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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

you break your vow, you will remain unable to communicate any detail of this experience, in any way whatsoever, until you let go of the memories » he added in a similarly solemn manner. The teenager stayed quiet as he recalled the terrifying condition of those who had tried and failed. Having little choice but to resort to the liberation mantra from the Kirjast, they recited it over and over in their mind, day after day after day, hoping for sound to finally come out of their lips. And he couldn't ignore the sad case of Jonnakas Truu, who couldn't move by himself and had to be taken care of by the religious. According to the ancients, the audacious man had declared beforehand that he would not free himself using the esoteric syllables should he suffer from muteness or paralysis. Instead, he would hold on to the recollections, if only to determine the limits of the spell. { I've never heard Jonnakas Truu speak } Rahu Lüli reflected in apprehension.

– – –

« Hurry ! Hurry, young boy ! » once more repeated Kasulik Sõber, chortling again, as the apprentice was silent. « Ahem... okay » tersely accepted the pupil, visibly unsettled. « To take the vow, just say Ma Teen Vanduma » the guide instructed. « Ma... Teen... Van-du-ma » hesitantly uttered the novice, regretful that he hadn't already begun to study the ancestral Kõrgi language, as ever since the instauration of the Uniform Education System most children of the federated countries were receiving the same formal education, which was given in Standard International Ovelian.

As the teenager pronounced the words, the learned monastic smiled optimistically and started to walk towards the back of the cave. As he advanced, his weight seemingly triggered the lowering of the central section of the rough floor which was slowly tilting down at the far end, rumbling noisily. Covering about one third of the width of the narrow chamber and almost all of its length, the ramp was leading to a dimly lit flight of stairs. –

« Follow me ! » emphatically enjoined the teacher as he headed into the tunnel, stopping briefly to glance at his immobile trainee, « hurry ! Hurry, young boy ! » he urged again, before resuming his descent.

Rahu Lüli couldn't think of anything as he went downwards, obsessed by what he would find at the bottom of the spiralling staircase that was taking them further and further into the heart of the mountain. Trying as he might to concentrate he still had no idea of what could be awaiting him, no glimpses, no images, nothing at all, only the awareness of the question, and of himself being unable to focus on an answer. The rumbling echoed once again, and as he guessed that it must have been the temporary passage closing in the distance behind them, he became conscious of the environment at last. He wondered who could have ever constructed such an elaborate stairwell, and how could there be burning torches alongside the walls to light up the way. { Who takes care of the torches ? I've never The Threshold


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  
The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  

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