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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

conviction, « we... the Chosen Ones are here to advise you » he lastly offered, in a more relaxed manner. The words of the venerable monastic had somewhat pacified the apprentice. His dismay had been allayed by the support of his teacher, still, he was having a hard time keeping the discouraging thoughts at bay. – –

« But how am I supposed to find him ? » the teenager carried on after a moment. « I'm guessing that not assuming it's a man would be a good start ! » hinted the instructor, chuckling and pausing to let the notion sink in, « how about letting the Enlightened Ones guide you ? » he then suggested.

The student suddenly recalled what the Soothsayer had told him. The details of his mission would come to him as he would attend the rituals. Things would get clearer. And as he regained his composure, his enthusiasm returned. It didn't have to be problematic. He could take it one step at a time. The process could be eye-opening, and for all he knew, it could even be fun. The cloud of gloom slowly dissipating, the pupil became aware again of the papers he was holding, and they reminded him of what had caused his torment. What was he expected to do about the Transcript ? – –

– – – –

« What would you do with the manuscript if you were me ? » the clever trainee inquired after some deliberation. « Good ! » reacted the grinning Gatekeeper, « you're being wiser already ! » he chortled before considering the question, « if I were you... I would put it in a safe place until I was certain what to do with it ! » he hazarded, laughing softly. « Makes sense » Rahu Lüli eventually approved, resigning himself to the idea although he would have liked to receive more substantial direction, « here, you take it » he declared right away, smiling proudly as he handed the document to the astonished elder, « there's no point in taking it back with me anyhow » he reasoned decisively. « If you say so » responded the jolly religious once the surprise had subsided, consenting to the assignment. « I think I better learn Kõrgi now » the novice cheerfully submitted, visibly relieved. « Excellent ! » Kasulik Sõber exclaimed, « I'll show you where to begin ! » he added with excitement as he rose from his seat. « Okay ! » playfully agreed the apprentice.

The teenager also stood up, and the two monks promptly exited the Tähtsaim.

★ The Threshold


Christopher Stewart

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