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93nd year • Issue No. 8

A non-profit service of the Victoria Beach Club

Friday, August 10, 2018


For the second year running the youth soccer tournament final was decided in overtime with Lime Green scoring while the sides were down to three players each. A great competition last Monday! See pages 14 and 15 for photos.

victoria beach club special activities 2018 Volleyball Tournament Cross Country Run Dog Show Lake Winnipeg Foundation Walk for Water VB Club Annual Meeting Novelty Tennis Tournament 55+ Golf Tournament & Dinner

Sat., Aug. 11 Sat., Aug. 11 Sat., Aug. 11 Sun., Aug. 12 Sun., Aug. 12 Sat., Sun., Aug. 18 & 19 Mon., Sept. 11

9:00 AM 9:00 AM (registration) 11:00 AM 9:15 am (registration) 1:00 PM All Day All Day – Dinner 5:00 PM

Sports Ground Clubhouse Art Vincent Memorial Clubhouse Clubhouse Tennis Courts Golf Course

Sophie McGoey & Lisa Lucht The Johnson-Wiebe Family Barb Hansford & Trish Nesbitt Team LWF Suzy Cramp Duane Lucht & Frank Manning Peggy & Ken Maeren


Victoria Beach HERALD

August 10, 2018

~ Beach People ~ As the tide swells towards the August long weekend, and we bask in the midsummer sweetness and light on Victoria beach, the summer sings itself. (Loosely quoted from William Carlos Williams). We stop and reflect, and are reminded of our love for each other, our families and our friends and the blessing of Victoria Beach Summers. 337 Sunset is full of memories and reminders. Amanda Heffelfinger and her partner Steve Perks are here with sons Sidney Dillon and Hector Cameron who are visiting for the first time in many years. Hector brought girlfriend Fregine for her first visit and they enjoyed tennis, golf, euchre and a trek to Elk Island. Sidney especially was revisiting his childhood and imagining what it might have been like when his grandparents George and Jane Heffelfinger were here in the 60’s and 70’s. In between pouring over Sheila Grover and Greg Thomas’s book “100 Summers on Lake Winnipeg”, he cooked from the era, presenting us with afternoon tea, replete with egg salad and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. He made pecan slices, Jane’s go to recipe from her battered copy of the Joy of Cooking, and he made a crisp with Saskatoon berries. We giggled about tomato aspic, but did not attempt a jelly salad. Honorary “VBer” Marilyn Perks is also here for her third summer of fun with new-found soulmates Marg Hirschfield, Elsie

Hughes and Nonnie Reid and has settled in cheerfully with the bridge community. Expected in the near future is my daughter Lucia Heffelfinger Orser who starts the MBA program at the Sauder School of Business in the fall. Her sister Eleanor will be missed as she is spending her second summer watching for fires from a tower on Muskeg Mountain near Fort McMurray. After the long weekend, Park, his wife Charmaine, and their daughters Franny- fresh home from Barcelona where she and her classmates won a whopping 19 medals at the World Scholars Cup- and Ema Jane, will be here for a 7-day visit. We laze on the beach with friends old and new, Jamie Scott and Scott Haywood, Allison and Doug Guest, Dale and Ian Reid, Kathy Heffernan and Andrew Smith, Connie Macdonald and Tom Robinson, Christine McCrady (Donovan), Margot Langdon and Ross Martin, Gerry and Michelle Haggland, Barb Pritchard and Kevin Dube, Colin Reid and his Sharon, Karen Mitchell, Linda Nelson and Tom Hayward, Ian Ross and Cathy Pitfield and all of their beautiful children and friends. With joy in our hearts, we remember our parents, George and Jane, who settled on this lot at 337 Sunset in 1958. Love to you all. Lisa Heffelfinger

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VICTORIA BEACH CLUB 2018 - SUMMER ACTIVITIES - 2018 Membership wristbands are required at all activities.

Yoga (Adults & Teens): Mon & Fri 9:00-10:15 AM / 10:45 AM-Noon Mairen Kops & Dabrowka Farah Wed. 10:00-11:30 AM Fitness Classes: Tues. & Thurs. 10:00-11:00 AM Julie McPetrie Arts & Crafts: Tuesdays 12:30-2:00 PM Lily Massé & Rec Assistants Bike Hikes: Wed. 10:00 AM-Noon (Ages 7-12) Rec. Assistants Duplicate Bridge: Mon. 6:30 PM Ken Capelle, Gail & Bob Henderson, Henry Krahn Mixed Bridge: Wed. 1:15 PM Joan Irving & Tammy McIntosh Movies: Tues. & Thurs. (see movie times below) Rec. Assistants Swimming Lessons: July 2 - Aug. 10 Safe Swim Team Swimming Inquiries: Mon. - Fri. 9:30-10:00 AM Tess Poulton French Lessons: Tues. 7:00-9:00 PM (In the Library) Sophie McGoey *ART Thursday: Thurs. 12 Noon-3:00 PM Barbara Pritchard *Paint Night: Saturday July 14, 7:00 PM Stephanie Schultz Trivia Night: Fri., Aug 3, 7:00-10:00 PM Bryan & Lisa Yagi *VB Film Festival: August 4 & 5, 7:30-9:30 PM Ida Smith North 59 Artist Collective Exhibition & Sale: August 5, 11:00 AM-4:00 PM Dianne Cameron, Jane Yagi, Kristian Gallenger


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Mon. & Wed. 11:00 AM-Noon, 7:00-8:00 PM Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 10:00 AM-Noon Sun. Noon-1:00 PM

Library Assistants

SPORTS GROUND ACTIVITIES Children’s Games: Family Recreation: Golf Lessons:

Youth Sport: Boot camp with Julie:

Recreation Assistants Mon. & Fri. 10:00-11:00 AM (Ages 4-10) Mon. Wed. Fri. 7:30-8:30 PM Tuesdays 10:00-10:45 AM (ages 6-11) Sports Field Thursdays 5:30 PM (ages 12-16) VB Golf Course Mon. & Fri. 10:00-11:00 AM (Ages 10-14) Art Vincent Memorial Stage 9:00-10:00 AM (See details and dates in The Herald)


Tennis Court Attendants Wed., 11:30 AM-12:15 PM and Fri., 12:30-1:15 PM (Ages 5-6) Tues. & Thurs. 1:00 -2:00 PM (Ages 7-9) Mon., 12:30-1:30 PM & Thurs., 2:00-3:00 PM (Ages 10 & over) Robert Kennedy Adult Lessons: Tues., July 17, 2:00-6:00 PM Kirbyson Junior Doubles Clinic: Mon., July 9, 2:00-5:00 PM Kirbyson Adult Doubles Clinic: Wed., July 11, 2:00-5:00 PM Junior Tennis Nights: Mon. & Wed. 6:00-7:30 PM (Ages 11-18) Adult Tennis Round Robin: Mon. & Fri. (Register) 10:45 AM; (Play) 11:00 AM-12:30 PM Adult GVS: (ground stroke, volley, smash) Tues., Thurs. & Saturdays 11:30 AM-1:00 PM Family Tennis: Tues. & Thurs. 6:15-7:15 PM / August 6:00-7:00 PM 10 & Under GVS: Tues. & Thurs. 6:15-7:15 PM / August 6:00-7:00 PM Youth Tennis Lessons:



