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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

[Themis & Hermes & Lux & Prism] We consider as grace, what you see as weakness » Rahu Lüli was elated. He was experiencing that same sentiment of elevation which he felt in the presence of his venerable instructor, yet even more acutely. The heightening of the senses was even more pronounced, as if everything had more depth, nuances, and subtleties. He was enraptured by the words, but still, he couldn't decipher their signification. Nevertheless, it seemed to him that none of what he had endured to finally access the magical temple had been in vain. The unhappiness that had caused him to leave his parents, the painful climb to the monastery, the demanding efforts of his spiritual discipline, and even his deformity had lead him to this inconceivable place. { It has all been worthwhile ! All of it ! } he mused, entranced by the beauty of the moment. « [Hermes] Backed by The Catalyst, The Plan that had been sown Before The Gathering, expertly has been grown And so has been The Rift, to the friends unbeknown Before it could exist, the friendship had been thrown [Prism] Be grateful for Eldri, The Wise answered our call To manage settlement and to welcome the haul Now if The Fulcrum choose to surmount the last wall The Gathering will rise, otherwise it will fall [Athena] When The Prophet completes the task undertaken The Instrument will tip towards the one option Which most benefits us, and pleases The Faction Then Rhea can be freed from part of the burden [Erg & Selene] This choice may usher in, should we be triumphant A new era which brings faster development Leaps in technology, all around improvement [Athena] Soon it will be settled, the time is imminent [Hermes] An ear on The Father, The Free are on the rise Clever at devising, but not the best of spies Plotting as to ensure comfort for the allies The Threshold


Christopher Stewart

The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  
The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  

This week's episode of the Threshold Bookcast revolves around members of a religious community living in a high-perched monastery located in...