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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

the dialogue of the Valgustatud, identifying each of the Enlightened prior to speaking their lines. –

ÂŤ [Rhea] Prism, O dear Prism, please listen to my plea Prison, this damned prison, overburdening me The Limit is too strong, The Wounded too many This challenge is too long, release I pray of thee [Prism] Eldri will be helping, The Threshold is in sight Before long my dear child you'll be free from your plight Meanwhile do rest assured you will have enough might But if so is your wish I will grant you respite [Hemera] Why is it that Rhea should endure so much pain As if her prior tests had all been passed in vain [Hyperion] Could there be better means to show the way to gain Than prevent and confine and restrict and restrain [Themis] Omni knows his children, of this there's no denial Mistakes he does not make when he creates a trial If she foregoes tension Rhea will pass in style Now please keep observing and make your stay worthwhile [Rhea] Athena, my true friend, bless me with your advice Tell me for which mistake am I paying a price Are Prism's promises merely clever device Illusory comforts to those she would entice [Athena] O Rhea, my pupil, do not give up so close I assure you Prism is not one of your foes [Themis] You'll receive as promised the gifts Omni bestows To believers who pass the tests he does impose

The Threshold


Christopher Stewart

The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  

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