VB Membership Blitz Bike Auction VB Fireworks Swim Registration Tennis Manitoba Day Doubles Clinic Girls’ Tennis Day Teen Movie Night Flea Market Flea Market Clean-Up & Charity Drive


Fri., Sat., Sun. /June 29, 30 & July 1 Sat., June 30 1:00 PM Sun., July 1st 10:45 PM Sun., July 1st 10:00 AM - Noon Tues., July 3 2:00-4:00 PM Wed., July 4 3:00-5:15 PM Wed., July 4 9:00 PM Sat., July 7 8:00 AM 12 set-up/12:30-2:30 PM Sale Sat., July 7 2:30-5:00 PM


Door to Door Police Station Best views from Yacht Club Beach or Redwing Park Clubhouse Tennis Courts Tennis Courts Clubhouse Clubhouse Clubhouse

Beach Events Book Sale Ladies’ Movie Night 200 Metre Open Swim Bike Race Sandcastle Building Adult Soccer Tournament Rogers Rookie Tournament Teen Movie Night Men’s Golf Tournament Children’s Masquerade 800 Metre Open Swim Masters Tennis Tournament Fishing Derby Junior Tennis Tournament

Sun., July 8 Sun., July 8 Wed., July 11 Sat., July 14 Sat., July 14 Sun., July 15 Sun., July 15 Wed., July 18 Wed., July 18 Fri., July 20 Sat., July 21 Sat., July 21 Sat., Sun., July 21 & 22 Sun., July 22 Wed., Thurs., July 25 & 26

Clubhouse Clubhouse Clubhouse Pier Sports Ground Clubhouse Sports Ground Tennis Courts Clubhouse Golf Course Art Vincent Memorial Pier Tennis Courts Pier Tennis Courts

Ladies’ Golf Tournament Teen Bonfire on the Beach Sports Day 30+ Dance Duplicate Bridge Tournament Teen Scavenger Hunt Senior Tennis Tournament VB Club Raffle Youth Soccer Tournament Rogers Rookie Tournament Teen Movie Night Junior Golf Tournament VB Volunteer Appreciation Volleyball Tournament Cross Country Run Dog Show Lake Winnipeg Foundation Walk for Water VB Club Annual Meeting Novelty Tennis Tournament 55+ Golf Tournament & Dinner

Wed., July 25 Wed., July 25 Sat., July 28 Sat., July 28 Wed., Aug 1 Thurs., Aug. 2 Sat, Sun, Mon Aug 4-6 Sat., Aug 4 Mon., Aug. 6 Wed., Aug. 8 Wed., Aug. 8 Thurs., Aug. 9 Fri., Aug. 10 Sat., Aug. 11 Sat., Aug. 11 Sat., Aug. 11 Sun., Aug. 12 Sun., Aug. 12 Sat., Sun., Aug. 18 & 19 Mon., Sept. 11

Monica White, Darcie Reimer, Heather Wallace Stuart McPherson Rob Hester Tamara Roehr, Alice Russell Tennis Manitoba Staff Nancy Sarchuk, Robert Kennedy Rec Staff Lyndsi da Roza Andrea Pratt McDowell, Jennifer Engbrecht, Jennifer Sime, Laura Hilland, Mavis Whicker Peacock Family Verras & Wilson Families Brenda Vielhaber & Carol Falkenberg Swim Instructors & Alice Russell Todd & Sheri Hyra Rozzi-Hughes Family Ted Geddert Tennis MB & VB Tennis Staff Rec Staff Karl Hutchison Doug & Kristie Pollard Swim Instructors, Alice Russell Bill Turk, Jane Turk & Margaret Meulendyk Jeff Lailey Anndrea O’Connor & Brad Nechwediuk, Derek & Lisa Zeilstra, Philippe Champagne Teresa Young, Patti Ulrich, Margo Goodhand Rec Staff Poulton Family Geoff Kirbyson Fran Pollard & Donna Thain Rec Staff Allan Morrish, John Heppenstall Suzy Cramp & Shannon Bowden Kae & Perry Edwards Robert Kennedy, Tennis MB Staff Rec Staff Ed & Adam Boge Barb Hansford & Sheri Hyra Sophie McGoey & Lisa Lucht The Johnson-Wiebe Family Barb Hansford & Trish Nesbitt Team LWF Suzy Cramp Duane Lucht & Frank Manning Peggy & Ken Maeren

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Golf Course Clubhouse Sports Ground Clubhouse Clubhouse Clubhouse Tennis Courts Village Green Sports Ground Tennis Courts Clubhouse Golf Course Clubhouse Sports Ground Clubhouse Art Vincent Memorial Clubhouse Clubhouse Tennis Courts Golf Course


Victoria Beach HERALD

August 10, 2018

Message from the Vice President

Victoria Beach Club


PAST PRESIDENT Anil Kaul PRESIDENT Suzy Cramp (204) 292-0397 VICE PRESIDENT Jennifer Engbrecht (204) 795-2376 SECRETARY Barb Hansford (204) 955-9716 TREASURER Dave Wilson 756-2757 DIRECTOR AT LARGE Sheri Hyra

Victoria Beach Club


vb herald publisher Lana Meier 204-292-2128 for advertising

How are we near the end of our VB Club activities and events already?? Time goes by quickly at this busy place! A big thank you to everyone who stepped up to be conveners and members of the executive, as well as all of our countless volunteers that show up at each of our events! Some events require dozens of people to run smoothly, and the members of our amazing VB Club community really show how much they care about keeping these events going by coming out and lending a helping hand! We are having a Volunteer Appreciation event at the Clubhouse on Friday, August 10th from 7-9pm to celebrate all our volunteers! The events don’t stop there! Saturday, August 11th is full of fun, starting off with the Volleyball Tournament at the Sports Field at 9am, the Cross Country Run with registration at the Clubhouse at 9am, as well as the adorable Dog Show at the Art Vincent Memorial Stage in the Village Green at 11am! Sunday, August 12th is our special event in conjunction


SPECIAL EVENTS Lindsay Stevenson Cathy Bizruchak SWIMMING Tamara Roehr Alice Russell TENNIS Stino Siragusa Rex Neuendorff PLANNED GIVING Bruce Eyford

Jennifer Engbrecht

Stewart MacPherson will be retiring at the end of 2018 after 15+ years as Chief Constable of the RMVB Police Service. Come join friends and colleagues in wishing him a long and happy retirement. Cake and refreshments will be served

RSVP: or 204-774-4263 if you plan to attend.

Aug. 12, 2018, 2:00 - 4:00 pm • East Beaches Senior Scene • 3 Ateah Rd.

