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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

taken care of me so generously. I can't refuse ! } he pondered. That was his great occasion to shine, he couldn't miss it. He couldn't disappoint. He couldn't fail. { How hard can it be anyways ? The cloister isn't that big... we're not that many in the community } he reckoned, encouraged. « Before you tell us of your intentions » the Arbuja carried on, « you have to know that you can ask for the advice of any of the Chosen Ones, as you see fit » she informed the novice, « but at all times, you must obey the rules of the Tähtsaim and stay true to your vow, of course » she stipulated, and the apprentice, appearing lost in reflection as if still weighing the implications of his few options, turned to her, and with a quick movement of the head indicated he was willing to proceed, « now, young one, please tell us all gathered here in this incomparable temple, foremost of the world, do you accept to fulfil the duty that the Valgustatud have selected for you ? » she ultimately requested. The teenager already knew what he was going to say, yet he remained quiet a while longer, glancing at Kasulik Sõber as if to obtain his approval. Seeing the joyful elder grin and nod positively in the distance, the pupil could imagine his teacher repeating, { « hurry ! Hurry, young boy ! » } and he finally made his grand declaration, after inhaling deeply. –

« I will not rest until the Väljavalitud receive the instruction of the Suur Usujuht ! » Rahu Lüli affirmed with impressive confidence.

And again, the majority of spectators reacted with excitement to the audacious commitment, whispering to one another, and generally looking delighted that the potential Väljavalitud had taken on the essential assignment with such assurance. –

« It is most auspicious that you should respond to the call of the Valgustatud with such determination » remarked the Soothsayer following a short, surprised silence, « may you successfully discharge your duty ! » she cheerfully wished, « the Väljavalitud rely on you as you can rely on them » she suggested, bowing to the novice, « now, you may return to your place alongside the Värav Hoidja » she concluded, extending her arm gracefully in the direction of the Gatekeeper.

The apprentice joined his hands in front of him, respectfully bowed to the woman, and then hastened to the stairs. Leaving the arena, he watched one of the purple-robed nuns stand up and walk to the inner circle to give a copy of the official Transcript to the Arbuja, and swiftly go back to her seat with the other Translators. He climbed the steps proudly, and sat near the venerable monk who greeted him with a wide smile and an admirative motion of the head. The lady wearing white concentrated for a moment, staring at the manuscript, as the Twins continued their harmonious intonations from outside the amphitheater. Eventually, she began to read The Threshold


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  

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