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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

[Hermes] Opponents are merging in a single unit The Gathering can beat and remove The Limit Listen to your mentor, to your goal do commit And The Congregation will uphold your spirit [Lux] I shall bathe you in light and soothe you with my flares [Erg & Selene] Our fuel we will share to free you from all cares [Athena] I'll make sure that nothing catches you unawares [Hyperion & Hemera] We extend our help like all have offered theirs [Hermes] The Scared are longing for what The Disciples know The Young has already been taken by the flow Will The Catalyst fall prey to the undertow [Themis] The Faithful must be spared, they must reap what they sow [Athena] The Fulcrum has been taught to hear The Adviser [Prism] And The Wise has confirmed, well knowing the latter That this much wretched soul, ensnared by The Hunger Is the poor Erebus, known as The Sinister [Rhea] Mentor, valued mentor, I don't like what I hear Assistance I request, tempted I am by fear Much as I'd like to trust, this part remains unclear What do you mean by close, how far is the frontier [Athena] O Rhea, do not flinch, this time is liminal The Disciples persist, their work will be fruitful Deny the renegade, and sustain The Faithful You soon will reach your aim, be patient beautiful

The Threshold


Christopher Stewart

The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  

This week's episode of the Threshold Bookcast revolves around members of a religious community living in a high-perched monastery located in...