HERALD EDITOR Barb Pritchard Kevin Dubé MEMBERSHIP Monica White Jennifer Campbell Darcie Reimer

with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation: the Walk for Water fundraiser, to support important research and activities of the LWF. Registration starts at 9:15am at the Clubhouse. Please see articles in this Herald for more information about these events and more! The AGM of the Victoria Beach Club will take place at the Clubhouse at 1pm. Recreation activities continue during the additional 7th week again this year! This means that there will still be movies, crafts, games and sports from the week of the 13-17th for kids to enjoy! Fitness classes will also continue for the 7th week, so you can check the Fitness article for more information. All these activities plus more mentioned in this Herald, and your own fun VB adventures make for a memorable summer! Don’t forget to check us out at @VBClubMB on Twitter and Instagram for updates!

About the Victoria Beach Herald

One of the longest continuously publishing community newspapers in Canada, now in our 93rd year, the Victoria Beach Herald is a service of the Victoria Beach Club. The Herald prints nine issues each summer on Fridays from late June to mid-August. The Herald welcomes submissions from readers focused on family events, beach happenings, community issues, etc. Letters to the Editor are always welcome: they must be signed with the author’s name and be written with the understanding that many people read the Herald, including youngsters. Submissions should be sent via email to Those without access to email can place written submissions in the VB Herald mailbox behind the cash counter at the Victoria Beach General Store. Submission deadline is 4PM Fridays with the exception of VB Club event convenor submissions for events occurring on weekend days. Editor

2018 CHILDREN’S MOVIE LIST • Tues. & Thurs. • Movies start at 7:30 pm for July, 7:00 pm for Aug. DATE Aug 2 Aug 7 Aug 9

MOVIE DATE MOVIE Paddington 2 | PG, 102 Minutes Aug 14 Peter Rabbit | PG, 93 minutes Captain Underpants – The First Epic Movie | PG, 89 Minutes Aug 16 The Emoji Movie | PG, 86 Minutes Disney Channel Zombies | G, 94 Minutes

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018

Letters to the Editor Sunday night at dusk, as I was riding my bike to a friend’s, I was chased by a dog all the way down 2nd and back up 1st. It was an upsetting experience, the dog growled and nipped at my heels the whole way. The owner tried to call her dog but he was having no part of it and continued until I reached my final destination. I would like to remind all dog owners that their dogs are sometimes frightening to others and I would be grateful if you could keep your dogs on a leash at all times. Jamie Scott 312 2nd Avenue

Just want to thank Stewart MacPherson, our Victoria Beach Police Chief for his fabulous article in “Policeman’s Corner” in the July 27th issue of The Herald. He has done a wonderful job of informing people -- permanent residents and cottagers, etc. -- that there are a lot of people who DO OWN PROPERTY TO THE WATER’S EDGE. Plus, Stewart mentioned that we have the right to put up “PRIVATE PROPERTY/NO TRESPASSING SIGNS ON OUR BEACH”.  We who are permanent residents, have been dealing with this issue for years and years -- and it has been absolutely horrible to say the least.  We have constantly put up signs and have them disappear within a day.  We do not want to have all these people -- including the day people -- on our property. I hope that this issue has been put to rest forever! We will really miss Stewart MacPherson as our Police Chief.  He has been “THE BEST” we have ever had and we are thankful that he gave us so many wonderful years.  We love him and we appreciate him so much -- and always will.  We wish him a wonderful retirement -- filled with lots of happiness and good health! MARY-ANN & NELSON HASTMAN       

I am pleased to see the stop signs on 8th avenue finally. There are till a few cars/trucks driving over the speed limit (seen on Arthur Road). Is it possible, for a trial period, to put up stop signs on all the main roads (Arthur, Patricia, etc.? This should be for “all” cars/ trucks, and bikes. Parents, please ask your kids to obey the stop signs too. It is not only vehicles to slow down but also kids (and adults) to slow down too. I have seen lots of bikes go thru the intersections and almost run into other bikes going the other direction. I don’t recall anyone getting hit so far, so why wait until someone does get injured? I would like some comments regarding this idea posted in the Herald. Jack Fotheringham 202 6th Avenue


VB Doctors Office

Dr. Jan Andre Grauman is in residence at the doctor’s cottage at 124 Birch Avenue until August 24. The clinic will be open daily from 9:30am to 11:30am (except Wednesdays and Fridays) and every evening from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. These hours apply until August 17. Dr. Grauman has also graciously agreed to serve our community August 17 to 24, evenings ONLY 6:30pm to 8:30pm. During the final week of August 24 -31 we will welcome Dr. Garth Campbell. The clinic will resume regular hours for this week. Please remember to take your medical card, and a cheque or cash for prescriptions dispensed. The Community Medical Committee

French Lessons at VB

French lessons are back this year at the library at 7 pm every Tuesday night. Come and join us, it is open to every level, and we are learning conversational French, with games and kids’ books. Looking forward to seeing you all. Sophie McGoey

Satisfaction Guaranteed


August 10, 2018

Fitness Programs at VB

Don’t lose your fitness gains over the summer! Meet us in the park at the Memorial Stage from 9am-10am for a fun but challenging circuit workout. We use Battle ropes, Kettle Bells, Agility ladders, Medicine Balls, TRX Straps, Gliders, Pushup bars, Equalizer bars & Skipping ropes. My name is Julie & I run the fitness programs here at VB (with the exception of Yoga). I am a Certified Fitness Consultant with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sport Science. All these exercises can

Victoria Beach HERALD

be modified for someone who is new or for anyone with acute or chronic injuries. Don’t let the name “Bootcamp” scare you away. These sessions will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays except for the following days because I will not be at VB; August 3rd, 6th & 15th. Please check the VB Herald weekly as dates might be subject to change.




Total Body Conditioning & Aerobics This is a separate program we will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11am at the Clubhouse. Bring a mat or towel, water and a tubing band if you have as supply is limited depending on class size. Instructors: August 7, 9 - Julie August 14, 16 - Janice The programs above have minimum age requirement of 13 years.





Words cannot describe the beauty and features of this lakefront home. Resting on a maintenance free lawn, this 1-3/4 storey, 3 BR year round home presents breathtaking views of Lake Winnipeg. Every consideration has been taken to provide the utmost comfort from the well-appointed kitchen; separate dining area; cozy sitting area upstairs; fireplace in living room; brightly lit sunroom; screen porch to escape the elements, and hot tub on the enormous deck. Capture the sunset from almost anywhere in the home. This is a must see to appreciate everything this wonderful home offers.

Family Fitness Bootcamp Meet in front of the store at 8:15am! 30 min Bootcamp for families -- kids follow along & participate with their parents. Similar to our 60 min bootcamp but only doing the circuit once through. The interval timer is set at 30 seconds on & 15 second break rather than our usual 40 seconds on & 20 seconds off. ALL AGES are welcome for this program!! Dates for Family Fitness & regular Bootcamp are the same for the rest of the summer programming. August 5, 10, 13 & 17 Remember to purchase a VB membership and wear your wrist band to all events or the cost to attend is $5 a class. This money goes towards all events/activities, equipment and to pay the employees at VB. We’re so very lucky to be able to offer this type of program here for everyone to enjoy! If you have any questions, contact me at 204979-2707. Please come early on your first day to sign waivers. Julie McPetrie


This year round, 3BR bi-level, log home with timber frame construction & stone foundation offers over 4,400 SF of living space and rests on 3 parcels. Stained glass feature window, insets, custom built cabinets and sauna are just some of the features in this extraordinary home. Just walk across the green space at the back of the property & go left to access the lake or take a right & walk 5 min. down to “Club House Beach”. This one of a kind home is an ABSOLUTE must see!

