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2206 : Window Onto A New World

VIII. Nous Sommes Du Soleil

become excited, the religious looking at one another, many manifesting their contentment audibly while a few others were frowning in misgiving, most of them generally rejoicing at the promising proclamation, « a novice is among us today » the lady observed, staring at the apprentice, « Rahu Lüli, please stand up and join me » she ultimately requested. Startled at first upon hearing his name, the teenager was paralysed by fear. Struggling with himself for a seemingly interminable instant, he finally got up. –

– –

« Hurry ! Hurry, young boy ! » whispered the grinning Gatekeeper, leaning towards his pupil and gently pushing him with one hand, eventually forcing him into motion, « it'll be alright » he assured as the student wearing the traditional reddish-brown clothing climbed down the stairs and limped to the middle of the arena. « Young one, the Valgustatud have asked you to perform a task for them » the Arbuja said as the novice reached her, « if you accept, you'll have to attend the Ühendamist every time we are summoned by the Enlightened, until the details of your mission are clear to you » she went on, smiling comfortingly, « and you'll have to complete this task successfully » she stressed, the apprentice gazing at her with uncertainty, wondering if he should reply immediately or wait for a direct question, and just as he was getting ready to consent, the nun resumed her speech, « if you refuse, you'll be asked to leave the Tähtsaim right away, and never come back unless the Valgustatud require your help again » she insisted in an almost threatening manner. « I accept » tentatively uttered the nervous teenager, noticing that the Soothsayer hadn't anticipated his answer. « Should you fail in your endeavour » the woman continued after a brief hesitation, « you won't have another chance of joining the Chosen Ones in your present incarnation » she warned the boy who was slowly realizing the significance of the unfolding moment, « but you will be allowed to pursue your training at the monastery » she ensured, stopping as if expecting him to respond, but given the effect of his prior intervention, the new initiate had elected to stay silent until the need to talk would be unmistakable, « young man, the Enlightened Ones want you to find the next Suur Usujuht » announced the white-garbed lady in a grave voice, following the slight indecision, « and to arrange for the Väljavalitud to receive the instruction of this Great Leader » she added, once more provoking much exhilaration throughout the audience, « you understand this must take place right here in the Tähtsaim, of course » she lastly reminded the monk.

Upon learning the nature of his challenge, Rahu Lüli had experienced a host of mixed feelings. He was satisfied that the Enlightened had entrusted him with the responsibility, and he could readily recognize its crucial importance. Yet, he was acutely aware of what a possible letdown would mean to the whole community. Could he merely refuse ? Who knew when the monastery would be offered such an exceptional opportunity again ? { I can't just decline and run out. I can't abandon them, they've The Threshold


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  
The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 8 – Nous Sommes Du Soleil  

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