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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

fearing that his duty probably wouldn't be as simple as he had supposed. – – – – –

« I don't understand » Rahu Lüli admitted, « is the identity of the Great Leader hidden in there ? » he inquired, restless. « Perhaps it is » Kasulik Sõber responded, « perhaps it is not » he added at once, « I don't know » he ultimately commented in a friendly tone. « But if it is not » the upset novice went on, « then why would the Soothsayer give it to me ? » he questioned, manifestly baffled. « I don't know » reiterated the teacher, « perhaps she doesn't know either » he chortled, seemingly not concerned at all with the difficulty his interlocutor was facing. « Wouldn't it be easier to check with everyone at the monastery if they can decipher the verses ? » the increasingly frustrated apprentice wondered after sighing loudly.

Upon hearing the query, the guide opened his eyes wider, as if suddenly realizing that the boy had somehow missed one crucial element. –

– –

– –

« Considering your oath, it might very well be much harder » submitted the experienced religious, the teenager nodding in agreement as he recollected his vow, « and you would be assuming the Suur Usujuht is already among us » he pointed out in the kindliest voice he could. « You mean it's not one of the monks ? » exclaimed the surprised student. « Perhaps it is » the elder replied, « or perhaps it is one of the nuns » he mentioned right away, « or perhaps it is neither » he proposed, this time avoiding to laugh as he sensed his pupil was reaching the limit of his tolerance. « You mean, it could even be one of the laymen who sometimes visit us ? » hazarded the exasperated trainee. « I mean that it could be anybody... in... the whole world » the Värav Hoidja confirmed as tactfully as he could following a tense silence, « it could be any sentient being... in... the whole cosmos » he gravely observed soon after, feeling the building despair of the young man sitting next to him, and seeing it in his expression.

Rahu Lüli remained speechless for a while, progressively filled with consternation as he was finally getting what the Gatekeeper had been trying to convey. Pondering the scope of the task that had been appointed to him, the endeavour he had so confidently and so naively accepted, he rapidly found himself on the brink of breaking into tears. « Don't worry, young boy » Kasulik Sõber reassuringly intervened, putting one hand on the shoulder of the novice, « others have been required to do the same thing in the past, and they have succeeded » he continued in a fatherly fashion, « remember what you have learned from the Kirjast, the Valgustatud will always help you, always » he stressed with The Threshold


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