Cheryl Demidiuk, Broker

LOCAL: (204) 756-2419 Toll Free (866) 831-4749

EastShore Realty Inc. Whether buying or selling... We can help.


modern prefab dwellings

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018

VB Masters Tennis Tournament

Winner Amanda Heffelfinger Runner up Norma Sweetland

Winner Stuart Juzda Runner up Frank Manning

Winner Ainsley Bishop Runner up Kim Willoughby

RMVB Garbage Pickup Summer Schedule

Door-to-door pickup is as follows (June 22 to Sept. 3, 2018): MONDAY - Albert Beach, all areas south of Arthur Road and west of Ateah Road, including Ateah Road TUESDAY - All avenues in Restricted Area north of Arthur Road including Sunset Boulevard WEDNESDAY - Municipal garbage enclosures in all areas. Garbage is to be placed in garbage bags and left in containers (preferably bear-resistant ones). Containers are to be placed in the front yard - not on the road allowance - by no later than 8:30 am.


Winner Darrell Bushuk Runner up Geoff Kirbyson

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. Victoria Beach cottage owner Dr. A. Brown at your service.

Where Pets Come First ~ Open 6 Days a Week

4 Dolomite Avenue, Stonewall, MB


TRAVERSE BAY LANDFILL: PTH#11 - 3 miles east of PTH#11 & #59 intersection. Summer Hours OPEN DAILY - 9 am to 5 pm. A pass is required, they can be picked up at the gate, public works, or the municipal office.


8 August 10, 2018

Victoria Beach HERALD

VB Masters Tennis Tournament

Winners Bill Turk/Bob Sweetland Runners up Dan Charbonneau/John Heppenstall

Winners Lisa Lucht/Gavin Adamson Runners up Bob Sweetland/Ainsley Bishop

Winners Jane and Bill Turk Runners up Brian Hyska/Linda Sudermann

Winners Bob and Sally Lawler Runners up Ann and Frank Manning


a COR Safety Certified Company 113189 PTH - HWY 59 North @ Saffie RD Box 305 Victoria Beach MB R0E 2C0 (204) 756.2553 Fax (204) 756.6561 Visit us at FROM THE LOT CLEARING TO THE LANDSCAPING, WE CAN HELP YOU WITH ALL OF YOUR EARTHWORK NEEDS! OWSIM Certified installers for Septic Systems and Holding Tanks • Installers of Certified Helical Screw Piles

2 LOCATIONS! ISLAND LAKES 204-254-2277 Unit 3-20 Island Shore Blvd

STERLING LYON 204-269-9003 Unit 3-986 Lorimer Blvd


Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018


VB Masters Tennis Tournament

Winners Bob Lawler/Terry Angus Runners up John Perry/Stuart Juzda

Winners Ann Manning/Linda Sudermann Runners up Jane Turk/Rhonda Manning

Winners Don and Darrell Bushuk Runners up Anil Kaul/Mike Johnson

Winners Lisa Lucht/Michelle Brownell Runners up Shauna Filuk/Melanie Charbonneau

Cross Country Run Saturday August 11th

Dust off your runners and get your game day face ready as the Cross-Country Run is coming up! Registration: 9:00 a.m. at the Clubhouse Race Time: 9:30 a.m. sharp Short course: approximately 3km Long course: approximately 5 km Family Relay: (4 members/extended family) Last year’s trophy winners please return them to the Johnson’s at 309 3rd or bring them to the Clubhouse on the 8th Cheers - Shannon

Contact Karen 204-754-2479

Winner Aurele Gendron Runner up Greg Daniels

10 August 10, 2018

Victoria Beach HERALD

Council Corner

On July 27th, a new RM of Victoria Beach Council was elected and we took our Oaths of Office here at the Beach on July 30. In the photo are Councillors Graham Randle and Irwin Kumka, Reeve Penny McMorris and Councillors Mike Bartmanovich and Stephen Axworthy. Your new Council extends thanks to Brian Hodgson, Kathy McKibbin, Linda McMillan and Gord Buchanan for your service to our community as the outgoing Council.  Sunny days and calm waters to you all!

We also wish to thank Brian Hodgson, Ian Chadsey, and Brad Einfeld for demonstrating your commitment to Victoria Beach, and we look forward to benefiting from your ongoing involvement in our community. Once sworn in, Council’s first matter at hand was an incident involving our seasonal water system. While it is our belief that the water system remained safe, authorities felt it prudent to place a ‘Do Not Consume’ Advisory on the water as a precautionary measure while verification of water sample testing could be completed over a period of 48 hours.  On August 1st , the Advisory was rescinded. Your new Council’s first meeting was Tuesday August 7th at 1 pm at the Municipal Office in Winnipeg.  Two of the first orders of business were to address the current Public Works staffing issue and to discuss a more equitable division of Council meetings between Winnipeg and the Beach. Please mark your calendars as well for the next Council meeting at the Beach, which will be held Tuesday, August 21st at 7:00 pm at Senior Scene. During this recent campaign, each new member of Council committed to open communication with the residents of Victoria Beach, and it is a priority to deliver on that commitment.  We are already looking at more and better ways to promote communication between the Council, administration and our residents. RM of Victoria Beach Council

Office: 39004 Hillside Beach Rd Phone: 204.756.3749 Shanna Karle Owner/Broker/REALTOR® Susan (Gee) Thomas, REALTOR® Cheryl Trainor, REALTOR® 2015









Resident agents serving Victoria Beach, the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Pine Falls and surrounding areas.


Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018


Better than the Rolling Stones

Bats in the Belfry hovered steadily near the top of the leader board at last week’s Trivia Night and then soared to victory to earn the title of The Smartest People at Victoria Beach. Team members included Terry Bellhouse, Cory Bellhouse, Mike Bellhouse, Evelyn Russell, Daniel Embers, Nolan Jacobusson, Sabrina Demetrioff, Jon Benson, Katherine Johnston, and Laura Clark. Congratulations to the winning team who can be spotted on the avenues sporting their championship t-shirts. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event. 200 tickets sold out in 24 hours, faster than a Rolling Stones concert.

