and Betty really would like to retire and would love someone energetic to take over this fabulous fundraiser. Training is provided.

July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


Swimming Registration 2013 This year we had 173 swimmers register on our registration day, what a great turnout! Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteers for helping out with selling memberships, taking payment and keeping things organized on the swim registration day. Jevian, our head swim instructor, will be at the top of the swim dock from 9:30-11 a.m. each weekday morning for registration and any questions or concerns. Our other instructors are often running back and forth between the dock and beach so are unable to answer questions during their busy day. We will have adult lap swim again at the swim dock this year. Wear your VB club wristband and come down between 10 and 11 a.m. to do laps at the swim dock. Depending on instructor availability, we may be able to provide stroke correction, or time laps, for those 16 and older at adult lap swim. Also, keep your eyes peeled for info on our whiteboards (by the clubhouse and swim dock) about changes of lesson location, because of the conditions, and other important VB swim news. Happy swimming! The VB swim team

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July 5, 2013

Victoria Beach HERALD


Canada Day Celebrations

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July 5, 2013


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