The proceeds from the evening will go to the VB Club. Just as all VB events rely on the help of volunteers for their success, this one was no different. Thanks to the rec kids for set up and take down, Julia for manning the bar, and to Sheila, Greg, Tracy and Evelyn for helping out wherever needed. And, finally, our appreciation goes out to all the smart people of VB who supported this event and made it a success. Bryan and Lisa Yagi

Dr. S. lacovides

Dr. Dr.PP.Dorval Dorval Dr. J Watson Dr. J. Watson Dr. S Iacovides Dr. J Stewart-Hay Dr. J. Bongiorno Dr. Dr. K Torske Dr.JJ.Bongiorno Stewart-Hay



EDMOND FINANCIAL GROUP 420 Academy Road Winnipeg, MB R3N 0B9 Paul Edmond, B.A.(Econ), CFP toll free 1.866.478.8500 phone 204.478.8500 fax 204.488.6575

Your Voice in Government




MLA for Lac du Bonnet 204.268.3282

12 August 10, 2018

VB Club Volunteer Appreciation Wine & Cheese Friday August 10th • 7-9 pm VB Clubhouse on Sunset The VB Club would like to show its appreciation for all of our amazing volunteers who work so hard to make our summer activities so great! Please join us at the Clubhouse from 7 - 9 pm on Friday August 10th for refreshments and socializing. All VB Club volunteers are invited!

See you there! VB Club Executive

Victoria Beach HERALD

VB Library News Hi everyone! Hope your summer is going well. It’s amazing how fast July slipped by and we are well into August. Activities at the library continue, Story Time on Wednesday (11:00-11:30) and Book Club on Friday (12:00-1:00). The last day for the library will be Friday, August 17th. Please make sure to return all your overdue books. Follow us on Instagram @Victoriabeachlibrary and Twitter @VB_Library. Thanks! Lexi & Georgia

Sailing at VBYC The wind doesn’t discriminate. It’ll blow whether you like it or not. If you’re a sailor, you’ll like it. Sailors know not to complain but to adjust their sails. Stand tall against the breeze. Put as much sail up as you can handle. A sailor doesn’t ask where the wind is coming from, they point their face into it and figure it out. When you’re getting it straight on you’ll know you’ve found it. It’s a sensation that is available to everyone and it’s in your nature to recognize it. If you turn your globe upside down, you’ll realize the earth’s surface is 71% water. Seamanship learned on the water is directly applicable on land - earning the respect of your crew, tying knots, reading charts, and solving problems while underway are parts of this. You can’t do it this year but next year you can take part in VBYC’s Sailing School and join the proud participants that will come out of this summer feeling great about the knowledge they’ve gained and the experiences they’ve had. VBYC is exceptionally proud of our Sailing School coaches Tallon Sparks, Olivia Thompson, and Andrew Thompson as well as our Race Committee Daniel Derksen and Colin DeGagne. These young sailors are passionate about sailing and motorboats and that warms an old sailor’s heart. AJ Tooley VBYC Treasurer

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018

2018 Gran Fondo - Gran Colazione

Tenth Anniversary of our “Big Ride Big Breakfast” saw riders from Switzerland, Scotland, California, Texas, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Beconia and Albert Beach as well as the usual suspects from Victoria Beach. We enjoyed the relatively light traffic and recent road improvements. The group followed three routes: the Gran Fondo totalled 50kms and included a hill climb on Belair Rd, the Medio took in the loop on 504 for 45 kms and the Piccolo route totalled 35 kms. The Belair Hill climb sprint was taken by David from Edinburgh, while second went to Andrew from Albert Beach. The women’s first place was taken by Lisa from Calgary with second going to Suzanne Boyd, also from Calgary. We regrouped at

Explore our selection of 150 loose leaf teas


Marshall’s for pancakes and mimosas after. Prizes donated by Wayne Sato from Snap Fitness on Taylor in Winnipeg, and Matt Hall, Quail Ridge winery, with Bob and Joan donating some Innis and Gunn beer. We continue to ride meeting at the Gate at 08:00 for a week or two more. We will be riding at 09:00 starting August 15, then 10:00 after Labour Day weekend. For information contact Bob Marshall 204 261-4292, VB land line 204 756-8255, email Find the group on Face Book at “Eight at the Gate”.

14 August 10, 2018

Youth Soccer Tournament

Victoria Beach HERALD

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018


16 August 10, 2018

Victoria Beach HERALD

VB Volleyball Tournament

Please register your team for the volleyball tournament with Lisa Lucht at (204) 999-4715, call or text. Call before Friday, August 10th at 6 PM. Teams have 6 players and must have 2 female players on the field. There is a Recreational and Competitive side. Teens/those who have played some volleyball should register in the competitive side. Families and those who have not played much volleyball can register in the recreational side. We start at 9 AM but will wait for players participating in the cross country run. We could use some help setting up the nets; if you are available, please come a little early and help us. Thanks! Lisa Lucht and Sophie McGoey

Outdoors - Hwy.59N at the new Victoria Beach Community Centre Grounds

Every Saturday until Sept. 1st 10 am – 1 pm • Fresh Vegetables – Jams – Baking – Pickerel – Honey – Wild Rice • Fashions & Jewelry • Home Decor • Health and Beauty Products • Licensed Products Susan (Gee) Thomas REALTOR® 204.754.7677 204.756.3233 email CELL


Office 39004 Hillside Beach Road OFFICE 204.756.3749 or 1.866.755.5406 FAX 204.756.3798

CANTEEN OPEN FOR BREAKFAST 9 am -12 Noon ALL IN SUPPORT OF THE VB COMMUNITY CENTRE For Vendor Information contact Margaret @ 756-2181





Cedartone Deck Stain

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018


18 August 10, 2018

Water, Water, Water... Talk for it! Walk for It!!

This summer, Victoria Beach peninsula residents, whether permanent or cottagers, have been increasingly aware of the critical nature of a healthy water supply for our community. We expect to turn on our taps for a flow of safe, abundant water to quench our thirst, cook our food, restock ice cubes, and bathe our newest little residents. Whether it be the unfortunate and ongoing issues with our VB Water Treatment Plant, zebra mussel invasion of the water system supply to the golf course, the soupy blue-green algae that threatens to arrive our shores right when relatives, friends and the hottest days do, or the recent accidental leakage of raw sewage into the west side of the lake causing high E coli levels ... we must all remain vigilant and involved in the work and support of a healthy Lake Winnipeg! This lake is the source of the water for our community and others around its periphery, and must not be taken for granted. We must fight to ensure that Lake Winnipeg’s water is treatable, and that our systems are protected from invasive zebra mussels. Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: • Reduce the amount of water you use. • Ensure that your daily activities do not contribute to

Victoria Beach HERALD

the harmful levels of phosphorus in the lake (see Victoria Beach Herald article, July 27th, 2018). • Demand that our newly elected Victoria Beach municipal officials are informed and take the remedial action required to ensure our water treatment and supply system meet all government requirements, including the necessary steps related to zebra mussels. • As the Winnipeg civic elections approach this fall, question and request that all candidates for mayor and council will ensure that the Winnipeg North End Water Pollution Control Centre meets the phosphorus limit of 1 milligram per litre by the license deadline of Dec. 31, 2019. (Note: While there are a variety of upstream sources of phosphorus, undertreated sewage from rural communities, towns, cities is unacceptable. Currently Winnipeg’s North End Water Pollution Control Centre that treats 70% of Winnipeg’s wastewater is not compliant with the provincial license limit for phosphorus concentration in released effluent of 1 milligram per litre (mg/L) based on a 30-day rolling average. Instead phosphorous concentrations are routinely above the 1 mg/L limit and during some months are over five times higher. Source: LWF Sewage S.O.S, Summer, 2017.) • Support the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF): o walk in the Walk-for-Water August 12, 2018 to raise funds and awareness o become a member and encourage others to do the same (increased membership translates into more power and impact their advocacy voice o donate time, energy and money towards the Foundation’s vital work. Water for us now and generations to come, depends on what we do today.

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018

Walk for Water 2018: THIS SUNDAY!!

Whether as a walker or simply a supporter, please join other lake-lovers on Sunday, August 12th (rain or shine) for the Victoria Beach and District Walk for Water. (All ages are welcome!) This annual event is held in support of the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF), an organization that advocates, educates and initiates (and leads) important science-based projects aimed at improving the health of our wonderful lake. Things will get underway with registration (together with displays, mingling, etc.) beginning at 9:15 AM at the VB Clubhouse, and the 2.5 km walk will start at 10. As usual, this event will include a prize draw, freezies, a terrific Silent Auction featuring art and photography, the sale of lake-friendly gift items, and an opportunity to chat with well-informed LWF staff members. (Also, keep in mind that parking in the VB lot will be free for participants that morning.) Pledge forms are available at several Victoria Beach locations, at Saffie’s in Albert Beach, online at – AND, a pledge form was inserted into every copy of the August 3rd issue of the Victoria Beach Herald. Those unable to join us on August 12th can still support this important cause by pledging money to a walker or simply by


making a donation to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation by cheque or online. (Donors are requested to indicate that their donation is being made in connection with the VB and District Walk for Water.) For more information, contact Deanne McDonald (204 756 2911 or or Sandy McCaig (204 756 8855 or

Duplicate Bridge

Twenty-six competitors (13 pairs) came to the clubhouse on Wednesday August 1st, hoping to add their names to the trophy as the winners of the Annual Duplicate Bridge Tournament. Congratulations to Elsie Hughes and Bev Underhill for winning first place with a score of 61 points. In second was Dave Drybrough and Marilyn Perks with a score of 59.5 points. Third place was won by Ken Capelle and Sheila Ruben with 57.5 points. It was a cool and pleasant evening to play bridge. Coffee, lemonade and Victoria Beach Bakery cookies were enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who attended. Happy Bridging Fran and Donna

20 August 10, 2018

Victoria Beach HERALD

The VB Swim Program

Another great season of swimming lessons is wrapped up at Victoria Beach! Well over 200 young people participated in swimming lessons, Bronze classes, the Fit and Fun class and the Babysitting Course. The program was managed this year by an exceptional group of instructors – our head instructor Tess Poulton and swim teachers Kayleigh Russell, Duncan Lamont and Kate McClymont. Plus, we had some incredibly dedicated volunteers over the summer – Kieran and Ella. A big huge thank you to our teachers who braved rain, cold, waves and heat to teach our kids to swim and to be excellent role models at the swim beach/dock and around our community. This summer we had 10 kids commit to the 6 week Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. They took their exam at the Swim Dock to achieve their Bronze rank and their First Aid Certification. The VB Swim Program also includes First Aid certification in the Bronze training which is a very good addition to a young person’s resume – First Aid training is required for many non-swim jobs including Rec Assistant positions here at VB. We’ve got a big crop of kids coming up from Bronze Star – hope you’ll all sign up for Medallion next year. The Fit and Fun class was offered again this summer for teens who had finished their Red Cross levels but who were not old enough or not available to do the summer-long Bronze courses. These were particularly fun classes and the teachers led the kids in lap swimming and games. We will definitely be running this course again next summer!

The Babysitting course was well attended by VB’s newest crop of babysitters. In addition to all the regular course curriculum, teacher Kate added lake safety and discussed scenarios babysitters are bound to encounter at the beach. Alice Russell again coordinated the Swim Races – and it was a particularly tough job this summer. The 200 Metre Race was swam (swum?!) at Clubhouse Beach with volunteers standing in the water to manage the timing. Unfortunately, with the low water levels and windy/wavy conditions the 800 Metre Race had to be cancelled this year – but it will be back! A big thank you to Alice and all the volunteers and the swim staff for running the 200 Metre Race. This is the last summer for Alice Russell and I to coordinate the Swim Program. It has been our privilege and pleasure to work with such exceptional staff over the last 5 years. We inherited a program that was in great condition and feel good to be passing it on to good hands. Next year the program will be run by Lori and Greg Edwards – thanks to these guys for stepping up and taking this on! So another successful summer of swimming comes to an end. You can look forward to another great summer of swimming next year with new coordinators Greg and Lori. Alice Russell and Tamara Roehr (If one is no longer a Swim Convener does that make one a Swam Convener?? – things to ponder at VB!)

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018

Tennis Talk


This Week’s Highlights: Great tennis instruction during “Hit with a Pro” on Friday, August 3rd. Special thanks Geoff Kirbyson, Matt Heiman and Mike Lodewyks, who provided so professional tips and pointers to improve everyone’s game. Thank you, gentlemen! Adult Round Robin continues to be a huge success. If you have not tried it, come on out. It’s a great way to meet new tennis players and have fun and enjoy the game we love. August 3rd Results 1st place went to Randy Lock and Susan Fargason 2nd place went to John Stapleton and Margot Langton 3rd place went to Andrew Wilson and Susan Linsday Honourable mentions go out to Diane Williams, Patrick Harrison, Mark Lamont, Nick Sagriotis, Laurel Mansfield, Karl Ruban, Sharon Hollins and Paul Ruban. Upcoming Events at the Courts: Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th: Novelty Tennis Tournament. Sign up early as this event fills up quickly every year! Follow us on Instagram @ victoriabeachtennis or on Twitter @ VBTennis Club for daily updates and pictures. Stino Siragusa and Rex Neuendorff (Coconveners)

Goody bags provided by Canvasback Pet Supplies on Highway 44 in Lockport


Victoria Beach HERALD

August 10, 2018

VB Club Annual Meeting

Villis Ansons Memorial Award 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018 1 pm at the VB Clubhouse on Sunset

Please come with questions, compliments and suggestions for the Executive. There will be an election for the Director at Large position as our wonderful volunteer, Sheri Hyra, is stepping down. If anyone is interested in putting their name forward, please let a member of the current Executive now prior to the meeting if possible. Get involved in your VB Club! We look forward to seeing you on the 12th. VB Club Executive

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The Villis Ansons Memorial Trophy has been awarded this year to Robert Kennedy for his volunteer work with the Victoria Beach tennis community. Robert has given freely of his time to promote tennis to the youth and adults of Victoria Beach.

2018 Victoria Beach Golf Course Rates

MEMBERSHIPS: Family - Adult Couple Single - Adult Junior - 13 to 17 Family (Max 2) 1 Adult & 1 Child

Seasonal $ 545.00 $ 300.00 $ 185.00 $ 350.00

Monthly $ 295.00 $ 190.00 $ 120.00 $ 165.00

Two Weeks $ 215.00 $ 150.00 $ 115.00 $ 130.00

12 & under $ 130.00 $ 90.00 $ 75.00 GREEN FEES: 9 holes Weekdays - $ 15.00 Weekends - $ 17.00 Children (12 & Under) - Weekdays $7.00/round Weekends $10.00/round LOCKERS: Lower Locked Upper Locked Lower Open Upper Open Seasonal $ 35.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.00 $ 25.00 Monthly $ 30.00 $ 25.00 $ 30.00 $ 20.00 Daily $5.00 Manager: Karl Hutchison 3 Wheeled Carts - $40.00 PHONE – 204-756-2435 All above fees/memberships include GST. Children 12 & under may not tee off Saturday, Sunday or Holidays until after 10:00 am and must be accompanied by an adult. Small tournaments welcome. Gift Certificates & Debit Payment Available. Golfers can drive into the golf course May, June & September.

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018

VB Novelty Tennis Tournament 2018 - Aug 18 & 19 Described as “The most fun I have ever had in my entire life” by virtually everyone that has ever attended the event, it is time once again for the VB Novelty Tournament. This year the Saturday mid day break will be filled with a serving clinic (complete with ball speed radar), a groundstroke clinic (with an awesome ball machine), and a prize court where we give away the farm. If that’s not enough for you, at the same time there will be GVS on the back courts. Roam around between the clinics, GVS, and the prize court while awesome tunes play in the background. The format of the tournament will remain as a team tennis event. There will be 4 people per team, playing in two divisions. Winners will be decided by total games won. All matches will be pro-sets, and games will be no-ad deuce. Teams will be meticulously selected and blended to maximize your enjoyment no matter what your level of play. There will also be additional prizes given out by our roving prize judge for pretty much anything considered to be “impressive” while maintaining at least a smidge of good taste. And now for the fine print ….. Sign up sheets will be posted at the tennis courts on Friday Aug 10th at noon. Sheets will be taken down at 5pm on Thursday Aug 16th or as soon as the first 48 players have signed up. Teams and draws will be posted no later than 5pm on Friday Aug 17th. Entry fee is $5.00 please pay before you play. All entrants must be members of the VB club, and have their own shoe tag. Duane Lucht, Jeff Hollins, Bruce Eyford

The Anglican Parish of St. Michael VICTORIA BEACH

The Anglican Parish of St. Michael 8th and Pine, VB invites you to worship with us each Sunday throughout the year at 11:30am.

Please join us… all are welcome!


39th Annual Victoria Beach

55+ Golf Tournament and Dinner WHEN: Monday, September 10th, 2018 WHERE: Victoria Beach Golf Course and the dinner is at the Victoria Beach Community Centre. The Ham and Meat balls dinner, catered by the Merry Makers will be at 6:15 pm, and the doors will open at 5:00 pm. GOLF TIME: Two shotgun starts at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm. [Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time for registration] ELIGIBILITY: Please note, to play in the tournament, you MUST be a member of at least one of the following: the VB Golf Course; the VB Club, VB Community Centre or the East Beaches Senior Scene. [Golfer’s spouses/partners may be under 55 and may golf but cannot win a golf prize.] GOLF SIGN-UP SHEET: Available at the VB Golf Course as of August 7th. DINNER TICKETS: Available at the VB Golf Course as of August 7th to September 4th for golfers and guests and others who may wish to attend. COST: Dinner tickets are $15.00 [plus golf green fees to be paid on the day of the tournament, if you are not a member of the VB Golf Course]. PRIZES: For flights and individuals. [DONATIONS OF PRIZES FOR THE SILENT AUCTION ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. If you can donate a prize, please drop it off at the golf course by September 4th.] NEW! Toonie Putting Contest. Please bring a toonie to participate. Submitted by: The 2018 55+ Golf Committee: Peggy and Ken Maeren Sharon and Glen Torgerson Colleen and Barry Shurvell

Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach Reeve: Penny McMorris Councillors: Stephen Axworthy, Mike Bartmanovich, Irwin Kumka, Graham Randle Address: 705-1661 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Phone: 204-774-4263 Toll Free: 1-800-513-3839 (MB Only) Fax: 204-774-9834 Chief Police Constable: Stewart MacPherson 204-756-2322 Operations Manager: Ken Lucko 204-756-2286 Public Works (after hours emergency): 204-756-2568 Building Inspector: Curtis Beaudoin Wpg Cell 204-291-8207



August 10, 2018

Victoria Beach HERALD

Victoria Beach HERALD

25 Top 10 Reasons to win the “Best Spot on the Lot” August 10, 2018

Art Thursdays Only one more chance to enjoy the artistic vibe at Art Thursday in the VB Clubhouse this season! People of all ages and skill levels are attending already this year and some absolutely awesome artists are offering their skills and time to lead some truly delightful classes! There is no door charge for VB Club Members -- if you don’t have a club membership a $5 day pass can be purchased at the door. If you would like to attend one of the classes listed below, please contact the artist. This will give the artists enough time to purchase supplies for the students. Classes with a minimum attendance will run only if the minimum is met. Any Artist/Craftsperson who would like to teach a skill are encouraged! Email me at to discuss your ideas to teach. You don’t have to be a professional artist to teach a class. Please visit the Victoria Beach Club facebook group to see details on new classes, or classes that are full as new artists sign up to teach. Barb Pritchard

VB Community Church Can you believe we are already into mid-August? Our VB Community Church continues to meet weekly on Sundays at 10am in St Michael’s Church, corner of Pine & 8th. All are welcome to attend our multi- denominational services. We appreciated Kent Rygiel leading the service last Sunday. We look forward to having Majors Ray & Cathie Harris, from Salvation Army, lead the service this Sunday, August 12th. They have been regulars on the speaking roster of the Community Church. Choir practice starts at 9:30am prior to the service. Please come and join us if you enjoy singing.

• Hazardous Tree Removal • Tree Felling • Storm Clean-up • Stump Grinding • Brush Removal • Pruning • Firewood, Mulch & Wood Splitting • Fully Insured

24 HR Emergency Service

Call Jeff Hughes at 403.554.2370

Here are the top 10 reasons why you would like to win the best parking spot in the lot for the 2019 Summer Season: 10. You will never have to ask your spouse, “What row did you park the car in?; and then have them answer, “I think , maybe, around....?” 9. Friends and family will know when you are at the beach (more Happy Hours). 8. You will never be tempted to squeeze your car on to the end of a row and risk a bike scratch. 7. You are 20 steps to the bike rack. 6. If you don’t need it, you can sell it to the highest bidder or gift it to someone special. 5. You won’t have to worry about whether you are under a light when the fish flies are bad. 4. There are how many rows in the lot now, including overflows A, B, C and D. It only seems like you parked half way back to Winnipeg. 3. You won’t have to tip the taxi driver an extra couple of bucks to keep driving around looking for your car while you press the alarm button on your keys. 2. It’s FREE parking for the season. 1. You will feel good about buying a raffle ticket to support the VB Doctor’s Office and our First Responders. There are 2 other great prizes: 4 free taxi rides, and a $75.00 Gift Certificate to Carol’s on Leon. There are tickets available at the parking lot and we will be selling them on the Village Green on Saturday August 4th. They are $2.00 each or 5 for $10.00. The draw is at noon on Sunday, Sept. 2nd. Betty Lodewyks 204-894-7517

COTTAGE FOR SALE • Restricted area, lake view • 3 large bedrms • 2 full baths • Newer kitchen and D/W • Dinning room and wet bar

$399,900 Bacon N’ Egger® and Small Coffee for $4

• Large cedar greatroom, fireplace • W/D • Roof 2016, sq ft. over 1800 • Screened porches • Grey water pit and septic tank TO VIEW, CALL OWNER

204-756-8694 2 for $7 Teen Burger®

Bacon N’ Egger® Served All Day Coupon valid only at

238 Main St. • Selkirk © 2016 A&W Trade Marks Limited Partnership

Coupon valid only at

238 Main St. • Selkirk © 2016 A&W Trade Marks Limited Partnership


Victoria Beach HERALD

August 10, 2018

Classifieds Classified ads are an affordable way of selling new or used items; Expanding your business; Sending your loved one a congratulations message or announcing the birth of your baby, grand baby or engagement. Cost is $10 for 25 words and $.25 for each additional word and can be paid by visa or m/c. Please contact Lana at 204-292-2128 or email: jmeier@highspeedcrow. ca before Friday 4 p.m. HOBIE 16 for sale, good condition, with trailer, $3200 OBO, call 204-880-3233 after 7 p.m. Sail Boat for Sale: 1993 Compac 19, in excellent condition. $4,900 includes boat, 5 hp four stroke Honda motor and trailer. Boat can be seen at Yronmanz Marine or call Andy at 204–226– 0490 for more information. Boat can also be seen on Kijiji AD 1368597050. REFUGEE FAMILY NEEDS BIKES - Family of seven. 4 teens and dad want to ride. Bikes don’t have to be cool or new, just working well. Donation? Or we can pay a little. Call Jane @ 204807-1285. Looking for sun smart clothing this summer? Pritchard ArtWear features all custom ArtWear prints designed & manufactured in Canada. Featuring SPF 50+ fabrics to purchase check out the VB Country Market on Saturdays, or just call 204 791 6624 for further details. FB Pritchard ArtWear or Instagram Pritchard ArtWear.

NEED A HANDYMAN? For prompt, courteous, and reliable help call Mike’s Handyman Service at 204-799-1703. YEAR-ROUND HANDYMAN AT VB - Permanent resident for a variety of jobs- carpentry, cleanup, you name it. The Reliable Handyman. Ph. 204-475-6216 BIKES WANTED - Has the spark that once drew you to that old beach bike fizzled? Have old tires, frames and parts become eyesores or clutter in sheds or backyards? If so, please don’t let them rust away or meet their end at the dump, but text 204 963 6659 for free removal to a better place. Open 11a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays. VB PEDALGOGY COMMUNITY BIKE SHOP - Fix your own bike, build a ‘new’ one for yourself or a ‘re-cycle’ for the community. No experience required! Lessons, access to tools and parts all pay as you can; sweat-equity an option as no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Open 11a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays (text) 204 963 6659 located at 326 8th Ave. Sun Country Arts, Crafts and Collectibles Sale, Victoria Beach Community Centre , Sat. August 11, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Sale will feature many talented local artisans including fabric artists, stained glass, jewelry, wooden puzzles, a sketch artist, painters, pottery, photography, clothing, gourmet foods and more. A few tables still available. For more information please contact Barb Batulla at - 204-794-7627 or LOT FOR SALE: #9 Beech Cres. (off Bayview) restricted area. 75’ x 115’ has hydro & water access. Private sale. Fairly priced at $49,900. Ph: 204-981-3755

Welcome back everyone – for another great summer! Victoria Beach Restricted Area 62 Hampton Rd PENDING $19,999 3 Thomas Dr. .................. $169,900 Across the street is footpath w/steps to water 221 6th Ave REDUCED .... $187,500 4 Evergreen ....................$25,900 304 8th Ave REDUCED .... $219,000 Special-includes clearing & driveway 14 Ajax Pl ........................ $119,900 6 Evergreen ....................$25,900 64 Gibson Dr. ................. $189,900 Special-includes clearing & driveway 204 5th Ave PENDING ... $274,900 29 Evergreen..................$29,900 201 5th Ave ................... $189,900 211 1st Ave ................... $249,900 Special-includes clearing & driveway Victoria Beach Non-Restricted Area 23 Lakewood .................$29,900 10 David Rd REDUCED ..$129,500 Special-includes clearing & driveway 60 Hampton REDUCED . $209,900 Solds in Victoria Beach 2018 2 Irving Dr REDUCED .....$214,900 22 Lakeview Dr. Sandy Bay 57 Bayview Lakefront 66 PTH 59 Hwy PENDING .$59,900    214 5th Ave Lots , Land & Acreage 32 Ateah Rd 4 Ateah Rd PENDING .......$41,900 1 Elm Ave 10 Elm Ave On 2.22 acres of well treed land 15 Mike Bay....................$29,900 6 Eastshore Rd 21 Irving Dr 78 ftX200 ft Short walk/bike ride 38 Wabanong Blvd. to beaches & VBRA 78 Gibson Dr

WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! 204-756-3749 Come & enjoy paradise at VB! 39004 Hillside Beach Rd

Golf Report Summer is moving along, and the weather is holding out. The golf course is as green as ever!! Now is the time to get your golf in. There is still plenty of time left in the summer to enjoy a round at your local golf club. So grab your clubs and head on down. If you don’t have any, we have what you need! Phone 756-2435 for info. See you at the club. Manager Karl Hutchison

Victoria Beach HERALD August 10, 2018


28 August 10, 2018

Victoria Beach HERALD

Welcome Back Cottagers!!

We are looking forward to Summer 2018 just as much as you are!

We are here when you need us!! --Located across from South Beach Casino--


– Open 7 Days a week

6am - Midnight


Propane! Fishing License! Live Bait! Open 7 days a week Mon – Tues 11am to 9pm Wed – Sunday 11am to 10pm 2 Great Pizza’s – 1 Great Price!! Call in your order on the way to the Beach!


Weekly Flyer Specials! Summer BBQ Special! Weekly In Store Deals! Open 7 Days a Week Mon – Wed 9am to 8pm Thurs – Sat 9am to 9pm Sunday and Holiday Hours 10 am to 6 pm


BON PHARMACY Open Monday to Friday 9am- 6pm We are here for all your Pharmacy needs. Stop in and See Us!

We accept drug plans and out-of-town prescriptions!


BON MEDICAL CLINIC – Now Accepting new patients! Walk ins Welcome !! Monday to Friday - 204-766-7010

Victoria Beach Herald, August 10 2018  
Victoria Beach Herald, August 10 2018